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Blaine and Kurt need to explain themselves and they catch up with Jack and Freddy.

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Kurt and Blaine sat on the bed, (no longer shirtless as they had both reached for their tops as soon as Burt had finished questioning them) slightly in shock and still very embarrassed. Burt had just left, upon telling them to get dressed and to come down stairs to 'chat'. Burt seemed angry but not mad, Kurt knew his father couldn't be too angry when he knew how much they meant to each other. Kurt loved Blaine and Blaine loved Kurt and so it was hardly surprising that they make out now and then...right?

"What is this Kurt? I thought I told you? You promised me you wouldn't be inappropriate in my house?"

Burt's words echoed around Kurt and Blaine's head, Kurt felt guilty for not telling his dad about this whole relationship with Blaine, he was so worried that his dad might tell him that they couldn't be together and he couldn't go on without Blaine knowing what it was like to have him.

Blaine was concerned he had made a very bad impression on Kurt's parents, (Kurt's step brother didn't look too happy either) they were the people he had intended to impress from the moment he started dating Kurt.

"I'm screwed... your family hate me and now I have to go down there after being found making out with you shirtle-"

Kurt cut Blaine off,

"don't be stupid Blaine, none of my family could ever hate you when they know how happy you make me. Besides you and your dapper charm can take you anywhere."

Blaine smirked but was still worried, he sure hoped Kurt was right, Blaine knew how to charm people, sure... but when he had been found moaning into there son's mouths and grinding against them...now that might be a slight disadvantage.

Blaine's thoughts were cut off by Kurt's lips on his, Blaine went to kiss back but Kurt pulled away,

"Blaine, haven't you learnt your lesson yet? Besides we should probably go downstairs, the folks are waiting."

Blaine smirked, Kurt was such a tease.

"In my defence you initiated both of those kisses and one just so happened to turn into a make out session..."

"Yes I noticed, now come on baby lets go," Kurt replied cheekily with a wink before pulling his boyfriend up by his hand and straightening Blaine's shirt for him.

"I love you Kurt,"

Blaine said after Kurt had finished primping him, Kurt smiled widely and pecked him on the cheek,

"I love you too Blaine."

The two boys walked down stairs still holding hands, Kurt could feel Blaine's hand getting a bit sweaty, obviously with nerves and he squeezed it reassuringly.

The boys found Finn, Carole and Burt in the living room all sat on one side of the room on the couch watching television, as soon as Burt acknowledged the boys presence he pointed the remote at the screen turning it off (Finn grunted in annoyance.)

Burt gestured at the smaller couch on the opposite of the room and Kurt and Blaine sat down upon it, still holding hands.

Kurt looked at his family judging their expressions, Finn just looked pissed off (obviously about the T.V) and still a little shaken, Carole was smiling widely (Kurt and Blaine smiled back) and Burt's expression was unfathomable apart from the fact he wasn't best pleased.

"Well boys, I think it's safe to say you're dating now?"

Both boys nodded, Kurt squeezed Blaine's hand again and Blaine squeezed back.

"Kurt? When were you planning on telling me this?"

Kurt took a deep breath, he knew this was coming,

"Dad, I'm sorry I didn't tell you but I was scared you were going to say Blaine and I couldn't be together and I don't think I can go on without Blaine."

Blaine looked at Kurt, surprised He never realised Kurt relied on him that much, Kurt looked back at him and smiled slightly before turning back to his father who was now talking,

"Kurt you know all I'd ever want.. all we'd ever want is for you to be happy. Blaine seems to make you just that and I'm glad you've found some one as brave and open as you are, I just wish you'd told me..."

Kurt apologised over and over and Burt could tell he was truly sorry, Burt eyed their entwined hands and smiled to himself- Kurt was happy.

"Okay son. I have to admit I probably should have figured you liked him,"

Burt eyed Blaine up a little judgementally before continuing,

"You never stop talking about him."

Kurt blushed and Blaine smirked to himself,

"Thanks dad," Kurt mumbled.

"You can tell us anything okay Kurt?"

Carole said, still smiling. Once again Blaine and Kurt smiled back,

"Thank you, I know that now," Kurt replied.

"You may go,"

Burt smiled for the first time since they had started talking, Blaine exhaled slightly in relief and stood up with Kurt before...

"Blaine, may we speak with you a minute?"

Blaine nodded smiling widely at them,

"Dad, you re-"

Kurt started but Blaine interrupted, squeezing Kurt's hand and smiling at him now,

"It's okay Kurt, I understand."

