To Catch A Falling Star

Summary: Mikan Yukihira- The most popular supermodel in Japan- heck, no in all of ASIA! And also heir of the Yukihira Avenue- No.1 leading company in the world. Everybody knows her and everybody loves her. Miyuki Sakura- The school nerd. Those thick square framed glasses and those old-fashioned plaits. Nobody would've guessed that they were for show. But then, nobody noticed her. But what has these two girls got in common that nobody knows about... Are they the same person?...May-be... But nobody would've guessed. Until, a crimson eyed lad comes in the way..

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Chapter 1

Miyuki sighed as she looked out of the window of her classroom. The bell rang, as everybody rushed out of the door. 'Another shoot, again,' she thought.

Miyuki was THE Mikan, but she was in her disguise so no one in her school would recognise her (as Mikan), as she was very unsociable. But the truth is, she just wanted a real friend, someone that won't just be friend with her for her looks (like they did in her old school. –HINT HINT therefore the reason for her dress up.), during the first week, she did try, but they would only laugh at her for her looks, even though it was just a disguise.

She opened the door of a very sleek black limo, with tinted windows, parked 10 feet away from her school, so no-one would notice, or get suspicious of her or it.

"Hello Mikan!" Kameko, her manager, greeted her. She is one of the very few people who know of Mikan's true identity.

"Hello Kameko-san," replied Mikan.

"But seriously, Mi-chan, why do you always ask me to park so far away from your school? And the same with your dress up! You're hiding your beautiful face behind it!" wined Kameko.


At the shoot. (Mikan's POV)

I saw Eiji as I walked in. (BTW. Mikan took her disguise off).

"Hello Mikan! How are you? Beautiful as always, dear," he said.

"I'm good," I grinned. (BTW. Mikan was faking her 'coldness' at school. Her real self is her bubbly, cheerful self.)

Eiji is my makeup artist. He's a really fun and reliable guy, but he sometimes acts a bit gay, like my homeroom teacher, Narumi sensei. (LOL)

Next day. (Let's pretend that the photo shoot was over and everything went fine.)

Still Mikan's POV

Murmur. Murmer. Whisper. Chatter.

Ugh God, what's wrong with today? It's even noisier than usual! I'm getting a headache. I walked into the classroom, to find everybody being hyper. Then sensei walked in and everybody went to their seats.

"OK, my lovely students! We're gonna have three more beautiful students today! I hope you will be nice to them my lovely ducklings~!"

"Hell yeah!" a random student interrupted.

"Is it true that we're gonna have Natsume-sama, Ruka-sama, and Imai-sama as our new classmates?" shouted a random girl with seaweed hair. (Yep you guessed it! )

"Kyaaaaaa! Yeah is it true sensei?" exclaimed everybody.

So this is what it was about..

"I guess the secrets were revealed," (fake) sighed Naru, "You may come i-n~! Hohoho!"

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