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Chapter 2: 11 through to 20

'But I'm the only one

Who'll walk across the fire for you,

I'm the only one

Who'll drown in my desire for you,

It's only fear that makes you run

The demons that you're hiding from

When all your promises are gone

I'm the only one…'

Melissa Etheridge, I am the only one.

Harold + LeShawna = HaroShawna.

It was no secret that Harold had a big infatuation for LeShawna, heck it was probably made clear the first time he met her when he couldn't take his eyes off of her proud booty, their relationship had a rocky start and at Playa des Losers, LeShawna had decided to call it quits, claiming that things were moving too fast.

However, from the moment she called him the 'funkiest, badest, strangest white-boy she had ever met' and said they were tight, Harold knew that he wasn't ready to give up on his love, maybe it wasn't the best choice to ask her to make out behind the bushes however…

But, when Total Drama World Tour came about, Harold saw this as his chance, when love-rat Alejandro started to get all the attention from the females, including LeShawna, he knew he had to step up his game, he listened to the poor advice of Alejandro and new he had to sacrifice his place like the samurai he knew he was, it came about when Harold lost the competition for the group with his bad commercial, but at least Harold left with his dignity after surrendering his place on the competition.

As he fell from the plane, he felt pleased, proud that he had left on such a high, he'd win LeShawna for definite now, he could almost see her begging him to be his girlfriend.

But when the TV showing came of his episode, Harold fell back into a near depression when he saw how nonchalant LeShawna looked at his dramatic death, no tears, nothing.

And that's when Harold knew that he had to take the advice of no man; he had to take the advice of one thing and one thing at that.

YouTube Tutorials.

So Harold took to self-help videos to gain confidence and to also learn how to smooth talk the ladies, surely these people would help him, they each had over 50,000 views!

As well as this he kept updated with Total Drama, and the growing romance between LeShawna and Alejandro just made him madder, and gave him the drive to keep learning.

The days passed, until finally Harold watched on Total Drama for LeShawna to get voted off, he watched as she took the tumble, but not before finally realising what an evil jerk Alejandro was.

This was it, the weeks of preparation should finally come into plan, Harold waited in his hotel room for the news that she had finally arrived after her fall.

It did take a while, a few more days, until he received news from an intern that she had fallen in the alps and was attacked by a baby goat and she was getting hospital treatment. That was the final straw, he grabbed his coat and left the hotel as fast as he could.

LeShawna was in pain, and samurai's never leave a wounded man!

He took a cab to the hospital and made his way to the desk.

"Where is LeShawna?" He cried at the reception desk.

"What? The Total Drama girl? Room 204" The bored reception told Harold, after popping gum in his face.

Harold skidded up the stairs until he found 204, this was it, finally, he was going to let LeShawna know how much she meant to him. He grasped the door handle firmly and yanked it open.

"LeShawna, I-."


Harold's eyes bulged out as he saw LeShawna was standing in the nude, her hospital gown was lying on the floor and he assumed she was getting dressed about to leave.


Harold dodged a flying box of tissues and ran out of the room, blushing like a school boy.

It took a few minutes before he was grabbed by the scruff of his neck and seized back into LeShawna's room, she had him in a tight grip and glared at him.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing you crazy white boy?" She snapped, "Ever heard of knocking?"

"I-I'm sorry" Harold stuttered, "I heard you were attacked by a goat, I wanted to see you".

LeShawna scoffed, "I'm fine, it was only a few scratches and bites. I'm leaving now".

"No! Wait" Harold cried out, "I need you to hear me out".

"Can't it wait?" LeShawna asked, "I want to see everyone at the hotel."

"No, it can't" Harold cried out as he blocked the door with his body, LeShawna narrowed her eyes at him.

"Right…What's going on?"

Harold blinked, his insides trembled, this was it, he took a deep breath and started…

"LeShawna, it's no secret that I love you, but…I need you to know how much I love you. Gosh I would do anything for you, set the floor on fire and I will walk across it…but don't because flames burn and I burn easily. But if you did then I would walk across it, because I would do anything for you, you're my sugar-mama, and I don't like how I'm always second best for you, no one has ever made me feel this way so…so I'm not taking no for an answer, you go out with me once and if you hate it then…I will attempt to leave you alone, no promises though, I mean you are the sexiest girl I have ever met".

LeShawna was silent for this whole speech, and after Harold finished she gasped.

"You been holding that in for a while?"

"As long as the first season" Harold sighed, "I knew you wouldn't want to listen…idiot!"

"No, no!" LeShawna cried standing up, "look, you're cute and we're tight and all but…"

"But what?" Harold snapped, "There's nothing to but about, it's a yes or no!"

LeShawna was taken aback by Harold's forcefulness, but in a way that made her feel an attraction to Harold.

"Ok" LeShawna finally said. "I will go out with you".

Harold froze, "What?"

"I said I'd go out with you! You hard of hearing or something?"

Harold heard her ok, but he felt incredibly nauseous, after her response he felt like he couldn't speak, he then proceeded to faint on the floor with a loud thud.

This couldn't have gone worse…but at least he finally had a date with LeShawna!

