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CPOV after i cornered Derek and yelled at him to not to tell anybody he agreed with an evil glint in his eyes. "Stupid Fucker" i muttered going to the Media room where the new guest were, Derek was trailing behind me, Once we reached there.

There was a girl with wavy elbow length black hair with pale green eyes that was lined with thick eye liner and mascara. She was wearing a silver tube top. The hem of her shirt stopped to wear it met her bottom of her bra and all her breast were free to show. 0.o and jeans skirt very short jeans skirt, and black ugg boots, beside her were two boys they looked similar probably brothers

One had brown hair the other black hair. The brunet had spiked brown hair making it look like a bedhead...he looked sexy has hell and he had blue eyes mix with green wearing a blue muscle shirt that defined his lean muscles, he wore jeans with sneakers plus he had a nice tan which made Tori oogle him then looked away when he smirked

The black haired had emo style hair and was skinny with pale skin but was short about 5' with silver eyes he had a skeleton zip up jacket with skinny jeans and high top black converse. He even had eye liner the only word that described was 'ADORABLE!' his eyes met mine and he blushed looking away.

Tori, Simon and Andrew were sitting one couch "come sit down" Andrew said waving us, we went to sit down on the spare chairs "Okay I'll let Simon start the introductions" he said. the three kids looked at Simon the little emo kid blushed when Simon looked at him. 'Hmm I wonder what's his problem' i thought my eyes brows scrunched his confusion.

"so I'm Simon a 15 year old sorcerer" he said "I'm Tori 15 yr old witch" she muttered uninterested in this whole thing. "d-Chloe 15 w-necromancer" Derek said stuttering with his words 'Ha! he forgot he was in my body and he forgot to smile...point one for me thank you very much'.

"Derek 16 and I'm a werewolf" I said I noticed that the girl wasn't looking at Simon but at me well Derek for right now. Her gaze traveled up my body lingering at the thighs and chest.

"I guess I'll start then...Uh I'm Hunter a 16 yr old Shape shifter and my shape shifter form is a white tiger" Hunter said his eyes only on Tori who glared right back and he smirked.

"What do they call you kitty" she taunted, Hunter blushed slightly "no" he snapped. "Awe did i make the poor kitty mad" she pouted. Hunter glared at her his face even more a darker red.

"I'll guess I'll go then" the girl said. "I'm Molly...I'm 14 and I'm a healer" she said her gaze still on Derek. who looked uncomfortable and squirmed beside me "Oh i forgot I'm Lesbian" she said smirking when Derek's eyes widened, he quickly grabbed my hand and I smirked. Simon burst out "Hot" he yelled, then blushed when everyone looked at him.

We all looked at the emo boy who blushed, Hunter chuckled and wrapped an arm around the boy's neck ruffling his hair "this here is my twin brother plus he's kind of shy" twins they didn't look like twins "You guys don't look like twins" i asked "of course were fraternal twins" Hunter said.

He let go of his brother who cleared his throat "uh I'm Danny uh and I'm uh a shape shifter and uh my uh original form is uh a uh baby tiger and I'm 16" he said blushing when we all looked at him.

"Forgetting something aren't we little Danny" Molly taunted I could tell she was disgusted and hated him. Danny blushed a brighter red "n-n-n-no" he stuttered. "Piss off Molly if he doesn't want them to know then back off" hunter snarled pulling his brother closer to him.

"Fine whatever" she said crossing her arms. "So uh what do we do now" she asked bored "oh how about that my little kitten here can show me around" she said getting up and looping her arms with Derek who stuttered "nope" he squeaked out. She pouted "don't think that you don't want me" she purred. I snickered while Derek glared at me trying to get out of her arms.

"I'll Show Danny around" I said, for some reason Simon glared at me before relaxing when Hunter grabbed both Simon and Tori's shoulder "and these two can show me around" he said. I walked up to Danny who blushed when I smiled slightly at him "let's go" i said. He nodded and clutched my tricep clinging for dear life when Molly glared at him.

"So uh let's go" I said Danny nodded and we both walked upstairs "this is my room next to that is Simon's around the corner is Chloe and Tori's" I said showing him everything he nodded silently and paid attention. We walked upstairs to the third floor "There's only two rooms left so uh you and your brother can share and Molly can get the attack"

"uh what was that Molly was teasing you about" I asked when we reached his room. He sat down near the window "nothing" he said blushing fussing the diamond bone zipper on his jacket "you can tell me I won't tell anyone" I said. He looked at me with his wide silver eyes and nodded "I'm gay" he whispered quietly that if i wasn't in Derek's body i couldn't even hear it.

