Hello! So sorry for not updating for so long. My laptop fried, literally. The fan blew, then college happened, then I was moving twice in two years... *rubs back of head sheepishly* Don't kill me? Anyways For the readers of Black Bird, and Desert Rose... I am writing again! It'll take a little bit, but I'll transfer my stories onto here shortly :P One page a week I hope. ALSO! Desert Rose is undergoing a major rewrite. MAJOR. As in, I'm going to start a whole new story for it. I like the story, but as I go back to read it... Well I have more than a few bugs to work out for it. But! I CAN DO IT!

I cannot stress it enough. Please PM me or Review so I know how I'm doing. With the stories, and I would LOVE to get a steady beta for Desert Rose or Black Bird who I can easily contact and work with... But I'd going to be transcribing, typing, and furiously trying to get everything in order so you lot will have stories from me soon! As for Black bird... It's still golden, though I may go through and fix it up a bit at the end.