'You tell me that you hear me

And all your memories are real

But how do I know?

You just don't feel what you've been told to feel…'

Jayma Dee, Rules.

Justin + Tyler = Jyler.

The Total Drama franchise had come to a close, after a good few years of a run, viewers started to lose interest, they got bored of the crazy stunts that were being repeated over and over, and the contestants were dated and way beyond their time.

The big corporates in head office for the reality TV show had decided that their biggest money maker were the love for the contestants, so in a bid to keep the money rolling in they had decided to use their assets to keep the fans of the show wanting more, almost like an inside to their lives.

Twist is, it's all fake.

The bosses started interviewing people, trying to find out how desperate these people were for fame, most of them wanted to put Total Drama behind them, however two seemed willing to put their lives in the public eye.

Tyler needed the money badly, after Total Drama he tried to get several sports scholarships but failed miserably, but still he wanted to do the thing he loved despite not being good, so he applied for a local college and got in, however the fees were pretty hefty and he found himself in a lot of debt, not wanting to burden his parents he was willing to sell his fake life to the public.

The next was Justin, Justin was becoming fame hungry, but there were only so many underwear commercials he could do without getting bored. So he applied hoping that this would lead to a big modelling deal.

The two were interviewed some more and the bosses had decided that the only way that two men would appeal to the public was to be in a gay relationship. Dealing with the trials of being to gay men in the world, with all the prejudice against their likes.

At first the two said no, but them the money that both of them would get for doing this stunt tripled, how could they say no know?

So they announced their relationship, got several magazine deals, fans went crazy, supporting the new found love, as suspected they got some hate but all they had to do was shrug it off.

The two lived in an apartment, it was their space where they didn't have to pretend, they could be themselves. While Justin thought that this was just a publicity stunt and he was waiting for the next paycheque to come through, Tyler thought more.

The living with Justin, the happy smiling faces, the cuddling in public, Tyler thought he was straight, but nothing could quell the butterflies every time Justin took his hand.

This had been going on for several months now, and Tyler wanted answers, was this actually more than what they thought? Or just a big mistake?

He stood outside of Justin's room and took a deep breath, he knocked once and Justin immediately opened.

"Tyler, what's up?"

Tyler swallowed hard, "Erm…nothing, never mind I'll see you later".

Justin frowned, "You wouldn't have knocked if something wasn't wrong, come on? Wait…has someone found out about us not being a couple?"

Tyler shook his head, "No we're safe" He said, "Look…I want to talk to you about something".

Justin pursed his lips, "Will it take long? Look don't want to be rude but I'm going out tonight, going to try and get some shots of me out on my own so it looks like we're arguing".

Tyler sighed, "Look it's no big deal I'll talk to you later".

"No come on, spit it out" Justin told him, "You're getting yourself all worked up".

Tyler took a deep breath, "Can…Can I come in?"

Justin led him into his room, Tyler stood awkwardly and uncomfortably in the corner, "Erm…I wanted to talk to you about…this".

"This?" Justin repeated.

"You know…us".

Justin snorted, "There is no us, we're a fake couple, pleasing the press and trying to get by, this is a year gig".

Tyler felt like something had been shot through his heart, "So is that it?"

Something jolted in Justin's mind, "Wait…do you have feelings for me or something?"

Tyler shrugged his shoulder, "I dunno…something hasn't felt right recently, I get chills every time we go out in public, I won't lie it's my favourite time of the day, you know, when I get to spend time with you…I know this is fake and I know that in a years time this will be nothing but…man… I have feelings for you".

Justin looked at Tyler, full on in the eye "I appreciate your enthusiasm but this…is nothing, but keep that kind of feeling for the next interview we do".

Tyler was taken aback, he knew Justin wasn't the most sensitive of guys despite his feminine appearance. But he certainly didn't expect a reaction like that.

"So that's it then" Tyler snapped, "We're not going to talk about it?"

"It's a crush, you'll get over it".

"Yeah well what if I don't want to get through it?" Tyler growled, "Are you really saying to me that after all this time we've spent with each other that you don't feel anything? You only feel what has been taught to you by the Total Drama bosses, you're nothing but a soulless body."

Justin stood up quickly "What's with the name calling? I don't like you! I'm not gay ok? I'm not".

"Could have fooled me" Tyler snapped, "Every kiss, every hug, that meant nothing? It wasn't an act because I felt something back!"

Tyler went to go storm out, but was stopped by a force pulling his arm back, expecting to be punched Tyler braced himself, but instead found a familiar warmth of Justin's lips on his.

It was a quick kiss, more of a brushing of the lips, Justin pulled away leaving Tyler begging for more, but now it was Tyler's turn to be speechless.

"This is an act" Justin repeated, "But…that was real".

Justin went to grab his coat, he brushed past Tyler who was still standing speechless, "Give it time…I need to adjust to this".

And with that, he left, but not before catching a glimpse of Tyler's face and seeing a smile spread across his lips.

'As we lay there, under blue sky with pure white stars,

Exotic sweetness, a magical time

Say it, say it again...'

Donna Lewis, I Love You Always Forever.

Courtney + Tyler = Tyney

"So you see that one up there? That one is called The Little Dipper".