"ohhhh" I murmured. "Your not angry" He screeched. i winced and rubbed my ears he looked apologetic "I'm sorry" he said I nodded "it's okay I'm not mad nor disgusted he nodded before smiling that adorable smile sent me a smile. He tackled me into a hug and nuzzled my chest "you know your more like a brother to me" he said giggling.

I patted his head and he snuggled closer "good or i might think you have fallen in love with me" I said laughing, he blushed and laughed as well "I don't like any more than a brother I promise" he whispered. He pulled back his eyes sparkling more when he came here.

I got off the bed a second later the door opened and in walked a fuming Tori, an amused Simon and a smirking Hunter. "Hey" I said "Hey" the guys replied but Tori who just stomped off slamming the door on purpose. I winced "what did you do"

I asked crossing my arms, "Hunter was teasing her that's all" Simon said. I nodded "so this is my room" Hunter said twirling around once his gaze landed on Danny who was still grinning. Cautiously he pointed at his brother "what did you do he never smiled like that" he said in awe.

then he glared at me "Oh nothing" I said "Danny" he warned. "I'll tell you later" he said happily before prancing over to me and grabbing my arm "we are going to get something to eat" I smiled and nodded towards to them before walking outside the room, when we walked downstairs into the kitchen and had some pears with peanut butter.

After that we watched TV when a scream was heard "Dammit, I'll be right back" I said to Danny because he nodded he never heard the scream. I ran upstairs i heard another scream I bounded to Molly's room I shouted a curse and shoved her off Derek. "What the hell" I snarled, Derek saw me and his eyes showed relief he closed pulled down his shirt and ran to hid behind me 'HA! not so tough now are we' i thought smugly

"What the hell" Molly said glaring at me and fixing her hair "why did you push me off of her" I glared back at her with my new founded anger. "Because obliviously De-Chloe didn't want you on top of her" I said crossing my arms, she sneered "Please she was begging me to ravish her sexy neck" Molly said smugly, "N-no That's not true...She came out of nowhere behind me and tried to r-rape me" Derek said pressed his forehead against my back he clutched my shirt.

I sighed "don't touch her ever" I snarled and grabbed Derek's wrist and dragged him out of there when we reached downstairs I glared down at him and he glared right back "I could have taken care of it myself" He said. 'Great right back to the old Derek' i thought. "Then why didn't you push her off" I said "or did you want her to ravish you" I said a bit of jealousy in me.

He shook his head frantically eyes wide "NO!" he yelled. I nodded relaxed a bit "I'm telling the truth i was going to leave when she grabbed me, I can't defend myself when I'm so weak and small" he said glaring at me like it was my fault. I glared right back "your welcome" i muttered sarcastically he blushed "oh Thank you for saving me" He murmured.

I nodded "not so tough are we now" i said leaning down so we were eye level he reddened and scoffed "puh-lease if i was back in my" he stopped his eyes going wide "what was that" I said tauntingly he glared "nothing" I pursed my lips "pity i thought you were going to say that you if you were back in your body" i said smirking when he glared and shoved my shoulder and stomped into the kitchen.

I walked into the Media room where Danny was waiting for me "hey" he said patting the spot next to him, I sat down and we together watched Roommate and let me tell that was scary shit. Danny was already shaken through halfway through the movie Danny started to cry when the kitten was killed and I tried to comfort him telling him it was okay but it made him cry only harder.

Derek came in his face showed pain when he saw me hugging Danny, enraged he came over and shoved Danny off of me "Derek!" I yelled not knowing my mistake I walked to Danny and helped him up, when I helped him up he looked up at me "Why did you call him Derek I thought you were Derek" he said. My eyes widened and I looked at Derek who snickered "Great going Chloe" he muttered...Damn him Danny heard "and he called you Chloe" he said.

"well might as well tell him but you swear you won't tell anyone" I said he nodded. "Okay this morning Tori accidentally switched our bodies so technically I"m Chloe and that's Derek" i said. Danny's eyes widened and he fainted in my arms. The same moment Hunter walked in his eyes landed on Danny who was unconscious in my arms "What the hell did you do!" he snarled

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