Dear Indonesia, Hi! How are you? This is the Philippines. My boss gave me some free time so I thought I'd say hi :D. Anyway, haven't seen you or any of other of the ASEAN really, in a while so I hope you're doing well XD. It gets really lonely here, so sometimes it sucks having no neighbors :( Bet o_O? What bet? I don't remember making any bet with PNG-chan... Hmmm... *thinking* Can you ask her again what's it about? I think I forgot... ...This is a weird favor but please take care of yourself. This is kinda late but I'd hate to see what happened to Kuya* Japan happen to anyone else I know and since we're both in the Pacific Ring of Fire there might be a possibility that something like that might happen to us too(although I hope it never happens though...)

Wait... I think my boss is calling me again. Awww... My break's over TT^TT (Grrr... I hate you, Paperwork, from the depths of my heart!) Before I go, promise you'll visit me sometime soon? We can hang out and go Karaoke! X3

With Love, Maria de le Cruz The Philippines P.S. I almost forgot! I made some pastillas and yemas (Filipino candies) so I sent some over. Hope you like them ^w^ *kuya= big brother or sign of respect in Filipino Random comments: I like your letters a lot but my only problem was that until now I still can't tell if Indonesia's a guy or a girl... XDDD -solitarycloud ^_^ - Dear Philippines, Hey~ Fili-chan, it's been such a long time! I'm fine, and I'm officially off duties for a month (though it's going to be over soon T-T). I get lonely too sometimes. Let's forget about the bet! Anyway, I've always been capable of taking care of myself, it's my children I'm worried about. I know T-T. Aceh still has some scars left from his tsunami and earthquake. I hate the ring of fire (though it is a cool name XD). And I hope nothing happens to us, or any other ASEAN member, but it's fate. Chu~ I hate paperwork! With much violence. Let's! I love karaoke!

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