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Breathing heavily Naruto looked at the unmoving figure of Uchiha Sasuke, his longtime rival and yet at the same time, best friend. Also, the same person who tried to betray Konohagakure. When the fight started it became clear early on that Sasuke outclassed him in every category. All but one. his Kage Bunshin proved invaluable and combine that with his awesome Rasengan it had given him victory, Dattabayo!

The blonde haired struggled to get up and saw his sensei approaching. he waved excitedly. "Kakashi-sensei! over here!"

Kakashi, whom had noticed his pupil much sooner was already taking in the entire scene. the valley of the end was moderately damaged, due to the fight that had just occurred. He came to a halt in front of Naruto and looked at the unconscious Uchiha before finally settling upon Naruto. his eyes turned into an upside-down U form. "Well, well, I'm pleasantly surprised that you managed to stop him from doing anything more than what he just did." He patted the blonde on his head before moving to Sasuke, picking him up from the ground.

"What about the others, Kakashi-sensei? Shikamaru, Choji an-" but before the Genin could continue Kakashi put his hand up, stopping the hyperactive kid.

"Maa, relax Naruto! they are all fine, all taken care off. They should be back home right about now. Kakashi started to make his first steps to start off the return journey. "are you ready to go?"

The Jinchuuriki looke down at his clothing and pouted. "Look at my clothes! It's completely ruined! That teme is definitely going to buy new ones for me"

Kakashi gave him the once over and smiled, which remained unseen for Naruto. "It's an improvement, you should keep it." He turned around, facing the direction he came from.

Naruto directed his pout to his sensei. "'There's nothing wrong with orange, Kakashi-sensei! Now! Let me tell you all about how I kicked Sasuke's ass! It all started with..." Naruto started telling how the entire story went down. not paying attention to Kakashi's heavy sigh.


By the time they arrived at the gate Naruto's eyelids were slowly wavering in its attempt to keep his eyes open. despite it all, he couldn't wait to let Sakura-chan know of his success!

However, upon arrival it soon became clear that the villagers had gotten wind of something going on with the Uchiha. So, when the Kakashi came dashing in with Sasuke in his arms, whom was covered in wounds and bruises they became worried about the health of the last 'loyal' Uchiha.

It didn't help the situation at all when they saw the the Kyuubi-brat barging in straight after, looking almost equally bruised, yet missing any cuts or wounds he had previously. It didn't take the citizen of Konoha long to figure out that, whatever happened to Uchiha Sasuke, it was Naruto's fault.

"You went too far this time, you brat!" one spat at the blonde."

"You'll fucking pay for what you did!" An older man screamed.

Naruto was taken aback by the sudden insults but tried to shrug it off after recollecting himself quickly. He held his head up high and sped up, going after his sensei.

After Sasuke was admitted into the hospital and Naruto got debriefed he finally had the chance to recollect himself. after eating three 'meagre' bowls of ramen at Ichiraku's he chose the shortest path to his home, hoping to avoid the angry mob that apparently were out to get him.

When he got home it was where Naruto nearly reached his breaking point. the windows were smashed in and the walls were smeared with foul words. It had happened in the past, but he had hoped that after he had been made Genin those days would soon be behind him. 'It never stops...'

He created a couple of kage bunshins and started cleaning it up, muttering and cursing the bastards who had trashed his home. "I'll show em! once I'm Hokage they will have to look up to me and respect me!"

He held his head high. The young blonde knew that despite all those people who hated him, there were still people that did care. his old teammates, Iruka-sensei, Kakashi-sensei. A smile formed on his face. even Tsunade-Baa chan and even Ero-sennin, with their weird tendencies. 'Now that I think about it, why are all the older shinobi so crazy weird? Kakashi-sensei with his perverted books, or Baa-chan with her stupid gambling, I'm not going to be like that! no way! Dattebayo!'

He was going to keep training, to get stronger...to protect the people who were the most important to him.


