Don't Blink by Phantom Dennis

Doctor Who property of BBC Terminator created by James Cameron and Gale Ann Hurd. "Sarah Connor Chronicles" Developed for TV by Josh Friedman

"Now the thing is don't blink," said the Doctor. "Blink and your dead."

"I don't blink," stated Cameron.

"Living creatures," the doctor frustratedly stated, "they can only be stopped by the eyes of living creatures."

"My skin is living. Including my eyelids. That seems to be enough."

"You realize you can't harm them. They're stone."

"I've seen 'Gargoyles'. Stone shatters when hit with enough force." Cameron advanced on the unmoving angels.

"If they could move, they'd be running," said the Doctor to his companion.

"If they had underwear, it'd need changing," replied Rory.