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We reached the manor, and a butler opened the van for us and helped the girls out, we all walked up the steps of the manor, the door was opened.

I looked at Melody who had her arm wrapped around Simon's arm, they walked in. Next were Frank and Martha, Rex and Trinity. Tori, Ella and I were the ones without dates but that was okay I really didn't mind.

We entered the huge doors and gasped, the ballroom was so beautiful

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We saw Ann with four werewolf boys, were sticking to her like glue and it was rather adorable to watch. "Excuse would you like to dance?" asked a guy to Tori who nodded eagerly smiling taking his hand as he led her to the dance floor.

Rex and Trinity were already on the dance floor, with Rex doing some weird moves embarrassing Trinity; they sure did make an adorable couple, I saw a man walk towards me.

He had Brown hair with bright blue eyes "hello" he said I smiled politely "hi" I answered. He looked around "would you like to dance with me?" he asked. I nodded "sure, why not" he grinned and took my hand. He led me to the dance, I put my hand on his shoulder and he his hand went to my waist.

"I'm Tamson the new black smith" he said "oh I'm Chloe…what happened to the old one?" I asked, his smile disappeared "he was murdered slashed open down the middle, he was slaughtered by a bear or we've been told he was"

Tamson muttered "oh I'm sorry" he shrugged "it's okay" we danced for a while until we were interpreted "excuse me but may I steal your dance" a familiar voice drawled. Tamson looked at Simon and shrugged "sure" he said smiling before walking off to find another dance partner.

Simon twirled me deeper between the dancers "so how you feeling" he asked; I smiled at him "thanks I feel a lot better Simon" he nodded and kissed the top of my head "now ignore what's going and have fun…we've got Derek back and the kids are happy" he said nodding over to Damon and a little blonde haired girl wearing a white dress dancing

I smiled at him…Damon was blushing and trying to follow the steps and the girl was giggling at him, he sent her his rare dimple smile making anyone melt with that smile. The little girl blushed and ducked her head away

Turning to my other side Damien was twirling around with Athena laughing until a small brown haired boy asked her to dance, she smiled and patted Damien on the cheek and walked away with the boy.

Damien looked around to find someone to dance with until he saw me; he grinned and ran towards me. I opened my arms and he jumped into them "mommy!" he cried giggling. I laughed "wanna dance with me!" he exclaimed, Simon laughed and kissed both of our cheeks and left.

I held him in my arms and twirled around with him giggling, "So you married" I heard Tamson asked from behind me, I jumped and twirled around "uh no not married" I said laughing nervously.

He just grinned "is this your son" he said smiling at Damien who grinned back "yes he is…so is that little boy and that little girl" Tamson looked around until he saw Damon scolding the boy who was dancing with Athena; who tried to calm down her brother.

"Their cute so you must have had somebody" he said, I nodded smiling "yeah but he's uh um on a b-business trip" I lied. "He's my boyfriend" he nodded "well I guess I lost my luck" Tamson chuckled smiling sadly "well bye" I waved and he was gone devoured by the dancers.

"Damien why don't you find Aunt Tori and dance with her I need a drink okay" Damien nodded and I set him down going to find his aunt while I walked towards the drink table.


I fought against the chain hoping that it would break and I would be free but no use…I was too weak don't fight rest the demon said does your mate really love you that question made me stop and think…of course she loves me I thought lies! She's dancing with all the guys at the party, kissing, whispering love words in their ears.

NO! She would never do something like that you fool! She's lying to you; she would never love a monster like us! Prove it I yelled back then instantly I felt like I was being drown in water.

I opened my eyes to find myself in a room…rose petals on the floor clothes on the floor, moans coming from the bed. I looked up and chocked on my own spit to see what I found.

Chloe laid there her beautiful green dress up to her hips, a man between her legs licking, sucking, and nibbling on her heated core. She moaned and grabbed his head shoving his face farther in her "Chloe!" I shouted but nothing happened "Chloe I love you!" still nothing.