After cleaning up and having slept for a couple of hours he decided to see how everyone was doing and headed to the hospital. This time he stuck to the rooftops, dodging any attempt the villagers could've made.

the blonde Genin arrived at the hospital fairly quickly, having darted across the rooftops in a orange blur.

He walked inside and walked to the front desk and waited for the guy in front of him to finish before it was his turn.

"You really should pay more attention to your surroundings, brat." A voice whispered in his ear.

The blonde responded by jumping in the air, startled to say the least. He turned around angrily and saw none other than..."Ero-sennin! Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to drool on some women?"

the Sanin in returned slammed his fist on top of the blonde's head. "I'm here to look at that seal my old teammate put on Sasuke. AND STOP CALLING ME ERO-SENNIN!" he shouted in the blonde's ear before dragging him along towards the Uchiha's room.

"How are the other's doing? Kakashi didn't really say what was going on with them." the blonde asked in concern.

"They'll be alright, considering who you guys went up against. Tsunade took care of them personally."

Naruto smiled in relief, glad to hear his friends were going to be okay. "They better!"

The first thing Naruto noticed was the two ANBU stationed in front of Sasuke's room. "Why are they here?" he asked with a large amount of distrust.

Jiraiya in return sighed. "Because he tried to betray the village, why else do you think? Come one, let's go inside."

The guards barely seemed to register the two newcomers, they merely nodded to the Sannin.

once inside Naruto rushed over to the bed and noticed the still form of Sakura sleeping in the chair next the bed. He softly shook her, trying to wake her up. "Sakura-chan, wake up."

she softly stirred before slowly opening her eyes. She yawned and stretched herself. once her eyes were fully focused did she sneer at him. "What did you do Naruto?!" she half shouted while pointing her finger at him. "Look at him he's a mess! how could you do this to him?!"

Jiraiya backed out, not wanting to be on the receiving end of the rage that eerily reminded him of Tsunade.

Naruto back up, eyes wide and full of surprise. "W-eha? what does it even matter if he's banged up! he's back! Orochimaru didn't get his hands on him, that's what matters!"

"Because of your barbaric actions, he may have permanent damge to his nerves in his hand! There's a chance he may never be able to properly mold chakra again!" she shouted marching towards him, her fist already raised.

Jiraiya butted in. "Let's give her time to calm down, kid. She's almost exactly like Tsunade when she's on a warpath." He ushered Naruto outside quickly closing the door before the pink haired monstrosity could do any harm to the blonde.

Once they were outside the hospital did Jiraiya turn to the blonde. "Listen, I have to start looking for Orochimaru's base, why don't you lay low for a while? I know that a couple of the old hags are out for blood. catch a good night's rest and in a couple of days this will all blow over." He gave the blonde a slap on the shoulder.

Naruto grumbled something. "Can't I just come with you?"

"Sorry, kid but I ain't taking you on a mission that takes you anywhere near that snake. I'll be back in a couple of days!" and with that the legendary Sannin dissapeared in a puff of smoke.

Naruto walked down the street, heading to Ichiraku ramen. his thoughts wandered back to his fight with Sasuke. He had won there was no doubt in that, but it didn't feel like one with Sakura freaking out like she had. and what if it was true what she had said. 'What if he has to quit because I screwed up his hand beyond recognition?'

Suddenly even ramen didn't sound appealing to him, instead he turned right and headed to the Hokage monument, intent on sitting there for a while.

As per usual he ignored the hated looks and insults, or he tried to at least. In his mind he was replaying the entire ordeal that had happened. Luckily the squad that was formed to retrieve Sasuke was alright. From what he had heard from Jiraiya, they were incredibly lucky after everything that had happened.

He sat down on top of the Yondaime's head, unknown to him still that the Yondaime was in fact his father.

'I'll never get bored of this view!' With a grin he laid down on his back. Maybe everything would be alright.


