In the Elemental Nations there have been many famous shinobi that had changed the course of history. But the ones who really changed history have a tragic past, as they are 'partnered' shinobi. These partnered shinobi were the ones who stopped wars, by their prowess on the battlefield. They assassinated more people under the cover of the night than any other single or squad of shinobi.

A partnered shinobi was once something from legends. Stories about these fabled people have been passed down from generation to generation as people were still nomads before building the Hidden Villages and finally settling down. Stories that heavily talked of heroics, and deception, among pain, tragedy and very rarely tales that involved love were all well-known among the nomadic tribes. Partnered Shinobi's have never had a happy ending, making the illustrious duo cursed.

Partnered shinobi were both a blessing and a curse as they required the two of them to live. No one knew the identity of both of the partnered shinobi at a time, as one is always in the shadows. No one even knew who was a partnered shinobi as there was no easy way to tell. Most of these rare breed of shinobi have died alone, as they couldn't afford to be away from their partners.

Never longer than a week has a partnered shinobi able to be away from their match as it killed them both. It was true that when one partner died the other would follow soon afterwards. They were so synchronized that their chakra patterns fed off each other, only being able to recharge each other. When the chakra stops recharging they begin to dye slowly and painfully as the chakra burned them from the inside out.

It wasn't uncommon for the partners to get married to each other, or were even siblings. In rare cases they were from different villages, but there was only one case in history where they were something more.

This story will only lightly touch upon their histories as each already has stories wrote about them, and as such will only be lightly touch upon. After all this isn't a story about them and are only mentioned as references, although some do hold significance to the story. Names mentioned will appear again, so a little background information will prove to help you understand the history of what has happened.

The most famous set of sibling partners would be Konoha's own Hashirama Senju along with his brother Tobirama Senju. The duo had fought against the Uchiha clan and founded Konoha using their own money instead of getting a Daimyo like the other shinobi wanting to make a hidden village. Instead of finding a wealthy landowner to swear allegiance to they instead set up their uncle on their mothers' side as Daimyo. The man himself was already a wealthy land owner owning most of the Land of Fire to begin with. What was left the brothers bought and made Konoha deep in the forests.

The Senju brothers were a year apart and unparalleled using wood and water jutsu's without hand signs. Where one was the other wasn't far away watching the others back at all times. They knew each other so well their thoughts were as one knowing exactly what the other would do.

After founding Konoha the duo traveled to meet with the local bijou to try convincing them to scatter among the five main elemental nations as to not cause a war.

The first and saddest they met was a young Tanuki known as Shukaku the Ichibi. In his true form he was a giant raccoon a sand color with black and red lines on his body. A fierce creature with a bad temper was Shukaku but looked deceiving in his human form. He stood at five foot eight inches tall, with black hair pulled into a high ponytail. From his hair tie down his hair was a sandy blonde color that matched his demon form in color. His hair changed at the end into a deep red, almost as if the ends had been dipped in blood.

His eyes were a piercing gold color rimmed with black circles, giving him a slight raccoon appearance. He wore black boots that tied up a good four inches above his ankles. His entire outfit was in black. Black pants, long sleeve black shirt. The only thing of color on him was a giant red 'Є Э Є' going down the length of his sleeves.

The last striking thing about his appearance was a blood red tattoo written in kanji was the word 'ai'. The tattoo was high and located on the left side of his forehead right above his thin red eyebrows. In human years he looked to be about sixteen.

The only thing imperative to this story was that Shukaku was more then will to go to Suna. After some convincing the remaining bijou agreed to be split up leaving the Kyuubi in Konoha. The others were scattered to the other nations, all promising to keep in touch as only Demon Lords can do. Happy with what they had accomplished the Senju brothers headed home.

Years later when they implemented the teams of academy graduates they had by now found that partners were not something they could assign, but something that each person must find. Rarely were these people found for different reasons, but that didn't stop them from becoming shinobi. Instead they went into teams of three with a Jounin sensei to instill teamwork into the group and hope a partner would emerge from the group.

Both of the brothers were later killed painfully when they were torn apart for eight days unaware of the risks of partners, trying to stop a common evil known as Madara Uchiha. 1

A famous husband and wife team years later would also be from Konoha. They were Minato Namikaze and his wife Kushina Uzumaki. Minato was the bastard child of Tsunade Senju and Jiraiya Namikaze whom was raised as an orphan. Jiraiya never knowing Minato existed stayed away from Konoha until he was summoned by Sarutobi to become the Jounin sensei of Minato's team.

It was then that he found out his night of comfort with Tsunade after the funeral of her fiancé Dan had left her pregnant. Tsunade went into such a deep depression that she was heavily medicated. It was in this state that she gave birth to Minato with only Shizune and Sarutobi attending.

