Born This Way.

Summery: It doesn't matter who you love, it could be him or it could be her. You were born that way and it'll always stay like that.

Disclaimer: I don't own Total Drama or Lady GaGa…that would be awesome though!


Right, here we go, a new story from me…everyone that read my 'A Christmas Wish' story and are thinking 'where's my One-Shot?' They are on their way, I promise! This was just too exciting for me to put on the backburner so I just had to churn out the first chapter tonight.

I was originally going to publish this solely being a Yaoi fic, where all the boys of Total Drama are paired with each other, it was going to be based around Lady GaGa's inspirational song 'Born This Way', I was very happy with it…until I had another thought, what if the girls were included too? Then another thought occurred to me and that was:

'What if everyone in Total Drama was paired with each other?'

And that was when this came into play

So, for the first time (That I'm aware of) All the main characters of Total Drama will be experiencing the romance of all their fellow campers.

I will be writing in the style of the 'Ipod Shuffle Challenge', meaning I will type with the influence of a song, however I won't time myself, I'll end it when I think it's ready to end.

Are you ready for this? This story will include the 24 characters and also Chris, Chef and Blaineley. And you should know there are over 300 couples here! Jeez!

This will include Canon, Yuri, Yaoi and Crack, its going to be insane! I'll also come up with couple names for the ones that don't have couple names yet!

While writing this, its just occurred to me, we can all relate to this story too, I'll be covering every pairings meaning that someone out there will be jumping with joy at this story, because their favourite couple has popped up, we were born to like different things!

ALSO: The songs I use in this story are from my Ipod and the artists may vary to what you know, that's because the version of the said song I have on my Ipod may be a cover, it probably is but I'll write the actual song and the artist that sung the song that I was listening to while typing this.

Right, so here are the first ten, I hope you all enjoy!

Chapter One. 1 through to 10.

I'm ready to feel now,

No longer am I afraid of the fall down,

It must be time to move on now,

Without the fear of how it might end,

I guess I'm ready to love again…

Lady Antebellum, Ready to Love Again.

Gwen X Tyler = Gwyler.

Love sucked, Gwen had just finally realized that when the two lovers in her life both turned out to be absolute duds.

She had felt love before, she knew how it felt like, she had felt it the first time she locked lips with Trent when they were on back on the island, the fireworks and sparks that ignited inside of her made every piece of her skin come alive, it made her feel excited and ready, ready to fulfil one of life's major expectations, to fall in love.

That all came to an unfortunate end, things happened here and there and they soon broke up, Gwen had to admit, it had nothing to do with the fact that Trent was a little clingy, the kiss he had shared with Heather while they were kind of together really ruined the spark they both had going on, she never told anyone, but knowing that he had kissed one of her worst enemies kind of destroyed their short lived romance.

Next was Duncan, the affair that no one believed would work out, they had kissed in a heated moment in the bathroom confessionals, it was accidental and magical at the same time, Gwen believed that this could have been it, without the small matter of Courtney still around their romance could really work out.

But Duncan was sneaky, their romance just so happened to take place during the last season of Total Drama that she competed in, competition got the better of him and he found himself sidling with Alejandro to get back at Courtney. It was all confusing and Gwen knew it was going to end messy.

The messy ending was her getting booted out after an unfortunate event with a koala bear and eucalyptus leaves.

She left without saying another two words to Duncan, in her eyes, that relationship was over.

Gwen had always been to believe that if she didn't feel right about something then never jump into it, in the heat of the moment she felt safe with Trent and Duncan, but mentally she was never fully there to give her all to them, they both had qualities that could make her stick around but when it came down to it, she didn't feel happy or comfortable with either of them.

Right now she was sitting by the pool in the hotel that she was staying in while the World Tour series was ending, the other old contestants were around somewhere, she didn't really care where, since she had arrived, no one had said two words to her.

Until now, that is.

A loud splash was heard and Gwen turned around just in time to see someone crash into the water, it looked like it was meant to be a dive but it turned into some sort of bizarre belly flop.

Once the figure came back to the water's surface, Gwen finally saw who it was, it was Tyler. He grimaced slightly from the pain of his attempted dive and rubbed his chest once or twice before catching the eye of Gwen.

"Oh…hey!" He said, "I don't suppose you didn't see that, did you?"

Gwen smirked, "Yeah…I saw it…I think your dive needs work".

"Kind of" Tyler mumbled as he looked back down at the pool water, "So, what'cha doing here?"

"Nothing" Gwen mumbled, "Just…relaxing I suppose, and thinking".


"About life".

Tyler, sensing that something was not all right with Gwen, swam towards her and leant his arms on the edge of the pool, "Tell?" he whispered to her.

"What is there to tell?" Gwen asked, "I surprised you haven't caught on yourself, I'm hated here, to be honest I don't care about that, what I care about is the reason why people hate me".

"And that would be your relationships…am I right?" Tyler asked.

Gwen nodded, "It's not like I chose to fall in love with Trent or Duncan…love chose me!"

