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Chapter 3

'A desert is a landscape or region that receves a extremely low amount of precipitation.' This straigh and extremely true to the country of Alabasta without rain for a year and the situation was looking ever more dire. Scanning newspaper in the same room only hours after the conversation with the Royal and his trio of guards, Karasu Raven tosses bits of meat to a rather puffed up and indignatly looking crow. Tossing the paper onto the table she glared at the advertisement for the all-too hated man, who had inflicting the lessening ache above her heart. A pale hand was placed over the wound as Karasu looked into the dark eyes of the bird on the window. She knew very well, her hated enemy was coming and thus would have to face him. For she could not leap into the air with such a horrible wound, nor could she just walk out. He, and they, would be waiting. For many years she had trusted the normal people of this world less and less. Really she distrusted everyone and thing. It was a miracle she had fought at all, for everything she had learned yearn for her to spring into the large raven and fly away into the setting sun. Yet some part much deeper than the raven had ordered her to stand and fight. She had obeyed it and ended up in a trap. Although a comfy trap, a trap netherless. The said young woman, absorbed in her thoughts, jumped hearing a knock on the door. Her coal eyes narrowed and wings half-fanned partly to dimminish the heat, partly to appear larger and thus more powerful. It was a tatic that rarely worked but was worth trying. "Enter." Her voice was harsh but the traces of pain were greatly eased. She sighed, the crow on the ledge squawked and pecked at the bits of meat. The Tori Tori no Mi entered to see a strong wing knock a rather battered black bird from it's ledge and into the open air beyond. Cawing with indigniation the crow zoomed away cursing it's foolishness to get caught by the large Human-Raven. As the coal eyes watched the new intruder, Karasu leaned against the wall.

"We only want to help." Stated Pell after several minutes of silence. The shadows crossed into the room, making the raven seem all the more mysterious and unreadable. The coal eyes softened slightly, showing her ditrust and fright along with the thankfulness and a slight trust. How odd was it that though her figure was threatening in every way, and would send many a person edging away her eyes spoke volume of what her voice could not?

And ever so she spoke. "Then explain as to why you wish to help."

That the falcon was expecting and he answered it without hestation. A point or so in the Raven's mind toward his trustworthyness. "Because you helped use with those bandits and have offered no threat against anyone." The harsh cackle left the Raven, and she smirked as he added the rest. "Not without reason, anyways."

The smirking woman kept the wings fanning herself. "And what will you do to help, King?" The second figure stepped through the door way smiling and at too much ease for Karasu not to be amused.

"Give you a job and place to stay." Nodded the Ruler of Alabasta, then blinked. Once again on the ledge that had been occupied by a single crow now held three. Karasu glared at them, and slammed a single large wing into them sending them scattering away, each bawling some warcry as they left into the sky again.

"And I guess you would like answers as to how I appeared on your shore hating a Circus master?" The Raven growled. Her eyes not even on them but the ledge. "You will hear soon enough, for they do like to seek out others with the Devil Fruits to recruit them..." She muttered.

Both stared in confusion. "Um... Yes." Agreed Cobra. "But who is recruiting those with the Devil Fruit powers?" The two men took a seat as the woman sat on the ledge and sighed. For the first time in a while, she felt true grievince.

"Then I shall explain," The coal eyes became haunted. "I am only doing this because he is coming and I will not have the strength to throw off his men if need to be..." Karasu trailed off for several seconds then resumed her orginal path. "I was on a boat, we were going to some island or other, while we were near this island a storm hit. Some Grandline storm... Or such... I was thrown overboard and into the waves. Of course a Devil Fruit user cannot swim so I sunk." The Raven wings stilled before they picked up the rythmatic beat again. "I do not know as to how I washed up here. I do know I woke amoung the sand and rock, a ways out of that port...Nanohana was it? I journyed there and set up a sort of existence. Never did I steal for more than I needed and only then when the crows picked up nothing..." A glint of annoyance entered her eyes. "So the term theif doesn't do me justice."

"But who is the man who you called Circus Maximus?" Questioned Pell.

The woman looked at the newspaper. "The Circus Master of Monstro de Circus. 'Circus of Monsters.' Grand Circus he calls himself. Tcha! Grand Fool I call him!" The newspaper seemed to flinch under the steady glare. She took a shruddering breath. "I swear to you. If you see that man, banish him. I can give you no reason more than it will be for his own safety!" She slumped and look very fragile for the first time, but her eyes demanded nothing but straight answers.

