Chapter 1: The Arrival

Hueco Mundo-Las Noches

Debris finally stopped dropping from the gaping hole on the roof which was not an accident but apparently caused by one of their own. Piles of rubble and craters littered the once pristine throne room and the area where the Espada used to sit is in total ruin. Some of the Espada themselves were lying on the cold stone floor, nursing injuries and were stunned from the transpiring events that unfolded not too long ago...

The newly crowned Primera, a Vasto Lorde with unimaginable power has turned against them and has declared war on Aizen. The master has gathered them in a meeting where he unveiled his plans for the coming war with Soul Society. It was bold and ambitious undertaking but it strikes at the heart of the matter, the elimination of the Spirit King himself and thus installing their own Aizen-sama as the undisputed god of all creation. However, it would seem that the new Primera did not agree with the new vision and tried to reason with Aizen and almost pleaded with him to find another way. Needless to say his protestations were duly noted however, and the plan will be implemented as it was first conceived and will be in affect as soon as the Hogyoku awakens in three months time this coming winter.

Reluctantly because he has come to like the dreary fortress and has cultivated various relationships which is very unusual even for a Hollow. The Primera had no choice and he suddenly bowed and apologized to his brothers and sister who frowned in utter confusion of his strange behavior. Swiftly without remorse, he fired a full powered and enormous cero oscuras at Aizen causing a massive explosion within the throne room and thus collapsing half the roof and mowing down the far wall into nothing but ash. The blast was powerful enough that it punched through several buildings, destroying them completely. The massive blast turned the sand to glass while carving a giant trench on the ground and finally reaching the wall of the dome itself and punching a substantial sized hole. Then the black cero finally hit a sand dune miles away, brightening the eternal night sky, and obliterating several miles worth of desert. He looked around and lingered for a second before disappearing in Sonido.

Aizen easily freed himself from the tons of rubble that buried him and several of the Espada that tried to foolishly save him from the sudden and unexpected attack. Actually now that he thought about it, the former Primera never did completely signed in with his cause and he should have rectified that much sooner. In fact, Aizen knew that he would rebel eventually but he didn't know when the Hollow was going to make his move and he didn't anticipate how events have transpired so swiftly. Oh he deliberately called the meeting and told Espada of his coming plans for the war. Aizen also promoted him in hopes that being called the most powerful of his soldiers would give the former Primera a sense of pride and to try and stoke the competitive fires in him to become even more stronger than anything the Soul Society has ever seen. Despite his efforts, he made a calculated error and the Hollow made his choice-a choice he would soon regret...

Meanwhile somewhere in Las Noches...

Naruto Uzumaki emerged from the smoldering ruin of a building. In fact, everything was nearly leveled from the titanic battle that has taken place with an opponent nearly as powerful as he is and maybe even more so. He gazed upon the gorgeous figure of the Tres Espada as she walked carelessly from the giant inferno that threatened to swallow the whole of Las Noches. She put away a strand of blond hair out of her eyes as her rather short jacket flapped from the hot wind. Hallibel looked at him and felt a little apprehension and in many ways regretted that she volunteered to take the traitor down. As much as she didn't want to admit it, she liked Naruto as a colleague first and foremost and even more so as a friend and for a Hollow, that is saying a lot. Ever since Aizen-sama has invited Naruto who achieved being a Vasto Lorde out in the desert ages ago, she and former Primera had grown close. Apacci, Mila Rose and the demure Sung-sun even had the gall to tease their beloved mistress that there might be something more between them than the two let on...which she vehemently denied to their amusement.

"So, they send you after me huh, Hallibel?" Naruto asked her. "I'm not surprised really..."

"Naruto...why?" she asked rather frantically. "Why have you declared war on Las Noches?"

"Hallibel you of all people know why! That bastard Aizen showed everyone his visions for the future and the plans for that town to initiate that said vision." he reminded her. "I may be a Hollow but I will not have the blood of innocents in my hands all for the sake of stroking an ego of a madman on some power trip. I had enough dealing with people like him in my former life..."

"And a Hollow shouldn't care whether countless lives get slaughtered if they get in our way." Hallibel told him. "If sacrifices are necessary for the cause to succeed then so be it."

"Ok even if the said sacrificial lambs also pertains to pawns as well?"

