3m agoDear Fans, minions and frankly loyal readers that I am stunned stuck around this long.

In answer to the many queries into my state of life or lack there of: Sorry I was bitten by a zombie werewolf with vampirism and am a member of the undead so no I'm dead.

That being said an update for monster is in the works. What is holding it up is world building because before I post the latest chapter I want to have at least an outline for the dark tournament arc. So far I have a beginning and an ending. It's the middle and building everything from scratch in a realistic 3D approach that is taking so long.

I want this to be as realistic as possible and I am consulting other authors occasionally for advice when I get stuck. The next update should contain a minimal of 5k words and I'm thinking I'm going to split the 7 days covering the tournament into four 10 to 15k long chunks.

I am building personalities from the ground up for the black black club and putting actual reality into a world we get a single one dimensional glance into , the world of the evil rich and powerful of the yyh world, and making it into a believable reality with customs ettiquette, full of realistic actions, reactions, conversations and situations.

I am also juggling this with my real life which has crumbled down around me spectatularly in the past few years, so in between holding my self together with duct tape and dealing with one blow after another I a, writing a few sentences here or there. Coming up with a major plot point. Playing with the idea of Yuuki taking Karasu's place in the tournament to keep the dead Sakiyo plot point.

The only story that I may possibly totally lay aside is Meow. It's my most popular story but because of the non con and Dub con laced through out I can't look at it any more with out my PTSD violently acting up.

Hariel of the resistance is going to have a much different ending than it was.

Sweet Misery is going to get an over haul on plot points and it's over all flow as it was badly edited.

I am going to soon be making a Ireadtomuch facebook account for those who wish to speak directly to me as I hardly ever chck Pms.

I hope this long and slightly rambleling message has answered some of your questions.

Thanks for reading my work

-ireadtomuch the undead zombie wearwolf vampire of doom-