"Certainly couldn't call him the little brother."

Edward wasn't sure what propelled him towards Al's bedroom. Since he'd gotten home early from Central HQ, the thought of a nice relaxing read in the bathtub had been on the forefront of his mind. Still, there he was, staring at the sight before him.

Oh, what a sight it was. Al was stretched out on his bed, clad only in a pair of hand-me-down leather pants. From his place at the doorway, Ed watched as his younger brother licked his way down his right shoulder, lapping at the crease of his elbow before moving further down to suck each finger in turn. Al gave the back of the lucky hand an open-mouthed kiss, while using the left to tweak a nipple into a hardened peak.

Abandoning the teased nipple for now, Al lightly traced a sinuous path down a taut belly. He rubbed his obvious arousal through the too-tight pants, giving a low moan as he did so. Ed unconsciously mirrored the action, careful not to make a sound lest he attract Al's attention. He watched as his brother stroked and grasped the bulge in his pants. Two zippers were simultaneously lowered.

The younger boy shucked all his remaining clothing off with a clearly practiced ease, causing his voyeur to wonder exactly how often Al did this while he was gone. Ed had to stifle a laugh as he decided, "Probably every chance he can get, if he's anything like me." The cautious way Al gripped his own bobbing cock as he relaxed back onto his bed; though, did give Ed some doubt.

Carefully, Al tried out different strokes, varied his grips – slowly, gently, squeezing tight, picking up the pace. Ed's sure hand never missed a beat. The boy on the bed squirmed & bucked his hips into his fist, but furrowed his brow in dissatisfaction. Pausing, he laved his hand thoroughly with his tongue, wetting it with slick saliva. He returned the hand to his throbbing erection & continued jerking.

When Al sat up, Ed stopped his own masturbation, positive that his brother was coming to yell at his perverted sibling. He was still trying unsuccessfully to shove his hardness back into his pants when he saw Al double over. At first, he thought Al might be about to throw up. "Shit," he thought, "he saw me jerking off to him, & it makes him sick. Hell, I make me sick too." He listened, but heard no retching.

Ed's jaw just about hit the floor as he saw his 'baby brother' try to fit his own mouth over the stiff cock waving just out of reach. Far more disturbing to him; though, was the sudden desire to go in & give Al a 'helping hand'. Instead, he put that hand back to use on his cock, peeking stubbornly out of his pants.

Al, clearly frustrated, switched positions so that he lay across the bed with his legs up the wall. At this angle, if he tilted his head back & opened his eyes, he'd surely catch Ed peeping. Ed held his breath, certain that would be what happened next and trying to think of how he could explain his presence. Instead, Al scooted more towards the wall until his lower back was against it, then spread his legs down on either side of his head. His prize dangled within reach now.

Al's lips eagerly sought his cock, almost losing his balance in his enthusiasm. Ed nearly cheered as his little brother began suckling the tip. Al began a slight rocking motion, sliding further down each time. Ed kept pace on the other side of the bedroom door. It didn't take long before young, inexperienced, innocent Al came in his own mouth, and his older sibling wasn't far behind. Sighing softly, Al lay back on the bed & opened his eyes.