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Summary: Harry never expected to be betrayed by his former friends after defeating Voldemort nor did he expect to be executed Via the Veil of Death. But what he really didn't expect was for the Veil to lead to another world. Cast into the world of 07 Ghost, Harry goes from a mere slave to the leader of the resistance against the Barsburg Empire's tyranny. Helping a certain Prince of Raggs and Zehel along the way.

A/N: This first chapter is basically a giant flashback giving a general picture of how Harry was betrayed, came to the 07 Ghost world, and his life there in until the first chapter. This prologue is separated into different parts, or different stages of Harry, later know as Hariel's, early life in the empire.

A/N 2: Prologue is set three years before cannon, six moths living with an adopted family. 1½ years of servitude and a year of leading the resistance a few months into cannon Harry will meet up with Teito and Frau when they need help.


Prologue: Part One Looking Back to the Past: Betrayed

Looking back, Harry, now known as Hariel, could see all the signs that Ron and Hermione were not his true friends. First was Ron's inerrant jealousy that led him to abandoning Harry time and time again. That one was easy to spot. Hermione, however... It took him a few years to find the signs. Hermione always talked down to him and Ron, making them out to be stupid. She also discreetly controlled what Harry learned. Most of the books given to him by her were for combat, or on the rare occasion, Quidditch. Anything else he wanted to look at that wasn't related to classes mysteriously reappeared from the library or his so-called friends distracted him before he could look at it.

In short, they helped turn him into a weapon. Still, Harry knew that wasn't the reason they had had him thrown in the Veil. No, that was due to his creature inheritance. It wasn't a dark or evil creature, but it was a free spirited one. One that would be harder to control and manipulate. It seems that Lilly Evans wasn't as human as she seemed. Lilly had been a nymph. Nymphs or nature spirits were free spirited, untamable and immortal. In the ancient past, muggles depicted them as friends and devout followers of certain Gods. Whether or not they really were is up for debate. Once Ron and Hermione figured out that they would no longer have Harry following them like a puppy doing what they thought best, it was decided that it was time to get rid of him.

It must have been a surprisingly simple affair to have him framed as the next dark lord. Kingsley had been assassinated a few months into term and Umbridge of all people had been the new minister. Her money kept her out of Azkaban for her Nazi like crimes against muggleborns during the war. Needless to say, all it took was for them to say they could get rid of Harry, and add his half nymph status and he was in Azkaban so fast his head was still spinning days later. A quick kangaroo court later and Harry was being led in chains to the Veil of Death, a cruel touch from his former friends, to bring up memories of Sirius. After Umbridge read his list of 'crimes', Ron had the honor of shoving his former best friend through the veil.

'Luckily, I left everything to Teddy in my will.' was the sardonic thought that went through Harry's mind as he was pushed. A strange thing to be thinking when one is about to die…


Prologue: Part TwoA New World and Family

When he came to, Harry was in a world of pain. Being dead didn't hurt, as far as he was aware, so he could rule out being dead. He lay there a few more moments to take shock of his injuries, closing his eyes again. There was no sharp pain of broken bones, a plus, no stickiness of blood, another plus, but he did have a bone deep ache. Either he was very bruised or something heavy ran over him. Sitting up, Harry found himself in a field at the edge of what looked like a worn down little village. Hopefully, he could get some help there.

Staggering to his feet, he made his slow and slightly painful way to the dilapidated village. When he got there, the first thing that came to his mind was, 'There is no way someone would live here'. He was proven wrong shortly after by a rustling noise in one of the run-down cottages.

Harry peeked through a window and was met by the sight of a frightened looking little girl and her mother. Holding his hands up in the universal sign of peace, he said, "I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone lived here."

The woman looked at him in confusion and said something Harry couldn't understand. After a few minutes, it was obvious to them both that neither of them could understand the other. The woman cautiously let him in after he gave her a silver sickle he found in the pocket of his robes, the only money he had on himself.

At first, they were wary of each other but as the weeks went by and Harry started picking up the language, they soon began to trust each other. From what Harry gathered the woman, Anita, and her daughter, Claire, were some of the few free survivors of a kingdom called Raggs. It was seven years after the war, but the Barsburg Army still made sweeps of certain areas looking for strays. For some reason, the empire was determined to make sure nothing of Raggs remained free.