"I can relate to that" Tyler interrupted, "I mean…I never thought I'd fall for a girl like Lindsay but…love just pushed me in that direction…if you ask me it was the wrong direction".

"You broke up?" Gwen asked as she cocked her head to the side like a curious puppy.

Tyler shook his head, "We never were together…let's face it, she can't remember my name, nothing was there, it was just some dumb teenage crush".

Gwen sighed, "I can relate to that too".

Tyler looked over at Gwen and grinned, "We'll find love…right? I mean it's got to be out there somewhere".

Gwen nodded, "Too right, it's there, we just have to look hard enough".

"Maybe not so hard, love could find us? You never know, one day we might just find that it's staring at us right in the eyes".

It just so happened that the two teens were looking right into each other eyes at that point, their young eyes met and stared deeply into the others, it was heated and for some reason, gave both of them a new feeling.

A comforting feeling.

Then it clicked, Gwen had a feeling that she had finally found that love, Tyler was cute, and he was like a closed book, he never really spoke about his family or his life, partly because he was always running around trying to convince Lindsay that his name was really Tyler.

He was a closed book, and Gwen wanted to be the one to open it.

And at that moment, she knew that for once, love hadn't chosen her, she had chosen love.

I'll tell you about the Magic,

It'll free your soul

But it's like trying to tell a stranger about Rock and Roll…

Aly & AJ, Do You Believe in Magic?

Ezekiel X Trent = Trenkiel.

Ezekiel carefully brushed his hand against the odd looking instrument, it was strange to him, then again this was the first time he had seen an instrument up close. He had seen the before, but they were on TV or in books.

He never went to school, so he never saw them strapped to students backs or in smart looking cases as they strolled to the music room, and he never saw them being played during pep rallies or in classes.

So this was all a new experience for him here, he had been given a guitar, a soulful instrument that is seemingly very popular, but to Ezekiel, it was the strangest thing he had seen in his life.

His fingers trembled as they moved towards the strings, and he carefully poked it once, the string rippled ever so slightly and made a very quiet but just about audible ping.

Ezekiel jumped back slightly at this noise, he then curiously looked up at the other figure in the room, it was Trent, they were in his room and he smirked when he saw Ezekiel jumped back away form his guitar.

"Pick it up" He said.

Ezekiel frowned, "What?"

"Pick it up" Trent said, "Come on, it won't bite!"

Ezekiel paused and looked back at the guitar, it was so pristine and it looked like it had been handled with care, Trent had said that he had owned this guitar for over three years and it looked like it could easily pass off as still being brand new, there wasn't a single scratch on it and it looked like it was polished daily.

"I don't want to break it, eh!" Ezekiel quickly stammered.

Trent grinned, "Don't be stupid, you won't break it" He had been leaning against his window sill, but he pushed himself off and walked over to his guitar and Ezekiel.

"Here" He said as he confidently walked over it to it and picked it up, he then pulled slightly at the leather strap that held the two ends of the guitar.

"Put this over your shoulder" He told him as he lifted it over Ezekiel's head, "That way if you drop it or something, the strap will stop it from falling".

"I don't know how to play!" Ezekiel then said, "I don't know anything about…stones and roll and all that".

"Stones and roll?" Trent asked curiously, then once his brain clinked he smirked and laughed gently, "Zeke, I think you mean Rock and Roll!"

Ezekiel frowned at his own stupidity, he didn't know a thing about music…well, he did know the occasional heavy rap song, but that was all by the means of trying to teach himself to be cool.

Ezekiel wore a mask, he wasn't trying to be himself in life, the real him was a dumb home-schooled freak who didn't know a thing about social skills, the mask he wore was in his eyes…cool! The mask knew how to rap, wore chains and lots of bling.

However whenever he was around Trent, that mask disappeared, Trent wasn't interested in the mask, he was more interested in the Real Ezekiel, the one that he would always be forced to stick with. Ezekiel had no other choice but to lose the mask whenever Trent was there.

Like right now, Trent didn't at once think Ezekiel was dumb, he had just been deprived of a sociable life, something that he understood and respected.

So, he took it upon himself to be Ezekiel's mentor of the real world, lesson one, to learn how to play the guitar.

Now, Ezekiel had both hands firmly clamped onto the guitar, one on the neck, and the other underneath the base of it, Trent watched him curiously.

"Ok, do you know any chords or anything?"


Trent laughed again, "Alright…let's try something different, I'll make the chords on the neck of the guitar while you strum, ok?"

Ezekiel paused and then nodded, "Yeah, ok! Let's do that, eh!

Trent smiled and walked behind Ezekiel; he gently pressed up behind him and placed his hand on the neck of guitar.

"Right, I've got my hands on the top string, when I tell you to just brush your fingers down on the strings and they'll make a music note" Trent explained.

Ezekiel slowly nodded as Trent adjusted his hands on the neck of the guitar, his finger pursed onto the strings and he looked back up at Ezekiel.

Their faces were incredibly close, and Ezekiel could feel Trent's warm body pressing up behind him, it felt oddly warm, and his cold back just seemed to fit into his chest.

"On the count of three I want you to start strumming, one".

