Chapter five: training and partying

I woke up early thanks to Jun who came to get me up without Yuki waking and told me he's going to need my help in getting them ready for training. As I got ready jun gave me several bottles of pills. I gave him a weird look but he rolled his eyes and said that it's for them and not for us because they are going to need it. I understood and went to organize each pill that they are going to need and what they don't. after a few minutes of organizing and preparing we were ready and we went to get breakfast ready.

My big brother' s friends will be awake soon and there going to need there energy. I decided that they may need some help and brought out my custom made pills that I tested myself and were safe. While making every ones food I was really curious on what big brother was doing most of his life and decided to peek at his memories to find out what his friends are like and what is yuki to my big brother. After skimming through most of his memories I found what I was looking for and was a little shocked at what he went through but I now understand that yuki means everything to big brother and I will make sure that every one is safe even if it cost me my life.

While Shuichi and jun were almost done with making breakfast yuki came into view who looked like he got out of the shower and was wondering what' s to eat at the same time the others were waking up and will be there to eat soon. When jun and shuichi finished making breakfast every one were at the table and were waiting to eat but also know what' s going to happen next. When everyone were eating jun and shuichi decided that now was the time to tell them what's going to happen.

We made every one quiet down so they could hear us and we said… ok every one we decided to train you in how to both kill and protect and we also decided to teach you on how to use some of one of many powers that we have. wait! Your saying that were all are going to train and get powers like you two. yes. Jun made these pills each bottle contains one power and since jun made 30 bottles that makes 30 powers are available at the moment. As of right now we decided to give you nine different powers. The powers you will have are: PK the power to move things with your mind, Read minds and send messages, Heal anything at a fast rate, Bring anything to life or take away, Change appearance and gender, Bring back the dead, Money appear out of nowhere, Telepathy, Immortality, and Super strength. There are others but we think it's best of what we picked for you and as we said were going to teach you on how to control them and if you don't want them we got the antidote to get rid of them for you so you can be normal again.

After every one understood what Jun and Shuichi were trying to tell them they all finished there food and took the pills and went to start training. At first the training seem really hard but since they took the pills they were doing alright jun and shuichi realized that they may have a chance to survive and they could also learn to live with the powers that are given to them. While they were training yuki was trying to know what shuichi is doing at the moment. Shuichi noticed yuki losing focus for a few moments and was trying to read his mind and shuichi of course was making it a little hard for yuki to peek at his mind but he eventually let him look. Jun realized what yuki was doing to and was quite amused at what he will find in his big brothers mind and of what he is thinking too.

I was shocked at what fully happened to my shuichi when he was younger but I'm kind of more shocked at what shuichi is thinking at the moment. Shuichi may look like an innocent angel but he's more of a pervert then me I'm thinking that the only reason I was able to look at his mind was because shuichi wanted me to know what going to happen later on. As I kept looking I found out that jun and shuichi are going to make a end a training party for us when they teach us on how to control are pk powers. I left his mind and was kind of happy that we didn't need to train very long and I get to fuck shuichi when the party is over I just can't wait.

After I let yuki look into my mind I was kind of laughing at how shocked yuki looked like when he was looking around my mind so I decided to give yuki on some ideas of what we' are going to do later tonight after I did that I also wanted him to know about the party that's going to happen very soon. After he left my mind he didn't know that I was also looking at his mind too he made me blush at what he was thinking I knew that I will be really sore in the morning so I gave jun the message that he doesn't need to wake me up in the morning and that I may need to rest for a while but a least I will be happy.

Jun and shuichi left to make the party food and drinks while everyone was still training yuki decided to take his break because he knew about the party. Tohma seguchi went up to yuki and was curious about why he wasn't training with them and to know where jun and shuichi had went to. But yuki said that they would find out soon.