"No…that's wrong".

"Are you sure? I looked it up online, it's meant to be pretty small y'know".

Courtney shifted from Tyler's embrace and sat up, "It'll look smaller from here because we're so far away from the stars, we're millions of miles away so if we were actually closer than where we are now, it would actually be pretty big…so that constellation is The Big Dipper".

Tyler frowned, "Are you sure?"

Courtney nodded "The Little Dipper is actually kind of hard to see, especially where we are".

"Oh" Tyler grunted, looking a little defeated, Courtney looked back at Tyler and sensed a shift in his mood, it had been his idea to drive up to the hills with a blanket and look at the stars, the pair had been together for a short while, but both of them definitely felt love, even though they would never say it. Tyler thought that stargazing would have been the most romantic and perfect setting for it.

At least it would be if she would stop correcting him on every mistake he made.

On the drive here, Tyler took a left which piped up Courtney's interest telling him that he should have gone right to take a shortcut, Tyler had insisted he would be fine leaving his jacket in the car as it would be a warm summers night, however Courtney complained saying he would be cold as the night went on and then went on lecture him when it got a little chilly.

"Alright, what's wrong?" Courtney asked.

"I just wish that you would stop correcting me when I make a mistake" Tyler grunted, "Like every little things it's always 'no it's actually this' or 'I told you so' I dunno, it would be nice sometimes if you were a little gentle".

Courtney frowned, "Well I can't help it if I'm right and you're not?"

"Gee, way to soften the blow".

"I mean" Courtney reached over and grabbed Tyler's shoulders so he was looking at her "I mean, I just want you to learn, you're obviously trying, but if it's not right then it's not right. I'm not going to play along because if I'm not honest about what constellations you think are up there then I might not be honest about something else, and I don't want you to think that about me, I'd rather be the annoying corrective girlfriend rather than a dishonest one, understand".

Tyler thought about her words and nodded, "I guess it's the lesser of evils".

Courtney smiled, "Come on now, it's such a beautiful night, I'm so glad you decided to bring me here, it's lovely".

"I had a feeling you might like it, you know you've been working so hard recently, I just wanted to get your head away from paperwork and enjoy yourself" Tyler explained with a proud smile.

"I see" Courtney mused, "Well it was very sweet to think of that, I love you-."

She froze, those sudden words had come out of her mouth so quickly, she covered up her mouth with a horrified gasp, it had only been a few months, not even that. What would Tyler say?

But to Courtney's surprise and relief he smiled, it wasn't one of his goofy smiles when he finds something funny, it was a small grin, he leant in closer until he got to Courtney's ear.

"Say it again".

Courtney swallowed hard and closed her eyes, she was definitely sure of it this time, "I love you".

"And I love you too".

Courtney beamed as she leant in an kissed Tyler softly on this lips, then she lay back down in his lap, "Now, why don't you tell me more about the stars, you must have learnt a lot about them".

Tyler nodded, "Ok…erm well that one there, the big shining star, that's the brightest star in the sky, and it's called…Capella!"

Courtney smiled, "Oh really?" She thought she wouldn't ruin this moment for now by telling him that the brightest star in the sky was called Sirius…and that wasn't the right star.

Maybe she would take him to go and see the brightest star in the sky, but right now, Tyler was her star.

'All you people look at me like I'm a little girl,

Well did you ever think it'd be ok for me to step into this world,

Always saying Little Girl don't step into the club,

Well I'm just trying to find out why cause dancing's what I love…'

Britney Spears, I'm A Slave 4 U.

Sadie + Sierra = Sidie.

The loud music, the scent of strong alcohol and the musty smell of cigarettes filled the air, Resistance, the best club in Canada was having one of their big party events. Exclusive, hot, crazy were just a few of the words used to describe this place.

Sadie was one of the lucky few to get invited, well actually Katie was invited, but she got a plus one. Her involvement with Total Drama boosted her persona and she found herself being invited to more and more things, however she often refused to go without her BFFFL, so Sadie soon found herself getting invited, which she enjoyed, but she knew that cold hard truth on why she was being invited to all these things.

Because she was a little overweight.

'No one wants to invite the fat girl' Sadie repeated over in her head, it sucked, just because of a sucky thyroid problem she had which made it a little hard for her to lose weight, she was stuck with this curse. Katie however was constantly in the eyes of the public, they loved her sense of style, her bubbly personality and her hair, shame they never seemed to notice the other girl standing next to her, dressed exactly the same with the same noticeable personality.

Sadie crossed her arms in front of her and glared at Katie, she was so busy with a press, being questioned about her alleged affair with Justin, she was loving every minute, wiggling her hips for the cameras, fluttering her long eyelashes. Sadie could do that and even more, but dared she and be the cover girl for awkwardness.

All she wanted was to get into this club and dance, she was underage by a few years, but with Katie no one seemed to mind that she was underage, she wanted to get a few vodkas in her and them hopefully everything would fall into a blur.

She had heard all the speeches about underage drinking, but tonight she didn't care. All she needed now was the courage to go into that club without being heckled or jeered at. However the courage to move her feet was nowhere to be found. Not even the sound of Britney Spears' singing could force her to get into the club.

