So this will be a One-shot Collection. All one-shots will be by request as well as some that I just feel like writing. These oneshots will be mostly Ichigo-centric, meaning they will involve Ichigo in some way shape or form. Ichigo will be paired with various other characters depending on the requests. That goes for normal pairings and threesomes as well as solos depending on the requests.

Requests that are Acceptable

Ichigo as Seme or Uke in a Yaoi pairing (IchigoxGrimmjow/ GrimmjowxIchigo, etc.)

Ichigo in GenderBender (meanings a fem!Ichigo / Female Ichigo) becoming a Het pairing (KenpachixFem!Ichigo, etc.)

Ichigo and partner in GenderBender becoming a Yuri pairing (Fem!IchigoxFem!Renji, etc)

No actual women charcters will be paired with Ichigo. (ie. Rangiku, Rukia, Orihime) Strictly male characters.

T-M Rating (I will do things without smut if you ask.)

If you would like to request, please review or PM me with the pairing, whether you want a yaoi, het or yuri pairing (and whose what). Please give me a plot. People with plots or prompts tend to get done faster, since I won't have to think of a plot. Please give me the rating or if you want descriptive smut, non-descriptive smut or no smut. If there is anything specific you would like, please let me know.