"Chapter 1"

"This is where we begin..."

It's a sunny day and the sun shine through one of the Vessalius
window's room. A man just woken up from his slept and get ready to
dress up. He wear his turquoise jaket with black thick linen and white
dots on the edge, a black vest, white pants, white boots and a tie
that is like a bunch of flower.

The man eat his breakfast, wipe his mouth and excuse himself to go
out . He take his red cloak and went outside. He whistle a happy tune
when he walk in the forest. With a calm and steady movement. Suddenly
he sees a big apple tree with a lot of fruit grow there. Thinking
itself it would be nice to try one.

He climb the tree and went to the tallest place where most of the
fresh and delicious apple grow there. He pick one and bite a little to
taste it. He can feel the sweet and juicy flavor in his mouth and
continue eating it until it finish.

After he's done he decide to take and collect the apple. He pick it
one by one. When he tried to grab the furthest one at the end he fall
down from the tree and land his head and body on the ground.

"Ouch..." Said he while rubbing his head

Then the apple that he pick fall and hit his head making the pain got worse.

" Owww that really hurt..." He groan

Then suddenly the wind blew his hair and leaf from the ground flew in
the air. When the wind stop the man saw an apple rolling and hit
something and then stop. He saw someone lying in the floor cover with
dark blue color hood.

"Gaahh!" Shout him

The person didn't make a sudden movement at all. Just lying there and
the position is the same as before. Jack move forward to take a closer
look and it's a women judging by her long hair and lips too.

" I wonder where's she's came from?" Ask Jack in his mind

" Hey wake up" Jack tried to wake her up. He tried to give a little
push and called her " hey wake up! Wake up!"


" Wake up! Wake up dear"

The little girl open her eyes and yawn. She look at her mother who is
calling her.

" Mother... What is it?"

" We have to go"


" I'm taking you out from this place and live with us"

" You mean you and sister?"

" Yes dear"

The girl quickly get up from her bed and change her cloth and pack her
stuff. Her mother was smiling looking at her daughter so happy.

After she's done her mother take her to the old stairway that is made
of stone or brick and quietly went down.

The mother and girl ran to the door after they finish walking
downstairs, they rush quickly so they won't be caught.

" Hurry! before he find out"

" But how about he does find out?"

" I don't want to think about it, right now we have to leave"

Suddenly a man appear and stood in front of the women. Before the
women could stop running the man slap her face, leaving her fall to
the ground and let the girl fall too.

" How dare you take my property? I won't allow you!"

" She's my child and shame yourself called your own daughter a
property, she's not a thing to play with!"

" Shut up! She's the leader and heir to this family and she's not
going anywhere until she's ready yet"

" Well I won't let you, I'll take her and bring it to me"

" To that insignificant new husband of yours? How foolish!"

" He's not what you think"

" Well I guess you leave me no choice" the man raised his hand and
strong magic power came and form a circle. " I'll just have to kill
you then"

" How could you be so treacherous to your wife?"

" Your not my wife anymore!"

When he almost aim his power to her the girl stop him by clutching his stomach.

" Father stop! Please, I'll do as you say"

The magic disappear from his hand and he lift his arm down.

" Well do you look at that, she choose me instead of you" said the man

"Wrong! I did it to protect mother!"


" Mother it's alright, I'll be fine. I promise"

The women tried to get up her knees slowly and then clean the dirt on
her clothes.

" Well what are you waiting for? Go away!" Command the man

Without no choice she left and regret didn't bring her child with her.
Before she went out of the door she say sorry to the girl and her face
is sad.

The girl know the consequence of choosing staying with her father
and regret of not going with her mother. But she doesn't mind at all
because this is something she will get used to it in the future...


The women open her eyes and saw rain coming down. It's raining too
back when she was separated from her parent. After that incident she
never saw her mother anymore or her sister that is. She turn her
position and facing the sky up.

" Hey there, I see you're awake"

She saw a blond man tied in long pony tail braid. She didn't make move
and just stared at him.

