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Summary- Can a misfit and a theif steal the most important treasure in Alabasta? Dodging the Circus Maxiumus, guards of the palace, and the dangers of the street is not easy. Especially when she is set up for a assination! Wait a second! Who's side is she on? Pairings undecided other than KohzaxVivi. No Oc pairing.

A/N- I like the kingdom of Alabasta and have just finished rewatching the Arc for the up-teenth time. While I was watching it (and swooning over super awesome falcon! I thought, 'Tori Tori no Mi is awesome!' (I am not a Pell fangirl! I just like the Devil's Fruit and turning into a falcon is awesome!). After extensive research (the 56 minutes of waiting time between every hour and a half of watching or so) I discovered that that is the only known Tori Tori no Mi. Well, I agreed to no rants so I will stop my rant right now! Will that vow be enought to stop me from ranting forever? NEVER! RANTING IS AWESOME! I like the word awesome o.o/)

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Night is often compared to evil and danger, because of the overwhelming fear peole have to the unknown. The dark alley and twisting sidestreets of Nanohana are usually desterted at night due to this reason and to the dangers a wealthy port city. 'For there to be rich people there must be poor ones.' Nanohana is no exception. The rich have their large manors, while the poor have the alley and their dangers. For with any city will come crime, provety, and other nasty things. Though crime is kept down, it cannot be supressed. Law enforcers have tried to do so for thousands of years. But criminals as small time as pickpockets to as large as blackmarket dealers and murders will walk the streets. This is especially true with large gatherings of people, which leave openings for pickpockets and numerous other theives to move about. What does this have to do with Nanohana? It was quite simple really.

Every once and a while the king must journey throughout his realm to see how it is doing. There are cenus to be draw out roads to be looked at (though in a desert kingdom they tend to be sandy and really are not a road). People get to see the ruler, chat, gossip and feast about the ruler of that particular period being in their town, port, or city. This will go on through out the kingdom and it really is a mess of paperwork, politics, protection (most denfindently) and trying not to fall asleep through out the entire thing. The last stop on the list of cities to visit? Nanohana. What a joy for the king.

But for a poor stranger on the north edge of the town, hidden from the main streets by a twisting alley, the darkness of the said alley, and a large pile of poles, the celebrations are not such a big deal. If someone laid eyes on the said figure they would only see a large sand color blanket wrapped figure, curled up against the cool stone walls. Supposedly asleep. But, the figure was anything, but asleep. Shouts and curses echoed through the dimness about the rotten luck they had to be prey of theft, along with the cries of merchants selling wares. The fabric ruffled as the person with caught yet another sound. One that was unwelcomed after a brawl in the pub wall she was leaning against. Footsteps rushed quickly by in a frantic escape. The eyes that peeked out from under the crowl of the makeshift hood watched as several beaten and battered men rushed past. The look on their faces were pure anger. Even more shouts of angry guards and jeering civilains were sent down the alley after the men. With a sigh the cloaked woman rose to her feet, pulling the blanket up so it would not interfere, as more footsteps, only heavier, came after the men. She raced from the side alley, and whirled away after nearly colliding with two guards. Both who looked pissed off.

"Stop!" One shouted, as he grabbed at the blanket. The pale skinned woman however stumbled forward as the cloth slide from her back. With a startled cry of fright the guards fell backwards. For on her back, sprouting from her shoulders, were two large black wings tangled in a mess of string. She took a frightened glance at the men before noticing another figure race up the alley toward them and bolted away. She was not going to be captured again. Not if she could help it.


Hours after the incident, the young girl was once again hidden from veiw and hopeful from anyone who was chasing her. She tried to stand for the fifth or sixth time, but the string had caught on the wire binding of yet another bundle of poles. If she tried to run, it would pull the poles onto her. She couldn't get the string free of her wings or the wire. The moon was slowly gaining height in the sky and the new desert night was cold. Without the cover of the blanket anyone could tell she was foreign to Alabasta, but that was common in a port city. Black jeans and a plain black shirt fitted her body and accented grey eyes. Her hair was the color of the wings on her back, and extended to the base of them. Bangs parted to either side, partily blocking her eyes. Her slim fingers clawed at the string, but the wire was out of her grasp. But she contiuned desperately.

