Chapter 4: Disconcerting Blues and Shadow Worlds part III

Soul Society-outside the First Division Barracks

"Hmm and what makes you think that Ichigo is trapped in this Yokai Academy Sakura?" Soi Fon pressed.

"Because I was there Captain..." Sakura simply said.

"You might have to elaborate further..."

"Let's see, it went like this..."


Sakura was excited beyond belief! Not only did she graduate with top honors from Shino Academy, a fact that she greatly prides herself in, she actually got accepted in the Second Division there after as seated officer. Captain Soi Fon herself was so impressed with her skills that she recommended that the pink haired girl become a part of the Onmitsukidō and that the Captain herself will personally oversee her training. And under Soi Fon's strict regimen, Sakura has been put into a ringer in the most intense, difficult, physically and mentally brutal training from hell that she has undergone in her life! From what she remembered of it, the Chuunin exams were easier and pales in comparison to the grinder that she's been put through that's for sure!

After about half a year enduring the training from hell, Soi Fon declared that Sakura passed and exceeded her mentor's expectations considering that the former ninja leveled the Second Division's training ground to nothing but rubble. On that fateful day, Sakura and the Captain were sparring while the entire division observed and more than likely were taking notes. Soi Fon explicitly instructed Omaeda that no one will interfere with the sparring or else face the consequences!

The two women stood about 5 feet apart and their gaze never leaving the others. A light breeze started to blow and it kicked up a little dust in between them. For a tense few minutes nothing happened and the audience waited in anticipation when the exercise will commence. Omaeda was as curious and as anxious as the rest of the Division. He comically grind his teeth on his finger nails as a few of the men looked at him in confusion and sweat dropped. When the a single leaf fluttered by and landed in between the two combatants, they suddenly disappeared as if it was the sign that they should begin.

Sakura has never fought anyone, in her former life included, who was as fast and as precise as Soi Fon Taicho. While Tsunade-sama was simply brutally strong and tried to overwhelm opponents by simply running over them; Sakura finds that her Captain is far more elegant and her mastery of Hakuda and shunpo are second to none. The way she delivered her strikes with deadly precision and accuracy while she moved smoothly in an unpredictable and yet predetermined path that she baits her opponents to follow. It was if she was a graceful ballerina dancing and it overwhelmed Sakura that she is real fortunate to learn from an excellent teacher.

The two of them exchanged punches and kicks in quick succession neither woman even coming close to breaching the other's defenses. Sakura then feinted a punch to Soi Fon's left while simultaneously the pink haired girl tried to sweep the Captain off her feet and she simply jumped and countered with a spinning heel kick. The pink haired girl however, leaned backward and awkwardly fell down however, she recovered when she planted her right hand to the ground and flash stepped away as Soi Fon's axe kick fell where Sakura used to be seconds ago. The attack left a sizable crater which surprised her considering that the 2nd Division Captain was not known for her power. Still Sakura knows better than to underestimate her, a hard lesson that Kakashi-sensei and later Tsunade-sama drilled into her core when she was alive.

Sakura reappeared about a few feet away from her opponent. As she somersaulted backwards, the former ninja threw several kunai at Soi Fon who dodged and deflected them easily enough. However, one particular projectile that the Captain blocked had a strange looking tag attached to it. She then heard a hissing sound coming from the kunai and she realized that it sounded similar to an ignited fuse...

Soi Fon's eyes narrowed, her current protege once told her that she was a trained ninja and it would seemed that she has used one of their weapons against her. She didn't particularly paid attention to it but now it has peaked her interest. Sakura's weapon seemed on the surface an ordinary sized kunai with a tag attached to it. But looking closely, the tag is imbued spiritual energy and it is set to explode like a bomb with a timer. The Captain is impressed yet again with the ingenious way the girl has adopted her former life's techniques in her current circumstance. Sakura's kunai bombs will be a great asset in surprise attacks and perhaps assassination campaigns and it should be adapted as a part of her Division's arsenal. She will talk to her about it one of these days when she has completed the pink haired girl's training and evaluate her progress once she gets a few missions under her belt.

The Captain simply used shunpo to evade the sizable explosion that carved a 7 foot crater on the ground and did some substantial damage to the far wall. She definitely have to be careful around those things that's for sure. For something that small and cause that much damage, that's definitely a weapon that's not to be underestimated! Soi Fon then appeared behind Sakura, already having her blade poised under her throat.

"Excellent, Sakura you have done very well!" Soi Fon told her from behind. Inside, though she wouldn't want to admit it, she was very proud of her protege. "But you have a long way to go if you want to match swords with me!"

"Oh ya we'll see about that!"

"Just what I like to hear, you have some guts girl if you still want to continue!"

Without hesitating, Soi Fon slit her throat but she was suddenly surrounded with smoke. When it finally cleared, the Captain in mild surprise found herself holding a large log with a nasty vertical cut three quarters of the way that matched the wound she supposedly inflicted to Sakura. It would seem to be another one of those ninja tricks again. From what she gathered, it was some kind of Kido that Sakura has probably chanted before she caught the girl. Not only was it some kind of distraction, but it was actually a means to escape a seemingly hopeless situation...