The next day he visited Choji who had only this morning had woken up. Upon arriving he noticed that he wasn't the only one whom wanted to visit the Akimichi.

"Good to see you're alright, Naruto." Neji said with a polite nod to the blonde.

"Neji! you're alright!"

Neji gave a rare smile, his entire shoulder was taped to his chest and bandaged heavily. "It seemed fate smiled down on me."

Naruto facepalmed. "Don't tell me you're starting with that whole fate crap again are you?"

The Hyuuga raised a single eyebrow. "That was a joke."

"Before the blonde could respond, Shikamaru spoke up instead. "Troublesome...You really have to work on your social skills, Neji."

Naruto turned around and saw the recently promoted Chunin standing in the door opening. He couldn't help and grin at him. "It looks like everyone is alright then." Naruto had already heard about Kiba's condition and slow but steady recovery.

Shikamaru glanced towards the bed, where Choji was sleeping. "All things considering...We went up against Orochimaru's elite, and we survived."

"N-not only that, w-we got Sasuke back as well." Choji managed to say between his gasps for air.

Everyone turned to the Akimichi. "Take it easy, Choji. There will be time enough to catch up." Shikamaru said as he hurried to his best friend's side.

"Without Lee we wouldn't have, if he hadn't helped me with that boneguy, I doubt we would've caught up with Sasuke."

Neji nodded. "We were lucky not only with Lee, but with our allies from Suna as well."

"I wouldn't be standing here otherwise..." Shikamaru muttered with clenched fists.

Choji seemed to notice and tried to sit up. "It doesn't matter in t-the end! W-we all survived, and succeeded in the mission, that's all that m-matters!"

At that moment Kakashi walked in, his perverted book present as per usual. "You are right, Choji. You worked together as a team and brought the mission to a successful close. You went up against Jonin elite. You all should be very proud.

Pride swelled up and Naruto laughed. "We were awesome! We should all be Chunin!"

Kakashi snapped his book shut. "Naruto, let's go see if Sasuke's awake."

Naruto waved at the 'Retrieval-squad' and quickly followed in his sensei's footsteps.

"You know," Kakashi began casually, glancing down at the blonde. "This will surely be put in your file as a commendation and will help you along towards the rank of Chunin."

Naruto's eyes grew wide as saucers. "Really? That is super cool! I'll be Chunin before Sasuke or Sakura! I can't wait to show em off!"

"Maa, Naruto, I didn't say it was a guarantee promotion. All I said was that it would help you along."

Naruto didn't listen, he was already far away in his fantasy.

They turned a corner and noticed the stationed ANBU still standing guard in front of the Uchiha's room.

As soon as they approached the Anbu turned to them. "Kakashi-Senpai." he gave a nod to the silver haired Jonin.

Itutsko, is that you? that's been a while," he turned to the blonde. "Go ahead I'll see you inside in a bit."

Naruto entered the room and noticed that Sakura wasn't here this time. he walked towards the bed and hesitated when he noticed that his wounded teammate was awake. "Hey Sasuke..." he slowly began.

Sasuke looked up and as soon as he did, the blonde froze. the pure unfiltered hatred that sprang from the Uchiha's eyes came as a surprise to Naruto.

"You...What have you done?!"

Naruto wanted to take another step forward but instead had to take several steps back as Sasuke jumped out of his bed. "Sasuke, you were trying to betray us, I'm not giving up on you that easily!" Naruto raised his voice, his own anger now reaching a boiling point.

Sasuke roared in anger. "You...YOU RUINED EVERYHING! I HATE YOU! How am I supposed get strong enough now to kill Itachi?! I'LL KILL YOU!" he swung his 'good' fist at Naruto who was stunned, unable to believe what his best friend was saying.

As the fist was about to slam into his face, it instead got blocked by a fingerless gloved hand. Sasuke looked up, seething with hatred. It was Kakashi who had once again come to save the day.

