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Warnings: slash and spoiler up to 03x01 for CSI Miami

I love Speed and hated that he was killed so I came up with this. It goes in accordance with my rules (see profile). I personally much prefer this ending.

AN: In this story, magical beings are able to form a bond/psychic connection with people if they want usually a spouse.

Summary: When Speed was shot, could anything have made a difference? What if he had had someone to live for? More focused on Harry and Speed than on the ones responsible for his shooting.

Chapter 1

Falling to the ground, blood pumping out of his body, Timothy Speedle's life flashed before his eyes or at least his happiest and most recent year.


Some days, Tim Speedle hated his job. The last case had been a bad one. Once his shift had ended, he had hightailed it out of the lab and down to the nearest bar in hopes of forgetting everything even just for a few hours.

The brunette sat at the bar, nursing his third shot of tequila. A movement to his right caught his attention. Swinging around on the bar stool, Speed froze as he momentarily forgot to breath.

Staring at him were the greenest emerald eyes he had ever seen. The young man that was attached to the green eyes shifted at Tim's expression. He extended his hand.

"Hi, I'm Harry."

"Tim Speedle," the brunette CSI replied and automatically clasped the offered hand. The second their skin touched, it felt like they had been standing to close to a lightning strike. The pair smiled at each other. Neither noticed that as they sat and spoke, Speed had moved their clasped hands to rest upon his thigh, their fingers intertwined.


"Speed. Keep breathing, Speed. Stay with me," Horatio's voice pleaded.

In Speed's mind, he heard Harry's voice from earlier that very morning as he remembered the last time he had seen the black-haired young man.


The couple were celebrating their one-year anniversary by spending the entire week in bed. Speed had taken a couple of days off starting yesterday. Harry was lying sprawled across Tim's chest, the duvet pooling around their hips.

The curtains were shut, banishing the unwelcome sunlight. Yesterday, being Speed's first day off, had been busy with the two taking time to catch up with each other. Now sleeping exhaustedly, they were in no rush to rise.

The shrill ring of a cell phone broke through calm, lazy, quiet. Harry moaned and attempted to bury further into his lover's chest. His messy, black hair tickling Speed's nose as the CSI reached out blindly for his ringing phone on the night stand.

"Yeah?" he muttered once he had found the offensive piece of technology.

"Speed, we have a situation, a big case. I know it's the start of your time off but we need all hands on deck for this one."


"Speed?" Horatio questioned.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming."

"Thanks. Meet Delko at the lab. He'll give you a lift over here."

Speed threw the phone back onto the night stand. Harry blinked up at him sleepily.

"Hey, where are you going? I thought you were on vacation time."

Tim smiled at the sleepy face of his lover and kissed him gently.

"I know, babe but H said it was a big case and that they needed all hands on deck. Just means I'll get time after we solve the case," he explained and sat up, ready to climb out of bed.

"Nooo," Harry mock whined, "Stay with me."

Speed shook his head at his younger lover's antics. Kissing Harry once more, he slipped out of their bed. Harry lay back down, listening to the sounds of Tim moving around.

A few minutes later, a weight settled on the bed next to him. The emerald eyed man rolled over, looking up at the figure hovering over him.

"Your gun clean?" he asked just as he had every time Speed left the house since the depo incident a while back.

Speed smiled indulgently, "You know it is. You helped me clean the guns yesterday."

"Just checking. You know I want you to stay with me for a long time to come."


His gun was clean. So why hadn't it worked? There shouldn't have been a problem and he sure as hell should not have been shot.

"Speed," Horatio's face swam in and out of focus above him.

"Can't feel anything," Speed spat out, choking on his own blood.

"I know. I understand. Don't talk. Just keep breathing, okay partner?"

Suddenly another voice, a much loved voice was added to Horatio's urgings.

"Tim? Babe, you have to hold on. I'm sending you strength through our bond but you have to hold on. Stay with me please, babe. Stay with me. You promised you'd come home to me."

Harry's pleas in his head through their bond as well as the strength his lover was providing gave Timothy Speedle the motivation to struggle to stay conscious.

"Hold on, Speed. The paramedics are here now," Horatio spoke, his voice cracking.

"Sir, move out of the way please," one of the paramedics instructed as he physically urged the Lieutenant out of their way.

The whole time the paramedics worked to stabilize him and transported him to the nearest hospital, Harry whispered and pleaded with Speed through their bond. Once Speed lost consciousness, Harry lost his connection to Speed.

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