Soul Eater: The Eternal Paradox

Summary:So a traveler from the future shows up with some news that may make the difference between life and death.

Disclaimer:I don't own Soul Eater.

Author note: This story will be based more on the magna than the anime but you should still be able to know what's going on if you have only seen the anime.

Chapter 1: The Arrival

It was a peaceful day in Death City, nothing seemed to be wrong which anyone who had been paying attention the recent history of this city should know is usually when things go wrong. It was spring break for the students of academy, though the school was still open incase of disasters that the student and staff were needed for. The scythe meister Maka Albarn was not in the city at the moment, her mother Kami just happened to be in California for the week and asked Maka if she wanted to visit and Maka said yes much to Spirits despair. So Maka hopped on a train and went to visit her mother for the week. Soul stayed behind so that Maka could spend some alone time with her mother. It didn't matter much there were no crisis that need looking after so the partners could spend sometime apart. Today was the day that Maka was do to return and though the young Death Scythe would not admit it, he had missed his partner. That morning Black Star talked Soul to play a game of basketball with Kid, the Thompson sisters, and Tsubaki, Soul agreed having nothing to do that day but to pick Maka up at the train station and that wasn't until hours later. They broke into teams, Soul joined Tsubaki and Black Star against Kid,Patti and Liz. The game started pretty much like all their games started with Black Star declaring himself the winner before they even started. This lead into an argument between Black Star and Kid in which a crazy bet was made the losing team captain having to do something ridiculous in this case the loser would have to streak through the school grounds naked.

The game got underway with Patti making a two point shot. As the game continued to the points were quickly wracked up. Both team ended up wracking up twenty points, first to reach twenty one would be the winner and Kid had the ball and was about to shot when he sensed something not too far off, this served enough of a distraction that when Black Star came charging in he did not see him. Black Star came hard and fast slamming Kid right into the pole the basketball hoop was attached to.

"That's a foul." Liz commented

Kid pushed Black Star off "Get off me! You idiot!"

"You're just angry that you're not as good as the great Black Star." Black Star retorted

"WE'RE TIED!" Kid pointed out "But that's not the point I just sensed something."

"What Kid?" Patti chirped

"I don't know. It felt like when the immortal werewolf locked my father in the independent cube."

"You think the immortal werewolf is back?" Tsubaki asked

"Perhaps. We'd better investigate."

"Yahoo!" Black Star screamed already at the top of the stairs "Finally some action!"

As soon as he ran off Kid yelled "The other way!"

They quickly ran off following Kids lead, they stopped before an alley a few block away from the basket ball court.

Kid was about to use his soul perception to verify if anything was even there and tell the weapons to transform when Black Star jumped into the alley screaming.

"Prepare to face the wrath of the Great Black Star!" but then actually looking into the alley he stopped "Oh sorry lady I thought you were a werewolf."

"Lady?" Kid jumped into the alley followed by the others

They all saw the same thing, a women in her mid twenties with her long blonde hair in a pony tail. She wore a familiar looking black trench coat. She was wearing a black top, blue jeans and large boots. She was stumbling around her face pointed away from the group.

"It looks like she's drunk." Liz smirked

"I'm not drunk Liz." The women shot back

The women came right up to Liz looking her right in the eyes "I'm taller than you now."

As Liz stared into the women bright green eyes she was in shock as were the others. The women tripped and Kid caught her.

"Oh look I'm taller than you too Kid."

The others stared at the women knowing who she was but also knowing she couldn't possibly be who she was.

"Do you know them lady?" okay everyone except Black Star knew who she was

"Black Star" Tsubaki whispered to him "Doesn't she look like someone? Someone you know?"

Black Star looked at the women thinking hard "Nope."

"I'm Maka." the women declared

Black Star reacted to the news "Soul you forgot to pick Maka up at the train station!" grabbing the women "How long were you waiting!"

Soul pulled Black Star from the women telling him "That's not Maka you idiot! That's just some nut that looks like her!"

Maka sighed "Kid can you just use your soul perception to prove I'm me?"

Kid looked into the women soul to see an orange soul that match perfectly with his memory of Maka's soul except that this one was older.

Kid gulped trying to wrap his mind around what he knew was true "That's Maka."

Everyone stared at the women that was Maka.

"Maka you got old." Patti pointed out

"Yeah" Maka smiled at her

"That's not Maka! Soul shouted pointing at her "You're not Maka!" a little closer he noticed that this women was more developed than Maka, nothing too big but bigger than Maka "Look!" he said pointing at her breast "She's not Tiny Tits!"


A book to his skull later, Soul on the ground relented "Okay that's Maka."

Maka rubbed her head and nearly fell again but was caught by Tsubaki.

Tsubaki was still not sure she was Maka but she still worried "Are you alright?"

"I'm a little dizzy and hungry." Maka told her

"Alright let's get you something to eat."

A few minutes later they were at a nearby restaurant ordering her something to eat and as Black Star pointed out since they were there why not get something for themselves. They all got something to eat, Kid ended paying for all of it. So sitting down eating, the adult Maka started to tear through her food.

They all stared at her eat she noticed telling them "Sorry the trip made me hungry. The Doctor warned me telling me something about burning through my energy cells."

"Doctor? Doctor Stein?" Soul asked confused

"Not that Doctor. The one that has the bow tie right now. Luckily he won't keep it forever."


"I'm from the future" Make told them "I thought you would have gotten that."

"Like a with time machine?" Liz asked

"More like a Yankee in King Arthur's Court." Kid was the only one to get that reference "No machine I had to come here subtlety. I was sent here in a bubble as time warped around me. We had to make sure no one alerted when I arrived. Well no one except you."

"So you know we would find you?" Kid asked

"Yes, it wasn't just a coincidence that I arrived near you guys."

"So you came to see us?" the symmetry obsessed boy asked

"Yes," Maka stated clearly now that her dizziness had worn off "today something is going to arrive and I am the only one who can stop it but I need your help to do it." she looked at a gold wrist watch "We only have about eight hours to stop it or by tonight everyone in this city even Lord Death will be dead."

The group looked at Maka in shock and horror.

"Are you going to eat that?" Maka asked pointing to Soul's uneaten french fries

"So what are we doing here?" Kid yelled

"Eating" Maka said calmly "When we're done here we will go see your father. But right now I have to recover from my trip or else I won't be any good for you. You guys might want to change clothes, you stink."

Patti sniffed herself, Maka wasn't wrong.

The rest of the group was uneasy at the news, or the fact that suddenly older Maka was so calm at the situation. They even wondered if they could trust her.

Author Note: Review tell me if this is any good. I going to try and put at least one chapter a week but I have to get back to school soon so we'll see. But reviewing may convince me to write faster. I don't know I've been so lazy lately, I haven't even started any home what so ever. Anyway just in case anyone cares the Doctor Maka was talking about was the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who, not really important to the story but still. I have another Story were they met up but that's later or actually earlier I'm not writing the stories in order.