"Oh my gosh! Is that Sadie?"

Sadie spun around and saw the other noticeably perky Total Drama contestant, Sierra, she looked no different but a little less crazy, she sprinted over to Sadie and pulled her into a hug.

The two squealed at the sight of each other, it was so nice for Sadie to see someone else from the show that wasn't Katie.

"How are you? You've been M.I.A for the past few Total Drama check ins. Although I see photos all the time of Katie, you're nowhere to be seen, what's up with that?" Sierra squawked.

"Oh Sierra, it's so good to see you" Sadie answered back, "I've been like so busy with trying to keep up with Katie, we're kind of a double act still, but you know, the press like her a little more than me".

Sierra frowned, "Well that's not fair, we need to get the press to love you just as much as her".


"Confidence" Sierra answered.

"How do I get that".

Sierra's eyes darkened, and she pulled a hip flask out of her back pocket and handed it to Sadie, she opened it up and sniffed inside, it smelled so strongly of alcohol, and there was the confidence Sadie needed to get on the dance floor.

Without thinking of anything, she took a deep breath and took a swig from the bottle; the strong tasting liquid immediately took effect and sent Sadie's body into a buzz. Sierra snatched the bottle back and took a swig herself.

"It's time to show everybody that Katie isn't the only sexy girl on the show!" Sierra cried out and linked arms with Sadie.

"Ok…I'll go in Sierra" Sadie smiled, "But only if you dance with me".

"Sweetie, you got it!"

And the pair sauntered into the club, they breezed past the press at the front of the club and made their way immediately to the dance floor.

'So this is me swallowing my pride,

Standing in front of you, saying I'm sorry for that night,

And I go back to December all the time,

It turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you,

Wishing I'd realise what I had when you were mine…'

Taylor Swift, Back to December.

Gwen + Lindsay = Gwindsay.

Gwen adjusted her black fingerless gloves a little to try and get some warmth into the numbing in the tips. Sometime the winter winds were so strong that even her gothic gloves weren't enough and made her contemplate getting a stronger pair.

She sighed, releasing a gust of cold breath from her mouth. She had been here for a while, waiting.

She had been waiting to correct a mistake that she caused a while ago. Around September time, she had hurt someone who was close to her, all for the sake of saving her own skin.

She looked around again, now the snow was falling thick she could just about make out the high school in the near distance, Gwen brought her legs up to her chest and leant back on the football bleachers, she closed her eyes.

Please hurry, hurry up.

She was so wrapped up in thought of hoping and praying that she didn't hear the footsteps come up behind her.


Gwen's eyes snapped open and she stood up to find Lindsay standing in front of her, dressed in a furry pink coat and furry boots, Gwen could see her cheerleader uniform underneath.

"You wanted to see me?"

Gwen nodded, "Yeah..." She scanned Lindsay up and down, all the fur made her look like an animal, but still so desirably cute.

"You look like the cast of Cats in all that fur".

Lindsay scoffed "Ugh… I would never wear cat fur, that's gross Gwen".

Gwen smirked, "I know, I was joking".

"So why am I here if you're just going to make fun of me" Lindsay asking, folding her arms in front of her, "Don't you want an audience of people?"

Gwen winced, that comment hurt, but it was the reason why she was here, swallowing her pride, and apologising.

A few months ago, Lindsay and Gwen were paired up for a science project, innocent as that, it led to something else, Gwen was not one to fall for Lindsay's perkiness and happy attitude, there was something so false about this materialistic girl that forced her to think the opposite. She detested Lindsay, until the night when she invited Gwen to hers to work on their project. There Gwen saw a new side of Lindsay, she saw how her family were so wholesome, and how much they cared for each other, and as dim-witted she may have been, Lindsay was a kind person. This ended up with the two accidently kissing, it was a mistake when they both leant in to grab the same pen.

But they didn't pull away, in fact they both liked it, and from there started their secret relationship, calls at 3 in the morning, texts under different names so no one would know, this was mainly for Gwen's benefit, she didn't want anyone knowing she was in a lesbian relationship, mainly because she was an outcast, she was bullied by the popular girls, so if they found this out, even if she was with Lindsay, they would never let her live it down.

There secret was safe, until the day of their science presentation, they blew it out of the water and when they got their grade back, Lindsay was so happy, she had never gotten a good grade before, she was so ecstatic she threw her arms around Gwen and gave her a sloppy kiss.

Silence fell in the room, Lindsay had blown it.

After that, what Gwen had predicted happened, she was mocked, pushed over in the hallway for kissing a girl, someone wrote 'dirty lesbian' on her locker, however, Lindsay had nothing, not even a mock, if anything people were saying how proud they were that she had the courage to kiss a girl.

That broke Gwen, so one day when Lindsay came bounding after her in the hallway, Gwen snapped.

Lindsay reached out for Gwen's hand and once she had hold of it Gwen heard the immediate cat call.


"That's IT" She screamed, she snatched her hand away from Lindsay's and turned to face her.

"Can't you see what you've done?" Gwen cried at her, "I'm being driven out of this school because of YOU! Because YOU kissed me!"

