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-In the airplane- I sat down next to the window, "uh Chloe?" I looked up and saw Derek smiling sheepishly, "yeah" I said, he pointed to my bag that was on the seat next to me, I picked it up and set it on my lap, he smiled and sat down. Tori, Simon sat behind us, Simon told Melody that all of us needed to go on a business trip, she was okay with that and went to live with her friend for a while. I took off my shoes and put on some music. "This is going to be long flight" Simon muttered, we all sighed.

An hour later we were in the air, with Derek sleeping on my shoulder. I smiled and moved a few strands off of his face; he shifted closer but kept on sleeping. "Excuse me would you like something to drink" a flight lady said, I smiled "some orange juice please" she nodded and handed me a blanket; I unfolded it and put it over Derek. It was dark, mostly everyone was asleep only one or two people were awake, and the loudest were Simon and Tori.

People actually glared and put on headphones, "here you go" the lady handed me my orange juice "thanks" I smiled at her, she nodded and left. I quickly drank it and set it down, I let the tears fall my children who were probably dead, I just hope there not. I called Liz; she appeared in front of me. I smiled sadly, "are they okay" I whispered so no one heard.

She nodded "they being treated nicely, right now their sleeping in beds, together" I sighed in relief and thanked her, I felt my eye lids drop "take care of my babies Liz please" I whispered before falling asleep. DPOV my eyes opened slowly, I blinked once or twice and rubbed the crust out of my eyes. I sat up and stretched, I noticed a navy blue blanket on me, and I looked at Chloe who was sleeping. I smiled and set the blanket it on her; I grabbed a brush and toothpaste before going to the bathroom.

I quickly brushed and washed my face and walked out, Simon and Tori were already awake eating reading a book. I sat back down; I rolled my shoulders and cracked my bones, an old lady glared at me. I scowled and turned away, they started to serve the breakfast; I saved one for when she woke up.

Took the photo out of my pocket, I stole the picture when Chloe went to pack, I took it out of the frame or else it would be too big, "where did you get that" I looked at Chloe who was glaring at me, "I uh um, took it when you went to pack, uh I-" she held up a hand "next time you want something just ask" she gritted and went to wash up. I sighed and looked at Tori and Simon they had a smile on their faces "don't even start" I growled.

We landed and looked around, I got a cab and we went to a hotel, I sighed "can you call Liz" I asked, "I already did" she replied and walked off. I growled and grabbed her arm "what is your problem" I asked, she yanked her arm back, "I worried" she said, "it's not like I'm worried" I growled, she glared at me. "There my kids" she yelled, "mine as well!" I screamed, "no their not yours, their mine, you weren't their when I was pregnant, or did you come and visit, no you didn't" she yelled.

I froze and looked away "what did Liz say" I murmured, "She said their fine and treating them right" I nodded and walked out of the room. I kept on walking when I hit somebody, "ow man watch were your going" I lifted my gaze and saw a guy about my age with blood red hair that covered his right eye which were silver. I glared and he froze "you're a werewolf" I looked at him, and "yeah so" he smiled "Rory I'm a half fire demon" I snorted.

He glared "Come with me" I said and walked back to room. Tori, Simon and Chloe were sitting on the bed watching TV. "Uh guys this is Rory he's a half fire demon" they smiled, "this is Tori she's a witch, Simon he's a sorcerer, Chloe she's a necromancer and I'm Derek" he nodded but his eyes stayed on Chloe and I didn't like the way he was looking, I grabbed his arm and made him look at me.

I glared "keep your thought rated G" I growled, he smirked and snickered "okay whatever dude" he said and went to sit next to Chloe, I fisted my hands into balls, "uh Derek why don't you take a cold shower" Simon said, I nodded and left with one last glare at Rory.

SPOV this wasn't good, if another guy was interested Chloe, Derek would literally ripe the guy in half, no sarcasm right there. "So how old are you" Rory asked Chloe leaning a bit to close, "uh I'm 20" Chloe said backing up a bit, he smirked and leaned a bit more. "Who wants drink" she called and ran off, Rory glared then he looked at me I smirked and he glared some more. This guy was really getting on my nerves, "Liz" Chloe called, we looked up and saw Chloe looking at an empty space in front of her, "oh okay, so their fine right" she smiled "okay could you give us the directions" Chloe beamed "thank you" she turned to us.

"I got the directions, and Liz said there's a safe house around here. We need to go over there and group up" we nodded. Derek came out of the shower in jeans and a dark green hoodie. Chloe told Derek what Liz said he smiled softly at her but Chloe turned the last second. He glared at her "so what in the world are we doing?" Rory asked us. Tori told him of what happened, "what a jerk I mean who you leave just a beautiful creature like you behind" Chloe blushed and Derek glared at him.

Tori and I snickered a bit, "yeah a jerk" Chloe said, Derek flinched. The past second Rory started to curse the man who left Chloe, not knowing that he was in this room. "I mean I would beat the crap out of him when I see him" Derek walked up to Rory "then why don't you do it" Rory looked at him, "well duh I don't know who he is" he said slowly as to make Derek understand. "You're looking at him" Derek growled, Rory paled and looked at us for help; we just shrugged. "So are you going to beat the crap out of me?" Derek asked.

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