"Clever!" she thought. "But not good enough!"

"Hado number 31: Shakkahō!"

Soi Fon pointed her palm and fired the spell at a seemingly empty patch of land. It exploded and Sakura retreated to gather her faculties. The Captain the followed her relentlessly and Sakura was forced to unsheathe her own zanpakuto to defend herself. The pink haired girl's weapon is a little unique. It had a long, slightly curved handle with red and white wrapping weaved into it. The zanpakuto was about two feet long. The only unusual thing about it's appearance is that it didn't have a guard and that it had a doubled edged blade.

"Incinerate! Houka Kusabana!"

Sakura was thus swallowed in smoke and spiritual energy as a tremendous explosion occurred. As the battlefield cleared, Soi Fon saw her new charge's Shikai for the first time and was surprised at what she saw. There were only two individuals in all of Soul Society to ever have twin zanpakuto and both of them happened to be the Captains of the Eight and Thirteenth Divisions respectively. The two blades that Sakura held in her hand now were practically the same but with a few minor changes. These swords were much longer and about an inch wider but kept the double bladed edge of the original. Another change she could see was the fact that now Sakura's twin zanpakuto have a leaf shaped guards. The handles have straightened out, kept the red and white wrapping, and the ends terminating into a footlong tassels which is attached to a 2 inch long thin chain.

"Fire Flower, an interesting but appropriate name...Let's see what she can do Sakura!"

"Yes ma'am! ARASHI HISAKI!" (tempest flames)

Flames burst and engulfed the twin blades which she promptly raised and then violently smashed downward to the ground. A massive 30 foot concentration of fire shaped like a right triangle on it's side with wisps of scorching flames trailing barreled it's way towards a very astonished Soi Fon! The 2nd Division Captain certainly didn't expect this level of mastery in her new student considering the pink haired girl's zanjutsu skills were abysmal when she graduated. Perhaps she can take pride in the fact that her grueling regimen and training has polished the girl's skills to passable at best. Still that's not an excuse to abandon swordsmanship completely! She will have to ask the Captain-General some pointers or maybe even ask the old man himself if he is willing to train her in Kendo. Surely the training with the Sou-Taicho will at least compliment her already excellent skill sets. Yes, she has very high hopes for this one indeed! Now to attend to the flaming inferno that is currently threatening to scorch her hide!

Soi Fon then took some drastic measures and used shunpo to get out of the way. The flame projectile then continued along it's trail towards the far wall, exploded and incinerating everything in its path. When the audience saw the massive fireball coming their way, they all comically ran for their lives, some of them even jumping off the stadium as sweltering fire burned everything and punched through the outer wall.

"Not as powerful as the Captain-General's Ryujin Jakka but Houka Kusabana is certainly most impressive!" The Captain thought. "Sakura's level of control is still something to be desired but perhaps it will do for now!"

As Soi Fon appeared far away from the scorching inferno, she instinctively ducked as blade meant to decapitate, swung past her. The 2nd Division Captain has to be proud of Sakura's mastery of shunpo as she has improved tremendously with the training. She could hardly hear the steps as the pink haired girl applied what she learned from the last 6 months and shunpo'd silently. The only thing that gave her away was the the fact that she felt the pink haired girl's zanpakuto's energy signature. That is something she will need to address and fix in a much later time...

The two women clashed for a good minute before Soi Fon expertly disarmed Sakura. Unarmed, the pink haired girl logically turned to Hakuda, her spiritual pressure bursting forth from her body. She thus charged her fist full of spiritual power, disappeared in shunpo and then reappeared right in front of the surprised Captain and simply punched. Soi Fon dodged but not before Sakura annihilated one quarter of the 2nd Division's training ground to rubble! Indeed, the former ninja's Hakuda skills are very impressive in which the Captain can proudly say had a hand in refining it even further through rigorous training. The technique that Sakura had used against her is almost similar to Shunko but with some subtle differences. From what her protege told her, Soi Fon concluded that it was more of a reinforcement of one's limbs more that anything. And the tremendous power that she generated was a result of rapidly releasing Kido into one focal point and then follow through. An altogether useful technique and a clever variation of combining Kido and Hakuda that surely would peek Yoruichi-sama's interest!

All together, she is pleased with her new charge's rapid improvement. If she groomed her carefully and hone her skills even further, Sakura will become a fine Lieutenant one day! In fact, Soi Fon is actually tempted to promote her right now so that she can replace her disgusting, sorry excuse of a Vice-Captain! She would gleefully enjoy his reaction once he's replaced. That would be most satisfying indeed. Now perhaps it's time to end this little exercise...

Then Soi Fon felt a massive spiritual pressure coming from above her. To her surprise, Sakura was high above her, an ominous glow coming from her right fist. She didn't have time to defend herself when the pink haired girl's attack connected. Witnesses could have sworn a massive bomb exploded as a minor tremor shook the Seireitei. Inside the arena, the entire ground shattered from the tremendous impact, doing substantial damage to the grounds and doing considerable damage to the stands. However, Soi Fon reappeared behind Sakura, with Suzumebachi firmly placed on her throat! That she was forced to used shikai to give herself the extra speed boost that it gave her to avoid her charge's attack is very commendable. If there was ever a time that she is proud of someone then she certainly filled to the brim now!

