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At 8:30, I had my creative writing class. Our first assignment was to write about our lives in 20 sentences. Next class we would be trading with a yearlong writing partner. We didn't know who they were yet, because the teacher didn't want first impressions getting in the way. I wonder who it could be…

My name is Clare Diane Edwards.

I have an older sister who is in Kenya building schools for starving children.

I lived in Hamilton all of my life.

I went to Degrassi Community School for high school.

There I met my two best friends: Jenna Middleton and K.C. Guthrie.

I was popular in school.

All my friends were athletes.

In my senior year Jenna and K.C. started dating…if you could call it that.

Anyways, Jenna got pregnant and all of us were stunned.

She dropped out at semester break and is redoing her whole senior year now.

K.C. is in college on football and basketball scholarship but does what he can to help support her and their baby girl, Melissa.

My parents divorced when I was in grade ten because my dad was having an affair.

Actually, multiple affairs.

My mom has been alone since.

It broke my heart to leave her.

She's in that big house all alone.

At least soon my sister will be done in Kenya and can be with her and help her get out and be happy.

When I was in my rebel stage after the divorce, I made a huge mistake.

It changed me forever.

Sometimes I think it's for the better, sometimes I think it was just stupid.

There, 20 lines. I didn't think it'd come so easy. Now I just have to wait until Wednesday to figure out who my partner is going to be. My next class is my required Phys Ed credit (A/N: I'm not sure if all colleges have that but the college I start at in fall does. Sooo.).

At least Alli said she has the same class. We meet up and change and talk about our first class. She tells me about how great her Textiles and Materials class is. I told her about the first assignment.

"So it's not even like a paper? It's like…a journal entry kind of?" She asks.

"I guess you could say that. I think a lot of the assignments will be like that. Creative writing is about expressing yourself and doing it fantastically!" I laughed.

We walked into class and I really didn't pay much attention. I was really thinking about my junior year "mistake". I really don't understand why I mentioned it. No one would know any better. Maybe my partner won't ask about it.

I was snapped out of my day dream when I heard Alli say my name.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Look at him Clare! He's sooo gorgeous!" She says.

I look over and see who she's talking about. Just as I look over so does he.

"Clare! Hey! I was hoping I'd see you!" He ran over and hugged me.

"Drew! I thought you were going to USC on scholarship?" I turned to Alli, who was smiling dreamily at Drew. "Drew's amazing at pretty much every sport he's ever played." I turned back to Drew. "But really! What are you doing here?"

"Well there were a few problems with the scholarship. Like, it being in California. I just adjusted to Canadian weather. I can't go back to California then come visit and freeze my adorable butt off!" I laughed. Then Alli elbowed me, subtly, in the side.

"Oh. Alli, this is Drew. He's like a brother to me. We've been friends since kindergarten, and I would always beat up the bullies on the playground for him." I smirked at him.

He laughed. "Oh Edwards, how you wish it was you fighting. You know I always had to defend you. Thank goodness you finally got that surgery so they stopped calling you four eyes and making you cry!" We laughed. Alli laughed along with us, slightly awkwardly.

And that's when Drew first looked into her eyes.

"H-Hi.." He said, with a stupid look I've never seen on his face. And trust me, he has plenty of stupid looks.

"Hi." Alli started blushing 10 shades of red. At one simple word. Oh, man. I have a feeling she's the female version of Drew.

Drew's teacher blew his whistle snapping them out of their trance.

"Oh man. Sorry I've got to go. I'll see you guys around." He waved to me then stopped and smiled at Alli, almost falling into the trance again.

"Bye…" She said, waving like she was dreaming. He winked and ran away.

"Oh my gosh Clare. He's, like, a GOD or something."

"Sure, Alli. He's just another guy." I looked at her like something was wrong with her.

"A super dreamy guy…" she sighed again before we started class.

Oh volleyball, how I loathe you. We got put into teams of 4. It was a small class so there were only two teams. My team was Alli, Tauri (like tori, hey that's me!), Charlotte, and I.