Protection Chapter 2

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Sabrina looked at Gwen, "So we were hired to be bodyguards for a 13 year old kid?"

"Yes. According to Aunt Minerva, he, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger tend to break the rules, often with good intentions. Our job is to make sure Sirius Black doesn't get him."

"Why is Sirius Black after him?" Sabrina asked.

"That's a long story. But it begins with a Dark wizard trying to kill Harry as a baby, and instead of killing Harry; the spell rebounded and hit this Dark wizard. No one knows what happened to him. Harry's family was in hiding because they suspected the Dark wizard was after him and only person could reveal their safe hiding place. That was Sirius Black, best friend to James Potter. Sirius Black went on a killing spree after the Dark wizard disappeared. Killed another in their group, Peter Pettigrew, who tried to warn the Potters. Only a finger was left of that wizard, and thirteen Muggles ended up dead."


"Sirius Black wants to finish what he started. And my aunt told me, Black is Harry's godfather." Gwen stopped when she heard a creak on the girl's dormitory stairs. It was Crookshanks, curling up on bottom step. "Come on, it's late, and we have an early start with the professors."

"Yeah." Sabrina was stunned from the story. Poor kid, she thought. Too lose a mother, and a father so young. Raised by a couple of people who treated him horribly who didn't understand his power and abilities. Or so she assumed. Harry was so thin, he must be undernourished. Sabrina knew she had a good life. Her aunts had spoiled her, her father visited as often as his job with the Other Realm allowed and of course she could pop over to his and Gail's place whenever. And her mom- well, she managed to reverse that ball of wax and because of that, she and her mom only stayed in touch through electronic and snail mail.

POV change

Hermione had forgotten one of her textbooks downstairs and as she walked down the girls' dormitory stairs, she heard voices. She peered around the corner and heardm "Black is Harry's godfather." Hermione stifled a gasp, as she inched down closer. The stair creaked and she hurriedly went back up a few steps. She saw her new flat-faced cat, Crookshanks, curling up on the same step she made creak. She heard Gwen and Sabrina coming closer and she raced back up to the dorm room she shared with Lavender Brown, Parvati Patil, and two other girls. She didn't slam the door to the room, but closed it quietly, so she could eavesdrop on the rest of the conversation if possible. But Gwenand Sabrina was both quiet as they passed the first several doors on the way to the extra dorm room. She slouched in disappointment. Finding out that Sirius Black was something that was left out of the history books of magic and she would bet her allowance that Harry didn't know. She knew he would be upset and promised herself to find a way for Harry to know. Just one more thing to fit into her suddenly and incredibly tight schedule.

POV change:

Sabrina hurried down the corridor to the dungeons, her black robes flapping around her. She was late for her first assisting job with Professor Snape. It was only her second day assisting, and she had successfully helped Professor McGonagall the previous day in Transfiguration and had even been allowed to observe a lesson in Care of Magical Creatures, in which the blonde boy had been seriously injured (his own fault, for insulting that beautiful and proud hippogriff).

She was mad at herself that she was late for the potions class though, because she'd heard stories about the creepy looking dark haired Potions master and if half of them were true she was in big trouble. She cringed as she beat feet down the steps to his classroom. She panted as she approached the propped open door and her nose wrinkled as she smelled burnt cauldron and stale musty air. She slipped in as quietly as she could, but still, "Miss Spellman, if you were one of my students, I would give you detention and a failing grade for the day. As it is, I will be mentioning your tardiness to the Headmaster."

Sabrina grimaced, and said, "I'm so sorry, Professor. I got lost. This castle-"

"I don't want excuses, Miss Spellman," his oily voice glided along her nerves and she had to keep an American smart aleck comment in check, "Finish passing out these ingredient lists."

"Yes, sir." She took the small stack of parchment paper and she handed each student a list. She made note that the blonde boy and his two nasty friends who'd called Gwen mudblood were in the classroom, as well as Ron, Hermione, and Harry. Harry was staring at the professor, anger in his gaze.