"Enough Sakura," Soi Fon told her. "You have done well and I am very proud of you!"

Soi Fon let her go and faced her. Then the 2nd Division Captain was at a loss for words when the pink haired girl suddenly squealed with delight and caught her off guard and embraced her tightly. The usually stern and proper Captain blushed as her protege jumped up and down with barely contained joy. She certainly can't deny the pink haired girl's celebration as she did very well in her training. Still she didn't want to give her Division the wrong impression that she was going soft on them. That she allowed this at all attests to the fact that she actually likes Sakura and her admitting that is embarrassing enough and saying a lot! Still she will need to ingrain a little bit of discipline her new recruit, emotions after all will interfere dangerously with a mission...but it would be more of a slap in the wrist than the back braking punishments she usually reserves for that idiot Omaeda! She has after all found a very talented young lady and she doesn't want to damage her prized student anymore than necessary! However, Soi Fon does have a reputation to keep!

"AHEM!" Soi Fon coughed then glared at her.

"I-I'm sorry Captain!" Sakura stammered and then kneeled down to the devastated ground.

The diminutive woman's countenance softened momentarily...

"Sigh, girl what am I going to do with you!" the Captain said to herself then sternly she told the pink haired girl. "I certainly don't want to think that my new third seated officer is a groveler..."

"NO MA'AM! I CERTAINLY DO NOT GROVEL, MA'AM!" Sakura shouted as she stood up.

"Good, now get some food and shower and meet me at my office in three hours!" Soi Fon commanded.

"Yes ma'am!"

"Dismissed!" then she looked around at her dumbfounded Division and sternly said. "WELL WHAT ARE YOU IDIOTS WAITING FOR? THIS FACILITY WILL NOT FIX ITSELF YOU KNOW!"

Soi Fon smirked as she walked away from the chaos inside her Division's training ground...

One week ago-Karakura Town

Sakura traced the remaining spiritual energy left by this Kurosaki Ichigo and was quite surprised of the fact that the trail was still strong. It was so much so that it made her first mission that the Captain assigned to her was a piece of cake. Still this Substitute Shinigami must be quite strong considering the traces of his reiautsu she is following this instant and he must be quite special if the Soul Society is wracking it's collective brains trying to find...a human! Considering that it is having a personnel crisis right now, to spare even one specialist just to find someone who got himself lost is quite unusual and perhaps unprecedented unless of course that said person was either a VIP or an S-class super criminal! It didn't matter though, she was just following orders anyway.

She followed the trail heading North and ended quite abruptly not far from a mountain with a tunnel. At first she was at a loss for words and it is obvious that this is where Ichigo vanished a week ago. Sakura meticulously combed and analyzed 100 yard radius of the area trying to find any clues that this indeed where the trailed ended. After finding some signs of fighting and some faint traces of the spiritual energy from Ichigo and the Hollow, she doesn't know what to do now that the trail has given her a dead end. Sakura sighed and sat on a bench located at a bus stop. She'll check the area again but she doubts that she'll find anything useful. The Captain will certainly be disappointed in her...

Deep in her thoughts the former Konoha ninja didn't realize that a bus actually stopped for her. At first seemed like any ordinary school bus but she could sense minute traces of the Substitute Shinigami's spiritual power on the bus itself! She highly doubts that he actually rode the bus but as she traced his strong Reiautsu throughout her mission, Sakura could probably track this Ichigo down in her sleep if she so wanted, it is indeed that strong! Very elated that she got a break, she boarded the bus and sat in the back. Then she noticed the glowing eyes of the creepy bus driver that gave her the chills and she unconsciously held her zanpakuto's handle as if in comfort...

"Going to Yokai Academy are you girl? You should prepare yourself then because it is a veerrryy ssscccarrry place!"

"I know a lot of scary places in my travels so what's one more to add to the list?" Sakura replied.

"I see, very well then. But don't come crying back to me when you get there! Don't say I didn't warn you!"

"Ya well, I'll just take my chances thank you very much..."

End of Flashback...

"Okay let me get this strait, you said that you rode a school bus, went into the tunnel and then arrived at this Yokai Academy?" Soi Fon asked Sakura.

"Yes ma'am, I can only surmise that the tunnel is the gateway much like a Senkaimon Gate and the bus can be substituted for the key."

"Are you certain that Ichigo is trapped in this world?" The Captain pressed.

"Yes because I can sense his Reiautsu as soon as I got off the bus."

"I see...I will need a full report on my desk in 5 hours time. I will have to brief the Captain-General of your findings and don't be surprised if he summoned you later so that he can get the full details from be prepared!"

"Yes, ma'am I will be ready when that time comes..."

"Excellently done Sakura! I am very proud of you! Now go report to the barracks and you are dismissed!"

The pink haired girl then saluted and disappeared in shunpo...

"So what are we going to do now Captain?"