It was a hard life, farming amongst the ruins in order to hide their existence from the empire. What they grew, they ate, and the little silver coin Harry had given them was used in the winter to buy food when they had run out. Anita had remarked to him that if he had not come along they wouldn't have survived the autumn, much less the winter.

Harry had been living with Anita and Claire for about six months. Six months of a family and being adopted as Anita's son and Claire's big brother, though she claimed him her big sister. Which had Harry yelling in indignation and Anita laughing with belly-hugging mirth.

The pain when Harry had come to this world was from his final inheritance. His Nymph blood had taken over, making him a full-blooded nymph and androgynous. Added to the fact that he hadn't had a chance to cut his hair for two years (1), he looked more female then male at that point. It was a blow to his male pride, but on the bright side, he didn't need his glasses, he was starting to be able to do wandless magic, though the attempts were very weak, and his reflexes were better than ever. All in all life, though hard, was good and very happy. Harry wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.


Prologue: Part ThreeSacrifice and Capture

It was late spring, nearly summer, the deep snow that had covered the land in winter was long gone and the last of the spring crop had ripened. Harry and his family were busy picking all they could, preserving some of the fruits and vegetables for the next winter and eating the rest. When Anita had starting preserving fruits after the second large harvest, she had explained to Harry that winter in the former Raggs kingdom was always very harsh and to get enough food, they started preserving right away. So Harry had made it his top priority to get as much food for his surrogate family as possible.

He also was the one leaving the house the most these days. Earlier in the year Harry had gone into a town to trade a couple jars of preserved strawberries for some cloth in a distant town. Claire needed a cloth added to her dress, and while Harry's old school robe helped make a dress for Anita, they still needed more fabric for Claire. It was lucky he did. The people of the town believed that Harry was a farmer's son and happily shared the gossip with him.

Barsburg soldiers were coming to the area later in the spring. Another sweep for Raggs people was in order. Though the news gripped his heart with icy claws, Harry acted casual and got all the information he could from the old gossip. After trading for the cloth, he made his way home.

Once he out of sight, Harry ran as fast as he could. The day after he got home, Harry started digging a hidden room under one of the collapsed houses. Only accessible through a hole in the wall of the fallen house, one would have to know where it was to find it.

After finishing the hidden room, Harry had stocked it with a barrel of water and some left over canned food. "Better safe than sorry," he told Anita. The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, it seemed as if the army might not come.

One day in early summer, everything changed. Harry had ventured to one of the farther out snares to check for rabbits when he saw black in the distance… Which was unusual. It was with a pang of dread he realized what he was seeing. A battalion of soldiers in uniform was making a sweep, heading from the dilapidated village.

Forgetting the snare all together, Harry ran faster than he ever had before. Slamming the cottage door open, he only said three words. "They are coming." Anita quickly started grabbing things to hide, yelling for Claire to go to the safe house. When he asked what she was doing, Anita replied that she was hiding evidence of people being there.

Harry took the stuff from her and told her to hide with Claire; he would take care of hiding the evidence. It took a moment, but she agreed running to the safety of the shelter he had built after giving Harry a fierce hug, telling him to hurry. And hurry Harry did. He hid every sign that someone lived in the cottage. The only problem was once he finished hiding their belongings, the soldiers were close enough to see him. A cry rang out, and Harry knew he could not go to the shelter with out compromising Anita and Claire. So he did the only thing he could, he diverted their attention.

Hermione may have been a traitor but one thing about Harry she did have right, he had a hero complex. Despite his Slytherin half telling him to stop causing such a huge commotion and hide, Harry made sure he had the soldiers' full attention.

He took off running at full speed from the soldiers, making it look like a desperate attempt to escape. A panicking civilian. It worked. While some of the battalion was tracking down Harry, the others searching the village were slightly preoccupied with him on their mind. Lamenting the fact they could chase after their quarry and in doing so missing the hidden food stores and Anita and Claire entirely.

It seemed that for once Lady Luck was smiling on Harry. Keeping her evil and sadistic sisters, the Fates, away from her favored child. She must have gotten distracted, because Harry's foot got caught in one of his own snares while she wasn't looking. The Fates and their friend, Trouble, had their favorite toy again.

Though Harry quickly disentangled his foot from the snare, his ankle was severely sprained, hindering his movement significantly. It would only be a matter of time before the soldiers caught him now. He was in an open field; there was no place to hide.