The former ninja from the town of Konoha was not wearing his original orange jumpsuit like he did...when he was alive. The fact that he died didn't bother him anymore and he had a couple hundred years contemplating on the subject and grudgingly accepted it. Yes, there were times that he reminisced about the good old days when he was alive and remembered fondly the people he left behind. He wonders what happened to them now? Did they still remember him once in a while? Or was he forgotten as soon as the last grain of earth was placed on his grave? Nonetheless, it didn't matter now because the life he had before seemed but a distant memory.

Ever since he arrived at this place the inhabitants called Las Noches, there was an unease in the pit of his stomach that he could never shake and yet he chose to come with this Aizen when he offered to give him power. Whether it was pride that was somehow inadvertently bruised or the fact that this strange man awakened his hunger to get even stronger, he nonetheless accepted his reasonable offer at the time and became a part of his army. Thus Naruto became an Arrancar and joined the prestigious ranks of the Espada. He was proud the day he was given his uniform; an all white shirt that tapers at the end and terminates about mid-thigh, loose white pants and a trench coat with black trim. The remnants of his Hollow mask was ironically what looked like a forehead protector, the ends terminating into a sharp point that went all the way to the back of his head at an angle. And he was even prouder when the number "1" was tattooed in a stylized manner on his right shoulder. For years, Naruto has loyally served Aizen and did not question his authority until he found out his plans from the the man himself. Thus he rebelled and it is this very reason why he faces Hallibel now...

"I don't know what you mean..."

"Sigh, it figures you wouldn't understand." Naruto chided. "Tell me this do you remember your life was like when you were alive?"

"No and why should it matter?" Hallibel replied. "This is my life now and serving Aizen is what drives me...And what does this have to do with you rebelling?"

"Even though that drive will get you, your fraccion and the others killed? Thanks but no thanks. I knew some poor souls who devoted themselves blindly to their so called masters only to be discarded once their usefulness came to an end. It wasn't a pretty sight and I know Aizen will betray you as soon as he doesn't need you anymore."


"Why can't you think for yourself Hallibel?" Naruto pleaded. "You know I'm only telling you the truth."

"You know it's not too late." Hallibel continued undeterred. "You can still apologize and make things right again."

"I'm sorry, Halli, but I can't do that..."

There was silence for a few minutes...

"Then the time for talk has passed..." Hallibel told him sadly.

"You can come with me you know..."

"And as much as I want to, you of all people now I can't do that..."

"Then I'm sorry..." Naruto told her rather sadly. "I guess this is goodbye then..."

Hallibel, the Tres Espada was at a loss and she didn't know what to do. She didn't want to lose Naruto but her duty as an Espada and loyalty to Aizen has clashed with what she wished circumstances to be. If he will not be swayed with words then perhaps if she end it swiftly then the gaping feeling in her heart wouldn't throb so much and eventually he will be forgotten. Hallibel decided that alternative would be better to have Naruto die in her hands than be captured and tortured by Aizen and then having that bastard Szayel turn him into a guinea pig for one of his sadistic experiments, a former Espada deserves better than that. Even if he did ended up being a traitor... And so, Tia decided that if Naruto was going to die, then it would be on her terms and her own hands. In order to do that then that would mean she will have to give her all, Naruto is the most powerful Espada after all and he is ranked number 1 for a reason...

"Destroy, Tiburon!"

"Hallibel-chan w-what the hell are you doing?" Naruto asked her nervously.

Dense yellow spiritual energy surrounded Hallibel's body and then caused a massive explosion of power. When the heart shaped cocoon of water that surrounded her and her transformation was complete, the Tres Espada cut herself from the temporary prison and emerged transformed into her Resurreccion and swiftly attacked...


A massive column of water began to fall at Naruto and caught him by surprise. As close as they were, this is the first time that Hallibel attacked him in her Resurreccion and thus he didn't exactly know how her powers worked. Naruto was swallowed by the cascading waterfall and it flooded several "blocks" of Las Noches in a tsunami of pressurized water. When the attack finally finished, Hallibel narrowed her eyes when Naruto still floated in the air as he tried to force his way out of the column of water and then her eyes widened as his body turned pale, disappeared in smoke and was replaced by a piece of wood. She didn't believe it at first but the stories that he used to tell her about his former life weren't such tall tales after all. From what she understands, Naruto was once what he called a "ninja" and she used to be skeptical about the methods they used to fight. Apparently she just witnessed one of their techniques, replacing oneself with anything at hand in order to completely throw an opponent off track with misdirection. It was rather un-Hallow like to say the least, but Hallibel had to admit it was very effective and so she has to be on her guard.