"What?" Lindsay asked, her puppy dog eyes looking as lost as ever.

"I'm not gay" Gwen cried out, "You forced me!"

Lindsay looked horrified, "What are you saying?"

"It's over! I don't like you".

Those words had been burned to the back of Lindsay's mind, so standing in front of Gwen right not took courage, she hadn't been the same since Gwen snapped at her.

Gwen took another deep breath, "Linds…I'm sorry".

"For what?"

Gwen sighed, she knew Lindsay wasn't going to let her off easily, "For…shouting at you, for saying that this is your fault…It's not, I've taken this whole thing badly, I know it's been a few months, but I can't forget it, I miss you".

Lindsay took in Gwen's words, "Ok…but I'm still confused, are you gay?"

Gwen sighed, "I don't want to put a label on it".

Lindsay frowned, "You're not a can… but I'm not gay either, I like guys, but right now I know that I like you…does that make me a man?"

Gwen smirked, "It makes you bi, because you like both genders".

"Oh…so are you bi? You had all that stuff with Duncan and Trent so…"

"Yeah I guess it does".

Gwen moved closer to Lindsay and pulled her into a hug, "I really like you, you changed me, you made me see how kind and sweet you are".

Lindsay blushed, "I like you too…I feel like I've brought a zombie back to life!"

"For the last time, I'm not a dead person".

"So why do you dress like one?"

Gwen laughed to herself, she reached over and pecked Lindsay's cheek, "Look, maybe we should talk over some hot chocolate, it's so cold".

Lindsay nodded and she put her hand in Gwen's, "Are you ok with this?"

Gwen nodded "Let everyone stare…I'm ready".

'Well you can tell by the way I use my walk,

I'm a woman's man, no time to talk

Music loud and Women warm

I've been kicked around since I was born…'

The BeeGees, Staying Alive.

Beth + Duncan = Becan.

"This film is stupid".

"Just watch it will you? It's only just started".

Duncan had agreed to let Beth choose the film that night, he wished he hadn't, he could be watching the newest slasher movie, he could be watching a washed up Hollywood actress having her guts ripped out right now, but no. He was watching John Travolta shimmy down a street in New York looking like a tool. Yep, Duncan was being forced to watch the classic film, Saturday Night Fever.

How could girls like this? How was this film even popular? Duncan sighed and lent back into the sofa, he glanced over at Beth who was staring dreamily at the TV, Duncan rolled his eyes. Beth had a soft spot for cheesy movies, especially film musicals, he had to endure High School Musical about ten times, he had watched pretty much every episode of Glee and he had been dragged to see Les Miserables the day it came out.

The thing about all this was that he could just about make through a film like today, however being dragged out in public to watch these things was a little embarrassing, he was the bad guy on the street, people used to cross the road when they saw him coming on. But his street cred was going down when people see him coming out of a chick flick at the cinema.

It was all because he liked this girl.

So the film started, John Travolta was a typical guy who liked disco dancing. Still he wasn't grasped by the idea, half way through Duncan finally caved and needed a breather.

"I'm going to the bathroom".

"Ok" Beth said, "But hurry back ok, you can't miss this next bit".

Duncan grunted in response and hurried up the stairs, they were at his folks home while they were out for the night and one thing he liked to do while they were out was snoop though their things.

Tonight was no exception, hopefully he'd find a secret stash of money or something, he started rummaging through his father's side of the closet when he found it.

A hideous polyester suit was hanging in the very back of the closet.

Duncan retched a few times at the sight of it, until his brain clicked. He had just seen this suit on TV, in the movie.

It was the suit Tony Romero wears in Saturday Night Fever.

Duncan smirked, "Beth'll cream."

Beth was getting impatient; Duncan had been upstairs for a very long time. Duncan had missed most of the movie, sighing she put it on pause and got up to go and look for him.

"Duncan, where are you-."


Duncan was standing at the top of the staircase wearing the polyester suit, Beth looked absolutely shocked, she gasped loudly before squealing.

"DUNCAN! You look so hot!"

Duncan strutted down stairs, "You know what? This is pretty comfortable, now I understand why those guys in the film wear suits like this".

"You look like a thousand bucks" Beth cried, "Where did you find that?"

"My parents closet!" Duncan explained, "They must have been diehard fans of the film too".

Beth lent up and kissed Duncan a few times, "You know Halloween is coming up, we should totally go as the couple from the movie!"

Duncan gulped, "Yeah I don't think I'm there yet…"

Beth smiled, "Well even so this is the sweetest thing you have ever done for me".

"Well babe, how could I let my woman down?" Duncan said as he pulled Beth into a hug, "Come on, I missed a lot of the movie while trying to get this suit on, I need to catch up".

'What I got's full stock,

Of thoughts and dreams that scatter,

You pull them all together,

And how I can't explain...'

Daryl Hall & John Oates, You Make my Dreams.

DJ + Noah = Doah.

Noah was looking at himself in the mirror, never in his life had he felt so ridiculous, he was dressed in a blonde wig and a bright pink shirt. He frowned at his reflection, it was Halloween, and right now he could be wrapped up in some online gaming format, but no, he was sticking his neck out on the line here just to impress some guy.

