Soul Eater: The Eternal Paradox

Summary: The last chapter a very long last chapter but still.

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Author note: This story will be based more on the magna then the anime but you should still be able to know what's going on if you have only seen the anime.

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Chapter 15: It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

The weapons and meisters quickly circled Maka as she was on the ground.

"Maka don't die!" Soul pleaded.

"Maka you can't be dead." Tsubaki said starting to cry.

Black Star did what he could to confront her he brought her closed and hugged her.

Black Star looked down at Maka's unmoving body. "This is the life we lead,she died as a warrior, she fought bravely in battle and won even at the cost of her life to make sure we lived. I'm proud to have been able to call her my friend."

Kid surprised by Black Star's sensitivity felt compelled to say some words as well. "Death takes place in the shadow of new life, the sunrise of a new world, our friend our sister in arms traveled a great distance to be here to today, to be here for this battle, so she could protect us, to giver her life to protect ours. We should never feel this sacrifice was vain or empty one, she knew what she was doing and she did it to protect us. That is who Maka is, someone who would always protect her friends."

Both Thompson sisters were starting to cry and Liz hugged Patti close. Kim was trying to reassure a young Angela who was starting to cry, both Blair and Excalibur took of their hats, Excalibur bowed humbly Maka's sacrifice reminding him of Arthur's, Blair just stared as she started to cry, Marie was starting to cry and Stain put his arm around her doing his best to comfort her, Spirit fell to his knees starting to cry and Soul was in shock. In their own way everyone was saying goodbye silently to Maka in their minds, remembering what she meant to them and who she was.

"Maka," Soul murmured in a tone barely audible. "I'm sorry, I should have done something. Oh Maka there are so many things I wanted to tell you-"

"Then tell me." Maka groaned.

Everyone screamed and jumped back as Maka's eyes opened.

"ZOMBIE!" Liz screamed nearly squeezing Patti's life out of her.

"You're dead!" Soul exclaimed.

"Nope, I just blacked out." Maka explained.


"I hurt myself... a lot." Maka said blushing a little. "I threw my back out."

"Your back?"

"It's the wings they're heavy and I did a back flip as I slashed Kronos arms off. It threw off my balance and I pulled my back. It hurt so much I blacked out and fell to the ground."

"Wait how long were you conscious?" Kid asked.

"Not too long just since when Black Star started to say my eulogies. I would have said something but was starting to feel like Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer watching their own funeral."

The group glared at Maka for a moment for putting them through that sort of grief but it slowly turned into a quiet joy to know they had Maka back.

"Uh" Maka started. "My back still hurts, Kim, do you think you could help here?"

Kim still a little steamed from what just happened. "You want me to heal you after what you just put is through. This time you got to pay."

Maka smirked. "Okay I'll tell you something about the future. Black Star's first child will be called Pink Star."

"HA!" Black Star shouted. "I would never name any child of mine that."

"Well with Patti being the mother what would you expect."

There was silence from that comment as everyone turned to stare at Black Star and Patti. Black Star and Patti stared at each other in shock. Then Liz grabbed Patti pulling her away just as Tsubaki did the same with Black Star.

"Stay away from my sister." Liz ordered Black Star.

"I would never!" Black Star said being squeezed by Tsubaki. "Me and Patti are just friends we would never-" Patti nodded in agreement.

"Well when two people get drunk, there is the back of a car and Barry White is playing and you wait nine months." Maka said smug.

"Please tell me this is a joke." Kim pleaded.

She thought of both Patti and Black Star as friends but Kim knew they were both essentially nuts the idea of a child of their, scared her and everyone else there just imagining how crazy that kid would be.

"Heal my back and I'll tell you" Maka said confident. "or you will just have to wait and find out."

Kim bent down next to Maka and extended her arms out letting a mist of light dance around her hand. Kim felt something strange over Maka, something different she couldn't figure. Maka smiled as the tension let her muscles and the pain left. Maka sighed as she got and began to stretch her muscles.

"Please tell me you were lying." Kim asked.

"Don't worry I was, neither one of them is that dumb and no on lets them get that drunk." Stretching out Maka noticed that her wrist was now bare. "Did anyone see my watch? It's small and gold."

"You must have dropped it." Stein commented. "Probably when you were thrown through a wall."

"Oh no." With that Maka ran off in a blur.

"Where is she going now?" Marie asked.

"I don't know. It's too hard to use soul perception right now, a wavelength discharge is still in the air. We're going to have to split up and find her."

The group split and went searching for Maka. Soul was wandering the streets when he heard something he did expect, he heard someone playing chop sticks on a piano and badly. He followed the sound to music store with the front window blow apart probably because of the fight. Soul made his way into the store a found Maka sitting on the piano bench of a large black piano. Soul smirked thinking how this was so much like when they first met.

"So why did you run off?"

"Hello Soul." Maka replied unsurprised by his appearance.

"So what your watch is your time machine?"