"You're not going to get free that way." A voice chided. The raven winged woman whirled, or attempted to. By the corner stood the man who had came around the corner when the solider had ripped the blanket off her wings. The very wings tried to flare about her, but the string siezed about them. Sharp grey eyes analized the man. A long white robe with brown star-like motifs on it, went with a matching hat. A large orange necklace glinted in the light, along with a sword at his waist. Her wings lurched against their bindings when a hand was laid on her shoulder. There was a snap and the string fell to the ground. Free at long last her wings arched about her in a sheild like motion. The hand that had been on her shoulder was quickly removed and the man lurched back. Opening one eye slowly after realizing she had closed them, the girl peek at the man from between the large black feathers. Opposite from her, kneeling on the sandy ground, was the man. He made no threat toward her, or the weapon at his waist. In front of the stranger was the sand colored material she used to hide the strange wings. The other eye immediently popped open, and slowly the wings lowered to rest at a half fanned position. Slim hands snatched up the cloth and conceled her black angle-like wings. It wasn't like anyone had seen her freak show attraction before. Millions of people probaly had. But that was a entirely different stroy, and something that she wish she could remove from her past forever. She was so deep in though she didn't hear the man speak. A emotionless, questioning glance from her caused him to repeat the question.

"Where are you from?" She retained her look of confusion. After all, that was her past. Coal black eyes searched through her memories, but not one held a key to tell her. She could remember some large snowy mountians, large green fields, and a lovely girl... But nothing else. No name could she gain, no thought as to what the name of her land was could she recall. She should know, but after years of trying, she had given up. Her travels had taken her to to many places and drugs had caused them to become distant, if she could even remember them. But she owed him a answer for freeing the large black wings, she paid what was owed.

"No where." Her voice was emotionless and barely a whisper, but it had a harshness to it like a raven's or crow's. Her eyes became filled with fear as she heard the running footsteps of more people. It was time for her to go, she decided rising to her feet. Whirling the cloak tight about the unnatural wings she yanked a hood in place with long pratce. With glance she spied the other remaining sitting, his falcon like eyes locked on to hers. Unease and fear gripped her as the footsteps grew louder. She darted down the alley and vanished with the ease of one who has been a theif, for too long.


The raven girl sat on some boxes. Running her pale fingers through the glossy black feathers, she debated on what to do. A caravan was leaving the town in the morning and she might be able to travel along. The peole of this port had begin to known too much, she sighed. It didn't help that the falcon-eyed man had seen her secret. A cry came from behind her. Ears pricked for infromation she listen to the voice from the building which she leaned against.

"Did you hear? Moma!" A child's cry came from within. A sigh from a weary woman came soon after.

"What is it, Suchi?" The soft pad of feets paced the room.

"A circus is coming!" The laughter and pattering of running feet raced across the room behind her. Her wings arched and a slight hiss escaped her lips. But not once did she let out so loud a sound it could not be heard from the house easily. "They have shape-shifters! And fire breathers! Cam we go? Can we?"

"Hush, child!" Laughed the woman. "We will attend, but only if..." The rest fell away as the pair left the room.

The girl looked at the feathers and grimanced. She had no choice now but to go with the caravan. She had missed any chance of a peaceful life long ago. A tear slid into the blackness. Rising from the boxes the girl began to gather what was going to be needed. From store to store she went, gathering up bits of supplies at each place. With skill and ease she took as little as she could. Finally upon reaching the better parts of the city she moved into the alleys and slipped all the more quickly into the shadows at someone's approach. Stooping low she pulled her wings close and tightened the blanket. From a window higher up she heard a sudden noise, causing the slim figure to slip into the shadows and stay very still to not be sighted easily. Sharp ears picked up voices in a arguement above.