Ezekiel blushed slightly, yet still nodded and placed his hands onto the strings, ready to play.

"Two, Three".

Ezekiel closed his eyes and started strumming, a gentle noise spilled out into his ears, it was charming and gentle, his eyes snapped open and he looked down at his hands, they were strumming away while Trent's hands moved from string to string, changing the sounds that came out of the guitar.

"And it's as easy as that" Trent said as he let go of the neck, stopping the heavenly sound from playing.

Ezekiel smiled and took the guitar off his shoulders and placed it back in its stand, "Wow, I played an instrument! I'm like…a…a Rockstar, eh!"

Trent let out a hearty laugh, "I wouldn't go that far, but you're on your way!"

Before he could make another move, Ezekiel had walked back over to Trent and pulled him into a warm hug, "Thank you" He quietly mumbled into his ear.

Trent was a little surprised at first, but he still placed his hands around Ezekiel and rested them on his back, "It's cool, totally cool".

He did like the way how Ezekiel's body just fit against his, like the perfect chord played from the guitar.

If he want you to stay in the house everyday and night,

Tell him he got to go,

If he wanna run the streets then you run the streets too,

And you tell him he got to go…

- The Pussycat Dolls, What'cha Think About That?

Geoff X LeShawna = LeShaoff

LeShawna was fed up, she was in a struggling relationship where her partner seemed to rule her life, she was frustrated and being pushed very quickly towards her breaking point.

Her boyfriend was her high school sweetie, they spent the whole four years together and were voted the cutest couple in the school, then things changed.

See, LeShawna's boyfriend was very protective, he liked to know where she was all the time and hated it whenever she chose to go out, it resulted in plenty of arguments, but annoyingly he knew how to keep his women and he knew how to soften LeShawna enough to make her stay.

She was stressed out, she loved to go out and let all her cares blow away, however it was hard when she had her overbearing boyfriend on her case 24/7.

He rang her up every night to make sure that she was at her home, and if she wasn't then he'd go on the prowl, hunting her down until she was found and brought back home.

And this was the part that cracked LeShawna up the most, her boyfriend loved to go out…all the time!

However, tonight was different, it was a Friday, and she knew for a fact that her boyfriend had to stay at home for a family dinner, something she knew that he couldn't get out of.

So she had her chance of freedom, she called up some of her old girlfriends and begged them to help her, they of course all ran around to help their Ghetto Girl, they had all heard about a party that was being hosted by a friend of theirs and they were going, and they suggested that LeShawna went too.

She of course accepted, got ready and left the house with her girls for a fun, and wild night out.

All on the way to the party, LeShawna was being briefed of what to expect tonight, apparently they guy that was throwing the party was the nicest guy around, he constantly threw wild parties whenever his family were out of town. They were crazy and the most talked about parties in town, and here was the best part, whenever his parents came back to the destruction of their home, they didn't mind one bit!

So, they soon arrived, and there were already crowd of people gathered outside and around cars, music was blaring out of the house and people were walking in and out of it with drinks in their hands.

This was when LeShawna new she was going to have an amazing night.

She entered the house with her friends and saw even more people, some where playing drinking games while others were dancing with each other.

Unsure of what to do first LeShawna chose to stick with her girls, she was never normally shy, she normally jumped out and was the most outspoken of all her friends. She was loud and normally in charge of any situation, but it had been so long since she ventured out with her friends so she stayed quite timid.

"Hey!" LeShawna's friend called out, "There's someone we want you to meet!"

LeShawna snapped out of her thoughts and followed her friend; she was soon face to face with a tall blonde haired boy with a bottle of beer in his hands.

"LeShawna, this is Geoff" The girl said, "This is the guy whose party this is!"

Geoff smiled at LeShawna, his smile was so pure and warm it made LeShawna's heart start beating a little faster.

"Hey" Geoff said happily.

"How's it going?" LeShawna said back, she could slowly feel her normal attitude returning.

"So…I don't remember inviting you" Geoff said as he raised his eyebrows at LeShawna.

"I came with my girls" she said confidently.

"I see" Geoff said, "You know I saw you come in, I didn't think that you'd be the party type".

"What do you mean?"

Geoff grinned, "Well. You came in not talking to anyone, you were all to yourself and weren't doing much while your friends all went wild!"

LeShawna scoffed loudly, "Alright, it's been a while since I've been to something like this, alright? I'm a little rusty".

Geoff smirked, "Ok, so when do we get to see the real LeShawna then?"

LeShawna raised an eyebrow, "Oh? White Boy has jokes?"

"I have a lot more than that" Geoff murmured, rather seductively.

"Alright then" LeShawna said, placing a hand on her hip, "This is how it's going to work, you go get me a drink, and then maybe I'll show you the real thang".

Geoff nodded excitedly, "Alright! It's on".

Just at that moment, LeShawna's phone started buzzing, she checked the receiver and her heart sank when the name of her boyfriend popped up, he was ringing to check up on her like every night.

