Dean the Cuddly Fox's corpse with an eye dangling: Greetings boys and ghouls, scare seekers and alike! Its your old pal Dean the Cuddly Fox! I had a little accident you see, I fell into a vat of acid and now I am among the dead, my old pal the Cryptkeeper has retired his post to me *Cackles evily* I hopefully will be bringing you original tales tf terror in hopes of one day becoming the next Stephen King. Enjoy kiddies! *Cackles maniacally*

Prologue to "Front Page News."

Harry was rather excited. Several of the parents of Hogwarts students wanted their children to gain cultural experience and so the Headmaster implemented a mandatory once a week play. Per year, one student would be the director. This year it was Harry's turn. And he had revived an old favorite of his called Tales From the Crypt. With students playing the characters and even a few professors. His little stories where rather popular too. For most Pure bloods had never heard of the classic horror comics that sometimes had a moral or a rather ironic twist. Last weeks Episode, None But The Lonely Heart, had opened to great reviews among the student population. It was one of Harry's favorites. And this week the Daily Prophet was sending a writer to review the play. And this one was particularly special. Harry had written this one himself.

The curtains opened from behind the staff table and the audience tensed as a scream could be heard in the dungeon set. They soon saw Harry reading a newspaper of somesort. "Greetings fiends!" Harry said excitedly. "The Daily Ghoul never has anything newsworthy in my opinion, I don't even know why I still have a subscription." He tossed the paper into the fire. "Which brings us to tonight's tale. In honor of our most esteemed guest," He waved a few makeuped fingers at Rita Skeeter. "Its about a rather boring reporter, who takes matters into her own hands when her boss keeps rejecting her stories." He opens a new newspaper and everyone sees an enlarged picture of a man with a cigar in his mouth and a shadow of a butcher knife and a man who looked homeless screaming. "I call this morsel of terror, Front Page News."

To Be Continued...

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