"...could go... no harm..." One spoke queitly.

A louder voice issued from the room as a shadow approached the window. "Too dangerous! There have been an increase of bandits. Ma~ma~ma~" A raven head tilted at the odd sound. "I say we increase our guard before leaving."

"It would not be fair to take from the guard here..." Sighed the first voice more resigned. "If pirates attack the citizens will be in more danger with less protection. I will not do so." Narrowed coal eyes reconised this as a command. She detested commands, due to past experience.

The shadow at the window fiddled with something that sparkled as it caught the light. She nearly moved into the light to snatch it from the man, as a third and very familar voice spoke. "Why don't we just go with the caravan in the morning. It will give the citizens better protection and us larger numbers, Cobra-sama." A hiss did escape her in her surprise, causing the man to drop the sparkling clip. It bounced out of the light as she snatched it and watched as now three men peered at her from the window in the darkness. The man she had seen earlier that day was there along with a blonde man, and a man with a beak of a nose and short black hair. Several intakes of breath told them they had seen her and with a slight look of annoyance she grimanced.

"Stop right there, theif!" Snapped the blonde. The girl hissed back and opened the ravened wing to their full size. Recongition lit the eye of the white robed man, as she swung the wings into a arch and back, each beat stronger than the last. Causing the sand to whirl into the faces of the three and giving her the chance to disappear. Curses strung after her for several minutes and then a word silenced them. She retreated back to the alleys of the northern side grinning all the while. "So," She whispered in the same harsh voice. "Looks like I will need a new disguise..."


Tightening her grip on the staff of wood, a shadow moved among the thick crowds. Wearing a black sleeveless leather jacket that went up to just right under her jaw. The ravened hair youth pulled at the bandana covering the lower part of her face. In all honesty, the young one looked like a bounty hunter. A broad brimmed hat on her head, hiding the mass of black hair. A treanch coat and a wonderous contraption of rope hid her wings tight to her body. Black plain sandals, and fingerless gloves in cases the pale skin still showing, along with her jeans. The girl had found the caravan master and sought to go with him, for the price of protecting the caravan. She sighed in remembrance. It wasn't what she wanted but it was better than nothing. Upon reaching the gathering she noticed the royalty was among them. Pulling down the broadbrim she lounged against a building. Soon the caravan master called for the move out, quiet feveritively.

"Alright!" He was dressed in very unpraticle clothes. The fabric glittering in the morning sun, a sure signal for bandits and other mayhem. "Folk that are with the caraven follow me and guards keep a eye for trouble." Guaffs and laughter echoed among the guards. They were escorting the royal famaly of course they would expect trouble. The ravened youth shrugged of the wall and moved to the back of the caravan, purposely as far from the white-robed guard as she could get. Two elderly ladies chattered back and forth about the fashions and other such things. The girl only kept herself listing to it to advoid thinking of the savage heat of the desert. If she had her wings free they would buffet the air creating breezes that would surely soothed her. Not to mention that they had always offered escape where there was none. Looking up at the sky the grey eyes traced the barren blue.

"Not all attacks come from the ground." Spoke a voice beside the oblivious girl causing her to pause. Beside her walk the annoying one. The royal guard glanced at her. The falcon eyes had that knowing look she had learned to advoid was now unadvoidable. Noticing the caravan was now further ahead than she realize.

"Yet it seems those who walk are the most troublesome." The voice was less hoarse, and a clipped edge had entered it. Coal eyes narrowed pointedly. Either, he did not get the hint or simple ignored it. Which annoyed the shadowy figure and it was taking a good amount of selfcontrol not to give the man a swat on the head with the large staff. Several seconds of silence passed and whether or not the man realized how close he was to become a dummy for staff pratice was unknown. Slowly she pushed away the annoyance and quickened her pace to catch up the caravan. Easily the guard kept up with her. With a direct glare the youth began venomously.