Then the world spun again, and this time he was pounding in her while she was grabbing the pillow for dear life her mouth spitting out beautiful moans, I shut my eyes then opened them back again with a gasp. I was back in the dungeon chained up See she doesn't love you he taunted.

Tears fell down my cheek she doesn't love you…she needs to die…kill….kill…kill! With a rage I broke from the chains and banged against the cage until I was broken free.

I was in mid change to turn back into the monster I was, I was running down the stairs on all fours. With a final leap I was back into a wolf monster

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Not nearly as strong but strong enough, with a howl I jumped out of the window to lure in my final prey


I was walking around the mansion not bothering to go back to the dance floor, my shoes were off and I was barefoot…the mansion was beautiful, I was walking until I reached a large mahogany door, opening I gasped. It was a home library

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I walked in, my bare feet sinking in the cold green carpet; there was a small stone fireplace with couches, chairs, recliners, and bean bags around to sit on it.

Walking towards the couch I sat down until I saw something shimmer to my right, it was a window. I got up and looked out…it was snowing heavily the ground was already covered in thick snow. The trees were covered, small bushes; it looked downright scary and beautiful at the same time.

Suddenly I heard a howl like it was singing, wanting more of it I opened the window. A cold chill breezed against my face as the winter snow stabbed my cheeks.

This time I heard it louder than before, I had the sudden urge to go outside and follow the noise to see who was making this beautiful melody, quickly I ran towards a broom closet and all I saw was a bright red cloak with a hood.

Grabbing that I put it on and tied it around my neck pulling the hood up and climbing out the window, there was a balcony right underneath the window so if I jumped I would land in the huge pile of snow.

Letting go I covered my mouth with my hands so I didn't scream; "oof" I was landed my dresses pooled out like a flower, standing up quickly I brushed off the snow and climbed over the balcony and onto the white snow that was leading towards the dark forest.

The howling was getting louder and now I could clearly hear what it sounded like

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It was beautiful and I wanted more, this time now I was running my foot leaving a bloody path where I stepped on the spikes or stones on the ground. My foot was bleeding badly but I didn't care I wanted the music…to steal it from who ever had it.

Finally the music stopped and I stopped… "Where am I?" I whispered, suddenly I remembered; I was following music a soft sound like howling.

"I think I should head back home" I whispered to myself, turning around I walked back from where I came from only to see my bloody foot prints "oh god" I whispered horrified, looking down at my feet there where bloody and bare; I could see blisters forming if I didn't hurry back I would get frostbites.

Picking up my dress I jogged back so my feet didn't hurt that much. "Damn" I cursed as I tripped over a branch sticking, "Damn" I cursed again when I saw the rip on my dress near the bottom "oh well…I wonder if I can fixed it up" I murmured.

I stood up then there was a howl right behind me…I froze and swiftly turned around, I gasped. There about 20 meters away a big huge muscular black wolf, he turned to me and I could clearly see huge abnormal purple eyes.

"Oh fucking shit" I cursed turning on my heel I ran as fast as I could.


"Where is Chloe" I yelled to Frank who was thinking. I wanted to cry "mama where is mama" Athena cried holding tightly onto Damien hands who was silently crying as well.

All of us were outside in the cold snow waiting for Chloe…everyone left home and the only us left, "you guys get inside" Frank whispered just as he finished that…we heard a loud howl and a scream echoing through the forest…it was girl's scream…Chloe's scream.

"Oh dear god" Klaus whispered "everyone inside now!" he shouted "Rex, Simon you come with us" Frank shouted. The guys ran off "Everyone inside now" I whispered to get "get in" I pleaded. They got in, "head count" I shouted.













"Damien" I shouted "where's he" I whispered horrified "Damien" we all yelled "he was with me a second ago" Athena pleaded "where is he" Damon shouted.

"Oh my gods there he goes" Trinity shrieked, I looked out the window just enough to see the tips of his hair that was silver sparkle against the moon light,

"Everyone stay here…I'll go after him" I yelled "leave the door locks and don't you dare open the neither window nor door and keep quite" I said running out of the van and into the forest after Damien.