Hallibel looked carefully and with a sweeping motion of her zanpakuto, fired a wide cero that bisected one of the humongous columns that littered the dome, flushing the hiding Naruto out in the open. Instantaneously appearing behind and tried to behead him but he comically ducked and flapping his arms up and down all the while. Tia tried her hardest not to laugh at his antics. She knew that if she breaks now her resolve will crumble and she probably would take up his offer of following him where ever he goes. But her loyalty to Aizen and to the cause is important to her as well and as an Espada she has to uphold the tenets of the law...

"What the're serious about this aren't you?" Naruto pointing an accusing finger at her.

"I'm never more serious in my life. At least unsheathe your sword, release your Resurrecion, and perish with dignity!"

"Common Hallibel, give a guy a break, will ya?"

"Then why did you rebel?" she said her voice almost breaking. "You knew this was going to happen and I wouldn't be trying so hard to kill you!"

"You already know my reason..."

"Why don't you stop being such and idiot and come back to m...t-to us and everything as it should be!"

"Hallibel...I'm sorry."

"Teen, I'm sorry as well...goodbye Naruto." Hallibel said coldly and then glaring at him.

Naruto heard the final note in her voice and had a sinking feeling that she has steeled herself to finally go for the kill. He swallowed...hard.

Karakura Town

He could feel it...the Hollow slowly but surely trying to take control. For now Ichigo knew that bastard of a Hollow was biding his time and waiting for an opportunity to strike. Knowing that it was waiting in the wings, the feeling that something was trying to control one's body and his will to fight such an invasion was very taxing. It was a feeling that gnawed at his consciousness every waking hour of the day. Every time he turns into a Shinigami, every time he holds his zanpakuto to fight, and every time he faces enemies far stronger than he could have ever imagined as the fight with Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, has illustrated. The strawberry knew that if he didn't do something about his Hollow problem then he might as well just give up and have the damn Hollow take over and put him out of his misery. However, his pride as a Shinigami and his determination to solve this problem on his own would not die so easily. A swift kick and an ass chewing from Rukia further cemented his resolve. And thus he finds himself walking towards a rundown part of town trying to find Shinji Hirako. Finally, arriving at his destination, he entered the abandoned warehouse to find the answers to his little Hollow problem...

Several days later...

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Hiyori told the strawberry. "Come at me again, baldy!"

"Alright, alright geez hold your horses!" Ichigo said to her. "Snaggletooth!"

"What did you say!"

"You heard me..."

"That's it baldy put on your mask now and consider yourself dead meat!"

Ichigo held his hand to his face, black reiryoku gathering there and raked at his face downward and putting his Hollow mask on. Having conquered his Hollow several days ago, he is training with the Vizard to up his operational time with the mask thus giving him the ability to use it far longer in battle. So far he with the constant heavy training he underwent with Hiyori at the helm, Ichigo was able to hold it for almost 4 hours now. Considering that he couldn't hold the mask the minute he put it on before it shattered in the beginning, his rapid progress and quick mastery is unusual even among their specialized inner circle. Well the interaction between Hiyori and Ichigo was always fodder for amusement and gut busting entertaining to say the least...

Their sparring was far more spirited than usual and 4 hours later, the mask finally shattered and Ichigo fell to the ground exhausted. Whatever the great benefits the mask gave him, Ichigo always felt bone tired after using it for so long. Whether that little quirk works itself out the more he uses the mask remains to be seen. Still it's a start and he is pleased that the training was going rather well. He actually got to know some of the Vizard with his time with them and they are indeed an interesting bunch. After several minutes, he got up, thanked Hiyori for the great workout (even though they started bickering and trading insults for the next 5 minutes) and left the warehouse.

It was already night and the full moon was up in the sky. Ichigo disappeared in shunpo and rapidly traversed Karakura Town's night sky in high speed. He was a block from the house before his Shinigami badge alerted him of some Hollows nearby. The strawberry sighed, it figured that the damned things would attack now of all times just as he was getting home. Nonetheless it was his duty to purify them. He figured they were low level Hollows anyway and he should be able to make swift work of them. Little did Ichigo know how wrong he was...