"No, it's just a watch." Maka said still playing the piano sloppily. "It's actually a present from my husband. I won't be able to find it right now anyway there too much of a mess. I'll just have to wait."

"You know how to play the piano?"

"I'm learning, I have a very good teacher." Maka looked at the ring on her hand, something even Soul noticed.

Soul placed his hand on Maka fixing her hands. "Your fingering is off, Maka this is the easiest song to play you should at least play it right."

Fixing her hands her song played a better. "Like this."

Soul nodded and then asked. "So why did you run off?"

"I needed to find a clock." Maka answered pointing at clock on the wall. "We better head back."

They walked back to the ruins of Death Square. Soon the other gathered.

"Oh you're all here." Maka said with a sad smile. "It's time for me to say goodbye."

"You're going." Angela said confused.

"Yeah my time is running out."

"So what's going to happen" Liz asked "are just going to fade into nothing as the future changes or something."

"What are you talking about?" Maka asked confused.

"You saved us from Kronos, shouldn't your future change?"

"That is if my future you were all killed by Kronos in my future."


"No, why did you think you died? I never said anyone died."

"Why else did you come back then?"

Maka took out the journal she had been holding onto. "Because you guys told me I had to be here because I was here." She flipped to book open and showed them a page were they had all scribbled their names into it. "How did you guys think I knew about everything, about Kronos, where you guys were playing basketball, about Janet and Alan, where the Horde would show up, I even placed everyone in the location where the Horde member they would be best at fighting would show up. I even got the key to the Death Room from the future Kid. I came here to make sure everything happens."

"Wait" Kid tried to wrap his mind around this whole thing. "So you come here because in the future we're going to tell you to come but only because you were here because we're going to tell you to be here?"

"Yeah, I wouldn't try to figure that one out. It's a stable loop, it creates itself always and forever an eternal paradox but this one won't end time unless someone breaks it. But since it's here it isn't. But even if I understood it I don't have time to explain it I'm going soon."

"I still don't get it how are you going back." Soul asked.

"Remember how I said that I got here by warping time around me, those effects will undo soon and I will drift back to my time that's why I had to check on the time."

"So you really know our future? But you can't tell us any of it?" Soul asked her.

Maka thought, about what was going to happen in Russia with Chrona and the black blood. "The future is what you make it. Soul all I'm going to tell you is remember who you are. And none of you do something stupid and get yourselves killed. In the mean time you can't tell the younger me anything about it this. Which remind me of something." She walked over to her after and looked him in the eyes. "Papa?"

"Yes, Maka." Spirit said delighted by his daughter.

"MAKA CHOP!" and Spirit was on the ground unconscious.

"Was that really necessary?" Marie asked.

"Yes, he could never keep a secret. Patti go get some beer and pore it on him." Patti ran off to find the liquor. "This way when he comes through he will just think he was drinking."

"But one thing I don't get Maka" Tsubaki started. "If we can't tell you about this how are you suppose to know any of this?"

"One day you tell me."

"But how will we know which day?"

"You know what that's a good question. I never asked."

"Actually I think I know how to figure that one out." Stein suggested.

Before Stein would explain it to Maka he had her walk with him enough distance so the other could not hear.

"So what did you want to tell me?" Maka asked.

Stein stared at her focusing deeply with Soul Percept something he saw earlier but until now did not understand. "I know what will tell us when it's time for you to come back to today."


"I want you to take a deep breath. It has to do with you, a certain change that will be unmistakable in the future."

"What?" Maka was getting impatient knowing her time was running out.

"You're pregnant." Stein told her nonchalantly.

Maka stared in silence for a moment. "What?"

"I can see the spark of a new soul forming inside of you, that usually mean a new life is forming."

Maka used Soul perception on herself, she rarely did this she never really had a reason to, but there it was a tiny little speck of light inside her growing and living in her. Maka was speechless. Stein smiled at her, noting that she had the same expression as her mother when she found that she was carrying Maka.

Maka slammed a book onto Stein head not even bother to scream Maka chop this time. "Why didn't you tell me? Something could have happened!" Maka placed her hand over were the new life was forming.

Stein still smiled even as his finger found a small trickle of blood on his forehead. "It's fine. Judging by the size of the soul you just got pregnant in the last few day, there hasn't been enough growth for anything to be hurt, as long as there is no real physical damage to you it should be fine."

Maka's breathing was racing a little. "Okay."

Stein getting up. "So when I notice that your pregnant I will tell you that you have to come back."

She nodded but added. "You know you really are sadistic."

Stein laughed, noting that her mother said that to him too.

Maka walked away annoyed, excited, terrified and over joyed.

As she walked back Soul he asks. "Everything okay."

"Yeah, Stein will tell me when I have to go back."

"Cool, Maka?"


"Just wondering something you said we needed three death scythes and you were the third scythe so who was your meister that helped you become a death scythe?"

"You did, Soul." Maka said proudly. "You're my partner even if I figure out I could turn into a weapon wasn't going to change that."

"So you become the big bad Angel of Death?"