She had two options, to answer the phone and let him hear the music and the talking at the party to let him know where she was and get taken home immediately or…


She jumped when she heard Geoff calling her name, "The drink table's over here, I got lots!"

LeShawna smiled, she then reached down and shut off her phone, she wasn't going to get interrupted tonight again.

"Let's go" She said as she joined Geoff and walked away with him, she could always break up with her boyfriend tomorrow morning, as long as things went well with Geoff.

I was drowning in the rain,

Getting lost between the downpour,

Trying to shield the dying flame,

Nearly lost what I had come for…

Girls Aloud, Hear Me Out.

Courtney X Cody = CoCo.

She was a wreck; life had completely turned upside down for Courtney, ever since the final series of World Tour ended she went from problem to problem and soon found herself in a spiral of depression.

She had soon found out when she left the show that she wasn't as popular as she had hoped to be, people hated her, she was a diva, annoying, cruel…the words that came out of their mouths was all too much for Courtney to handle.

So she started getting depressed, she barely left her house to go out like she used too, she just couldn't face seeing all those people and hearing their cruel words again.

She hated it; she hated not being in control of her life and having people rule it for her. She was powerless in this whole situation.

Tonight was the night of the Total Drama reunion party, people were getting together from the show to see each other and have a good night, Courtney, of course, had been invited, but she wasn't going.

She didn't want to, the people there would be just as harsh as the outsiders were, plus she'd see several people that she vowed never to talk to again.

Duncan, Gwen, LeShawna, all these people were bound to make her life hell, needless to say others that she had forgotten about, she just couldn't face it, she was the most successful out of all of them when she started out, it would be such an embarrassment to go and see them all again when she had made nothing of her life.

She was currently in her room, listening to some relaxing classical music, she sighed deeply and flopped down on her bed and closed her eyes, she just wanted to relax, if she could go to sleep early enough tomorrow would come and it would mean a brand new day for her.

Another day doing nothing and being afraid to go out.

A sudden knock on the door downstairs brought her out of her thoughts, she was home alone at this point, so who would be knocking on her door at this hour?

She swung her legs off the side of the bed and walked downstairs, she was a little apprehensive about checking who it was in case it was another hater, ready to throw some more insults at her.

She walked towards the door and looked through the small eyehole they had installed since Courtney had come home from the competition. It was annoyingly pretty dark outside so she could barely see anything, so she tried to talk.

"Who is it?"

"Um…its Cody Anderson…is Courtney there?"

Courtney paused at the name, it was Cody! Randomly. She had absolutely no idea what Cody wanted with her, still she didn't hesitate anymore as she opened the door for him.

Suddenly she saw Cody standing in front of her, he still looked the same as when she last saw him, he was still small and looked happy. He waved nervously at Courtney and shuffled his feet slightly.

"Hey, Courtney" He mumbled.

"What do you want?" Courtney asked as she leant against the door frame, "Come to mock me like everyone else?"

"What?" Cody asked, he was a little surprised by this and he quickly shook his head, "No! No way, I just wanted to…ok…well I was on my way to the Total Drama party and…I remembered that this was where you lived because you mentioned it before and…I just wanted to see you were ok".

Courtney blinked, "Cody…I have to stay in my house because I'm terrified that if I take two steps outside I'll get beaten up, how does that sound?"

Cody frowned, "Pretty crap".

"Yeah…it is".

Cody sighed, "Hey…why are you staying inside? So what if people hate you? Just…show them that you're Courtney and made of steel?"

"I used to think I was" Courtney mumbled, "World Tour broke me…Duncan-."

"Duncan is a fool!" Cody quickly said, this immediately gave Courtney indication that Cody habit quite gotten over the whole 'Gwen kissing Duncan' thing.

"He's an idiot, if you're going to let the fact that he kissed another girl rule your life then that's your mistake" Cody said plainly.

Courtney fell silent and folded her arms, "Who told you that I wasn't going tonight?"

Cody smiled, "I guessed…I knew you were having a rough time, I guess that's the reason why I'm here too, just to make sure that you're ok?"

Courtney smiled gently, "Right…well…that's random, but thanks".

"It's ok" Cody replied, "Look…you should go tonight, show all those people up and show them that you're still the tough Courtney that they all love".

Courtney pursed her lips for a brief second, it would be fun to go and show all of those people up, but right now she was just in sweats and would have to have a good two hours to herself to get ready, but maybe Cody was willing to wait?

"I'll go, but it'll take me a while to get changed" Courtney said.

"I wouldn't expect anything less from a lady" Cody said, obviously trying to be cool and flirty, it didn't really work.

Courtney grinned again, "Will you wait for me?"

Cody gave her a nod to confirm it and Courtney immediately reached out and grabbed Cody's hand and pulled him into her house.

"Come on then!" She cried out as she pulled him inside.

Standing on the Rooftops,

Wait until the bomb drops,

This is all we got now,

Scream until your heart stops…

Lostprophets, Rooftops.

Izzy X Harold = Haroy

"I'm going to do it".

"No you're not".

"Yes I am".

"You're not brave enough to".

"Try me."

"Alright, I will".

