Baby, That's What Love is About

By jjd022980

I want to thank a really good friend of mine for helping with writing a part of this chapter for me! I love her to pieces and without her this story would have no light since she is my muse! Thanks EM! Oh, if you are going to flame this story in anyway please find something else to do and don't critize my fellow writers as well. We've worked hard to bring you good stories and I know people are entitled to their opinions but keep them to yourself unless their positive! Love all of you that have been waiting for an update! This is a little intermission before the fun starts! Enjoy!

The day started like no other as Tony and Ziva went for a walk in the park. Tony was getting restless staying in the house coupe up so she suggested a walk in the park since he couldn't run quite yet since Brad hadn't given him the okay.

Stopping for a moment, he took a deep solid breath to fill his lungs. Ziva stopped beside him and smiled. She only knew a little of what he went through with the plague from McGee as she was hoping maybe Tony would open up a little bit more. Tony looked at her and smiled.

"Sorry Zee, still short winded."

Ziva shook her head. "No worries, Tony. You've been through a lot. At least your not, what you call it, coughing up a lung, yes?"

Tony shook his head and laughed lightly. "Been talking to McGee, I see. I guess you want to know about the plague and why my lungs are the way they are now."

Ziva ducked her head. "I didn't mean to pry Tony. I knew from your dossier about it, but I was hoping you would tell me what it was like, but if you don't feel up to it, I understand."

Tony pulled her in a hug. "It's just something I don't like to talk about, but you got to know sometime." He looked at the park bench in the distance. "Come on, I need to sit and I will tell you about the plague from the dark ages."

They walked towards the bench and spent the rest of the day enjoying each other's company as Tony told her about the plague.

In the distance, Kort watched and waited to make his move as he watched the two friends.


Gibbs sat at his desk and looked over a case to ease his frustration. Slamming down on the keyboard once again, McGee jumped and finally walked towards the desk.

"Boss, it's doing you no good sitting stewing on what is going to happen next? Why don't you go home and relieve Ziva? I bet Tony is just as restless as you are being coupe up all day long for a while."

Gibbs looked up at his junior agent and smiled. "I guess you're right, Tim. It's doing me no good sitting here worrying and scaring people."

Tim shook his head. "Don't worry about it Boss. If something comes up you'll be the first to know. Besides it might give Ziva a break since probably Tony is driving her nuts only the way Tony does."

Grabbing his gun and badge, Gibbs pushed in the drawer and patted McGee's shoulder. "Thanks Tim."

McGee smiled. "Your welcome, boss."

Gibbs walked into the elevator as Vance looked down the balcony sneering.

"Just you wait Gibbs. Just you wait."


Tony and Ziva made their way just as Gibbs pulled into the driveway. Gibbs smiled, stepping out of the car. Tony walked up to him and gave him a hug.

"McGee kicked you out?"

Gibbs nodded. "Yeah, I guess me taking my frustration on my computer was scaring him since you know me and machines."

Ziva laughed. "Oh yeah we do." She looked at the couple. "Well I guess my babysitting duties are over." She leaned over and kissed Tony on the cheek. "Thank you for sharing." She walked towards her car and then left.

Gibbs looked at him curiously. "Care to share?"

Tony shook his head. "I just talked to her. She's been talking to McGee about my lungs and why they are the way they are and I finally told her. I think she felt left out."

Gibbs hugged him. "I'm glad you did. I also glad she's starting to talk to you a lot again since after what happened in Somalia and with her father."

Tony instinctively rubbed his shoulder. "Let's not go on that road again. That's something I want to forget that ever happened." He looked at him seductively. "Let's say you and me continue some of that light exercise from last night, shall we."

Gibbs shook his head, groaning. "God you're incorrigible."

They walked into the house locking the door behind them.

"I have been dreaming of his moment all day," Tony whispered as he pinned his lover to the closed front door. Kissing his way up Jethro's neck, Tony stopped for a moment before running his tongue over Jethro's lips while he worked the buttons of his shirt.

"Ziva was here," Gibbs gasped. "You dreamed about this when talking to Ziva?"

"Oh you have no idea what I dreamed about when I was talking with Ziva but I am going to show you." Tony leaned in and kissed Jethro's lips as he slipped the jacket and shirt off his toned body.

"Tony," Gibbs whispered as he pulled the man's shirt over his head. "I want you."

Walking Gibbs up the stairs, Tony kicked open the bedroom door while he locked lips with his lover. It wasn't until they ran into the bed that they separated. Making quick work of removing his own clothing, Tony turned back to his silver haired lover.

"I love you," Gibbs whispered as Tony unzipped his pants and pushed them off his hips.

"I know," Tony smirked as he pushed Gibbs flat on his back on the bed.

Moving so that he was settled into the space between Gibbs' legs; they groins were pushed together. Tony thrust his hips down against his lover's body sprawled beneath him, nipping at the pulse point in Jethro's neck as he did.