One hour later after eliminating several but powerful Hollow and is now chasing the Arrancar leader of the group. Ichigo had to give it to the Hollow, he was one slippery little bastard for something so big! The Shinigami chased it all over Karakura and engaged it in battle several times only for it to escape his grasp. He wonders whether if it was that powerful or he has exhausted himself from the training more than he had thought previously. Whatever the case he has to end it now so he can finally go home and eat some of Yuzu's cooking. Eating fast food and sampling Hiyori's cooking was one can call very hazardous for one's health...

Ichigo then followed the fleeing Arrancar into a tunnel that cut into a mountain and blindly chased it. Time within the tunnel felt like an eternity and when the strawberry emerged several minutes later and he actually had to stop to take in his surroundings. The high cliff to his right was surrounded with crimson sea that for some reason or another reminded him of blood. The sky was dark and light hardly squeezed through the thick clouds giving the entire area dreary, dark atmosphere. There was a shear face hill to his left and beyond that a very dense forrest of dead trees which was populated with the creepy crawlies and bats. Right in front of him was a dead tree and a pumpkin headed scare crow wearing a sign that said "Yokai Academy." Then his gaze went to the horizon and it seemed there was what looked like a school constructed on top of a hill. That was puzzling, Ichigo wondered why would somebody build a school in a depressing place like this anyway? One thing is clear to him though, this is not Karakura town at all nor does it look like any part of Soul Society he ever visited before either...

"Well that's great, not only am I late for dinner..." Ichigo said growling. "I'm lost another dimension of some frickin wonderful!"

The Shinigami felt the Arrancar not far from him and gave chase. It wasn't too long before he finally caught up to it and engaged in battle. The Arrancar seeing that the pesky Shinigami won't let him go, decided to fight to get him off his hair. The visibly incomplete Arrancar unsheathed his towering zanpakuto and with a burst of Sonido ( again a surprise considering he's about 20 feet tall) went behind the Shinigami and with all the might the Hollow could muster tried to crush the strawberry with his strength alone. Even though Ichigo was a little tired, he was rather impressed that the Arrancar had this much strength in him considering the fact that he sank several feet into the the ground after nonchalantly raising his right hand and blocking the attack with Zangetsu. With the Hollow caught off guard and couldn't believe how the Shinigami can survive the attack as he put everything he had in that strike, Ichigo took advantage of the slight hesitation and with his great strength shove the massive zanpakuto away, disappeared in shunpo and appearing above him and finished the hapless Arrancar as Zangetsu ripped easily enough through hierro like a hot knife through butter. As Ichigo landed, the doomed Hollow couldn't even make a noise as he dissolved into ashes and its remains were swept by the wind.

"Ok that's settled...I wonder how the hell I'm going to get back home now?"

However, that thought was pushed back for the moment as he felt a massive spiritual pressure not far from his location. It was even more denser that he felt from Grimmjow and this does not bode too well. But he was a Substitute Shinigami and he can't abandon the people here (if there were any) and this world(however, depressing it is) in such peril. Ichigo disappeared in shunpo to investigate further...

Yokai Academy

Tsukune Aono with some bags at hand was on his way back to the bus that would take him away from this crazy place. Who would have imagined that even though he found a school that would actually take him after failing miserably a few times at home. However, Yokai Academy was a school for monsters and unfortunately for a human like him, he wouldn't last a second if the resident monsters found out otherwise. Tsukune knew he didn't belong there even though he finally found an intriguing and the most beautiful girl that he had ever seen in his life...

"I'm sorry Moka-san but I cant' stay here..." Tsukune thought bitterly. "I hope that you won't think to badly of me...What the hell am I thinking of course she's going think badly of me. I just just ran out on her and it was on a bad note too...idiot!"

Not five minutes before, Tsukune ran into Moka and the girl saw him with his with bags in hand and asked him where he was going. He replied that he didn't belong in Yokai Academy and he felt he needed to go to a human school instead. However, the usually nice and soft spoken Moka vehemently tried to dissuade him to go because when she went to one she was cruelly made fun of and on top of it, she was isolated because her "active" imagination, meaning the existence of monsters. And for that reason alone, she hated humanity ever since. Finally she is in a place where she belonged and not looked down upon and for the first time she has finally found a person she could call her friend...