Getting to his feet as best he could, Harry moved as swiftly as his sprained ankle would allow him to. Five minutes later, he was caught. His arms grabbed and pinned to the side and a ring of glowing zaiphon encircling his neck. Any resistance would result in death.

As he was taken back to the leader of the troops, unbreakable chains were placed on his wrists and ankles (2). After a report that there was no one and nothing else in the village, Harry let out a mental sigh of relief; outwardly, he showed no emotions other that his hate for the soldiers and struggling against the chains vainly. A few words in another language (3) and the troops started to march away from the ruined village, away from Harry's adopted family.


Prologue Part Four:The Great Carl-sama (4) and Enslavement

In the weeks after Harry's capture, he was sold to a sklave trader named Carl. Though the man insisted to be called Carl-sama. The man was self absorbed, vain (though so ugly only his mother could love him) and completely idiotic. He made Professor Lockhart look like a humble and contrite man. Carl-sama was, during the weeks he owned Harry, always gushing about how he would make a fortune off him and how he was bought at a 'very reasonable price, plus discount for the damaged ankle.' He even had Harry tell him what his skills were for optimum sale price.

Harry could barely contain himself from rolling his eyes. The guy was a complete idiot; so stupid, in fact, he was embarrassing. Hell, he made Harry feel embarrassed for him, a truly difficult feat.

Nonetheless, Harry told him in fear of having to listen to him talk more, not in fear of his whip. The Dursleys were good for something, it seemed. His cooking skills were on par with a gourmet chef, his cleaning was on par with professionals, and his gardening was perfect. There was no other word for it. He had always been good at gardening, but since his nymph blood came to the picture, it was beyond compare in the world he found himself in now.

Carl-sama did make a great deal of money off of him. Not only were his skills flawless, he was pleasing to the eye. A good combination for domestic servants for the nobility. Which is how he found himself in service to the Oak family. A family of nobles that either went into the Military or was involved with politics, though he heard rumors from the staff that one son, Hakuren, was trying to become a bishop, much to the displeasure of his father.

Life at the Oak house as a slave was like being back at the Dursleys minus his cupboard or his room. Harry shared with the other male slaves, while the women slaves were in another wing. The only bearable member of the family that owned him was the Mistress of the House.

Mistress Oak was a kind, soft-spoken person. She was the beloved of the slaves and staff. They never received a harsh word from her, nor were they punished or treated cruelly at her hand. Harry liked her immensely, she was truly kind to him and he could see a spark of sorrow in her eyes for him and the other slaves. The fact that her husband his master treated her cruelly only caused Harry to admire her more for being strong enough to stay as kind as she was while being treated so horribly. Harry had taken to bringing her hot chocolate and a cookie or two after a bad fight with her husband. Not because it was called for, but out of his respect for her.


A year and a half later, Harry was assigned the task of being Shuri Oak's main servant. Shuri Oak was one of the cruelest members of the family, second only after his after. His cruel treatment and callous words of the idiot of the Oak family made him one of the most hated amongst Harry and his fellow slaves.

It was during Harry's time as Shuri's slave that he seriously started contemplating his escape. Shuri wasn't very smart, and in fact, he was an outright idiot. The fact that he told Harry to wait outside of a shop or some other place while unattended was evidence of that. Harry was just starting to form his plans when the event that would cause a proverbial landslide happened. He had been waiting as per usual outside a store when a commotion started a few feet away.

Giving in to his curiosity, he walked to the crowd to have a look. In the center was a small sklave child being kicked repeatedly. "What was that sklave? Why don't you repeat that?" The soldier yelled, twice the child's size, weight, and age.

"What's going on?" One of the spectators asked.

"The sklave had the nerve to speak in his native tongue." was the reply. Harry saw red at that point. Being beaten for simply speaking his/her own language. Barsburg wanted to erase the very existence of Raggs but this was going too far (5). He himself had been punished on a few occasions for letting a word of the Raggs language slip (it was the language Anita and Claire had taught him after all), but nothing compared to this.

Before he could do anything stupid, however, Harry walked away from the scene and cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled as loud as he could, "Thief! Thief! Someone stop him, thief!" That got every ones attention. The soldiers kicking the child gave one last kick before running towards the direction they thought the shouting came from.