"Tony," Gibbs panted. "You're supposed to be taking it easy."

Dipping his head down, Tony licked the object of his affection, humming softly as he ran his hands down the length of his lover's arms spread out on either side of Jethro's body.

"DiNozzo," Jethro snapped throwing Tony's attention from his hard cock allowing Gibbs the upper hand. Flipping them so that Tony was now on the bottom, Gibbs smiled down at his stunned lover; "You're supposed to be taking it easy."

Laughing, Tony squirmed under the heavy weight of Jethro's body, panting slightly at the way his lover held his body pinned to the bed without much of an effort.

Growling, Jethro swooped down and attacked Tony's mouth with fervor. Tony had loved Jethro's kisses since the first one. They were always firm and dominant, but loving and careful. They made Tony feel like he was the center of Jethro's world; as if he were the only thing that mattered to the marine turned NCIS special agent.

Jethro had made it clear from the very first touch that he was in it for the long haul and he expected Tony to feel the same way. They had danced around each other for over a year before Jethro had finally snapped after seeing Tony with another guy. The next time they were alone he had shoved Tony against a wall, kissed him within an inch of his life and told Tony that he was tired of denying his feelings.

Tony gasped as he felt Jethro's hands slip under him and grip his ass, spreading the cheeks and flicking a finger softly against Tony' hole. It was loose and wet with lube from where Tony had prepared himself earlier. "God… Jethro," Tony groaned as he wrapped his legs around Jethro's waist, one of his hands threading through the short silver hair.

Moving down Tony' body, Jethro sucked and licked every inch of skin he came across, eliciting mews and sighs as he worked. Latching onto a pebbled pink nipple, Jethro lightly bit the flesh and grinned around it as Tony' body arched off the bed, a high pitched scream falling from his lover's lips.

"I love it when you scream for me," Jethro chuckled.

Tony moaned incoherently as he felt Jethro's lips travel down his stomach, licking the muscles, delving into the belly button and finally wrapping around the head of his cock, encasing it in the warm wet heat of his mouth. He sucked the head, laving his tongue around the underside, knowing the perfect spot to get Tony to scream once again. Jethro slowly bobbed his head up and down, taking more of the length with each pass, only to pull back and lightly nibble the head once again.

Grabbing Jethro's head, Tony tried to push his cock farther into the heaven surrounding it, but Jethro growled and grabbed both of his hands with one of his own, having no trouble keeping the weakened man in his grip.

"Please…" Tony gasped. "I need to cum."

Tony felt his balls pull up towards his body a second before he came, shooting down into Jethro's mouth with a cry. His vision blackened around the edges with the force of his orgasm and he laid there for a few moments just trying to catch his breath once again.

"I wanted to cum with you inside me," Tony panted hard as he struggled to get his body to cooperate.

Finally as his breath came back to him, he felt Jethro's arms wrap around his waist and pull him into Jethro's lap in the center of the bed. Jethro's large cock slid in between Tony's cheeks and caused a groan to fall from his lips. Tony wrapped his legs around his lover's back; grasping Jethro's wrists with his hands needing to hold on.

They both groaned as Jethro's cock slid inside him, Tony squirming at the feel of that large cock and how it stretched him wide.

"You have to let me move," Gibbs smiled down at his wanton lover.

Unhooking his legs, Tony moved his hands to the shoulders of the man above him. Tony lifted his body to meet Jethro's thrusts. It only took a couple thrusts for Jethro to find Tony's prostate causing his lover to scream out.

"You feel so good." Jethro whispered as he palmed Tony' ass, squeezing the taunt flesh and pulling their bodies closer together.

Grabbing Tony' hips, Jethro allowed passion to take over. Slamming in and out, his muscles bulging as he lifted Tony' body up and down, their cries growing louder and louder as they drew closer to completion. "I love you," Jethro panted heavily as he pulled Tony into a hug.

Leaning down, Jethro laid Tony back against the bed and hammer into him even harder."Please! Make me feel it, Jethro!" Tony screamed as he clutched Jethro's back, his fingers bruising the skin.

Jethro growled as he slipped his hands under Tony' back to grip his shoulders, using them as leverage to pound into him faster and faster.

With a silent scream, Tony felt his body explode in pleasure as he came. He felt the warm wetness of his cum in between their bodies and his body clenching around Jethro's cock, causing the man to paint his insides with his completion.

Jethro groaned and slumped against Tony, as always making sure to keep most of his weight on the bed to keep from crushing him. Tony gasped and clutched Jethro tight against him, pushing his face into Jethro's neck and breathing in the scent of sawdust and sweat.

Jethro allowed Tony to hold him close, unwilling to break the bond. Tony was alive; he was holding him. Secretly, Tony enjoyed the pleasant ache throughout his body as he caressed the space between Jethro's shoulder blades with quiet reverence. Love was what it was all about.