Moments later jun and shuichi came out of the kitchen and told every one to meet them at the living room to hear about there progress in there training. Everyone gathered to see the entire living room decorated in party strings and balloons and the middle of it all was a big table full of party foods and drinks and some games at the side.

Out of nowhere jun and shuichi popped out in front of every body and said SURPRISE! At first they were stunned soon they were all smiling and gathering around the table. Yuki stood right next to shuichi while every one else went somewhere and started partying of course k went straight to look for something to play and decided to make/ force every one to play truth or dare.

K started first truth or dare Jun? truth. Well then did you ever killed anyone? …. Yes I did but because it was the only way to live at the time. Interesting?

Jun looked at every one and said truth or dare yuki. Dare? I dare you to take one bite of celery and eat it. Yuki froze and looked like he was going to die. it made me laugh when he was eating it and big brother shuichi supporting him by saying to think it was something else but it didn't work and I got to see well in my point of view yuki grabbing shuichi by the collar and stuffing the rest of the celery down shuichi' s throat making him gag and run to the sweets to wash away the taste of celery. Of course yuki ate it before hand so it means he did the dare but I did give the thumbs up when yuki looked at me with a glare of course.

Yuki decided to take his anger out on someone else. Tohma truth or dare. Uh.. Dare? I dare you to strip tease sakano until you are in your underwear. Tohma looked like he didn't care but looked more like he was happy to do so while sakano went crazy and started stuttering nonsense. After the strip tease sakano looked ready to pounce while Tohma had a smug look and went to choose some one .

Truth or dare Shuichi. Truth. Have you ever lose your virginity before you meet Yuki? If yes how old were you when it happened? No I never lose my virginity before I meet yuki but someone tried to take my virginity once when I was six years old but jun protected me and I also sliced that bastard's throat…. Wait why are you looking at me like that I told the truth. You did but when you said you sliced that bastard's throat it freaked some of us out. shuichi turned to look at yuki and sakano and saw them look kind of pale. Oops sorry guys. It's ok we understand.

Shuichi looked at every one and said truth or dare k. dare. I dare you to jump on the table and scream eek eek! A mouse for one minute from the tom and jerry show.

K was upset for the embarrassing dare but did it anyway they kept the game going till the clock hit ten at night and decided to get some rest for tomorrow.

Me and yuki went to are bed room and before I got a chance to turn around yuki jumped me. Your too slow brat. let me give you a hand. Yuki's hands roughly but lovingly caressed my body touching me, possessing me, his expert touches were too much for me. I couldn't think straight but I noticed that me and yuki were both naked I don't know when or how but after the notice yuki licked my neck and I was under his control again.

I was making shuichi lose himself I made sure to lose the clothing before shuichi got a chance to noticed once he did I took the opportunity to lick his neck which made him go under my control again. As he moans my name as I slowly touch him I can tell he's begging for release but I won't let him yet. I want him to moan more, beg more, I want him to say my name to show who he spends the rest of his life with. Shuichi is at his limit. now the best part comes.

Yuki won't stop touching me he's licking me making me moan I know he's doing it on purpose but I like it too much. I'm begging for release but he wouldn't let me as he pumps my dick I could tell he wants me to know who I spend the rest of my life with. Suddenly I could feel his fingers enter me. As I whimper he shushes me with a kiss. His fingers pushing me, stretching me, I'm about to come right there but he stops. I was about to turn around and complain when I felt his big hard rod enter me.

I lost it I screamed and moaned at the same time. His thrusts kept me screaming I wanted to feel more. He quickly turned me on my back and thrusts deeper I can't even say words anymore. I felt like Cuming very soon. As he kept thrusting I'm saying that I am Cuming which he responded by pumping my dick at the same time with his thrusts. I could tell he's cuming too with a few more thrusts and we both came at the same time.

Afterwards we kept up till midnight we took a fast shower and went to bed I know there's still time before we face the organization and I'm hoping for a happy ending. As I snuggle close to the one I love I dose off to a dreamless sleep.