Once the crowd dispersed, Harry went over to the child and kneeled down beside him. "Are you ok, little one?" He asked kindly.

The child uncurled from his ball slowly looking at Harry in wonder before giving him a watery smile. "'M fine," was the mumbled reply. The child got to his feet and brushed himself off with the air one of one used to such pain. Then, he went back towards the store that apparently owned him with a large limp. At that moment, Harry decided, as Shuri came out of the store and shoved the bags into Harry's hands, the next chance he got, he would escape. Not only that but he would join the resistance, there had to be one. And if there wasn't he would start one himself. An empire like this one either needed major reform or to be obliterated from the world entirely.


Prologue Part Five:Escape and the Resistance

The Death of Harry and the Birth of Hariel

It was as easy to escape as Harry had first predicted. Shuri and his friends had gone into the theater and his oh-so intelligent master had told him to wait from them and left him to his own devices. All Harry had to do was leave the theater on the pretence that he was fetching something for his master. By the time Shuri came out of the theater and started looking for his sklave, Harry was long gone.

Blending in with the crowd wasn't as hard as Harry would have expected either, these people were so set in their own superiority that they didn't think twice that a sklave would be smart enough to blend in with them. All it took was some stolen street clothes and a hidden collar and viola! An instant free civilian look.

Harry really had to shake his head at this. These people were starting to make Crabbe and Goyle look smart, and that was saying something. The thing that turned out the most difficult, however, was the resistance. It was practically nonexistent. What little resistance there was formed was made up of escaped combat sklaves who had no organization what so ever. They were being wiped out by the hundreds daily.

It took months but Harry finally managed to get together a small organized group made of a mixture of runaways, free Raggs, and some people from Antwort, a Kingdom that was once an ally of Raggs.

The things they caused started out simple. Stealing food supplies from forts of the Barsburg army. Setting off fire works at check points to create chaos (Harry stole that out of Fred and George's book, the only two alive that stayed loyal to him), giving military cars and ground transports flat tires with nails pushed through rubber, not unlike the spike strips used by Earth's police when in a high speed chase.

It didn't take very long for Harry's Resistance group to take off. It was during this time that Harry changed his name to Hariel. Harry Potter was dead, killed by his so-called friends. Hariel was the leader of the Resistance, a nymph fighting in the shadows for the freedom of the oppressed. Not one group's savior and whipping boy according to the public's whim. Mentally, Hariel held a memorial service for his once-self and former life, completely accepting the fact that that chapter of his life was over and never coming back. It was then Hariel was born from the ashes that were once Harry Potter.


A year had passed since Hariel had escaped slavery and started the Resistance. The once-small group was flourishing. Sabotaging the army was going wonderfully, and they had started a new branch of freeing slaves. He named it 'The Underground' and they were now just a few weeks after starting it, rescuing three to five sklaves a week, which was not a bad start. In a few weeks time, that number would double.

It was a month later that trouble began for the Resistance. Hariel was at the resistance's legitimate front, a general store when a member of the military came in. Hariel didn't know it at the time but it was a member of the Black Hawks, warsfeil that served the army.

The man was tall with black hair. He also had sunglasses, two katana with black hilts and red tassels, a lollipop was in his mouth, and a smile was on his face. Inwardly, Hariel shivered; this man felt wrong, very wrong. He felt black, tainted, and his aura seemed oily from the taint.

Despite all of this, Hariel showed no outward signs of discomfort. He smiled kindly at the man, "How may I help you today, sir?" He asked.

The man leaned over the counter and took out his lollipop, the smile never once falling from his face. "I'm looking for a runaway sklave by the name of Teito Klein. We happen to know you have quite a collection Harry-chan, and I really want this particular one~" The man said in an almost sing song voice.

Hariel stilled; no one knew the name Harry, it was from his sklave days, and he had started going by Hariel right after his escape.

Drawing up his Gryffindor courage, Hariel looked the man straight in the eyes, well, in this case, sunglasses. His formerly kind face changed to hard mask and his brilliant emerald eyes turning to frozen chips of jade. "There is no Harry here, I do not know this Teito Klein, sir, but if I did I would never help the likes of you" Hariel spat, his voice a mixture of ice and venom.

This man's aura reminded him of many of the Death Eaters he had fought in his years in the wizarding world. The major difference of it however was the taint was much stronger and much more evil than the death eaters. This man's aura was more like Voldemort's (6). "Get out of my shop NOW!" The last part while whispered had all the force of a charging elephant.