Sarutobi finding little Minato born with Tsunade's blonde hair and his fathers deep blue eyes knew exactly that he wasn't Dan's child. Only one person in Konoha had eyes that blue and that was his former student Jiraiya Namikaze. The following blood test confirmed what Sarutobi had suspected. Jiraiya had fathered little Minato and was unaware of Tsunade's pregnancy.

Jiraiya was currently out of Konoha setting up a spy network and wasn't expected back for some years and as a Sannin it was his right to travel around. Tsunade wasn't fit to care for a child in all her grief and medication, so Sarutobi did the only thing he could. He named the baby and placed him in the orphanage until such a time when his parents could come and collect him.

Minato had grown up and later became Hokage while a foreign ninja named Kushina Uzumaki was his ANBU guard. Kushina was from the village of Whirlpool and for the first time in decades Konoha had a partner set. No matter how much they fought or acted like they hated each other they were drawn to each other as if a magnet pulled them together. It was on the battlefield where they displayed the characteristics of being partners while being on separate teams.

Sarutobi paired them together and together they stayed. It was during the Second Great Shinobi War Kushina was the one responsible for getting the tri-pronged kunai into the enemy area allowing Minato to use his infamous Hirashin Jutsu. Minato received the credit for stopping the war and later became Hokage, because they couldn't see Kushina.

On the battlefield you can only see one of the partners but at home when there is no need to fight, both are visible. That was how Kushina was able to walk past Iwa's borders, because they couldn't see her knowing that Minato was in plain view. When the war was over and peace fell over Konoha, you could spot Kushina and Minato walking around happily holding hands.

Their final act as partners was when Minato sealed the Kyuubi into his and Kushina's newborn. Hours after labor Kushina protected Minato from Kyuubi's fury while Minato ran through seals sealing his sons' fate. Neither Kushina nor Minato lived through the attack, leaving baby Naruto all alone to grow up an orphan in Konoha not knowing his parents.2

A case of famous partnered shinobi from other villages would be of Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki. Itachi was an ANBU agent at the age of thirteen when he was ordered to eliminate his clan by order of Konoha's Council and signed by the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. Instead of killing everyone Itachi had spared his little brothers life in hopes that he would grow up to kill him for taking away everything he had cherished, including his beloved girlfriend.

Upon exiting Konoha, Itachi Uchiha had run into the Senju brothers' old rival Madara Uchiha. Itachi joined Madara's organization called the Akatsuki where he was placed on a team with Kisame Hoshigaki.

Kisame was a missing-nin because he was trying to assassinate the Daimyo, for ordering the death of his niece. At first after many fights with each other they were found to be another set of legendary partners. As with all partnered shinobi, one is very well know but the other is not. In this case if someone knew Itachi they only saw Itachi, while Kisame was in the shadows. If they knew Kisame, then Itachi was hidden from eye sight. If you didn't know either of them and you weren't fighting you could see both of them talking over hills talking.

Over the years between the two of them they have killed four hundred people, assassinated another fifty high-ranking people and burned down four villages.3 Their history is more recent but I can not reveal more because they are apart of this story.

While their history is bloody, there is none more tragic then our last of the paired shinobi. It is the tale of the youngest son of the third Kazekage, the little brother of Temari and Kankuro Sabaku.

His partnering was highly uncommon. The boy was a dreaded Jinchuuriki, who had the power of Shukaku in him. His insanity and bloodlust was legendary. Many had always believed that it was Shukaku who had saved the boy from death when in reality it was something far scarier.

A Jinchuuriki was the fated partner of his own twin sister. The hidden sister that wasn't talked about around Suna as she was declared a disgrace and a tag-along at birth so no one knew about her existence until then. She had managed from within the womb to hide herself from view. She was blamed many times for her brothers rampaging being told that she was the reason the sealing didn't go properly.

In truth the sealing was done incorrectly from the beginning. As such she was little more than a servant to the House of Sabaku and instead of being killed they left her alone with her brother waiting for the day he would kill her on one of his rampages.

The vessel surprisingly didn't kill her as she was the only one not afraid of him. Instead she became a master of the shadows. No one saw her no matter where she was even if she was standing in front of you, unless she wanted you to know she was there. That was how she got most of her shinobi training was hiding from other families as they taught their children the shinobi arts.

It didn't matter if they sent the poor Jinchuuriki by himself on a mission hoping he would die, because his shadow was right there with him, protecting him if something happened. By the time they reached sixteen they had a bloody history and only one was common knowledge.

Their partnership had been cemented since they were eight years old, the first time she was forced to kill to save her brothers life. At that time in history shinobi ignored the significance of their partnership.

Twins itself was very uncommon, but when one was a demon carrier while the other was not had defined the laws of nature. The story you are about to read is of a cursed pair of partners that changed the flow of time.

The story really begins when the twins were eighteen and headed to Konoha to start a war and take the Chounin Exams.

This is the tragic story of Gaara and Hinata Sabaku.

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