"What do you think you're doing, Sasuke?" Kakashi asked sternly, his gaze snapping from the blonde, to the black haired Sharingan user."

Sasuke pulled his arm out of Kakashi's grasp and turned around and was slowly walking back to his bed. "Why do you even care? Just leave me alone."

"Kakashi nodded to the Anbu, who had rushed in the same moment Kakashi had. Itutsko left the room, resuming his guard duty. "What the hell has happened to our team? Why is it always when I turn my back for a single moment that the two of you always end up fighting each other?" he turned to Naruto first, who was looking down to his hands, with a sad look on his face. "We're supposed to be a team! Where is the Sasuke and Naruto who could go toe-to-toe with Haku...with teamwork that I haven't seen in so long?"

"I suggest you change this attitude and fast, otherwise we're going to be doing this my way, and you'll be wishing you listened to me the first time around! If I hear from the guards that something like this happens again there will be severe consequences, for the both of you!"

Naruto wanted to speak up, and say that he hadn't done anything, but Kakashi had already left through the window. He turned to Sasuke, pondering what he should say.

It was then the door opened once more and Sakura came in. "Sasuke-kun? are you awa-," She immediately noticed the tense situation between the two. "What have you done this time, Naruto-baka?"

"Nothing, I'll just leave" He walked with slumped shoulders to the door. brushing past Sakura.

"How about you stay away? We never wanted you! You always were nothing but trouble." Sakura sneered at him, slamming the door behind him.

Naruto walked down the corridor. all his hopes of a peaceful resolution had gone out the window. There was no way that team 7 would stay together after all that.

He exited the hospital and aimlessly walked around the village for hours. the words of Sasuke and Sakura echoing through his head. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

Eventually he ended up at his apartment, but once more it had been trashed, along with hateful insults that were written on the walls.

Tears welled up in his eyes and he turned around, resuming his trek through the village. 'How did this all happen?'

He passed by a restaurant that was not completely unlike Ichiraku's. Inside he could hear his sensei's voice.

"I know Asuma, but I wonder if it isn't best if I shuffle the team and replace Naruto with another genin. This way IF Sasuke is pardoned from his crime then he could focus on his training. If Naruto stays on this team, it's inevitable they will end up fighting each other again, and this time it could end much worse."

"As long as you don't think about trading him with one of mine. I seriously wouldn't know how to handle the kid, especially if what you told me about his little, 'incident' is true." a second voice answered. Naruto immediately identified him as Asuma.

"I can't believe what I'm hearing, how could you even dare to consider such a thing about Naruto? He has good intentions; you can't simply replace him like a piece of clothing!" a female voice spoke up in disbelief.

Naruto slumped against the wall, tears rolling down his face. 'Even Kakashi-sensei?'

Kakashi sighed. "Naruto's intentions are good, and he certainly made me proud during the retrieval mission, but the little things he does do right, doesn't outweigh all the bad."

"Tha-" the female voice once more spoke up, but Naruto had heard enough, he wiped the tears from his face and sprinted to the Hokage monument once more, his surroundings a blur. 'In one day I've lost Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi-sensei...Is it something I did wrong? I brought him back and I get treated like this?'

His train of thought got interrupted by a Chuunin. "Uzumaki-san, your presence is ordered by the Hokage." And before Naruto could ask why, the Chunin had already disappeared.

Naruto made a sharp turn and headed to the Hokage tower, the one person he knew wouldn't abandon him.


With his arms crossed behind his head he walked into the Hokage's office, trying to hide his sadness with a grin. "What's up Baa-chan?"

"Close the door please, Naruto." Tsunade asked, her hands clasped together, supporting her head.

Naruto noticed a small group of people who were standing besides Tsunade whom he vaguely remembered as the advisors to the late Sandaime. He closed the door behind him and turned back to the group. "What's going on?"