This small spat had been going on for a while, right now, Harold was standing on the ledge of a several story roof, looking down at the ground below, it was pretty much a misty fog right now, but he knew the floor was there somewhere.

He wasn't alone, the other voice that was talking to him was coming from a small red haired girl, she was watching him from afar with a cheeky grin on her face and her arms folded, she smacked her lips together and looked back at Harold.

"You'll die" She reminded him, "Your body won't be able to handle the impact, you'll land on the floor like some sort of disembodied eagle".

She then smacked her palms together and screamed "SPLAT" out loudly, she smirked and then looked back at Harold.

"You still wanna do it?"

Harold nodded, he had no idea what had actually possessed him to climb this roof and threaten to jump of it, and he had no idea how Izzy managed to see him and followed him up to the roof, she claimed to see everything, but Harold wasn't too sure what to make of it.

There were too many questions that were circling him mind, but one thing was certain, he was going to jump and that was certain.

"I'm going to do it" Harold mumbled "I have to do it".

"No one's forcing you" Izzy reminded him.

"Bit I have to…my life's gone to shit" Harold told her, it was true, ever since he formed the Drama Brothers his life had gone from strength to strength, he was no longer seen as the dweeb of the world and finally made a name for himself.

Then, things changed, the band broke up, the other three members found more fame and fortune, while Harold went back to being the dweeb he left behind, he was forced to revert back to that form that he once tried to leave behind, he tried to hard to but people forced him back into that pale, lanky, geek he once was.

He shut his eyes for a brief second and let the wind race around his head, he had nothing more to live for, no one would miss him. No one important anyway.

He raised one leg and let the wind brush past that, it was cold and chilling, it made Harold slowly place his leg back down and turn to look at Izzy once more.

"So…are you going to do it?" She asked.

"Yes!" Harold snapped, "Don't rush me ok!"

"Ok…" Izzy trailed off, "But hurry up, its getting kind of boring standing up here watching you say you're going to jump when you're clearly not and I have other things to do".

"No one's asking you to stay up here with me" Harold snapped at her.

Izzy rolled her eyes, "Ookay!" She rolled her tongue, "Go on then, jump, have fun with it…and remember: Splat!"

Harold winced at that word, it was starting to get annoying hearing her say that, then again, it had made up his mind, he was going to jump and that was that.

"And also" Izzy said before she left, "I just thought you'd like to know that you were my favourite on the island, you were so cool and…awesome".

Harold heard that word, that one word that made him slowly turn around and look back at Izzy, she had said something that had shaken his nerves, and suddenly being up in this very high place terrified him.

He jumped…

Izzy heard a thud and she quickly spun around, before she even had a chance to react to that fact that she was sire that Harold had jumped off the building she was pulled into two scrawny arms.

"Thank you".

Izzy paused, until she realized that Harold had not jumped, he had jumped in some way, but only off the ledge and towards Izzy, nothing to hysterical, and then ran towards her and hugged her.

Izzy grinned slightly and rubbed Harold's arm, "its ok, you crazy thing."

Every whisper, of every waking hour,

I'm choosing my confessions,

Trying to keep an eye on you,

Like a hurt lost and blinded fool, fool,

Oh no I've said too much,

I've said enough…

Cory Monteith (Glee), Losing my Religion.

DJ X Sierra = Dierra.

Everyone has something they believe in, even those people that claim to not believe in anything believe in the fact that they don't believe.

Confusing, that's not the start of it.

DJ knew that people believed in many religions, Catholic, Hinduism, there we too many to list, but never in his whole life would he ever expect to see that someone believed in something like this.

"See, every night I pray to my Cody statue" Sierra explained as she gingerly lifted up the clay, Cody shaped statue, "Then, I kiss my poster seventeen times" Sierra explained as she darted towards the poster, "That's Cody's age!"

"Right…" DJ mumbled, he and Sierra were childhood friends, and unfortunately Cody was the boy that Sierra had been crushing on for years, and that crush slowly developed into an obsession. An obsession that had turned Sierra from the cute squirrelly girl, to a crazed stalker.

"Then, I sleep, and I have several recordings of Cody's voice that I play on my stereo to send me off into a Cody related dream" She then explained as she sat down on her bed, that looked like a larger version of Cody's usual day shirt.

"Sierra, isn't that a little…much?" DJ asked as he leant against her bedroom wall and looked around the 'Cody' decorated room.

"A little much?" Sierra gasped as she turned to face him, "If you ask me it's not enough!"

"Really?" DJ mumbled, "Come on SeSe, you sleep on Cody styled sheets, you've got a poster of his school picture on your wall…he's not your God".

Sierra froze at this comment, and she slowly turned around to face DJ, "You think I'm crazy?"

DJ paused, the look in Sierra's eyes was kind of crazy and a little scary, he swallowed hard and rubbed the top of his head before slowly nodding, "A little".

Sierra squeaked loudly, "Well, I'm not crazy!" She screamed loudly, "I just want my Cody, Cody needs to know that we belong together and this…voodoo website thing said that I had to perform this ritual every night in hopes that Cody will finally realize how much he needs me".