She moved closer to Harry and glanced at the potion name. It was the Shrinking Solution and the brewing instructions were long, and written in a near-scribble. She made out Shrivelfigs and ruby blood in the first line, and green in the last line. She grimaced. She knew that the teacher's assistance jobs had been made up for Gwen and herself (now), but clearly, this professor needed the assistance. She approached Professor Snape who was calmly talking to Draco Malfoy and making a note in his gradebook.

"Professor, I don't mean to interrupt…"

"Then don't, Miss Spellman." He glared at her from dark eyes.

"I was wondering if I could transcribe the potions ingredients for any future classes for you. It might help me understand some of the potions better and their usages." She winced underneath her bright and cheery smile. She sounded so brown-nosy.

"Miss Spellman, I don't make a habit of doing ingredient lists for the potions. This potion I have personally added to the curriculum this year and it is not in the book for this year. I will not be needing your services for written work." He nodded and glided towards a trembling boy who was staring dismally into his cauldron, which had an orange solution instead of a green solution. Snape glared at the shaking Neville and said threatening, "I wonder what would happen if I were to give this solution to your toad." Neville paled and shook even more visibly, and Sabrina made a step toward the table, but stopped when Harry shook his head.

"You have another twenty minutes. Fix it."

Sabrina watched Snape sniff angrily at Harry's potion which was still simmering into a light green. He moved away, check other potions. Sabrina watched as Neville frantically followed Hermione's whispered instructions. The orange turned into an emerald and finally into the bright green it was supposed to be.

Snape once more swooped down (like the crow of death that he was) and filled an eyedropper with the green potion and dripped the potion over Trevor. The toad shrunk into a tadpole, which made Neville slump in relief. "Five points from Gryffindor. Granger, do not help Longbottom in the future."

Sabrina couldn't believe what she was hearing, but before she could intervene, Snape dismissed the class and left on the students' heels. She fumed before heading out the door herself, catching the tail end of Malfoy's sneered comment, 'if it was me, I'd want revenge. I'd hunt him down myself."

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked, his voice tense and angry. But before Malfoy could answer, Crabbe and Goyle saw Sabrina looking at them and pointed her out. Malfoy looked weird at the sight of Sabrina walking closer to them. He and his two minions ran off, looking scared.

They must have heard about the incident where I accidentally made Harvey pregnant. Sabrina inwardly chuckled. She reached Harry and his friends, and they watched her warily. She told them, "Come on, I'll escort you to Defense Against the Dark Arts."

Harry nodded, while Neville looked glumly on, and Ron complained about losing the five points. "Hermione, why didn't you lie? You should've said Neville did it all by himself?"

There was no answer. Ron looked around. "Hermione, where did you go?"

"She was just here," Sabrina said, looking around.

"She was right behind us." Harry insisted. "Oh, there she is. How did she get there?"

They rushed to Hermione, who was panting slightly. She was hurrying up the stairs, her bulging book bag clutched in one hand, and the other was tucking something gold and shiny into her robes.

"How did you do that?" Ron asked.

"What?" said Hermione, reaching them.

"One minute you were right behind us, the next moment, you were at the bottom of the stairs again."

"What?" Hermione was confused, "Oh-I had to go back for something. Oh no-!"

A seam on her bag split open. No one was surprised, it was bursting at the seams with all of her textbooks. Heavy and thick magical tomes.

"Why are you carrying all those books around with you?" Ron asked.

"You know how many subjects I am taking this year," Hermione said, trying to fix her bag while holding the books that were falling out. "Hold a few of these for me, will ya?"

"Hermione," Ron said, looking over the books he was holding, "you haven't any of these subjects today. We just have Defense Against the Dark Arts, next:"

"Oh, but I have Arithmancy, and Muggle Studies too."