Pell and Cobra looked stunned, they had not expected this. Karasu turned away, but paused as Cobra spoke. "Our offer stands and this man will not receive a welcome on our shores. We had heard rumors of such a person but did not know for sure who it was."

Karasu nodded, and to stood bowing gracefully. Startled the two stared as she answered. "I shall consider it. But you should be getting ready. You were riding out to somewhere and your escort is nearly ready to go."

"And how do you know this?" Chuckled Pell. Karasu smirked.

"I may not have sharp eyes, Falcon. But my ears are as sharp as ever." She smirked as they both took a glance out the window and rushed to prepare with swift good-byes.

'Maybe.' Thought he Raven sadly. 'Maybe I have found a place where I can belong.' She chuckled as they hurried down the steps of the over large palace. How odd this city was. But it suited her taste. Karasu looked up into the clouds and smirked. "Perhaps, I shall fly once as a Hybird. Perhaps." She sat down and started to braid her hair considering options.

It had been a day. One day since she had woken up in the Palace of Alabasta. The city she knew was called Alubarna. The Princess, a lovely blue haired had stopped by to chat with the large Igaram. He still disliked her, but the raven did not mind. Karasu got a strong feeling that the Princess, Vivi was it?, loved her father and the Falcon very much. She looked over the desert and leaned back sipping at the cup of tea Igaram's wife, and possible twin, Terracotta. Needless to say the Raven had adapted slightly better to this, but she still was stand offish and rather cold. But it had only been a day. The black eyes looked at the ceiling for a second before being drawn to the door my rather hushed voices.

"Hubby, let the little bird rest." Scolded Terracotta. "She doesn't need you questioning her, about something she probably knows nothing about."

The spluttering of Igaram was unmistakable. "B-but...! She might know something of the bandit-"

"Yes, she might but I doubt she sent them after the king when he left, now we must get a group together to go aid them." Argued the Housekeeper. Igaram spluttered as Karasu bolted up right and yanked the door open.

Both husband and wife looked at her stunned, she wasn't usally this active or so well talkitive. "Did I just hear that bandits left after the King, and that would be Nefertari Cobra correct?" Both nodded before she whirled the wings pinned against her side. Stepping into the window she heard feet behind and chuckled.

"WAIT!" Shouted Igaram but it was too late. Karasu dived her arms reaching for the stone paving below her. The wind rushed by the streaming black hair. To Karasu the sound was music, a dance between life and death. Just as the ground was nearing and death was whispering of it's realm her eyes opened and she whispered. "Tori Tori no Mi Karasu!" Feather streamed by her as her wings snapped open. Two beats and she was gone. The ground that had come so fast was falling away. Staring opened mouth from the tower was the blonde man. She cackled delighted in his horror, swooping low she began skimming over the sand. Igaram had another opion and was unable to voice it because Terracotta was laughing at the black speck on the horizon.

Smiling in a knowning way she chuckled. "You best send a group out, Hubby, or that raven will show you up."

"W-what do you mean?" Spluttered the man.

Still grinning the look-a-like wife just walked toward her kitchens.


Night was on the rise as Pell cursed once again. They had been surrounded by a rather too large and too well equipted bandit group. It was all they could do to keep the bandits from captureing their king. Even using every weapon at hand wasn't enough, Pell cursed for what must have been the fifth or sixth time and prayed for back-up to come soon.

Let's just sat it did but they weren't expecting it.

From the sky fell the dark speck. The raiders were scattered in all directions and wind and the large wings of a raven smacked them away. Shouts of confusion and fear were cast at the bird from both sides. Rising from the still whirling winds of sand and grit was the raven-girl. Casting an angry eye at the Baroque Workers, the wings steadied the thin youth. Already though, they were getting back up and circling the youth. A shout came from on. "O-Oi! Capture her alive!" The long black hair flopped in her face as she shot a eerie grin at the men who surrounded her.

"Why?" Called another, weilding a spiked hammer. "She's just a kid." Several others growled in agreement, as the girl's eyes widened in fear.

"That's the Crow! The one that escaped from Circus Maxi- Ulp!" His last word was cut off as the youth lanched herself at them. The two combatents rolled about the sandy ground dealing blows and kicks, till a sicking crack and a pain filled cry came from the smaller of the two. The man retreated battered and bruised to the safety of the group. In the sand, crouching over a folded wing that was sticking out at a odd angle was the Crow. Blood slid down her chin as small hands bit into the palms. A net was thrown at her but the lone wing flared out knocking it away. The one hung limply as blood slowly coated the feathers. Her shoulder was also covered in blood, from the earlier wound. Standing she craddled the wing.