"Even if that said person is human himself?"

"W-what what are you talking about Tsukune?" Moka stammered.

"That's right, I'm not a monster like any of you are in this school..." Tsukune began. "That's because I'm HUMAN! I was enrolled here by mistake, so I'm different from you!"

"I-it c-can't be...a human is not suppose to be here!"

"You should have seen the look on your face!" Tsukune told her. "You just realized I was telling the truth didn't you?"

"T-tsukune...Wait!" Moka exclaimed grabbing his shoulder as he turned around to leave.

"Let go of me, you hate humans right?" Tsukune shouted. "Excuse me if I am human who happens to befriend a monster!"


However, her pleas fell into deaf ears and Tsukune ran away from her. He was running so fast that he tripped on something and comically slid a few feet before falling down on his face. Tsukune lifted himself up slowly and noticed something very shiny that caught his eye. It was tiny spherical stone with a blue tinge to it. It glowed rather beautifully when the wisp of sunlight hit it's surface but he realized it gleamed on it's own...then nothing.

"Huh, that was weird. It looked pretty a minute ago..."

Not giving it another thought he put the unusual stone in his pocket and kept going to the bus stop. When he arrived there, where the lone dead tree with the scarecrow right next it, Tsukune waited till the next bus will come so it could take him home. Still as much as he wants to ignore that nagging feeling...that this was wrong somehow. It felt like he was making a lifelong mistake and he was going to regret it if he leaves now. But before he could explore this ache in his heart, the bus was suddenly there and Tsukune was looking at the eerie eyes of the creepy bus driver...

"So you're running away after all. Somehow I knew that you would change your mind. It's alright my boy, you can come aboard if you have regrets!"

Tsukune looked at the bus driver and something gnawed at his conscience. But what can he do? He is only human after all right? He knew that he wouldn't last a second if his secret was found out. Yet, it felt wrong to leave like this as if he had unfinished business to attend to. Then he heard her voice and that snapped him out of his stupor. Moka-san was in trouble but what was he to do...he's only...

"To hell with being human! Moka-san needs me dammit and I don't care what happens to me but I'm going to help her!"

Tsukune apologized to the bus driver for wasting his time and went back to the general area he heard her voice. All the while he was running there, there was a buzzing of some kind in his head as if someone or something was trying to talk to him. It sounded like a woman singing inside his head. Her song was soft and had a tinge of sadness all over its texture but for some reason it made him feel warm and protected. It seemed like the song really wanted to talk to him and so he opened his mind and tried to communicate with it...

"Umm, hello?" Tsukune said reluctantly

"Ahh, I see that you have finally heard my voice." the female voice said.

"Who are you?"

"That is not important Tsukune Aono but I want to know..." she said mysteriously. "What is your greatest wish..."

"Eh, what do you mean my...greatest wish?' he asked puzzled.

"Yes, what is your heart's strongest desire?" she insisted. "Tell me your wish and I will be able to grant it!"

"It is to be strong so that I can protect Moka-san!" Tsukune told her without hesitation.

"Hmm, I didn't expect this but your wish is easy enough to grant..."

Tsukune felt a warm fuzzy feeling within him as the song in his head hits a crescendo. Then the song and voice inside his mind went silent...

"Umm hello? Are you still there?" Tsukune asked. "Did I just heard someone talk to me? And what was that about fulfilling my heart's desire? Oh well, must be the stress in this place or something!"

Tsukune then saw Moka and called to her...

"Tsukune? Why did you come back?

"There was something I wanted to say to you and I would have regretted it for the rest of my life if I didn't tell you!"

"You wanted to say something to her scum?" Saizou told him. "I believed I warned you to stay away from Moka didn't I?"

"Eh...w-what t-the hell is that thing? Tsukune stuttered. "H-HOLY M-MOTHER P-PETUNIA...I-IT' M-M-M-MONSTER!"

"Run Tsukune, that's Saizou's true form!" Moka told him.

"So this is what a monster looks like?" Tsukune said to himself. "So if that Rosario was ever removed then that would mean..."