" Umm sorry did I disturb you?"

"No not really I was getting ready to go anyway" said the girl arrogantly

Then she wake up and found a jacket with emerald color in her lap. She
could guess that it belong to this man.

" Hmm... Your from a rich family right?"

"Yeah, how do you know?"

" Isn't it obvious from your clothing style"

" Oh right...hehehehe"

suddenly the man sneeze a couple of time.

He wipe his nose with his hand that cover with white gloves. The
women put his jacket into his shoulder and offer a handkerchief.

" Ah gomen and thank you"

" I'm the one who should thank you" said the women

After he wipe his noose he give the handkerchief back and the women take it.

" My name is Jack, what's yours?" Said Jack, smiling and offer his
hand to help her.

" Why should I tell my name to a stranger?"

"Eh? Because I just told mine"

" It's your own decision, I never ask"

" True.. But at least introduce yourself to the person who is just
nice to you"

" How foolish. You do it with your own will, it's not my business"

Jack find this women a little bit amusing rude to him. But he doesn't
care since she's right and is used to this kind of people.

" Hahahahaha your weird" laugh Jack

" How weird?"

" Because ladies never talk like that, they know manner and respect
also etiquette. And especially they never sleep in the forest because
they hate getting dirty."

" That's for a foolish, simple minded, and coward lady"

" Wow... Hahahaha I never thought you said that, aren't you a lady yourself?"

"Hmph I'm a lady but not that kind of fools"

" Hahahaha, You really have a funny way to describe it"

" And your such an annoying and loud spoken guy" said her

Hearing that it make Jack laugh more and loud.

" Well at least your honest"

" Hah yeah whatever"

The women tried to get up but the ground was too slippery after the
rain for her to stand up. Jack offer his hand again and this time she
accept it.

" Well looks like this time I owe you"

" Greeting Jack, my name is Ellie Harrington" said Ellie while shaking
his hand. Even though she's close to Jack, Jack couldn't see her full
face but he know she's a gorgeous one.

" Ohh so that's your name..."

" Well then if you will excuse me I will be on my way"

" Wait, what, where are you going?" Said Jack surprisingly

"Somewhere, I'm only a traveler after all"

" You mean your not from here?"

"Apparently no"

" I see..."

Ellie take his horse that she kept behind the tree and started
climbing up. Then she guide her horse to Jack.

" See you soon" said Ellie

"Yeah See you..." Said Jack, placing his right arm at the back of his head

Then Ellie slowly disappear into the darkness along with her horse,
leaving Jack alone.

Jack finally arrive at the Baskerville area and he wear one of the
Baskerville's red cloak as always to hide his identity. He arrive at
one of the Baskerville garden and found his friend leaning under the
tree covered his body with shadow. So he walk there and tried to
approach him. But his movement was stop when he saw a lady with red
rose dress and her hair is tied at the back around.

The lady didn't move at all, inface she's admiring something. So Jack
take this opportunity to greet her. When he almost get near her
suddenly the girl turned around and a blade pop out from her hand and
almost killed him.

" My my such an improper lady you are"

" Who are you?" Ask the lady

" Oh don't worry I maybe a suspicious looking person but I'm a nobody"
answer Jack

" anyone would have says " 'I'm not a suspicious one' "

"Ahahaha if I'm the one who caused the suspicious, but declare myself
not a suspicious person, wouldn't that make me more suspicious in

" Jack... Stop teasing Charlotte" said his friend

" Charlotte! Then can I called you Lottie for short?"

"Huh?" She turned to him

Then he revealed his face and introduced his name and as a
insignificant music box maker.

" So tell me Jack, How did you meet master Glen?"
Ask lottie

" Ahh is that what you called him as?"

"Just answer it!" Snap Lottie

" Hahahaha ok ok" laugh Jack

Lottie getting tired of Jack's attitude and want to kill him if it's
possible but Master Glen would not allow do such thing and also is not
what a proper lady should do.