Coal eyes flashed in hatered. "Tell Maximus this." She wrapped her arms around her body as feathers began to sprout and cover her. "The curse of the crow will follow him." The voice was now issued from a overly large raven. The broken wing was held to her side. Turning she gazed at the men who had attacked her lazily blinking. One fell to his knees and began praying for who knows what reason other than he did wear a red robe of a monk. A wing knocked him back several feet. "Pray... before I send you to your gods. For never have they answered me!" The complete Tori Tori no Mi stood before them hissed, jabbing the lethal beak at a group scattering them. Turning her eyes from the attackers she turn to glance at the sky. The raven shrunk as the girl stood there. A explosion was echoed from the sky. She felt something hit her knocking her out of the way, and tumblled back. A clash of sword and the yell of fighters.

"Idiot." Grunted the Jackal. "Standing in the open." He was swinging the sword and knocking away the Baroque workers. Beside him fought the falcon, his sword flashing too. The royal was backed against them fending off another. She whirled to her feet and bent both the wings about her.

"Fool I may be," She commented. "But idiot I am not. Besides, if I had not drew him out I could not do this." She swung the wings open with force and sent a single arrow into the air like one would a javalin. "Karasu Hane!" She whispered and drew her wings close to her as she watched the arrow zoom over the feild. Quick as a snake she pointed to where the shooter was. "Strike!" She commanded. The arrow screamed as it slamed toward the rocks. A shout and several shots followed it. Before a grunt and the thud of rock striking rock.

Several Baroque agents turned and ran, pursued by arrows. The raven wings angling and the girl whirling to face each adversary. The killing intent she was giving off was causing both guards and bandits to stagger. The bandit's retreat was hastened. The injured wing pinned to her side the girl glared at the retreating figures. With a blink she watched them run. "Did I know I could do that?" She croaked mussing more to herself. Tilting her head she contiuned the silent mussings, till a hand was laid on the broken wing. Then she did the only logical thing, which was jump out of her skin, turn deathly pale, and glare at the Falcon. Pell glared right back and gripped the wing.

"How bad is it?" He questioned. The coal eyes glared at him, noticing that that the rest of the group were looking through the injured Baroque Workers.

Wincing the girl sighed. "Two, three breaks at least. What d-?" She slammed her fist into the warrior as he straightened the wing. The bone grated and it hurt like hell. Worse than when it was broken. "I'm fine dammit!" She croaked, stepping away.

A hand fasten around her arm and another caught her stomach, keeping her in place. "Enough of this..." Snapped the man. "You need to get that wing fixed." Raven flared her lone wing.

"Dammit! I am fine! It'll heal on it's own." She glared at the warrior. Several minutes and a long dual glare contest later, which was joined by Chaka and Cobra, the girl back down. Though she did so under clear protest. Folding the unharmed wing she perched on a high rock eyeing the group of people below with distaste. "It was fine." She rasped. "And you could say thanks for breaking my wing to get here!"

"We'll say that once you tell us how you found out about the attack." Snapped back Pell.

Easing the broken wing behind her, Raven glared at the trio. "For the last time I am not deaf and that idiot oaf, what-his-name, should talk louder if he wants the North Blue to hear him!" She flipped the strands of hair away from her eyes. A slight mainacal grin crossed her features. "Well, well. I remebered something other than nothing." Three confused faces looked toward her. Tilting her head again she glared. "Ever hear of amnesia?" Her hoarse voice echoed dully. "Well I got enough of it, to erase some of the earlier memories I have. You could tell me the name of my mother and I wouldn't know it. Now that we are all informed you will stay quiet about it or I will leave."

"And where would you go?" Pointed out the Jackal, earning a muttered curse and glare.

"To find that man." Her hand morphed into a clawed talon. "Oh~hohoho! He will wish he was in the deepest pits of hell for his crime." A mainac grin slid over her features. "I have a excellent plan for him." Everyone in hearing flinched at the cruelness in her voice. The Raven was indeed crazy and quite insane. Several soldiers were probably (and actually were) wondering if she should be locked up and if they should start running now. The bloodlust filled Karasu's veins as the throbbed still from the pain of the fight and flight. With a eerie look she eyed the horizon. "But not now. I have other things to worry about."

"Such as?" Prodded the Jackal again.

Turning the head in a rather owlish manner the shadowy figure looked at him with evil eyes. "Simple. I accept the agreement in exchange I get to beat the living day-lights out of Circus Maximus."

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