Tsukune however, did not complete that thought as Saizou backhanded him and sent him about 15 feet away and crashing into a gravestone. The attack would have rendered other monsters unconscious while a human would have either incurred severe injuries or would have died from the force of the blow. To Moka and Saizou's surprise he was neither as they saw that he had protected his face crossing both his arms and didn't even have a scratch on him whatsoever. A stunned Moka quickly went to his side while an even more surprised ogre shook the arm that struck the boy. Saizou was puzzled it was as if he hit a brick wall just now...

"Tsukune are you ok?" Moka asked him worried.

"Huh, w-what just happened?" Tsukune said shaken.

Tsukune knew Saizou hit him and boy did the ogre hit him hard! But for some reason the blow didn't even register and the excruciating pain that would have accompanied the attack was not there at all. What he felt could be best described something along the lines of a pesky insect biting him and that was it. How a human like himself could suddenly shrug an attack of an ogre is beyond him. Then his eyes widened as he made a connection. Could it be that nice lady granted his heart's desire?

"That's impossible..." Tsukune said to himself skeptically. "I wasn't even serious that time!"

"Hello are you ok?" Moka said waving her hand in front of him. "You spaced out for a minute there..."

"I'm sorry, Moka-san I was just deep in thought!"

"Why did you come back?"

"I realized back there when I ran out on you to go home that I didn't want to part ways like we did." Tsukune began. "It's because I wanted to be your friend...even if you are a vampire."

Those words touched Moka so much that she covered her mouth with her hands and tears began to cascade down her cheeks. However Saizou had other plans for the girl and decided that this has to be nip in the bud and soon...

"What the hell are you babbling about?" Saizou screamed and kicked Tsukune viciously from behind. "DIE LIKE THE SCUM THAT YOU ARE!"

Tsukune would have ran into Moka so he closed his eyes and braced himself. The boy felt a foot on his back and he felt the momentum and the power of the kick but it's as if there was no force to it at all. The ogre kicked him again but this time he put more of his strength behind it. The boy didn't gave any indication of pain but this time he gouged a shallow trench on the ground as his legs tried to absorb the attack. Frustrated, he dropped kicked Tsukune but again he didn't yelp out in pain but made the boy stumble uncontrollably towards Moka and as he tried to balance himself, Tsukune accidentally freed the Rosario from her collar and both of them were shocked to say the least. But Moka more so because she knew that the seal did not come off before and for Tsukune to be able to remove it was an astonishing feat.

Then Moka began to transform. Her physical body began to change. She began to grow a little taller, her bosom a little fuller and her bottom a little more shapely. Her normally looking hands had claws now. But the most drastic change that Tsukune saw was that her luxurious pink hair transformed to silver and her kind beautiful green eyes turned into crimson slits. Moka's Yoki power burst forth and Tsukune felt a little funny being exposed to her black aura. The same thing can't be said about Saizou though as he staggered to get up and almost crumpled to the ground from the enormous pressure she released.

"So this is a vampire..." Tsukune said to himself.

Moka walked to a stunned Saizou...

"What's the matter? You said that you wanted me right...but you have to take me by force!" Moka said mockingly.

Saizou was about to attack and Moka was about to kick his ass from here to Sunday with one of her signature kicks when they both stopped and felt an enormous Yoki power that they never have felt before. This time Tsukune began to get a little nauseous and could literally feel the air weight him down. Then they all looked up and their eyes widened as the very air itself opened like a jaw and a mysterious person came walking out of it's depths. This newcomer had a shock of short spiky blond hair, blue eyes, and a round face. He was wearing an all white clothes with a shirt's ends falling midway to his thigh and wearing loose pants and what looked like sandals and a trench coat that terminated to his ankle and had black trim at the ends. On his hip was a sheathed sword. However, the uniform he wore was not as pristine as before because it was torn to pieces showing some of his impressive musculature. He must have been in some kind of fight before he arrived here. The stranger slowly descend to the ground in between the two combatants and stared at them quietly.

"Who are you and what's the big idea interrupting a Vampire's fight!" Moka demanded.

Before the stranger could answer her, they felt another powerful Yoki that almost crushed Tsukune to his knees while Moka narrowed her eyes and gritted her teeth and is bothered by the fact that another powerful aura appears in the Academy. She will admit that their power is very impressive but because of her extreme pride for her race, she cannot readily accept that their power is equal to the vaunted power of the Vampire. But it would seem there are creatures out there that says otherwise...