"Yeah, you finally called me an angel."

"You mean I'm the one that called you the Angel of Death?"

"Ye-" Maka stopped mid way as she started to get really dizzy. "It's starting."

"What's starting?"

Maka stepped back as a strange white light wrapped around her. "I'm going home, this happened like how I came here." The other quickly gathered around Maka. "Okay I guess this is goodbye for now. Oh there was one more thing, Soul..."


"I'm sorry, it was my fault and I didn't know it was until right now."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Maka smiled at him, a brilliant gold light surrounded her and then in an instant dissolved leaving nothing behind.

"You don't see that every day." Patti commented finishing to pouring a six pack on the unconscious Spirit.

They stay silent for a moment until Yumi said. "There is nothing left to do now except starting cleaning up this mess."

All the students were less than thrilled with the idea of cleaning up wrecked buildings.

After working on cleaning up the damage the the battle had done the sun began to set.

Tsubaki and Soul were talking "So what do you think she meant? About being sorry?"

"I don't know." Tsubaki told the scythe.

"SOUL!" a scream broke out through the air.

Everyone turned back to see Maka, young Maka as in the Maka of this time, dressed in her casual clothes and holding her luggage.

"Maka?" Soul said happy to see her.

"MAKA CHOP!" and Soul is slammed into the ground.

"What was that for?" He mutters

"You were supposed to pick me up at the train station two hours ago.

"Oh that's what she meant." Tsubaki said with realization.

"I'm going home, I except you to bring home some dinner tonight if you expect to eat."

"Okay." Soul muttered.

"I'll help you with that." Blair quickly changed forms and floated away Maka's luggage.

"Maka!" Spirit shouted waking when he heard his daughters voice. "You're back! There was an older you."

Maka sniffed the air. "Have you been drinking again?"


"You wreak of alcohol."

"But I didn't drink." Maka just glared at him and he collapsed onto the ground muttering. "But I didn't drink, it really happened. Didn't?"

"What happened here? Maka asked Tsubaki as she was leaving.

"Um... we had a party?" Tsubaki shrugged.

Maka stared for a second before she said. "Okay clean up then." As she walked away "I leave for a week and the whole city falls apart."

Excalibur was saying goodbye to Angela. "Farewell little one, I must take my leave until we meet again be good."

"I will Funny face." Angela said waving. "Come back and play with me."

Excalibur walked away singing to himself. "From United Kingdom I'm looking for Him. I'm going to California."

Excalibur thought to himself maybe it was time to find another meister, Arthur would want him to find a new partner.

"So..." Alan said to Janis as they were still cleaning up the mess from the battle.

"So what?" Janis asked confused.

"Do you want to be be my partner? I mean our soul wavelengths match and we work well together."

Janis blushed a little. "Yeah, sure I would love to be your partner."

"Cool." Alan said trying to hide the fact that he blushing.

The next day Medusa would smile in the darkness as Kronos arrived she would give him a folder of information knowing full well that it would lead to his death. She didn't have all the detail but somehow Maka Albarn would end up killing him. Medusa then would send Chrona to Russia to look for the Death Scythe and Meister to test the black blood.

Ten years later Maka would appear in the middle of the street. She found her watch with little trouble, anything that was sent with her to the past was brought back into the future when the time warps effect wore off. She read what was on the back of the watch and smiled "To my Angel. Yours for all of time."

She walked back home a little scared at the idea of telling her husband she was pregnant. She eventually reached their home and was surprised that he actually prepared a special dinner for her, as a special treat for all the work she did in the past. Maka got herself cleaned up, fixed her hair so she had two pig tail on the back of her head, put on a red skirt and wore her yellow sweeter vest. Had she put on her pig tails like that earlier she was likely to cut them when she had her wing blades and the skirt would not be the best thing to wear when flying. They ate together as Maka waited for the right time to tell him, she knew Stein would never tell him about the pregnancy if he wanted to live.

After fumbling for the words for several minutes Maka eventually just blurted it out. "I'm pregnant."

"Pregnant as in you're having a baby?"


"So I'm going to be a dad?"


He kissed her and then they spent the rest of the night talking about their future child, wheatear it would be a boy or a girl and what to name them. Eventually they both asleep on the couch in each other arms. Sleeping together their souls resonated, they enter their soul room, a room composed of both their souls rooms. They lied on top of the black piano and looked up to the small speck of light hovering around them. They stared up and marveled at the little life their love had brought into existence.

Maka said. "It's so beautiful, I can't believe that we made that."

"Of course it's beautiful just like its mother." Then he kissed on her head. "I love you Maka."

"I love you too Soul." She told her husband.

Soul held his wife closer to him placing his hand over her stomach, gently rubbing it know full well that their child was there. Above them the soul of their yet to be born child danced around them. Maka smiled she was happy with the world, she was married to the her best friend and the person she loved the most and they would have a child soon enough. Maka didn't know what the future held for them nor did she want to know, she had those she loved and she knew that no matter what their future held for them they would be with her to face it.

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