"Idiot, it's obvious we're going to have to report this to the old man immediately. Only then will he decide what action we will take next!"

Eleventh Division Barracks...

Kenpachi along with Yachiru who is sitting comfortably on his right shoulder finally got back from the Captain's meeting. They would have been back in time but the little girl has led him astray and the two of them spent 3 hours running around in circles in the Seireitei trying to get back to the barracks. One of these days he's going to have to convince his Lt. to actually get some navigational lessons of some kind but in the end she will probably flat out refuse and besides, smashing through the walls are kind of a fun stress reliever! Of course the people who have to build the walls would actually dispute that claim and have a few choice words for the 11th Division Captain's blatant disregard for Soul Society property but nonetheless Kenpachi never heard one complaint from them yet...

When he did arrive, there was a huge crowd in front of the division's gates. He pushed his way to the front and saw a couple of his men with their zanpakuto drawn and they are surrounding a young man who left his zanpakuto in it's sheathe. Kenpachi could have sworn he saw him somewhere before but he couldn't quite remember where though. Then he recognized that he is wearing the Shino Academy's uniform and that jogged his memory. There was suppose to be a promising class graduating around this time and this boy is obviously one of them. Now he never emphasized nor actually cared if the people who were chosen in his squad had a decent education from the Shinigami School or if they're dumber than a retarded rock! The only thing that's most important after all is if that individual can and loves to fight! The way he sees it, this is a test whether or not this boy can satisfy this simple stipulation...

The newbie didn't looked like much. He was tall and skinnier than a rail but Kenpachi could tell he was no slouch considering the taut muscles that covered his frame. The new student had what looks like a unibrow and the most ridiculous bowl haircut he had ever seen. Well actually the Captain can't really talk much since he to had an odd hairstyle himself and as if to emphasize that fact, the bells on the tips of his hair rang a soft "ping." Regardless of appearance he is curious what the kid can do and is tempted to test the newbie himself if things don't pick up soon. The new kid then put his left hand behind his back, had his right hand bent in front of him with his palm open and took a step back with his left leg and just stood there.

"Will ya look at this guy?"

"Hey kid, ya better unsheathe yer zanpakuto if ya know what's good fer ya!"

The only response that the new student have for them was that he signaled them to come with his open palm. Whether he deliberately goaded them was debatable at this point as he baited the hot heads easily enough...

"The nerve of this kid!" someone said. "Hey guys let's teach em to take us seriously!"


One of the hot heads rushed the newbie with his sword poised for a downward strike. The graduate simply spun around to his left and countered with a knife hand to the neck that sent the Shinigami flying. Then two of them attacked and they ended up flying as well when the student ran up to his attackers and kicked them both simultaneously in the face! When he landed he immediately ducked low and a zanpakuto blade went past above him and then kicked out and hit his attacker in the gut and sent him flying. He stood up still calm and collected and took up his stance again. For someone new, the graduate certainly can handle himself well that left Kenpachi impressed...

"Alright kiddo show me what else can ya do!" he said grinning.


"I-it's 3rd seat Madarame!"

"What the hell is wrong with you people letting a newbie beating the tar out of all of you!" Ikkaku chided them. "Where is your pride?"

"But 3rd seat Madarame...h-he's cheating. He didn't unsheathe his zanpakuto yet!"

"Idiot with the way you maggots are fighting of course he will not need to use his zanpakuto because he wouldn't need to!"


"Now stand back and let me handle this understand?" Ikkaku told him.

"Are you sure Ikkaku, he doesn't look at all pleasing or elegant to me!" Yumichika said.

"But he's strong though and that's the only thing that matters!" Then the bald man turn to his opponent. "Sorry if these idiots are giving you a hard time. The name is Ikkaku Madarame..."

Ikkaku suddenly unsheathed his zanpakuto and attacked his opponent. The newbie was forced to retreat but the bald man recovered quickly and followed up his advantage which forced the graduate to unsheathe his sword halfway and thereby blocking the attack...

"Nice to meet you!"


"Hey, hey, hey...didn't those blow hards at the academy taught you any manners!" Ikkaku said. "I told you my name so you should tell me yours, it's only fair!"

"I'm sorry if I was rude earlier. My name is Rock Lee. pleasure to make your acquaintance."


"C-c-captain...I-i-it's s-s-sooo c-c-cold!" Rangiku complained.

"It's kind of understandable considering that we're in a middle of a blizzard!" Toshiro calmly replied.

"W-well d-do something about it!"

"Idiot...who was the one who panicked and got out of the bus before we got to our destination? If it wasn't for you we wouldn't be in this pickle in the first place!"

"A ha ha bad!"

"I swear Matsumoto I don't know what I'm going to do with you!"

"It would be nice if you can do something about this cold..." Rangiku pouted. "Please for me?"

Before Toshiro could reply the storm suddenly and abruptly stopped. There was an eerie silence as the Captain took in his icy surroundings and concluded that they were hopelessly lost! To open a Senkaimon would probably be a risky undertaking considering they were stuck in another dimension and because of this fact, he does not know how it will affect the gate. The only other options he has are either find someone who can help them out or find the bus. Either one however doesn't look promising because he has not seen any signs of people nor the bus since the blizzard broke. If anything they will have to start moving soon and hopefully they'll find some help along the way...

