"Mr. Brett, Mr. Burke, we're ready for you on set."

Jeremy and I acknowledged the summons with a nod and a wave. I took a last sip of my now lukewarm coffee and stood. Jeremy stood as well and stretched. I couldn't help but think again of how right he looked. He was Sherlock Holmes. His transformation once in costume was just mind boggling. He was perfect. I, on the other hand, still felt awkward and unsure of myself in this role. I didn't know what to do with my character as his sidekick. And the script they'd given us for "The Adventure of the Dancing Men" wasn't helping me much. Watson just didn't have a whole lot to do but react and be astonished.

Jeremy started for the set and I followed in his wake. Might as well get in character now. We were shooting in the sitting room. It was the opening scene of the episode when Holmes makes his astonishing deduction about South African securities. We were coming up on the door of the sitting room and Jeremy pushed it open to enter, but stopped abruptly. I ran right into him. My apology was cut short by his sharp, "What in the blazes!"

"What is it?" I asked, standing on tiptoe and looking over his shoulder into the room. I stared, dumbfounded. "What on earth?" I breathed. We were looking into a sitting room, but it wasn't our set. There was no crew, no cameras, no filming paraphernalia. Nothing. Well, not quite nothing. There were two very astonished gentlemen staring at us. One was standing by the fireplace in a gray dressing gown, a pipe in his hand as he stared at us. The other, a shorter, stockier man in a brown suit, was clutching a newspaper and regarding us with open mouthed astonishment. He recovered himself quickly and came to his feet. He kept darting glances between the taller man and Jeremy. And I could see why. They looked enough alike to be brothers.

"Can we help you?" he finally asked. His voice was a deep rumble that I hadn't expected. I looked at him again and realized that though his hair was darker than mine and he was rather larger than myself, he and I shared a resemblance ourselves, though, more superficial than Jeremy and the other stranger. A sudden realization hit me and I took a step back.

"Surely not!" I exclaimed.

"Pardon?" the shorter man asked.

I gave Jeremy a small shove to propel him into the room and stepped in behind him. The tall stranger's eyes darted to me then swung to his companion in surprise.

"What the devil!" the shorter man said as I came fully into view. He looked to his friend, "Holmes, what is going on here?"