" Well... It's a secret" said Jack

"Heh? Why?"

" Because it's something that Glen and I only can know" said Jack

"Well at least you ever tell one person"

"So far not yet"

" Hahh no matter how I force you to tell you will stay no aren't you?"


" Lottie" said Glen who suddenly went into the room and close the door.

"Ah-yes Master Glen" said Lottie blushing

" Master is enough" said Glen

" Oh ok Master"

" I have a mission for you"

"What is it?"

" I want you to check a town name Arriesal. There's been an incident
happening last night that an old keeper of an antique shop died.
There's rumor that someone last night saw someone escape through
rooftop and used some kind of magic to vanish into turn air"

"Couldn't it be...?"

" We can't be sure that the cause is our traitor of the Baskerville"

" Ehh a traitor in Baskerville? I never know that!" Said Jack who is
surprised to know

" Of course Master never tell you, it's because it's not your
business" respond Lottie sharply

" Ah...soka...ahahaahaha..." Jack tried to laugh to cheer the
atmosphere but because Lottie stared at him angrily and fiercely he
didn't dare.

" Well get Fang, Doug and Lily to get ready, you will leave this
minute and don't reveal yourself in public also I have a friend in
that place, he's a Baskerville's member under my command and he will help you tell

"Yes Master!"

Then Lottie quickly leave the room and shut the door.

"My you have such a loyal servants here"

"Hmph she's just obedient that's all" said Glen arrogantly

"Is that so...?"

Then Jack sip a cup of tea and put it on the plate. Look at his best
friend, Glen, who is staring at the window while folding his arm.

" Alright guys here we are! This is the city of Arriesal. Remember
what Master Glen told us. Never show yourself in public, is that
clear? Especially you lily"

" Yes Ma'am!"

" Now you're new here so stay close with us and learn what we do"

"Yes!" Said Lily, then Salute her

"Alright move out!"

Then the four of them disappear and went to the places where they send to.

"Hmm it seems that I have to do a ritual to summon a servant. It seems
hard but it's easy for me to do it"

"Because there's no impossible thing for us. Magical being"

Then the girl draw a circle like the diagram in the book. And then
do a language sign using hand signal. After that she chant the word.

Come forth to earth
And obey my command
Be one and stay by my side always
Never break apart
Until the time has come
Be sincere and true
Do as I command and feel the pain together
We are one and equal side

The magic circle glow red and a powerful energy flow around her. Then
it increases and one medium part of the forest glow red because of the
magic power. But strangely the trees are not burning; only a girl lay
there unconsciously.

" This is the crime scene Ms. Lottie, the man died by someone stabbing
his heart with knife that we found in the kitchen also judging from
the man eyes he just saw something scary and we found a choker that
might lead to our clue"

" Hmm... Show me the choker" said Lottie

The Baskerville member give the choker to Lottie and Lottie receive it.
The color of the choker is dark purple and a diamond place on the
middle. It's a beautiful and look very expensive one.

" This must be from a royal family" said Lottie

"Yes it must be"

" Well then try to find the owner and we will report to our Master Glen!"

"Yes Ma'Am!"

The Baskerville's member leave the room, letting Lottie and her gang observe
the room. They went here and there to search for clues but couldn't
find anything beside the room is full of splatter of blood. Not in
ground but walls and ceiling too. The three of them find this

"Thank you for your cooperation today but we'll be leaving now" said
Lottie who is outside of the house and saying thanks to one of the
Pandora member who help her earlier.

" Well Lottie san should we get back to our master or book a place?" Ask Fang

" We better rest, since we all exhausted from our trip"

"Yes Lily want a nice bath and food too~"

" Listen here Lily this is not a vacation so you just have to eat
whatever we are given, understand?"

" Yes..."

After a couple of meter walking they find an inn and stay there for
one night. They take turn to wash them self up and prepare their bed.
But before that they order food and the three of them eat first then
they can went to sleep.

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