"Sierra he doesn't even know that you exist!" DJ snapped loudly, making Sierra jump back and start crying.

"Oh my gosh, you're right" Sierra sobbed as the uncontrollable tears, "He doesn't even know who I am!"

DJ dropped his shoulders, "Oh God, Sierra…look, I didn't mean to make you cry I just…I care about you, this whole thing is eating you up, I haven't seen you be yourself in months!"

Sierra dropped her head, "I know…I just…I thought that once Cody finally realized that I was here and waiting for him, he'd come running…and then life would be amazing again".

"Sierra, your life is amazing, you've got friends, a wicked family…My Mama likes you!" DJ said making Sierra laugh slightly.

"I guess that's true" Sierra mumbled, "Wow…what have I been doing with myself, DJ?"

"You're a girl in love" DJ explained as he ran a hand through Sierra's purple hair, "But sadly…you fell for the wrong guy, you had some crazy dream and thought that he was the one for you…maybe next time you should fall for someone else? Someone you actually know".

Sierra slowly nodded, "Yeah…someone like you".

DJ's heart spun around several times in his chest, "I don't know…maybe?"

"Maybe is correct" Sierra purred as she stood up and caressed DJ's cheek a few times.

Are we an item? Girl quit playing,

'We're just friends', what are you saying?

Said 'there's another', and looked me in the eyes,

My first love broke my heart for the first time…

Tyler Ward, Baby.

Noah X Lindsay = Nosay.

"Ohh, so that's how you subtract from that amount!"

Lindsay was situated on Noah's bedroom floor with a math booked open in front of her, she looked up at Noah with those baby blue eyes and smiled, "No way, it's so easy!"

Noah rolled his eyes, "It's easy when you get the hang of it".

Lindsay shook her head, "No, that's not it; I only understand this because of you, Noah! You're so amazing".

Noah could feel his cheeks warming up, "its fine, Lindsay".

"But I really couldn't have done it without you, Noah!" Lindsay exclaimed again as she sat up, "You're amazing, Noah! You should be like…a teacher or something".

She placed her hands on Noah's shoulder and he briefly shook her off, "I am your tutor, Lindsay…so I'm kind of your teacher, that's why it so easy".

"But if you're like my teacher then how come my other teachers won't take this time with me?" She asked innocently.

"Because…" Noah trailed off, he knew why, teachers wanted to take the time with Lindsay but they knew that she just wouldn't learn from them, otherwise she'd be fine in lessons, she was more interested in people her age, and they had asked Noah to teach her to his best ability since he was the smartest kid in school.

However, it was another matter, Noah really liked Lindsay, she was beautiful and someone that Noah could foresee himself being with in the future, he was unsure why he liked her, he knew that girls like Lindsay loved guys on the football team. Pretty boys that primed themselves and their bodies like they were two separate people.

They were so different from Noah, they were the same and clone like, Noah was different and it was that little hope and made him stay close to the fact that Lindsay could like him back.

However, Noah had it in his head that to grab Lindsay's attention he had to be incredibly cold with her, he had seen it done before, guys were being blunt and rude with her, yet she still followed them around the school halls like a lost puppy.

So Noah took it upon himself to be as rude and sarcastic as he could possibly be, he was normally a sarcastic boy, but he toned it up as high as he could. It wasn't what he wanted to do, however, he wanted to grab Lindsay and hug her. He wanted to stroke her long blonde hair and gaze into her blue eyes; he wanted her to admire him, just like she was looking at him right now with those eyes filled with adoration.

"I can't thank you enough, Noah" Lindsay said happily.

"Don't get used to it" Noah said sharply, "You'll get right up to scratch soon, and you won't need me anymore".

"But ill still need my tutor to help me" Lindsay explained happily, she then looked down at her watch and gasped.

"Oh, hey is it cool if we cut our session short today?" She asked.

Noah sighed, "You have a test tomorrow, Linds. You need to really study".

"I will" Lindsay persisted, "I just…I'm kind of busy tonight, that's all".

"With what?"

"I have a date" Lindsay exclaimed happily.

"A date?" Noah repeated, his heart started dramatically sinking.

"Yeah…so can we cut the lesson short?"

"Why are you going on a date, Lindsay?" Noah then snapped.

Lindsay was a little surprised by this; she cocked her head to the side and blinked innocently at Noah, "Because Taylor asked me out".

'Taylor', his name wasn't even Taylor, it was Tyler, and he was an idiot…well in Noah's eyes he was, and now even more.

"Noah, you're pissed?" Lindsay asked, "Is it because you can't tutor me anymore tonight?"

"NO!" Noah cried out, "It's because I like you, Lindsay, get it into your thick brain that the only reason why I've been tutoring you is because I really, really like you, ok?"

Lindsay gasped loudly, "You…you like me?"


"Really?" Lindsay asked, "I mean…you were always really mean to me…I thought you hated me".

"Oh" Noah mumbled, "I…well I thought-."

"Noah, don't get me wrong…I like you, you're a great friend…but that's it" Lindsay mumbled, "I am so, so sorry".