"Come on Matsumoto let's go and double time!"

"Aww that's way too fast Captain!" Rangiku complained.

"Weren't you the one who's complaining that it's cold?" Toshiro replied. "Moving will warm you up at least. So get your big butt up and let's go!"

"H-hey I DO NOT have a big butt!" she said indignantly but no one was there. "Captain wait for me!"

She disappeared in shunpo and after a couple of minutes she caught up to Toshiro who deliberately slowed down...

"So Captain where do you think we are anyway?"

"I don't know...Say Rangiku have you ever heard of Yuki-Onna?"

"Oh you mean snow women or snow fairies?" she answered. "I remember studying about them when I was in Shino Academy. Aren't they just legends? Why do you ask?"

"Because I have a feeling this desolate land of ice is their world."

"Ok how did you figure that out?"

"I don't's just a gut extinct perhaps."

"Well you do have an affinity to ice so I guess it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to make that conclusion. Still, did Hyourinmaru tell you anything?"

"He's actually been unusually quiet for awhile..."

Then Toshiro signaled to stop and heard the familiar screams of Hollows nearby. The Captain walked on top of a hill and looked down below...


Tsurara Shirayuki has heard of these creatures called Hollows from the stories her grandmother told her from long ago. She thought that they were just a legend and was something to scare naughty children to obedience. But the creature that she is facing before her doesn't look like a fictional character that's for sure. She shifted the lollipop in her mouth and calmly analyzed the situation. At dawn about 3 hours ago, inhabitants of the village complained to her about some howling and then suddenly they were over run with very unusual Yokai. These creatures varied in size and shape and had masks covering their faces. The most unusual thing about them thought was the fact that every one of the creatures had a gaping hole where their hearts use to be. Now if that is not a sign of a Hollow then what is? Her grandmother once told her that Hollows were creatures that consumed the soul of humans. But that's the crux of the matter. Why are they looking for human souls in a village full of Yuki-Onna? The Hollow right in front of her roared, interrupting her thoughts that annoyed Tsurara greatly...

"You be quiet...I'm thinking right now." she told the Hollow as she gestured and froze it in block of ice.

"Tsurara-sama, we have defeated most of them and there are only handful left!"

"Very well then Akiko-chan, see to it that the rest of them are disposed of will you?" Tsurara said. "And be careful, they're tricky bunch."

"Yes ma'am!"

The snow woman didn't quite make a few paces before she found herself flying backwards as a giant foot smashed the ground. The creature was a mass of darkness with a gaping hole in the middle was perhaps 50 feet tall. It's bone white limbs a deep contrast to the pitch black composition of it's body. The porcelain mask was also white and it had an unusually long and pointed nose. It too roared that long bestial howling that seem to long for something missing or has lost. Tsurara looked up the humongous beast and almost bit her lollipop through the core...

"My you're quite a big boy aren't you?" Tsurara asked the Menos calmly.

The Hollow responded when it charged a ball of Yoki in it's mouth and fired a black condensed beam of energy at her. Then an explosion occurred. Tsurara thought that she was done for considering that she wasn't fast enough to counter the attack. When the smoke cleared though there was someone right in front of her. The boy had spiked white hair and was wearing a black kimono with a white haori over it. For someone that small, he certainly gives off a chilling and powerful Yoki to say the least...

"Are you alright miss?" the stranger said.

"Why yes, thanks to you, although..." Tsurara replied. "I could have taken it out myself..."

Toshiro turned around and was somewhat surprised that she had the power to actually encased something that big in a giant block of ice. Yuuki-Onna are truly formidable ice wielders indeed. He probably needed to go to shikai in order to duplicate the same feat but this is Menos after all...

"Quite impressive really..." Toshiro complimented.

"Thank you, I but humbly try!" Tsurara said. "Oh how very rude of me, my name is Tsurara Shirayuki, it is nice to meet you."

"Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya of the 10th Division of the Gotei 13 and it is an honor to meet you as well."

Tsurara has also heard of the Gotei 13 through one her grandmother's stories. In this story, her grandmother told of the fierce warrior death gods that ushered the souls of the dead to go to heaven and purified the Hollows so that they will be saved. Then this boy before her is one of those beings they call a Shinigami. It seemed kind of a coincidence that characters from her obaachan's stories whom she thought were just myths are suddenly waging war inside of her village. Something is definitely afoot indeed...

"And what is a Shinigami of Soul Society doing in a humble village of the Yuki-Onna if I may ask?"

"Unfortunately, I was on a mission to find one of our own who has gotten himself lost doing his duty. In the course of trying to track his whereabouts we too have gotten lost ourselves..."

"I see..."

Rangiku appeared and made a report to her Toshiro...

"What is it Matsumoto?"

"Captain, all the Hollow the invaded the village has been eliminated, However..."

"Go on..."

A sharp spike in spiritual pressure answered for her. Toshiro narrowed his eyes and waited for Rangiku to finish her report...