She sighed, sadness and guilt were easily shown on her face. "Naruto..." She began, trying her best to keep her emotions in check. "Because of your recent loss of control of the Kyuubi's chakra...You are a potential liability. We had hoped that with Jiraiya guidance you would be able to restrain yourself, but it seems we were wrong. Tomorrow there will be a seal placed upon your chakra pathways, forever blocking it... You will no longer be a shinobi. I am sorry, Naruto."

Naruto stumbled back barely able comprehend what was going on. "I... I did not lose control of Kyuubi's chakra! I was in full control of it during the entire fight!" He couldn't believe what was going on.

At this point Homura joined in. "Sasuke Uchiha begs to differ, Genin. He saw red chakra envelop your body, including a tail. You were losing control of the Kyuubi's chakra, we can't allow such a risk to remain unrestrained and free in our village, you should consider yourself lucky, if not for the Hokage we would've taken a more drastic approach."

"Being a shinobi is all I have left! don't take that away from me, please! I didn't lose control!""

"The decision is final, you will report to the Hokage tomorrow, at two in the afternoon." Koharu Utatane butted in, standing to the right of Tsunade.

Tsunade looked in his eyes as her head still leaned on her intertwined fingers. "There's nothing I can do Naruto. They overruled me. I am so sorry..."

Naruto's eyes darted from the left to the right. He slowly turned to the door swaying from the left to the right. 'This...this...this can't be happening to me!

"Naruto, are you alright?" Tsunade asked as she stood up from her seat, concerned for the boy she considered family.

The blonde started breathing heavily, he fell to one knee. 'They can't do this to me! after everything I've done for them! AFTER EVERYTHING THEY'VE DONE TO ME!'

The attendants in the room stared at the boy in surprise but lacked any concern except for Tsunade whom was crouching beside him. "Naruto you need to slow your breathing, you're hyperventilating!"

Naruto pushed her away. "L-leave me a-alone!" he stood up and wobbled of trying to regain his composure.


It took the blonde a while to get his breathing back under control. He arrived at his thrashed apartment. By now there was only one emotion left that coursed through his veins. Hate. Pure and utter hatred for everyone inside the village. from the lowly villagers to the very Hokage herself. "So, they think I'm a liability, huh? They want to never see me again...well that can easily be arranged!" He softly, yet harshly spoke to himself. He tore his headband from his head and placed it on the table. He reached for a kunai and with one swift motion slashed through the leaf symbol. He rammed the kunai in the desk. He started packing his stuff, whatever wasn't destroyed he stuffed into his backpack.

He gave one last glance around his apartment and then grabbed a piece of power and started scribbling something down. once done, he looked at it with satisfaction that was fueled further by his anger.

Your liability is gone forever, leave me be and I will leave you be. If you don't I will let the Kyuubi loose inside this village. This is a promise and I never break my promises. I hope you will all rot in hell.

Naruto Uzumaki

Without hesitation he left the apartment, surprised that there weren't any Anbu guarding him. He slowly and silently slipped through the alleys, refraining from using the rooftops. Eventually he came at the main gate and noticed that there were two Chunin playing with a pack of cards. He created a Kage bunshin and then proceeded to henge them into two gorgeous girls. He positioned the two clones just within eyesight of the guards and started making contact with the few people still roaming on the streets.

It certainly didn't take long before the guards noticed the girls and started waving and trying to make small talk. the clones in return only waved back and made a couple of flirty gestures. The blonde needed all the attention on the girls and not on him. he slowly snuck past the gatehouse and dashed towards the forest, quickly hiding behind a bush when he reached the tree line.

He glanced around, trying to see if anyone saw him sneak out. 'It doesn't seem anyone saw me! alright time to gain some distance. I need to lure them into an opposite direction.'

The blonde turned to the west and started off slowly, trying to gain as little attention as possible before maximizing his speed. He had to gain distance and fast, before turning his attention to his real destination, Nami no Kuni.

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