He only hoped that he wasn't making a fool of himself, he was off to a Halloween party tonight and he had heard from several people that the guy he had an eye on for ages, DJ, would be going, and that he would be going as John Oates, an 80s music singer, but this rumour was only so-so true. He had heard from Owen who had decided to do a little snooping for his buddy and Owen often got distracted so he only hoped that Owen remembered correctly.

So Noah did some online research, Google, that kind of stuff and finally built up the costume to go as his partner, Daryl Hall.

Now he was starting to think if this idea was stupid, what would he do when he showed up at the party dressed like this, and DJ had changed his mind to something else? He'd looked like a fool.

Actually, if he was dressed as someone else, and no one knew who Noah was dressed at it could work out, he could just go home.

But at the same time he wanted DJ to notice him, it had been so long since Noah first noticed him and DJ of course looked right through him, it wasn't intentional of course, DJ was one of the nicest guys in school, he had a pet rabbit! He was a gentle giant, it was just no one knew who Noah was, mainly because he liked to keep himself to himself.

But now he was ready to take a step forward, to possibly start making connections with people.

So instead of doing the normal thing and going up and introducing himself, Noah stalked DJ and dressed near identical to him in the hopes they he would strike up a conversation with him.

A fail proof plan, right?

There was a knock at the bathroom door and Owen barged in before Noah could even speak, he was painted from head to toe in green paint, he looked like a wobbly version of the incredibly hulk.

"Noah buddy, the party started two hours ago! What are you doing in here?"

"Nothing" Noah mumbled, he looked in the mirror one more time, "Let's go".

They walked to the house where the Halloween party was being held and sure enough they saw loads of kids from their school outside, the majority of them looked wasted and one guy was passed out on the floor covered in his own sick.

'Jeez the party started two hours ago' Noah thought, he was not going to last the night if this was the calibre of people invited.

The pair walked in, however as soon as they stepped in the doorway, Noah lost Owen to the snack table, leaving him on his own. Noah decided to get himself a drink and mill by the drink table, that way he could see if there was anyone at this party who was decent enough to talk to.

When he saw him, DJ was in the distance talking to a few girls, he gestured to his empty drink and passed through them and started to walk towards Noah.

He froze, DJ was walking straight towards him, in his head Noah started going through so many scenarios, what would happen? Would he notice him? Or would he just ignore him, grab a beer and leave? Who knew?

But then Noah's eyes clocked DJ's, he was looking right at him, and to Noah's surprise, DJ smiled at him.

And as Owen had promised, DJ was dressed as John Oates, a bushy moustache was on his face and an afro on his head, he looked brilliant.

"Well how cool is that? I found my Hall!" DJ said happily.

Noah smiled, "Yeah I suppose you did".

"So Noah, what brings you here, you never come to these parties, heck I never see you outside of school" DJ asked as he leant past Noah to get a beer.

Noah froze, he knew his name! "W-well…Owen wanted to go and he dragged me along, I lost him though".

DJ laughed, "Oh Owen's cool, hey it's fine though, you can stick with me" He wrapped his arm around Noah's shoulder, "Hall and Oates need to stick together right?"

Noah was blushing bright red; thankfully it was dark so no one could see, "Yeah".

'Well you can't get what you want,

But you can get me,

So, let's set up and see love,

'Cause you are my medicine,

When you're close to me,

When you're close to me…'

Gorrilaz, On Melancholy Hill.

Cody + Gwen = Gwody.


Cody looked impatiently at his watch, it was nearly half past twelve, just one more minute and he would be able to see her.

He was sat on a bench in a quiet park area that overlooked the city, this is where he always came for his lunch break ever since he started working as an accountant, he discovered it on his first week on the job and no matter whether it was rain or shine, he would always take his lunch here.

This was mainly because it was so peaceful, and also because of a certain someone he would see everyday.

And that was a beautiful dark haired girl, with teal highlights and pale skin.

One day he was sat eating his sandwich on the bench when he heard footsteps, not taking much notice he carried on eating, until he heard a voice.

"Yeah, I'm just on my lunch break now".

It was a sultry, clear voice that made Cody look up from his lunch and look up and at the beauty, she made him stop eating and watch her talk on her cell phone for a while.

And ever since then he would come to the same bench everyday, and the girl would go to her bench, and Cody would watch her, he had convinced himself that he wasn't stalking her, since it was a coincidence that they both came to the same place every day, plus he was just waiting for the right time and the confidence to go up and talk to her, but that was proving to be quite difficult.

Most of the time she was either listening to loud music, so it would just make the situation awkward to go over and talk to her, or she was on the phone talking so he could disturb her then, or a few times she has been jotting in a book and that would just be rude to interrupt.

"12:30" Cody gasped, he looked up and sure enough this girl was making her way through the park and over to her usual spot to eat, but today was different, Cody watched as she took out her lunch from her bag, acting completely normal, until her head sharply turned and looked right at Cody.

Cody jumped out of his seat, making him through his sandwich to the floor, this made a flock of hungry seagulls come out of nowhere and start fighting over the sandwich, starling Cody even more and making him jumped backwards a few more paces.