The new stranger was a blond woman with dark skin and to Moka's endless annoyance a very large bosom that clearly surpasses her own. She was wearing barely nothing, except for armor that covered her breasts, some shoulder pads, an unusual looking mini-skirt of bones, a spine like structure that is attached to her well muscled stomach. Long fin like protrusions cascaded from her back and she carries a giant sword that looked like a shark tooth. The lady then pointed her unusual weapon and it began to be surrounded by water and then fired rapid successions of pressurized water at the stranger before them.

Naruto knowing that they wouldn't survive such a barrage, he pushed Saizou away sending the ogre tumbling head over heels about 30 feet away and in the same motion, he grabbed Moka by the waist and Tsukune as well and he carried the two astonished and reluctant passengers easily enough and disappeared in Sonido before the Hallibel's barrage of La Gotas reached them and causing massive damage as the very ground exploded and the plumes reaching 40 feet into the air in rapid succession. He reappeared again about a 300 yards away and Naruto apologized for the trouble and he called to the lady that the fight was with him and she need not involve others. She agreed and waited for Naruto to come to her and when he came, their fight commenced again as the two Espada level Arrancar disappeared and the only indication that they knew they were still there was the fact that their heavy Yoki power was still there and flashes lit up the sky and as earth shattering shockwaves could be heard from miles away.

Moka had no words to say but she was furious to say the least. That ruffian just touched loyalty! The nerve of that cur, when their little skirmish is done, she will have a few choice words to say to him and the business end of her foot! As for the immodest whore, she'll just put her in her proper place. Tsukune tried to calm her down but she just turned around and just glared at him and he apologized comically. Then he suddenly his eyes widened as a gigantic hand about 150 yards from them suddenly came out of nowhere and tore the very fabric of reality apart. A grotesquely giant mask with a pointed nose and beady looking eyes suddenly emerged and it looked like it was wearing a hood. It looked left and right and then it looked straight at them. Moka who was already pissed was itching for a fight and she took up an offensive stance. Then the creature began to open it's mouth and it gathered Yoki energy and fired a massive black beam towards them.

Tsukune panicked but Moka stubbornly refused to budge having her pride already been bruised today. She will not let something like an energy projectile stop her! She was about to do something about it when the beam suddenly exploded about 5 feet from them! When the smoke and debris cleared, a boy with orange spiky hair all dressed in black and wielding what essentially looked like a giant butcher knife was right before them. Moka knew instinctively that he was the one who saved them. How he did though was anyone's guess. To the vampire he didn't seem to look much but Moka can't underestimate this one either as he too has a powerful aura about him and if she concentrated even more she could have sworn that his Yoki had the same signature as those other two fighting. No matter, it would seem another unusual but interesting person showed up today...

"Oi you guys alright?" the spiky haired boy asked them.

"Y-yes, thanks. You really saved us!" Tsukune said. Then his eyes widened as he saw Saizou appear out of nowhere and attacked their black clad savior. "H-hey look out behind you!"

Without even looking the boy caught the ogre's fist with just the palm of his hand. Saizou must have put some force behind the attack as the boy sank several feet into the ground but he did not budge an inch. Then Ichigo noticed that the Menos was about to fire another Cero that's when he gathered his power into Zangetsu and fired...


A 40 ft massive blue energy projectile gouged it's way toward the giant Hollow and collided causing an explosion that injured it significantly. Even though Moka was surprised at the sheer display of power their guest showed them, she didn't let it show. In fact, she was tired of being upstaged by strangers and decided to take things into her own hands. Seeing as the giant masked one was more of a threat than the ogre was, she ran and quickly covered the distance between her and her opponent, jumped high up to it's face and she spun around and clocked the Menos with a crushing kick to the mask that shattered it completely and the it began to disappear in ash.

Encouraged by the all these powerful people, Tsukune decided that he too will do something and eyed Saizou. If this works he would have confirmed that the mysterious lady in his head has fulfilled his wish to become strong and secretly, it was also payback for all the things he did to Moka. He ran towards Saizou who was wide open and delivered a devastating punch that to his stomach that sent him flying about 25 feet and when he finally stopped, he was unconscious. Tsukune looked at his fist and then looked at what he happened to the ogre and couldn't believe what he saw. So it was true, somehow the lady fulfilled his wish after all. Moka who was walking towards them looked at Tsukune and what he did to Saizou and she couldn't help but be impressed...

