"Hey Cass you want to go out and get some dinner?" I asked. "Yeah just let me grab my jacket" she replied. Once she put on her jean jacket I put on my leather one and we left. "Wow it got dark out pretty fast never got this dark back home" Cassie said. "That's because we're in a different time zone Cass" I said. We walked down the street completely unaware that we were being watched.

Vladimir's POV: I was out on a walk with Stefan when a sweet sent caught my attention I could tell Stefan smelled something too since he came to an abrupt stop as well. "Do you smell that?" he asked. "I smell something incredibly sweet mouthwatering in fact" I replied. The two of us followed the sent and came upon two beautiful girls the sent that I caught was radiating off of a beautiful black haired girl with caramel brown eyes, flawless peach skin and smooth pink lips. She smelled of cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar all rolled into one I could taste the venom in my mouth. I was so tempted to run after her and drain her. I looked over at my brother who had the same look in his eyes except he was looking at the other girl who had dark brown hair chocolate brown eyes, flawless peach skin, and smooth pink lips. "We've found our singers Vladimir" Stefan said. "That we have Stefan" I replied. "Should we follow them?" he asked. "I guess so" I replied. The two of us walked out of the ally we were in and walked inside the restaurant.

Cassie's POV: "Hello gorgeous" I said. "What?" Astrid asked. "Two hotties looking our way" I said pointing to two really hot guys with scarlet red eyes. Astrid looked back at them and the two guys smiled at us. "I think the blonde one has it in for you" I said. Astrid blushed when the blonde boy winked at her and she turned away. The brown haired one winked at me and I did the same.

My POV: I could feel my face getting hot when the blonde boy winked at me. "Oh my god Astrid they're coming our way act natural" Cassie said. I nodded and the two of us continued to eat. "Hello ladies do you mind if we join you?" the brown haired guy asked. "Not at all I'm Cassie and this is my friend Astrid" Cassie said. "Astrid huh very unique name I'm Vladimir and this is my brother Stefan" the blonde said. "Nice to meet you guys" I said. "Pleasure is ours" Vladimir said kissing my hand. "You two are from America right?" Stefan said. "Yeah we both just moved here and are college freshman" Cassie said. "What are you studying?" Vladimir asked. "I'm studying myths and legends" I said. "And I'm studying History I've always wanted to be a Historian just like Astrid always wanted to be a Mythologist" Cassie said.

"What is your favorite mythical creature?" Vladimir asked. Before I could answer Cassie answered for me. "She's absolutely in love with vampires always has been" Cassie said. Vladimir smiled and I blushed. "My parents think it's a ridiculous obsession" I said. "I don't think so I'm actually a vampire fan myself so is Stefan" Vladimir said. "So why did you choose to come to a college in Transylvania?" Stefan asked. "I read about the school online and thought it was really nice not to mention Transylvania is practically vampire country" I said. "That it is" Vladimir said.