The man just smiled his infuriating smile and popped his lollipop back in his mouth. "I'll be calling on you again, Harry-chan, even if you don't have Teito, we can't let you keep messing with the military, can we?" With that, he sauntered out of the shop, snatching a candy apple from a shelf as he left.

Hariel stood frozen for a moment before springing into action. He locked the shop, put the closed sign up on the window before going into the back of his shop and down a trap door similar to the one in Honeydukes.

Hariel ran full speed down the tunnel after placing a locking charm on the trap door. His wandless magic was still shaky but he had first year material almost completely mastered by this point. After a few miles of running down the long tunnel and arming several traps that were keyed to his magic, Hariel made it to the underground base of the resistance.

Barreling into the main room and casting several first year locking charms on the door, he turned to look at the members of the resistance assembled there. "We have a Code Orange (7). We are evacuating, via the under ground tunnels to Points B, E, and G. Points C, D, and F are to be stripped of their contents and split between those three areas. Point A has already been sealed for the moment; I will take care of blocking the entrances from there to here. Move out!"

The members split themselves up and went about the tasks ordered splitting into groups of six and carrying out the orders as planned incase of a code orange emergency. Hariel unlocked the door he had locked with an Alohomora and made his was back to the shop, sealing certain points against intruders and collapsing the tunnel between the sealed points.

By the time he made it back to the shop, it was nightfall. Hariel had just climbed out of the trap door, activated the magical seal placed on it, and collapsed the tunnel under it. If anyone managed to open the trap door now, it would look like a simple underground storeroom instead of a tunnel.

Calmly, Hariel went to his apartment above the shop, took a long shower, and then changed into simple nondescript clothing. He tied his mokeskin money purse that Hagrid gave him all those years ago securely to his belt and filled it with all the money and food it could carry, which was admittedly a lot. Before her betrayal, he had asked Hermione place an undetectable extension charm on it. After checking to make sure he had everything ready to go, he braided his hair (he and his nymph self liked his hair long) and tucked it up under a black cap then left the building through the back door. Hariel then made his way through the back allies a few miles before slipping discreetly into the after work crowd and heading towards the city gate. A quick spark of magic triggered fireworks to go off at all checkpoints simultaneously and Hariel slipped seemingly undetected into the night.

Unbeknownst to him Hyuuga watched him with a grin from a rooftop. Too bad they had just got a lock on to where Teito was staying, this new guy was fun. He really wanted a new plaything. Oh well, they'd cross paths again; Aya-tan was very interested in this guy, especially after hearing how Hariel felt to Hyuuga. He definitely didn't feel human…


AN: Ok this is the Prologue I won't write any more unless this gets a positive response, this is my first crossover and work in progress.

(1) Its mentioned in passing during DH that Harry's hair is down to his shoulders just before he and his friends are captured by the snatchers. My reasoning for Harry's hair still being long is no chance to cut it, eventually it grows on him.. I plan on Having Harry (Hariel) be like Haku (from Naruto He's still my favorite Character) able to look like either a guy or a girl. It would also work well disguising himself if he gets in a tight situation -evil grins-

(2) Think the chains on Teito after he is captured, they won't break and won't come off until he is bought and had a sklave collar put on him.

(3) Raggs and Barsberg have different languages. Think of the Antwort twins one only speaks the Raggs language while the other speaks both.

(4) Carl-sama is a cannon character in the manga and really is a complete idiot, he makes me cringe due to his stupidity

(5) The Barsberg Empire does obliterate any culture Raggs had, This is to keep the eye of Mikhail weak. The language is not spoken and the history, literature and songs have been all but erased from all records.

(6) I think Warsfeil would feel have slimy and oily and generally evil if one could feel their aura, they are servants of Ayanami who is pure evil, they are also born not made. So In my reasoning warsfeil would feel very similar, if more intense than Voldemort, while Ayanami would feel worse than Voldemort Ayanami would feel like pure evil.

(7) Code Orange a level of danger for the resistance here is the color code

Green- all is well

Yellow- under suspicion be on alert

Orange- high danger relocate to new area asap

Red- base discovered, or under attack those not under attack relocate to a new area after collapsing the under ground tunnels that connect to the main base (the under ground base mentioned in prologue)