"There seems to be an Arrancar among them and is pretty much tearing the whole place apart..."

"Oh my that's very bad news indeed..." Tsurara replied.

Yokai Academy

Naruto was not having fun with his current situation at all. Somehow, the succubus witch has enchanted Tsukune with genjutsu and commanded the brown haired boy to attack him. He could have ended this quickly and quite easily but unfortunately he's having an un-Hollow like crisis of conscience at the moment. And the fact that for some reason Tsukune is packing a lot of power even though he's human. Whether it's suppose to be a part of Kurumu's enchantment or something else entirely, he can't for the life of him have an idea how he has acquired this power. The most important thing at the moment is how he's going to snap Tsukune out of the succubus' spell...

"I have to pressure the succubus to release him..." Naruto thought. Then he said to succubus. "Hey boob woman!"

"What the hell do you want?" Kurumu replied annoyed.

"Head's up!"

Kurumu's eyes widened as Naruto pointed his hand palms up, at her. A ball of incandescent black energy begins to swirl and gather into a point and grew rapidly. He fired the Cero without warning and a massive 30 foot beam of black energy barreled it's way towards her. Kurumu had enough presence of mind to jump up in the air and flew up as fast as she could to avoid the incoming projectile. Her foot narrowly cleared the very top of the beam and she was lucky to do so because she would have lost her left leg if she didn't act quickly as she did. The beam continued on and annihilated several hills to dust as a massive column of energy rose hundreds of feet into the air.

"Oops too much...sorry about that!" Naruto sheepishly said.

Kurumu comically face faulted and fell to the ground...

"Oops, OOPS...That's not too much!... I'D SAY THAT WAS OVERKILL TO ME!" Kurumu screamed at the blond and pointing at the smoldering ruins of the hillside.

"Like I said I'm sorry so are you going to give up yet?"

"Like hell I will!" the succubus said seething. Then she turned around to Tsukune and said in a seductive and compelling voice. "Oh Tsukune dearest, my order is still stands. Will you kill the bad man? Pwetty pwease...for me!"

"As you command Kurumu-san..."

"Tsukune SNAP out of it!" Naruto said to him.

However, the former espada's pleading fell on deaf ears and Tsukune attacked him again. Naruto was forced to use sonido as he avoided a surprisingly devastating attack that carved a gaping hole out of a hill. Whatever it is, this mysterious power has certainly awakened and it is quite formidable. If he didn't figure out how Tsukune can reassert control of himself, then he may have no choice but to kill them both. It's unfortunate but if sacrifices are necessary to protect the school and the student body then so be it. Naruto scratched the side of his head in frustration, he didn't want this to happen but if he has to do it he will. Moka will just have to forgive him later...

Speaking of which, the aforementioned pink haired Vampire has just made her entrance. With speed that even Inner Moka would be proud of; the surface Moka appeared right in front of Naruto with her hands to her sides, a grim determination set on her beautiful features...

"Tsukune stop it! I know you are stronger than this so you have to fight her!"

At first Tsukune didn't seem to listen and continued his attack. But as he got nearer however, he stopped. With great effort, he lowered his fist that was mere inches from from her face. Naruto was poised to grab the Vampire before Tsukune could turn her into paste. He also had his zanpakuto at the ready in order to administer the killing blow but when he saw that the brown haired boy stopped on his own, it was not necessary and he quickly sheathed his blade. Tsukune then grabbed his sides of his head and screamed an almost inhuman roar...

"That's it buddy, fight her and reassert yourself!" Naruto thought.

"Naruto-kun what's happening to him?" Moka said frantically.

"He's fighting the genjutsu that has taken hold of him. He should snap out of it at any moment now...

" can break through my charm!" Kurumu exclaimed.


Within Tsukune's soul...

Tsukune was falling but he didn't know where to and for how long. The Charm has effectively trapped him in this abyss so that his base instinct will take over and his mind and body were effectively and easier to enslave. But he was not subjected to fear nor did his body feel pain but he just felt pleasant for some reason and tired. He would have succumbed even further if he didn't hear Moka's voice resonating within his soul. The his eyes opened wide and tried to free himself from the shackles that bind him but his struggles were to no avail...How is it that he's so powerful when he's in reality but he is weak in here?

"Tsk, tsk...Tsukune Aono, oh ye of little faith! Why do you doubt me so...dearest?" a female voice asked.

"W-who are you?"

"Why my name is ...I are not ready to know who I am just yet. How...disappointing!"

"But what does knowing your name have to do with getting out of here?" Tsukune asked.

"Remember, dearest that names have power. If you know who I am and you can say my name then there is nothing you and I can't accomplish!"

"Then that lady was saying was true all along? You are the wish fulfilled that will make me strong so I can protect Moka-san?"

"Oh my you're so full of questions today. And to answer your question...yes I am. The Lady has awakened me from within your soul in order for the bargain to be complete..."

"Awakened from with in me?"

"Yes dearest...I am you and you are me. I may be female and we still need to get to know each other but we are one and the same."

"I see..."

"It was nice to finally talk to you dearest...But I think it's about time you "wake up" out there, don't you agree?" the voice said.