"of fucking god" I whispered…he was right after me, I could hear the pad of his running, I ducked under a branch and my cloaked got stuck to it, I turned around to see him about 10 meters away. I gave one large tug and the red cloak came loose, forgetting about that I just ran as fast as I could.

I ran my dressed being tugged my jewelry had all fallen a long time ago, my feet were now bleeding heavily and I was scared I might die of blood lose instead.

My breaths came in puffs, my chest was heaving and painfully I took another breath my thighs and calves were aching like needles were stabbing them.

Ducking underneath another low thick branch, my dress was snagged against the branches, I tugged and it ripped loose, it ripped all the way around to my mid thigh.

I continued to run even if my legs and thighs were now freezing from the cold winter wind, suddenly my foot got stuck in a ditch, the wolf howled and I screamed falling on my face, I shook my head and dried to stand up my foot was tangled in the roots.

I looked up there he was breathing and panting as he sniffed the leftovers of my dress that was on the floor now, I whimpered and his head swiftly turned to stare in me.

He growled lowly, his purple eyes swirled like mist a sudden gush came behind me, my blonde hair tumbled down my shoulders to my back, the Demon whimpered shaking his head to the side back and forth, the gust came again and area around me glowed like the glow came from behind me.

He whined, whimpered, growling; shaking his head harder he threw his head back and let out an inhuman shriek that echoed the forest and ran off.

The glowing behind me slowly faded and the only thing I heard was my harsh breathing "you okay child" a soft voice whispered behind me, "huh" I whispered looking behind me.

My eyes widened when I saw not a man nor a women but a beautiful angel. I gasped; he had long white hair that the tips were silver that glowed in the moonlight and familiar silver eyes. His big huge white wings were folded behind him; he was wearing a white robe with a gold lace.

He gave me a tired smile and knelt down on the ground beside me, he let out his hand towards my foot palm out and slowly ever so slowly the roots moved by themselves and untangled my foot.

I moved it slowly then tucked my feet underneath me, "I'm Zarth" I nodded still couldn't be able to come up with something to say until I blurted "you're an angel" I whispered hissed.

He laughed "I can see that and I know you're a supernatural too. However our kinds always are linked together when there is a necromancer there is always an angel" nodding my head at what he said then I asked "so you're my angel?" I whispered, he shook his head and tutted "no child think…he's somebody close and dear to you" I thought for a while

Until a familiar laugh echoed my head, I shut my eyes I saw black hair with silver tips, the giggling was louder then I saw silver eyes. Damien. M eyes snapped open "he's an angel!" I cried.

"Of course…and me well as you can see I'm his father" he gestured towards the silver part of his hair and eyes, "he has my wife hair color thought" I nodded.

"But why did you leave him with me" I asked standing up, he sighed "when an two angel produce the first heir who is a guardian…he/she needs to be in the human world…it was tough to give our first child off but we needed to it was mandatory…you see Damien is a guardian angel…there are different types of angel" he said

"There are lots of angels down here on earth mostly guardian angel others are just here because their fallen angel who have been banned from heaven" I nodded

"Does Damien know you're here" I asked, he nodded "we've met a while ago…but he doesn't know that I'm his father okay" he said, "Okay go know…Damien is coming he saw me coming here and he followed me…there's another girl after him running with brown curls" he muttered "Tori" I said.

"Okay I need to go, bye now" he whispered and was gone with a huge glowing light. The second everyone was quite and back to normal, Damien burst through the bushed panting, his black/silver hair pasted on his sweaty face even though it was a winter night outside.

"Oh sweetheart" I whispered opening my arms "mama" he whimpered running to them "y-y-you s-s-scared of w-wolf" he sobbed. I wrapped my arms around and rocked him gently "I know and you came to protect me right" he froze then relaxed and nodded "I love you so much sweetheart" I breathed in his hair.