"Nice punch although what you did to the guy was rather overkill don't you think?" Ichigo told him chuckling.

"Sorry, I didn't know I could do that either!" the brown haired boy replied.

"Who are you and how did you do that!" Moka demanded.

"Moka-san that's not how you treat someone who just saved our lives now!" Tsukune told her.

"And you...where did you get that much power? I thought you were suppose to be human!"

"The name is Ichigo Kurosaki, substitute Shinigami." the orange haired boy said proudly.

"Tsukune Aono and this little fire cracker here is..."

"I can introduce myself Tsukune." Moka told him glaring. "Moka Akashiya...and you still didn't explain yourself!"

Their surely escalating argument was interrupted however, as Naruto came crashing down and leveled a hill not far from them. Ichigo's eyes widened as he knew that these two were obviously Espada from the looks of them. He could probably take one of them but with two of them here that's going to be a little difficult. Then it hit him, why were they fighting in the first place and why would a Hollow save these two earlier from the other one's attack? Still he can't put his guard down just yet and he put himself between the Espada and the other two.

Hallibel noticed the Shinigami and she is quite impressed with his power. This must be that Kurosaki Ichigo that Ulquiorra has mentioned in a meeting before. Still as fascinating his energy signature fluctuating and the unusual aura that reminded her of her kind, Naruto the person before him was more important at the moment. She slowly went past the three sparing them a glance and then focused her concentration on the opponent before her. Naruto was already getting up and finally she has scored deep wound on his shoulder but that was already closing as he got up and faced her...

"Why...why haven't you drawn your sword!" The Tres Espada asked him. "Are you trying to insult me that I'm being weak?"

"Hallibel, you know you are one of the strongest Hollows that I know..."

"Then why won't you taking me seriously?" she said angrily.

"You know I always taking you seriously!"


"Fine, it's because I don't have the heart drawing my sword against someone I care about..."

When Hallibel heard that she was speechless and turned back to normal. She sheathed her sword on her shoulder and zipped her jacket covering her Hollow mask. She then gestured and a Garganta appeared and she quietly went inside it's maw. Hallibel then looked back briefly at him for the last time and disappeared going back to Hueco Mundo. He could have sworn that a tear went down on her cheek but he could be imagining things. Hallibel shedding a tear for him, that's absurd considering she was trying her hardest to kill him earlier. Still at least for now he will have a little bit of peace if however briefly...

"Damn, it's kind of messed up making a girl like that cry huh Tsukune." Ichigo said chuckling.

"Ya I know right...if I ever did that to someone she'd probably beat me up or something." Tsukune added.

"What was that Tsukune..." Moka said growling.

"Nothing ma'am!"

"No, you're right. It was kind of messed up of me for making her cry but it was the only way I could think of stopping her short of killing her." Naruto told them sadly.

Then Moka was in his face scrutinizing him. Naruto was somewhat surprised that this strange girl although very beautiful is rather uncomfortably invading his personal space. Then she was looking at Ichigo and the strawberry didn't flinch as she glared at him. In fact he didn't look intimidated at all as he scowled back at her in defiance. Then her glare went to Tsukune and he visibly flinched and looked very apologetic but he didn't break his gaze when their eyes met.

"Chi...this isn't the end of this." Moka told them as he grabbed her Rosario from Tsukune and attached it back to her collar. "I will get my answers and a Vampire always gets her answers!"

Moka then turned back to normal and she wobbled for a few seconds and Tsukune caught her as she almost fell to the ground. The others looked at this unusual transformation and the two of them looked at her with curiosity. Tsukune who was holding Moka decided to break the ice and tried to reintroduce themselves to these seemingly godlike beings that happen to stumble upon the Academy. Tsukune then introduced himself and Moka who understandably could not answer for herself so he told them her name. Ichigo reintroduced himself as well and finally...

"Naruto Uzumaki, former ninja of the Konoha, former Primera of the Espada." he told them grinning. "Nice to meet you all!"

to be continued...

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