But before a word could spill out the other had spoken and she kept her words in check. "I know...You know..." He commented like it was the weather. "I'm just curious as to why your spying on us." The staff was held still for a moment.

Startled the girl choked out. "S-spy?" A chuckle escaped her lips, turning the man into the startled one. "Tch... I was trying to get away from you and yet you keep showing up." Even a blind man could tell this wasn't the whole truth but the guard doubted he would ever get it. Suddenly a outcry came from the front of the caravan. She reconized the caraven master. With a slight curse she leapt forward, behind her she heard a rustle and after a second a half human-falcon soared over head causing her to pause. The bird merely glanced at her and soared toward the source of trouble.

The mass of caravan below was shifting with the fighting. The bandits swarmed any opening they could get, causing hired and royal guards trouble alike. With a few choice words the young girl leapt forward with surprising speed to preach on the back of the falcon, who sent her a glare and sped all the faster toward the trouble. Reaching a good number of yards over the bandits the raven haired girl lauched off the bird-man, throwing down the staff at a cluster of bandits. Swiftly drawing out a pair of knives she landed not in the least gracefully on the sandy ground. Lashing about with foot, fist, and blade she cursed the man who had imprisioned her and the little knowledge of fighitng she possessed. Spinning about she caught a cludge of one of the bandits in her side. A fist slammed into the side of her head after she buried, and lost, a dagger in the side of one of his comrades. Staggering on unsteady legs, a hand seized the girl's coat dragging her up. Much too up. The large man was a greasey mess. His long gold hair was slick with it and stains crossed his clothes. He also smelled like a open sewer, and a massive cludge was clutch in one hand. A meaty hand snaked about her throat as the one-eyed man squeezed. Her hands tore at his, desperate for the air that was denied her. A sharp word from a neighboring bandit intrupted her demise. The man nodded and yanked off the trench coat, revealing the black wings. One Eye shouted in glee. The world began to spin as the lack of oxygen began to take it's toll and her vision flickered. Suddenly she could breathe again, and her wings were free. The man threw her to the ground and proceeded to stomp her and slash her arms with the pig sticker of a knife. The hope returned but a kick sent her sprawling away. Hands picked her up and slammed themselves about her head. Suddenly he stiffened and reeled backwards, one of her knives was stuck between his ribs. The girl gained her feet and took stock of the fight, her eyes narrowing with hatered at the sight of a rather calm figure in the midst of chaos.

Standing among the rucus was a rather fat man with a black mustache and black hair combed over to hide he baldness. His shirt was red with a ruffled blue collar that was way too big. Blue pants and small black shoes capped his feet. Lace puffed out of his collar and around his wrists. All in all he truely looked like a evil, fat circus master. Dropping her wings she ran toward her. Wings pinned against her sides. Drawing her hand back she leapt at him, blackness swelled around it. But the man who looked back calmly was never hit and she was blasted aside, by the gun he held. She felt the bullet pierce her. She felt the wings go limp and drew a angonizing breath. Seastone, the bullet was made of sea stone. She looked down at her shoulder and wished she hadn't. Blood was spreading and fast, stumbling she fell to her knees weakly. The man standing above her laughed and spoke in a tantalizing and obnixous voice. "I will have you back, Crow. Yes, we will love for you to dance again." The man grinned and strutted off. Glancing down at her hands, she noticed she was wingless. That and she was getting dizzy... Very, very dizzy.


The skimish was over, luckily none had been killed. Walking across the sands, Pell looked about for the raven winged girl. He saw nothing of the large, raven wings but scattered feathers and a few bandits who were blinded by the sand and bound. Noticing a figure laying among the sand, the falcon shouted. Raven black hair streamed about the pale face. The wingless girl, was bleeding badly from a wound in her shoulder and her breathing was shallow. Blood smeared her arm and steaked her face. The grey eyes looked without seeing. But her hand gripped the wound, blood coating her hand, and a single word was choked out. "Seastone..."

She screamed out in rage as much as pain. Then eyes rolled back as she went limp.


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