"I wove you too mama" he hiccupped Tori came in the view a moment later panting and breathing harshly his dress was torn in every edged on the bottom area "oh thank god you both are okay" she gasped out

I stood up with Damien still in my arms crying softly "let's go" I whispered "but what about…the guys" she said "what guys" I asked hesitantly afraid the only thought that came in my mind was 'please don't let them run after the wolf' "they went after the wolf" I shut my eyes "you take Damien I'll be right back"

"Oh no you don't" Tori snarled going to pick up Damien anyways, once she did I ran for it knowing that she won't follow me with Damien "CHLOE SUANDERS GET BACK HERE!" I heard her yell.

But I continued to run ignoring them, I gasped when I reached into a large clearing, the demon was there gasping for air a huge black diamond dagger in his chest.

He whimpered when he saw me, my heart ached when I saw his eyes they were purple but slowly fading into those beautiful green eyes. I ran to him when a pair of warm arms snaked around my waist pulling me into a lean chest "hush Chloe you can't go near him" I heard Simon whisper behind me, "No let me go he's in pain" I shouted.

"Chloe please" he whispered I just shook my head "just look at him" I said pointing at him, he looked and saw Derek stumble up and try to walk towards us but ending up falling to his side breathing heavily.

"Chloe" he whined as if in pain, "I know it's painful but please let me go" I pleaded; he sighed and let me go giving me a gentle shove towards Derek. I looked back at Simon who just nodded, turning back around I rushed towards to Derek who whimpered and gently raised his paw.

Grasping his giant furry paw in mine hand, raising it my lips I kissed his paw. Derek whimpered again his tongue lolling out of his mouth. "I know it hurts Derek but you must wait until the full demon is out okay?" he jerked his head in an awkward nod.

Raising his head I gently moved it onto my lap, running my fingers through his silky black fur "shhh shhh it'll be alright" I whispered to him.

Derek panted and looked me into my eyes and slowly ever so slowly I saw the purple in his eyes be devoured by his familiar green eyes, I saw his bones crackle and move, his fur move inside his body, ears shorten, the tail disappear and suddenly right in front of me laying down his head in my lap was a torn up Derek.

He was naked but I didn't care I was just happen that he was alive and back to normal, but he had so many scratches on his body. "Chloe" he gasped reached for my hand. He grabbed it and placed a gentle kiss on my knuckles "I love you" he whispered.

I chocked back a sob and whispered "I love you too" he gave me a tired smile "ha I finally got you to say it" he joked softly, suddenly a roar was in front of us.

I looked up enough to see a wolf running towards us…it wasn't a normal wolf no way in hell but those disgusting wolves like in Hollywood, standing on 2 feet bare naked no fur…he was like the wolf in harry potter but smaller.

"Chloe, duck!" I heard Derek shout, I ducked the last second a gunshot whooshed past my head and it the wolf straight in the heart. The Demon wolf stumbled to the floor and lay still, a sudden burst of light came from him surrounded the demon wolf.

Derek burrowed his face in my thighs so he won't be blinded and I covered my eyes…looking back up when I thought it was safe.

I gasped when I saw laying there not the demon but a man, he had golden blond hair a nice muscular back "werewolf" Derek gasped, and I couldn't see his face because he was lying on his back. I blushed suddenly realizing that he was naked.

Derek growled and moved his hand so it was covered in my eyes "bad" he scolded and I bit my lip from smiling so instead I moved my fingers along his hair. "Chloe" I heard Simon gasp and run towards us, I looked at him and he grinned "hey bro" he said coming towards us and knelt down.

"Hey" he replied Simon smirked "really Chloe at least wait till Derek's fully recovered before you go on him like that" he said smirking when I blushed a deep red.

"h-h-he was already n-naked" I protested "Suuure" he whispered walking off "I'm getting the other guys to come check the Blondie out" he said gesturing towards the unconscious blonde still laying there.

I glared at his back before turning to Derek, who was smirking "shut it" I muttered, "why you obviously want me right" he purred. Glaring at it I saw a long stick beside me, I grabbed that and smacked him on the butt…hard might I say.

