Hey guys this is my attempt at a multi-chapter story, I will keep updating and adding new chapters each day of the holiday if I can and those I can't I will make up for it when I have extra time. This is obviously Klaine as they're adorable and it will be a mix of different styles, some chapters will be in normal, others as face book chapters (just because they're fun), some will be face book chat and maybe some MSN or Skype. I am going to create another couple at Dalton as well just for kicks. Included ND at some points.

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Blaine Anderson is now friends with Kurt Hummel

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Wesley Leung: Aww you guys are sooooo cute together XxXx ;)

David Makin: I agree, I mean last night when you were making out by the Christmas tree.. ;)

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Kurt Hummel: None of that sentence involved any sense, 1st of all me and Blaine are just friends as I keep having to remind you and therefore no 'making out' is involved, secondly Christmas tree? What the hell, we're in April? I wonder about your sanity, both of you.

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Blaine Anderson: As do I, as do I.

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Wesley Leung: Okay maybe you two aren't going out but you can't deny you don't want to?

Blaine Anderson: Shut up Wes, just remember I know your girlfriend. I know stories that would shock her.

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David Makin: I noticed you didn't deny wanting to date Kurt there Blaine?

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Kurt Hummel: * blush *

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Kurt Hummel: any reason you liked that Blaine?

Wesley Leung: He thinks you're cute when you blush.

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Blaine Anderson: Maybe I do...

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David Makin: Oh we've heard a lot of things Blaine likes about you Kurt...

Blaine Anderson: David...

David Makin: Yes Blaine? I was just about to explain to Kurt how beautiful you think his eyes are, or how cute he is when he blushes and shuffles around, and how enchanting his voice is, or how about how you think you will melt on the spot when he looks at you like he does and how he cant say no to your puppy dog eyes... I could go on and on.

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Blaine Anderson: * blush *Oh how I hate you David and you Wes don't think you're off the hook.

Kurt Hummel: * blush * Blaine, did you really say those things? :}

Wesley Leung: He did, he did, he did! (just before you even think about denying it Anderson.)

Blaine Anderson: That's it Wes, I'm off to find your lover, I warned you, you cant say I didn't. I cant wait to see her face when I tell her about that game of spin the bottle, and I thought you were straight. :P

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Freddy Thompson: Blaine wait for me, this I can't miss ;)

Wesley Leung: And to think I trusted you Freddy ;). But Blaine come on be reasonable about this! I'm sorry! Please not the game of spin the bottle! I was drunk, you all know I was.

Kurt Hummel: I have reason to believe otherwise.

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Kurt Hummel: But seriously Blaine did you say those things about me? :)

Blaine Anderson: Maybe... * blush *

Kurt Hummel: * puppy dog eyes *

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Blaine Anderson: Yes Okay? Now please just stop with the eyes.

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Kurt Hummel: Your eyes are rather beautiful as well, your voice is charming and... and you have the ability to make me go week at the knees sometimes too :P Courage Blaine ;) * blush *

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Blaine Anderson: PRINT SCREEN! :D

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Kurt Hummel: Oh Shut up! ;)


Sorry this chapters so short, I've never done a fb chapter before so I hope it was okay. :D