Blaine kissed Kurt's forehead before Kurt walked out still slightly concerned, Finn closely on his tail (he couldn't take all this kissing and romantic slush especially as he was in a relationship crisis himself, the same question always lingering on his mind, Quinn or Rachel? Besides there was a T.V in his room and so he could finish watching the football match.)

Now it was just Burt, Carole and Blaine. Carole was still smiling widely and Burt, (although a little happier) still looking quite solemn.

"Mr and Mrs Hummel, we haven't had the best of introductions but I assure you I care a lot about your son and I would never do anything to hurt him in any way, I love him and I always will, together or apart. You're son is really special and I can see you know that but I just wanted to let you know I see it too. Kurt Hummel is an amazing person and I just happen to have the honour of being his boyfriend...I -uh with your permission that is?"

Kurt smiled from outside his eyes slightly clouded with tears, Blaine's dapper charm was of course helpful but Kurt had never heard any body say things about him like that before. Blaine said he would love him forever, he said he was special. Kurt made a mental note to thank him later – preferably this time with the door locked.

"Thank you Blaine. I have noticed a change in Kurt, for the better and I believe it has been you who has encouraged it. You're a good kid Blaine and I of course give you my blessing for you to date my son. I know you said you wouldn't hurt him but he's fragile, he's been through a lot. If you so much as scar him even by accident you will have me to deal with. I trust you Blaine, don't let me or Kurt down."

Blaine was nodding all the way through Burt's speech, he could tell Kurt's dad really cared for Kurt just like he did. Blaine loved Kurt and would never even consider hurting him but if he did he knew it wouldn't be long before Burt was there ready to crush him. Blaine respected Burt... a lot.

"Thank you Mr and Mrs Hummel I will not let either of you and most definitely not Kurt, down."

Carole smiled wider as Burt smiled too, Blaine stood up to go still thanking them when Burt addressed him again,

"Blaine...please call us Carole and Burt,"

Blaine smirked respectfully before nodding and thanking them again and then Burt spoke again,

"Oh and next time... keep the door locked?"

Blaine blushed as Kurt did the same from outside,

"Noted. Thank you M- Burt."

When outside the door Blaine exhaled heavily, that had gone better than he had expected it to. Blaine soon found his arms full of Kurt,

"Were you?.. Were you outside this whole time?"

Blaine asked hugging back and smirking already knowing the answer, Kurt nuzzled his head into Blaine's chest muttering something that sounded like 'I love you' Blaine smiled and replied,

"I love you."


It had been almost a 2 years since Kurt and Blaine had told Burt they were dating and it had been 2 days since Blaine had asked Burt a more important question and now today was the day he was going to ask Kurt.


Blaine and Kurt were sat snuggled up on Kurt's bed watching beauty and the beast, Blaine was singing along to 'Belle' he had obviously seen this movie numerous times because it was floor less. Kurt reminded himself to make Blaine give him a full performance of it later.

Be our guest was just coming to a close when Kurt's phone vibrated in his pocket, Kurt was sat in his usual position in between Blaine's legs and had to shift a little to retrieve his phone. Blaine looked over his shoulder:

Hey Kurt,

Me and Jack are going down to the park

at 12 ish and we were wondering if you guys

wanted to tag along?

Let us know XD

Freddy x

Blaine smiled to himself, this was it.


Blaine and Kurt entered the park and immediately spotted their friends, Freddy and Jack were sat on a picnic blanket towards the back of the park in the direct line of the sun.

"Come on..."

Kurt said pulling Blaine towards them, Blaine and Jack's eyes met, it wasn't just Blaine who was planning on asking their boyfriend something.

They had stayed in the park for a good 3-4 hours now, just talking. There was a beautiful red sunset and the park looked beautiful.

Kurt and Freddy stood up ready to leave as Blaine and Jack both felt in their pockets, hands soon clasping around small black boxes and both kneeling down simultaneously.

"Kurt Elizabeth Hummel, will you marry me?"

Kurt thought he was going to die then and there... his high-school sweetheart, the most perfect man in the world who loved him was asking him to marry him.

Kurt didn't even hesitate before saying,

"Are you joking? Of course I'll marry you!"

Tears spilling from each of their eyes.

A similar reaction from Freddy except a lot less talking and a lot more kissing.


Kurt Hummel- Anderson was blissfully happy and the same could be said for Freddy Thompson- Wysterville. They had gone for double-barrel names simply because they sounded good and they couldn't decide.

Somewhere Freddy was kissing his husband goodnight as they turned in for the night.

Somewhere Kurt was snuggling up to his husband as they watched Beauty and Beast again, which had quickly become their favourite movie.

Somewhere Cupid was smiling.


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