"Ron, we're gonna be late," Hermione interrupted, hurrying a little.

Sabrina was confused. She thought that Muggles Studies, Arithmancy, and Defense Against the Dark Arts were all at the same time. There was no way Hermione could be taking all three at once.

Ron leaned over to Harry," Do you think Hermione isn't telling us something?"

Harry just nodded.

*Line break* Break line*

Defense Against the Dark Arts. Gwen was sitting in the classroom trying to familiarize herself with some of the creatures taught to the third years– red caps, kappas, grindylows, boggarts, salamanders to begin with, and later, werewolves, and vampires. She read through the spells to repel and expel a boggart- riddikulus. It sounded simple enough.

As students entered the classroom, Gwen looked up and observed them. She watched as they took out wands, quills, books, and parchment. Hermione and the red haired boy- Ron Weasley, she though held a whispered argument, that trickled into Gwen's ears. Sabrina waved from the door, and Gwen walked over. She and Sabrina held their own whispered conversation, just outside the doors. Sabrina quickly told her of the almost-altercation between Harry and Draco Malfoy and reported how cruel Professor Snape was, especially to Neville Longbottom.

"I honestly thought I should step in and say something, but I didn't get a chance."

"Meanwhile, I would have turned into a quaking mass of gelatin if I had even stepped foot inside of that classroom," Gwen said, knowing that she had little to no backbone when it came to mean teachers. Her own aunt scared her, and Aunt Minerva was one of the nicest people in the family.

"No, I think you would have tried, like me. Anyway, where is Professor Lupin? I was hoping I could observe the lesson. American mortal high school sure did not prepare me for the classes here." Sabrina glanced into the classroom just as Professor Lupin walked by her.

"Of course you may observe. In fact, you might be very helpful," Lupin said generously. He walked into the classroom, setting down his briefcase on the teacher's desk. "Class, you may put away your books and writing implements. You'll only need your wands for this lesson.

The students exchanged puzzled and curious looks. The last practical lesson they had was when Professor Lockhart, their egomaniac teacher from the previous year, had set free a cageful of wild Cornish pixies. They were interested though, and followed Professor Lupin out of the classroom and around the corner. The first thing they saw was Peeves the Poltergeist shoving chewing gum into the lock of a broom closet.

He saw Professor Lupin, and starting singing a mocking song, "Loony, loopy, Lupin. Loony, loopy, Lupin. Loony, loopy, Lupin." Gwen and Sabrina looked at each other in amazement. Neither had seen a ghost this close before and they had no idea how rude one could be. The students also looked at each other, because usually Peeves was respectful towards the teachers of the school. They looked at Lupin to find out what he would do.

"Peeves," Professor Lupin calmly said, "I'd take that gum out of the keyhole if I were you. Filch won't be able to get to his cleaning supplies."

Peeves blew a raspberry at him and spun in loop-de-loops, chanting, "Loony, loopy, Lupin."

"Class, this is a useful little spell. Pay attention." Lupin raised his wand and with a quick flick, "Waddiwasi!"

With the force of a bullet, the wad of chewing gum shot out of the keyhole and into Peeve's nostrils, causing him to whirl up-right and zoom away. The students could hear him cursing part way down the corridor. They all laughed and turned back to Lupin who led them towards a staffroom. He opened the door, "Inside, please."

The students filed into the long room, filled with mismatched antique chairs. Professor Snape looked up from the low armchair where he was sitting and as Lupin begin to shut the door, he sneered and said, "Leave it open. I'd rather not witness this." He looked around the room at the year three students, and cruelly stated, "Possibly, no one has said this, but Neville Longbottom is in this class. I would advise you not to entrust him with anything difficult. Not unless Miss Granger is hissing instructions in his ear."

Sabrina watched as the humiliating remark caused Neville's face to turn scarlet. She joined the Gryffindors in glaring at the Potions master. He just couldn't stop being a bully to Neville.

