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Chapter two: hidden behind happy eyes

Regular pov….

Shuichi woke up for the first time early and decided to make breakfast. He slowly got out of bed so that he doesn't wake up Yuki , got dressed and went to the kitchen, he made a simple pancake and eggs meal making sure Yuki doesn't catch him making it.

The reason why is he pretends that he can't cook, everybody from NG and Yuki don't know anything about his past not even himself. Actually Shuichi can't remember anything before he turned 10 years old. He only knows that the shindo family took him in the day he had amnesia so no one knows who he is, his first name, birthday, how old he is, what he wanted to do when he grows up, and intelligent skills are all he knows but can't remember anything else .

He was really good at school not even Hiro knew about his high intelligent or that he was good at everything and anything he does . He actually finished college at only 13 that's how smart he is but goes to school just to not let others know how smart he is. But without his past he felt like something important is missing but what he don't know.

He quickly ate his food and wrapped Yuki's so that it won't spoil grabbed his stuff left a note saying that his mom brought the food and not to eat dinner without him then left for work.

Shuichi still felt that same feeling again but ignored it and went in the NG building. When he got to the studio he was the first one there and waited for the rest to come. Everybody got to the studio and were shocked to see Shuichi there and on time. They went to work and finish without any problems while everybody got there stuff together and leave Shuichi went up to Hiro and said…

Shuichi's pov….

Hey Hiro can you give me a ride I told Yuki about it and said it was no big deal and brushed it off but I still feel it and I'm going to trust my intuition on this and not take any chances. Please and don't give me the mother hen thing you did yesterday. Ok?

Hiro pov ….

Sure. I don't mind and I won't do the mother hen thing again. Don't worry Yuki might surprise you and your birthday is nearly here what do you want as a gift?

Shuichi's pov….

Thanks. and I want the art set I see at the store we pass by to work everyday can you get that for my birthday.

Hiro pov ….

Sure. Ok that's your present lets get you home before your Yuki gets anxious to where you are.

Regular pov….

Both Hiro and Shuichi were on the bike riding down the streets passing by a few dark places. Then suddenly a dark figure came out of nowhere and was in there path blocking it. They couldn't see who the figure is but tried to not hit him. They swerved and both crashed Hiro was the first one to get up and check the damages he seen Shuichi further down the road looking in real bad shape.

Shuichi was unconscious on the ground and bleeding badly he looked really pale too. Hiro quickly called 911 and told them the situation and hung up he looked for the dark figure but couldn't find him and wondered if that was an accident or was it on purpose he didn't know.

The ambulance came and took both of them to the hospital while Hiro got only a few scratches and bruises. Shuichi was a little worse he had a minor concussion, one broken wrist and a cut that caused most of the bleeding.

While both of them were getting treated back at where Yuki is he was waiting for his pink hair angel to come home it was getting late and he was starting to get worried when suddenly the phone ranged. Yuki thought it was Shuichi telling him that he got out late that's all. When he picked up the phone…

Yuki pov….


Third pov….

Yes. Were from the hospital and were here to tell you that a Shuichi Shindo is admitted to the hospital….

Yuki pov….

I turn and ran out the door before hearing the rest I wanted to get to Shuichi. is he hurt? is he alright? is it serious? I don't know but I will find out what happened.

Regular pov….

Yuki rushed to the hospital when he got there everybody was there waiting for news. No one came to them for at least one full hour till a doctor came up to the group and asked for Yuki. Yuki went up to him and waited for an answer.

The doctor says that Hiro is fine he can leave right now but Shuichi on the other hand must stay in the hospital for one more day because he is still unconscious when he wakes up he can go home. The doctor says that Shuichi had a minor concussion, one broken wrist and a cut that are all treated by the nurses.

Yuki was really worried for his angel and asked the doctor if he can see him which the doctor said yes only after he tells him to come to the office three minutes after the visit and walks away.

Yuki and the gang even Hiro went to see Shuichi right away but he was still sleeping so they all left to meet with the doctor as promised. When they were at the office the doctor came sat down on his chair and gave everybody a huge surprise.

Doctor pov…..

I'm glad that its nothing to serious but you have to keep an eye on him. his psychiatrist is coming to give him another check up to see if he can remember his past yet and I want you guys to make sure he doesn't feel uncomfortable and don't rush him….

Regular pov….

WHAT! Everybody was shocked at what he said the doctor gave them a confused look and said if they knew about his condition. Which everybody said no they didn't know. The doctor told them they have to ask his psychiatrist and Shuichi about his situation and told them they can leave.

Everybody were shocked to find out that Shuichi can't remember his past Yuki was more shocked than anyone because he didn't say any thing and quickly went to see Shuichi. When they got there they heard Shuichi talking to someone. They wanted to know what there say so quieted down to hear what there saying.

(at this point I'm just going to let it be everybody pov….)

Shuichi so how was everything going do you remember your past yet.

No but I had a dream or was it part of my past I don't know but I know that I was playing with somebody who was the same age as me but this person called me big brother. I was happy and sad at the same time but I don't know why. if only I got some sort of clue just a little one so I can get somewhere.

I'm doing great other than being in the hospital right now I am really happy with life right now. I starting to have second thoughts about my past but I would like to remember it even if it's bad.

Good it looks like you are slowly remembering. Just take your time and don't over do it. And when are you going to tell your lover about this?

Well… the truth is I was hoping to tell him about it after my birthday not even my best friend knows about this yet and I thought I was going to be a burden to them if they knew so I don't know…

Just as he said that Yuki opened the door quickly surprising both the psychiatrist and Shuichi. They stared for a second before Yuki said" why didn't you say any thing listen now and listen good we never thought you were a burden in the first place and let people know how you feel every once in a while we won't hold it against you and no more secrets. You got that brat ?

Oh Yuki. I'm sorry and every one else too I won't hid anything any more ok.

Regular pov….

Everybody got a seat and started to hear how that he was adopted by the Shindo's the day he had amnesia at 10 so no one knows who he is, his first name, birthday, how old he is, what he wanted to do when he grows up, and intelligent skills are all he knows but can't remember anything else . He shocked every body about the fact

that he was good at everything and anything he does . He actually finished college at only 13 and tricked everybody in thinking that he was an idiot.

Everybody went home and Shuichi felt guilty about the fact that he kept this from Yuki but at the same time felt like the weight of the world are off his shoulders after telling every one about his past. Yuki was a little mad but he was mostly surprised that his angel has a dark past like him but different. Shuichi's birthday is only a day away now and everybody going to surprise him with a big party but they don't realize that the darkness is going to crash the party .

The story is getting more to the climax. What happens next is well I won't tell you till the next chapter so wait like everybody else.

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