Noah sighed, his heart was crumbling in his chest and shattering into millions of pieces, "I see" he bluntly mumbled.

"I promise I'll study for the test after my date" Lindsay said as she grabbed her coat and slowly walked towards the door.




"Noah, I love you".

Noah scoffed, "Sure you do".

"I really do".

Noah looked up at Lindsay, her blue eyes were now filled with sadness, "Now go, have a good time, forget about me and I'll see you tomorrow…ok?"

Lindsay nodded, "Thank you Noah, you're a good friend…oh…shoot!" She cried out angrily as she left as quickly as she could.

Noah couldn't help but laugh, maybe he had to swap his game around if he was ever going to have a chance with a girl like Lindsay.

That…or poison and kill Tyler.

No one's gonna take me alive,

Time has come to make things right,

You and I must fight for our rights,

You and I must fight to survive…

Muse, Knights of Cydonia.

Eva X Justin = Evstin.

"No, No, No…NO…OH COME ON!"

There was a loud thud as a plastic fake guitar was thrown clear across the room, it spun into a corner and sat, remarkably unharmed and still in tact in the corner.

The person that had thrown it was Eva, she was shaking in rage and she was grinding her teeth, beads of sweat were forming on her large forehead and she started stamping her feet in anger.

"I hate this stupid game!" Eva screamed angrily.

"It's not the game, it's the fact your chunky man fingers are getting in the way" Justin mumbled and flicked a strand of black hair out of his eyes.

"Man fingers? Hey, watch it buddy!" Eva snapped bitterly.

The two of them had merely been caught up in a extreme game of guitar hero, both of them were stuck in front of the TV with two plastic guitars in their hands and they set it to expert and played one of the songs over and over, however every time Eva seemed to lose and she had no idea why.

She was incredibly competitive, and losing a simple game just made her insanely made, especially to pretty boy Justin.

Still, she tried again and again, and failed again and again. And that resulted in her throwing the guitar across the room in fury.

"You know getting angry at the game and throwing it across the room won't make you any better at the game".

"No, but it'll make me feel a hell of a lot better about it" Eva growled.

"Alright! Miss Grumpy!" Justin mocked as he picked up the guitar again, "I'm going to play another game, feel free to join me".

"I'm not playing another game with you because I know that I'll get beaten!" Eva shouted at him bitterly.

"Exactly why you should keep playing!" Justin snapped back, "Get better at it and then you never know, you might get better at it".

Eva growled bitterly, "I am not plying that stupid game. Again!"

"Fine…jeez I didn't know you were such a sore loser!" Justin said as he turned the game back on.

Eva immediately turned into an angry tiger; she jumped halfway across the room and grabbed Justin by the throat. He was completely unfazed by all this and just rolled his eyes at Eva's little temper tantrum.

"What the Hell did you just call me?" She growled angrily.

"I said you were a sore loser, and you are until you pick up that guitar and play one more game with me" Justin explained slowly.

Eva pressed harder onto his chest, so hard she felt his strong abs under his shirt, suddenly her expression softened, so did her hands. Actually she was sure that this was the first time that she had ever touched Justin before, she had looked into his eyes before and they were his source weapon for hypnotizing any woman. It just so happened that every single part of him was hypnotising too.

And just like magic, she slowly let go, and mechanically walked across the room to pick up the guitar she earlier had discarded and place the strap around her neck.

"Fine…but I get to choose the song".

Justin grinned, "Alright! That's the Eva I know and love!"

Eva found her cheeks getting warmer; she quickly tried to look away and tried to think of other things to stop herself from blushing. But yet she couldn't stop it, her cheeks had flushed red.

"Any choice of song?" Justin asked.

"Yeah…Knights of Cydonia…and I'll whoop your ass this time!"

"Of course you will!"

I can't tell you what it really is,

I can only tell you what it feels like,

And right now there's a steel knife

In my Windpipe…

Eminem & Rihanna, Love the Way You Lie.

Heather X Katie = Kather.

Katie was sitting on her bedroom floor sniffing loudly, her knees were brought up to her chin and she was hugging her legs in fear and comfort.

She wiped the tears out of the corners of her eyes and took a deep breath in, she repeated this process a few times before burying her head into her knees once more and begun to cry.

"You know crying will get you absolutely nowhere".

Katie's head snapped back up and she looked up at the other person in the room, "What?"

The other person was Heather, she smirked at her and slowly flicked her longs legs off the bed and walked towards Katie, "I'm saying that crying won't get you anywhere, I don't even know what the hell's happened, you just turned up on my doorstep, claimed you needed someone to talk to, so I took a few hours out of my busy schedule to help you and I get nothing but silence and tears, give me a break!"

Katie meekly hid her head again, Heather was tough, but in this kind of situation, she needed tough. She swallowed hard and slowly looked up at her.

"I'm sorry" She stuttered, "I-I just wanted someone to-to talk to and you…you were the only one that was close by".

"Right" Heather said slowly, "So…don't stop there, carry on? What's got you all weepy eyed?"