"Wow Dude, chill out".

Cody gasped and looked over at the girl, she was looking right back at him again.

"Don't like seagull then?"

Cody blushed, "Well…they took my sandwich".

"You did drop it".

Cody blushed even more, this was going terribly, he had finally gotten the chance to talk to this girl and it was about how he was scared of birds.

The girl rolled her eyes, "If you don't want to sit there anymore then I guess you can come sit here".

Cody didn't hesitate and ran over to the bench and sat down next to her, breathing slightly heavier than normal, he tried to smile at the girl but it came out all creepy, she looked a little freaked out by this.

"M-my name's Cody" He announced finally.

"I'm Gwen" The girl replied.

"It's nice to finally meet you" Cody said happily, something he shouldn't have said.

Gwen stood up quickly, she snatched hold of the scruff of Cody's neck and yanked his arm backwards, causing him to yelp in pain.


"I knew you were stalking me here you little creep! What? You didn't think that I didn't notice you? It's been 4 months!" Gwen snapped as she pulled back his arm even harder.

"Oww! That's not fair!" Cody cried out in defence, "I found this place before you did".

"Yeah? Still that's no exception to watch me every day, in case you didn't realise buddy, I don't like having people stare at me while I'm trying to eat!" Gwen snarled.

"Will you let go of me?" Cody cried out, Gwen finally let go of him and Cody slumped over the bench in pain.

"That'll teach you" Gwen growled before sitting back down on the bench, "Now get out of here".

"Wait" Cody said, gasping for air, "If you knew I was looking at you after all this time, then why did you carry on coming here every day?"

Gwen paused and frowned, "I don't know…because I like this place".

"But you noticed me as well, look I'm sorry I didn't mean to come across all creepy and stalker-ish but it's only because I thought you were really beautiful and I was trying to build up the courage to talk to you, I'm sorry".

Gwen's expression softened, "Wait…you're not a stalker?"

"No! Just an awkward guy".

"Oh" Gwen mumbled, "Well now I feel a little bad".

"No…maybe I shouldn't have stared at you for so long".


The two sat in silence for a few minutes before Gwen reached into her back and pulled out her book that she occasionally wrote in while eating her lunch.

"Here, while we're confessing".

She handed Cody the book and he looked at it confused, he opened it and read once of the pages.

'That creep in the brown suit is looking at me again, if it wasn't for the fact that he's pretty cute then I would have gone over there and ripped his face off already'.

Cody smirked, brown suits were his trademark at work, "You think I'm cute?"

"A little".


"Cool?" Gwen scoffed, "Are you really going to leave it like that?"


"Well both of us have just made a little connection, are we going to see each other again or just be those creepy people on the benches?" She asked.

Cody swallowed hard, "Wait…do you want to go for a date or something?"

Gwen shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know, it would be nice".

Cody beamed, "Ok! Then let's make it official, I would like to take you on a date Gwen".

Gwen smiled, "Alright".

The two smiled at each other before Gwen looked down at her phone, "Shoot, I've got to get back, but here's my number, so give me a call sometime, if not I guess I'll see you tomorrow here anyway".

She hurried off, leaving Cody with a small bit of paper with her number on it, Cody stared at the paper with his mouth open in shock.

He had done it, after four months of the same routine, he had finally done it.

'Got me out here in the water so deep,

Tell me how you gonna be without me,

If you ain't here I just can't breath,

It's no air, no air…'

Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, No Air.

Heather + Tyler = Heathler.

"What the Hell do you think you are doing?"

Heather could hear the angry voice behind her, yet she didn't stop walking, she walked towards her cabin on Camp Wawanakwa refusing to listen.

Tyler was running after her, he was furious, Heather had ruined things for him and Lindsay for the final time, the last straw was having a boat thrown at his head, what kind of girl was even strong enough to lift a canoe over her head and throw it at someone?

He wanted to know why, he knew that she and Lindsay had some sort of voting strategy going on, like it really bothered him, he was on the other team anyway, but what he cared about was how she had an issue with him and Lindsay getting it on.

"Come on Heather, you've got a problem no spit it out" He shouted at her.

Heather finally paused and turned around; she glared at Tyler and stormed back towards him.

"Look, little boy, I'm going to win this competition, Lindsay is going to help me do it and I'm not going to let pathetic boys like you ruin this for me" She snapped at him.

"I don't care about your little alliance, Heather" Tyler growled back, "I like this girl ok, but someone is a little too bitter to let us be happy".

"Please, like she'll remember your name in the morning".

"She's smarter than you think" Tyler hissed at her.

Tyler turned on his heel ready to walk back, until it hit him, why would Heather want him and Lindsay to be apart, they were on opposite teams so why would that affect voting? Tyler looked back around at Heather.

"What's the real reason?"

"What? What are you talking about" Heather growled.

Tyler turned back, "You're not telling me something, there's something else about why you don't like me and Lindsay".

"Because it's stupid" Heather spat, "She doesn't even like you, she's just missing her life from back home which was nothing but boys and you're just a number to her".