Professor Lupin calmly replied, "I was hoping Neville would assist me with the first steps of the operation. I am sure he will perform admirably."

Snape sneered and left, the door snapping shut behind him.

"Now then." Sabrina listened with half an ear as Lupin introduced boggarts to the class and as Hermione offered the correct answer to what a boggart is, a shape-shifter that will turn itself into whatever the person facing it will fear the most. Lupin nodded and explained that the boggart will not have assumed a form yet as it doesn't know what the person on the other side of the door fears. "We have a huge advantage over it before we begin. Have you spotted it, Harry?"

Sabrina could see that Harry was surprised to be chosen and Hermione raised her hand in response to Harry's hesitation. Harry finally answered, "Because there are so many of us, it won't know what to turn into?"

Lupin smiled and said, "Precisely. Try to stop a boggart with more than one person, always. It will be confused and easier to defeat. Now, the charm to repel of boggart is simple, however, it requires a certain state of mind. Boggarts are finished off by laughter. Force the boggart to assume a shape you find amusing. We will practice the charm without wands first. Riddikulus!"

"Riddikulus," the class chorus.

Sabrina tuned them out again, just watching Harry as the professor gave instructions to Neville. Neville whispered that he feared Professor Snape the most, and Lupin gave instructions on imagining Snape in Neville's grandmother's clothing. Neville looked nervous, but he nodded and readied his wand.

Lupin walked over to the shaking wardrobe and opened the doors. The black interior yawned before them and then exact image of Severus Snape stepped out, his sneer twisting his angular features.

Neville squeaked in fear, "R-Riddikulus."

There was a snapping sound, and Snape was wearing a lace dress, a red hat with a vulture, and he carried a large scarlet handbag.

The students in Lupin's group laughed, and then Lupin said, "Parvati, you're next."

Parvati's face was set as she stepped forward. Another cracking sound, and Snape turned into a mummy. It reached for Parvati, and she controlled a shriek, "Riddikulus!" A snapping sound and the mummy's wrapping unraveled. It became entangled, fell face forward, and its head rolled off.

"Seamus!" shouted Lupin.

Crack! The mummy became of woman with straight floor length black hair, green skeletal features- a banshee. She opened her mouth and just as she howled, Seamus yelled, "Riddikulus!" The banshee made a rasping sound and clutched her throat.

Sabrina watched as the boggart became a rat which chased its tail in circles, a rattlesnake that slithered before decomposing into a bloody eyeball. "It's confused!" Lupin yelled, "Next!"

Dean Thomas stepped forward and the eyeball became a severed hand,"Riddikulus!" The hand was caught in a mousetrap.

Ron stepped forward and the boggart became a giant spider. Ron yelped in fear, "Riddikulus!" and the spiders legs cracked off and it rolled around until it landed in front of Harry. Harry's face paled and his wand hand shook, but before the boggart could show anyone's Harry's fears, Lupin stepped in front on him. The boggart became a glowing, white sphere, and Lupin shouted, "Riddikulus!" It turned into a deflating balloon and landed on the floor. "As one, class!"

"Riddikulus!" All of Harry's classmates pointed their wands and the boggart cracked out of existence. They cheered, and Professor Lupin said, "Well done, well done. Let's see, let's see. That's five points to each student who faced the boggart, and five to each Harry and Hermione, for correctly answering questions. Go on, everyone."

The students filed out, and Sabrina and Gwen could hear Hermione complain about not being able to face the boggart. Harry had a semi-relieved face, but he tried to catch up to Professor Lupin. Sabrina could hear him asking, "Professor, why did-?"

"Harry, head to your next class, quickly. You don't want those points taken away," Professor Lupin interrupted and before Harry could say more, he rushed off.

"What was that all about?" Gwen murmured to Sabrina. Sabrina shrugged and looked at the time, "Come on, Harry has a break now, we should take ours."

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