Dean the Creepy Crypt Keeper: Hello Kiddies, my imagination seems to have run dry for original stories for Tales From Hogwarts. Never fear though! Or maybe you should *Cackles* For I have decided to rewrite my favorite episode, Loved to Death, for the Harry Potter Universe. Enjoy kiddies Ahahahahaaaa. The original Loved to Death can be found in Tales From the Crypt Season 3!

It was valentines day, and the next Tales From the Crypt story was upon couples and non couples in the Great Hall. Parents and even married couples where in the audience tonight as they sold tickets to tonights play. The curtains opened to see a cupid statue with a heart ballon full of something.

THWACK! An arrow embedded itself in its wing.

"Hello kiddies!" Harry said in his Crypt Keeper costume. "Aching for a date? Or maybe a little prick of," THWACK! "passion?" He hit his target, the heart. And it let loose a red substance that looked horribly like blood. "Well be careful what you wish for, or like the young man in tonight's terror tale. You may just get it!" He snarled as he pulled out the prop book he had used many times before. "I call this nauseating number. Loved to Death."

Loved to Death coming soon!

Dean the Cuddly Fox