"Ow!" he cried rubbing his butt cheek "did you just smack my ass with a stick" he said in disbelief "yes I did" I huffed turning away from him.

"You little minx" he growled and pounced on me, I squealed. We both rolled on the gross fighting for who's going to get the top, finally I gave up and I looked up at Derek with a pout and he laughed giving me a kiss.

"Derek!" I heard Simon shout, he groaned and rolled over and I sat up "he started!" I cried pointing at Derek when Simon was giving us a good glower.

"Derek…please restrains yourself" he said sternly, Derek's face was in shock "well this little vixen provoked me" he cried helplessly "Really" Simon said turning to me and I put on my innocent face "how would do that Simon" I said giving him a pout. Simon gave Derek a glare "she did! Chloe smacked my ass" he protested.

"Really stop blaming Chloe for this she's too innocent for S and M I'm sure she didn't smack your ass" Simon said throwing Derek a pair of dark jeans. Derek grumbled giving me a glare and I put a finger underneath my eye pulling on the skin and stuck my tongue out at him when Simon wasn't looking.

"You're so going to get it when we get home" he growled helping me up, I giggled and kissed his cheek. "Thank god your okay" I heard Rex say running up to us among him were Frank and Klaus who smiled at Derek then frowned at the Blondie.

"Hmmmm" he moaned opening his eyes and all we saw were icy blue eyes "where am I" he muttered standing up, Frank gave the man jeans so he could put on.

"Can he walk" I whispered to Rex who just shrugged, "I don't know" he whispered back. "Derek, Rex help him up" Derek nodded both him and Rex carried the man to the out of the clearing and back into the forest "wow it's already getting morning" I whispered and Simon nodded.

The forest was beautiful and mysterious during the day time. The early morning fog surrounded us and the thin trees and the blood red leaves on the floor

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It really was beautiful then finally we reached the van, nobody was outside so that was a good thing "I think I can walk from here" Blondie said, they let him down easily.

Tori saw us from the window and gasped opening the door "oh my god Chloe!" she gasped and ran to hug me "no its okay we're fine no need to worry Tori" Simon said sarcastically, she gave him a good glower.

Then she saw the Blondie who was just staring off into space "who's the hunk" she whispered to me, "a werewolf and I think he heard you" I said because Blondie was blushing bright red, she giggled "so he a hunk he should know that" Tori said.

"Mama!" Damien cried climbing out of the van, but he tripped and landed flat on his face. "Oh god" I whispered giggling going to pick him up. Damien spit out the dirt was fell in his mouth

He saw me and giggled throwing an arm around my neck, then he gasped pulling away from me and jumped onto Derek's leg "daddy!" he cried.

Derek picked him up and hugged him tightly but not too tightly, "mommy" Athena and Damon said getting out of the van and into my arms.

"Hey sweetie pies" I whispered kissing each of their cheeks "max!" a surprised voice cried. We looked to see Martha covering her mouth and tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Hey mom" Blondie said smiling, she ran to him and he held her tightly "aw daddy look he's crying!" Damien said pointing at Max, "don't point" Derek said scolding Damien gently who burrowed his face into his daddy's neck.

"Let's get in the van" Simon said "shot gun!" I called Simon groaned "damn" he cursed and Derek gave his little brother a smack on the head "ow!" he whined then Derek pointed at the three kids "oh whoops sorry" he whispered sheepishly.

We got in the van; Rex set Trinity on his lap with Ella beside him then Melody. Then there was Klaus, Martha, and then Derek who had the twins and Damien in his lap.

Tori was sitting on Max's lap with him blushing sitting Frank got in drivers side "all set" he called "just hurry up and get home because we're suffocating here" Tori snarled at him.

"Aye aye mon-capi-ton!" I said giving her a salute "know drive!" Damien and I screamed pointing forward "on ward our noble steed!" Athena added.

"Just go" Derek and Damon grumbled they looked at each other and Damon blushed looking away, Frank grinned and drove off.

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