"So when will I be able to talk to you again?"

"Dearest you're such a silly goose. Remember that I am a part of your soul and therefore I am you. I am always around, all you have to do is close your eyes, concentrate, and I will be there, understand?"

"Ok I think I get it..."

"Now it's time...Goodbye for now dearest, hopefully you won't miss me too much now!" the voice said sassily.

Tsukune chuckled. He didn't realize he had such a weird sense of humor. Then he blacked out and knew no more...

Tsukune screamed and finally he was free of the affects of Kurumu's charm. The exertion to break from the spell made him lose his balance and he stumbled towards the astonished Moka. The brown haired boy tried to steady himself and instinctively reached out for something to stop his fall. That "something" happened to be the pink haired Vampire's Rosario and it easily snapped free from the collar. A massive swirl of black Yoki then surrounded Moka as she transformed. Kurumu who was seething mad flew at their position at top speed trying to end it all. However, her aura made her retreat and looked a little astonished at what she is seeing before her...

"No way...I will not be beaten! Us succubi seek a destined encounter among the men that we tempt. In order to save my dying race, we have to pick one man to become our destined one. You got in the way of that process. So I won't let you get away with it!"

Kurumu then dived to attack the Vampire...

" bare your fangs at me just because I got in your way? Pathetic!"

Moka's words stabbed through Kurumu's heart...

"Frail egotistical woman...Know. Your. Place!"

Kurumu took a swipe of Moka but with her superior speed, she dodged the succubus easily enough. Then the Vampire grabbed her tail, squeezed and swung her around and slammed her to the ground creating a Kurumu sized crater. The impact knocked the air out of the blunette and made her a little dizzy. She spat out a little bit of blood and tried to make the world stop spinning.

"That was way too easy and strait forward, naive little girl. I'll make it so that you'll never stand up to me again! Maybe I should pull on your tail and tear your wings off for starters?"

"N-no...stay away from me!"

"That's enough Moka-san!" Tsukune said.

"Get out of my way Tsukune. Do you realize that little girl you're trying to protect, has almost enslaved your mind and later tried to kill you?"

Moka was stunned, she doesn't know why Tsukune suddenly grew a spine which was admirable and tried to become a hero to someone who almost succeeded in enslaving him forever. For some reason, it irritated her to no end and her patience for his interference is dangerously running thin...

"I will warn you for the last time...Move or be moved!" Moka snapped.

"No I won't..."

Suddenly without warning, Moka punched the hapless Tsukune that sent him flying about a hundred feet and crashing into the school wall and created enough rubble and debris to bury him. The Vampire knew, he was alright because she could still feel his Yoki energy strong. Of course compared to an attack with her full might behind it which would have easily shatter stone and bone alike to dust; that attack she hit him with was just a "love tap!" As a concession to her outer self and because she too likes the taste of his blood, she actually took it easy on him! And considering that her right hand felt a little numb, like she just hit a 10 feet thick steel wall she knows that he is quite alright! She then turned to Naruto and wondered why has he not made a move yet? Good once she takes care of the succubus perhaps she will pit her strength against his so that she may show this "Espada" his place...

"Aren't you going to stop me Naruto?" Moka asked.

"Nah, I was going to do the same thing to her what you're thinking so..."

"I see..."

Kurumu first looked at Naruto and then at Moka and had a sinking feeling. She knew that Tsukune was still under that rubble so he won't be able to help her. As strong as she is, she will not be able to stand against a Vampire and the blond on her own. It all seemed hopeless...All she wanted to do was find the man that would be her destined one. Was that too hard to ask? If she was going to die then she will not give this bitch the satisfaction! Moka then jumped high and flipped forward so that her leg was extended to an ax kick. Kurumu closed her eyes waiting for the end but instead, she heard the ground in front of her crumble. She opened her eyes and felt so relieved when she saw Kurosaki Ichigo appear in front of her with his sword raised blocking Moka's attack and apparently saved her again! The ground about 5 feet away from her sank 2 feet down. The Vampire might not look it but inside that lean, muscular body of hers is a lot of power indeed. Moka was annoyed and excited at the same time that someone strong would stand up to her. Then perhaps she pit her strength against his as punishment for protecting Kurumu...

Moka then flipped back landed gracefully on her feet and then with all her might, spring boarded on a huge boulder that crumbled to dust and shot forward to the Shinigami. Naruto who had his arms crossed on his chest watched with professional interest. It was about time that he assess the power of this Kurosaki Ichigo and the Vampire as well. Meanwhile with great strength on her part, she twisted in the air like a top gaining momentum with each revolution and then with all of her might she used a roundhouse kick for her attack. Ichigo blocked it easily enough and when Moka's kick and his zanpakuto met, a massive and explosive shockwave destroyed the ground between them and mild tremors raced towards the school and made it rattle to it's foundations and breaking all the glass on the ground level.