"That's rude" Tyler said, narrowing his eyebrows.


"Why are you being so rude to someone who is meant to be your friend?" Tyler asked, folding his arms.

Heather scoffed, "Wow, you are thick, Lindsay is nothing but the first person that I set eyes on to use to win this, winning is the only thing that is important to me".

"What like winning me over?"

"Don't be so ridiculous…"

Heather pursed her lips and turned away again, "I'm going".


Heather's head whipped around, "Leave me alone Tyler".

"Do you like me? Is that it, you're being so mean about Lindsay because she got there first right?"

"I said leave me alone".

"I knew it, well guess what, I'm not interested".

"Fuck off Tyler".

"I'm not interested in a nasty piece of work like you".


Heather came crashing back and snatched hold of Tyler, at first he thought she was going to kill him, but she grabbed hold of his face and pressed her lips against his, it was so forceful it knocked him back a couple of steps, his eyes widened and the shock of Heather throwing herself at him had stunned him.

Heather slowly pulled away but kept a firm hand on Tyler's cheek, "I can't breath when I see you with her".

Finally regaining the ability to move, Tyler brushed Heather's hand off his face and swallowed hard, of how he hoped that this wasn't being filmed. He placed his hands on the back of his head and backed away from Heather, she looked taken aback, tears brimming in her eyes.

'Now this is a new site' Tyler thought, Heather looked ready to cry, so vulnerable.

"What do you expect me to do?" He asked.

"I don't know…"

Tyler bit his lip, God, that kiss was so good, but this girl was pure evil, what would happen next? Should he kiss her again and play with fire? Or go back to the sweet Lindsay?

"Oh God" he groaned.

He found his feet automatically making their way back to her; he grabbed hold of her and pulled her into a hug, which soon turned into a kiss. A long passionate kiss.

Tyler pulled away and pressed his forehead against Heather's, "Can you breath now?"

Heather slowly nodded, "Just about".

'You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs,

But I look around me and I see it isn't so,

Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs

And what's wrong with that?

I'd like to know,

Cos here I go, again…'

Paul McCartney, Silly Love Songs.

Harold + Trent = Harent.

It had been a touch day for the Drama Brothers, what after the success of their first song 'When I Cry' they needed their follow up, something that would blow there first hit out of the water and really make their careers set off.

They had spent all night in a recording studio, trying to figure out where the next song would come from, there had been pizza, lots of cans of red bull and even the occasional vodka shot, yet still nothing.

Right now it was 4 in the morning and Justin was slumped in a chair fast asleep, Cody had left due to a curfew, which left Harold and Trent, Harold had given up trying to write anything and was trying to solve a rubix cube. Trent was the only one who was trying to power through, he sighed and tried to scribble a few words down.

Why was this so hard for him? After all of the songs that had came out of just sitting in a bedroom with his guitar, now his brain just couldn't get into gear. Where was all the teenage angst when he needed it?

He then started to think about who this song was aimed for; this song was aimed for all the teenage girls who had made his first song a hit, they were the dedicated ones screaming whenever they saw one of them in public, they were the ones who waited all night to be the first ones to download their debut song.

So this song needed to be something personal, something that reached right into the hearts of these girls, that said 'we love you'.

That was it, instead of trying to go down this cool image bad boy route, how about a good old love song? Like classic Stevie Wonder and Beatles kind of stuff.

Trent's brain had a jump-start and suddenly he was writing words down, rhymes were just flowing out of his head. He smiled to himself; this song was going to be amazing.

Trent was so into writing down the lyrics to this song that he didn't hear the heavy breathing above him, until the voice spoke.

"What's that?"

Trent jumped and turned around to see Harold looking over his shoulder, "Jeez you scared the crap out of me".

"What are you writing?"

Trent frowned, "Our song, you know the one we were meant to write together? Do you know what, never mind, I'm on to something here, check it out".

He handed Harold his notebook and he looked over the words to his new song, but to Trent's surprise Harold scoffed loudly.

"This lovey-dovey piece of crap?"

"Excuse me!" Trent snapped, "This piece of crap will be our next hit, this is what sells, love sells big time".

"There are far too many love songs out there already, I want to do something where I can rap".

"You'd be able to rap in this, don't you worry, your rapping is one of the best things in this band" Trent said.


"Look, this girls will go crazy for a good love song, y'know? Can you remember the first time you fell in love?" Trent asked.

Harold shrugged his shoulders, "I guess, but what makes you think that this would sell?"

"Because its just how the world works, teenage girls have some sort of a weird obsession with love, did you know that some girls have written fanfictions about us in a relationship?" Trent said.

"What? That's fricking weird" Harold said, wrinkles his nose.

"I dunno, I think they might have a point" Trent said, a little smirk on his face.

Harold paused, "What do you mean?"

"Never mind" Trent said, "Personally I don't think there are enough love songs in this world, there's too much hate, so what do you think?"

"I guess we could do a love song" Harold said shrugging his shoulders and sitting next to Trent, "But you've pretty much written it already".

"So? I could always use someone to read over it" He said as he wrapped his arms around Harold.

Harold blushed profusely, "Gosh" He muttered quietly.

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