"Everything!" Katie quickly said as more tears streamed down her face.

Heather's eyes widened in surprise, Katie was normally the most annoying girl at school, she was always peppy and cheerful and it made Heather feel sick, she glared at her and leant forward.

"You really get on my nerves, you know that?" Heather said, "You're always so effing happy and crap…it makes me sick but…seeing you like this its weird…so can you please tell me what's going to so I can pack this whole nice act in the bag and carry on?"

Katie nodded, "It's…it's my boyfriend".


"He's…he's changed" Katie mumbled, "He used to be so sweet…but…but yesterday he…he".

"What did he do?"

"He pushed me up against and wall and…" Katie trailed off as she pulled back the neckline of her shirt, revealing a nasty purple bruise.

Heather paused and analyzed this bruise; she leant in closer and rubbed a finger across the bruise, causing Katie to jump back slightly in pain.


"It'll go in a few days" Heather told her as she stood back up, "Trust me".

"How would you know?" Katie asked.

"Believe it or not, I've had my share of bruises from guys that think that they'll try and bed you, when you refuse they'll push you against a wall…snap at you, shout at you and like what you've just realized…hurt you" Heather said gently.

"But…how did you know?"

"You're like me" Heather explained to Katie, "I was just like you, ages ago when I thought that guys mattered to me".

"Oh" Katie slowly mumbled, "I mean I knew you used to have a load of boyfriends but-."

"But what?" Heather snapped, "What you think that because I used to have a bit of a rep around here I've got like multiple STD's, is that it?"

"No!" Katie gasped, "Not at all! I just thought you could hold your own".

"I can now" Heather said, "Partly because I gave up that one thing that ruined me".

She then dropped to Katie's level and wiped the last remaining tears from her eyes, "Now…you're breaking up with that guy tomorrow, I'll be there to help you out, he won't touch me or you…and everything will be ok…got it?"

Katie slowly nodded, "Yeah…ok thanks Heather".

Heather winked at Katie, "No problem".

Katie then slowly redeemed herself and slowly picked herself up from Heather's bedroom floor, she then walked towards her as she got herself comfy on her bed again.

"Hey…you know what you said earlier? About giving up? What did you mean about that?" She asked with a doe-eyed look,

"I gave up men" Heather explained.

"Oh really?" You flying single for a while?" Katie asked.

Heather raised an eyebrow, "You could say that" Heather smirked.

On an Island in the Sun,

We'll be playing and having fun,

And it makes me feel so fine,

I can't control my Brain…

Weezer, Island in the Sun.

Beth X Sadie = Badie.

Playa Des Losers was like heaven when the old contestants got kicked off, it just so happened that as well as being a luxury hotel, it was also a day spa, a hospital where the contestants got several shots after their time on the show, and also a dentistry, so save themselves from losing their teeth after eating Chef's rancid cooking.

Today, it was one Campers turn to visit the dentist there, to get one personal thing removed for good; Beth was going to get her braces off.

"I'm so nervous" Beth mumbled as she sat in the waiting room, twiddling her thumbs.

"Oh don't be!" Sadie told her, she had come with her to keep Beth company and to support her while she had the bands of metal removed from her mouth, "I used to have braces years ago, it takes a while and sure your mouth is open for like ages, but it is totally worth it!"

"Ok" Beth mumbled, she opened her mouth briefly and tapped at the metal bands, in a few hours they would be gone, metal mouth would be no more and Beth would be able to smile without blinding people anymore.

She was going to have a normal mouth, with perfectly straight teeth.

But still she was scared, what if it went wrong? Then she wouldn't be able to set foot out of the resort again! She sighed again and looked over at Sadie.

"Will you be there for me throughout this?" She asked quietly.

Sadie nodded vigorously, "Of course! I want to be the first one that sees you smile without your new teeth!"

Beth smiled gently at Sadie, "Thank you".

It took a while, but soon Beth's braces were removed, and as good as her word, Sadie sat there for the entire thing and watched as Beth had the strips of metal taken out of her mouth.

"Well?" Beth asked nervously as she bore her teeth for Sadie to see.

The chubby girl got up from her seat and went in for a closer inspection to Sadie's teeth; she then grinned happily and pulled a compact mirror out of her purse.

"I think they look pretty fantastic" Sadie told her as she handed Beth the mirror.

Beth slowly took the mirror and held it up to her mouth, and she gasped at the sight in front of her.

Her teeth were straight and pearly white, they were absolutely perfect, they beat her expectations and nothing, absolutely nothing could ruin this moment for her.

"I don't believe this!" She cried out happily, "They look amazing!"

"They sure do!" Sadie gabbled, "They look like…like little pearls…oh my gosh that's it! They are so cute!"

Beth blushed happily; "Thank you so much for coming with me today, Sadie" Beth said as she reached out and grabbed hold of Sadie's hand.

"Now come on, we didn't come here to sit on a dentist's office all day, we came to have fun, let's get our bathing suits on and go have some fun" Beth told her, "Plus I need to show off my new teeth!"

"You go it!" Sadie said happily as the two ran off back into the sun.

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