The Vampire however was impressed that the strawberry blocked this level of attack from her. However, she has set her mind in punishing the succubus one way or the other and she will not let anyone get in her way! She then landed again and spun around, her kicking leg rising with explosive power. Ichigo however, leaned back, her foot missing his face by a fraction of an inch and found his balance and was ready for her next onslaught. Annoyed that he's seeing through her attacks she then spun around again this time her leg extended to a spinning hook kick to the face. All the people who witnessed it were surprised as Ichigo caught her leg with his bare hand then shoved her away, sending the Vampire sliding about 20 feet away.

Moka tried to dismiss him but she can't deny the fact that Ichigo was able to keep up with her speed and have defended against her powerful attacks. However, the opposite also holds true as the one thing that annoyed her all to hell was the fact that he fended her kicks quite easily and it looked like he wasn't even trying! Even now she could feel his Yoki energy literally seep out of his body and it soaked and surrounded her like a thick blanket...

"Get out of the way Ichigo!"

"No I won't..."

"I won't repeat myself again..."

"And then I don't have to say anything either then. But that's enough Moka, this fight is pointless!

"I will decide if this fight is pointless or not! You do not dictate to what a Vampire can or can't do, understand?"

Ichigo scowled and his spiritual pressure spiked momentarily...

"And what are going to do fight me with the same abysmal effort that you tried with earlier?"

"Chi...I wasn't even trying!"

Then Moka eyes widened as Ichigo disappeared in shunpo and then felt the blade of his zanpakuto on her neck...

" Maybe you should stop holding back then. We wouldn't want our witnesses here think that's all you've got now is there?" Ichigo said to her.

Moka quickly parried his sword away and spun around quickly to attack but Ichigo was gone already and he was back where he was before, protecting Kurumu. The succubus took it all in stride but she was just overwhelmed with the power that the strawberry was displaying. Just think, he was actually besting Moka and he isn't even trying! Such little things makes Ichigo endear himself to her more. Secretly though she's actually quite enjoying how he's toying with her like this, my how vengeance is sweet!

"That's enough Moka-san!" Tsukune said walking in front of Ichigo.

The strawberry looked astonished that he could still move after little haymaker that Moka attacked him with. But even though he looked worse for wear, he's glad that the brown haired boy's mysterious powers saved him again. Moka eyes widened too but was not as surprised really. The power that he suddenly possessed made him more injury resistant and his endurance quite impressive almost up to par with the Vampires themselves.

"I don't believe that Kurumu is not doing all this for purely bad intentions because I can't see her being a bad person at heart. Just as Moka-san herself is not bad either for after all she is someone we can depend on!"

When Kurumu heard that little speech, she blushed. Well actually, it made her even redder because she was already flushed before trying to ogle the handsome warrior in front of her. Ichigo stood still with his signature scowl aimed at Moka who glared at him as well. Naruto looked on not too far away from them neither saying anything nor moving from his spot. And Tsukune who looked a little beat up was surprisingly smiling at the Vampire...

"Chi..Hmph, fine you win Tsukune. But don't misunderstand, I just didn't want your blood to be stolen away from me!" Moka then swiped her Rosario from out of his hand.

Tsukune sweat dropped...

Then she looked passed the brown haired boy and glared at him some more. Ichigo who wasn't intimidated matched her intense gaze...

"And this isn't over between you and I! It has only just begun so be prepared, understand?"

"Heh, looking forward to it!"

Moka snorted in response and reattached her cross to the color and turned back to normal. Tsukune tried to catch her but felt woozy all of a sudden and it was Ichigo who caught her. When Kurumu saw this sweet gesture, she couldn't help but feel a little jealous of Moka at the moment and wished that she was in her place! Wait a minute, what the hell was she thinking? But for some reason there was a tightness to her chest that she couldn't explain and a giddiness every time she sees Ichigo! Could it be that he is the destined one that she's been looking for all this time? But what about Tsukune, he not a bad catch himself! So who among these two is suppose to be the one she's supposed to be with. Now she's just so confused about the whole mess. She'll decide on what to do about all this later. But first she needs to get his attention...

"T-thank you...For saving my life once again." Kurumu said to him.

"It's no big deal Kurono."

"Why such formalities Kurosaki Ichigo?" she said jokingly.

"Heh, you're right...Just call me Ichigo will ya?"

"Then I must insist that you call me Kurumu!"

"Heh, you drive such a hard bargain!"

Kurumu giggled...

"Gawd get a room already why don't ya!" Naruto said chuckling. He then put his arm around Tsukune, helping him up. He also gestured to hand him Moka saying something about going to the infirmary.

"Dude shut up it's not like that!" Ichigo stammered.

Naruto twisted his head back to look at him and then shook his head.

"Hey it's not what you think! Tell him Kurumu!"

Ichigo looked at the bluenette and was astonished that she blushing madly...

"W-why I-Ichigo...I-I didn't know y-you were one of those guys who move so fast!" Kurumu said blushing. Then with a seductive sounding voice she whispered in his ear. "Please be gentle with me, it' first time you know!"

Needless to say Ichigo was a blubbering red mess thereafter...

Naruto heard the flirting and the innuendo and he himself started blushing. Not wanting to hear anymore, the three disappeared in Sonido on his way to the infirmary...

to be continued...

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