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Chapter 3

The doctor led Harry through the ICU double doors. The room smelled extremely sterile and was a glaring white. The quiet voices of the nurses was accompanied by the hissing of the many machines keeping their patients alive. They stopped before a bed on the far right and Harry was greeted by a sight he would never forget.

Speed was lying completely still in his bed. He was even paler than Harry had been before he had arrived in Miami, and since he was originally from England that was saying something. There were tubes and machines everywhere. The only indication that his lover was even alive was the steady beep coming from the machine on his left.

"I know its scary seeing him like this but he's still breathing. He's going to need your support to get through his recovery," the doctor told him, placing a hand on his shoulder in support before walking over to the nurse's station.

Cautiously, Harry approached his lover. Gently, he grasped the CSI's hand, comforted by the fact that his hand was at least warm.

"Please, Tim. You have to stay with me. Please. I don't know if you can hear me but if you can, I love you. I love you and I need you to fight. Fight to stay alive, keeping breathing and wake up," Harry whispered brokenly, tearing streaming down his face unnoticed.

"I'm sorry sir, but time's up. You can come back in about an hour again for fifteen minutes," a nurse spoke from behind.

Harry nodded, wiping away the tears on his face before heading reluctantly back to the waiting room.

As Harry walked back into the waiting room, he gained everyone's attention and questioning glances.

"He's… he's ok. Hooked up to a number of machines and incredibly pale but he's still breathing."

The room's occupants released their collective breath. Even though the doctor had said that Speed was alright it felt better coming from someone that had seen him.

"Unfortunately, only I am allowed to go in to see him right now. I'll see if the doctor will allow you all in soon."

Horatio spoke for all of them, "Thank you, but who are you? Why are you listed as Speed's medical contact?"

Harry looked at Hermione and Ron. Ron met Harry's eyes and nodded his head at the unspoken plea.

"I'll be back with Teddy soon," he reassured the raven haired man before leaving.

Delko added another question to their growing list, "Who's Teddy?"

Harry took a deep breath and sat next to Hermione.

"Teddy is our son."

This was greeted by shocked silence before exploding into chaos.

"What do you mean "our son"?"

"What is going on here?"

"I don't understand."

A piercing whistle cut through the demands instantly silencing them all as they gazed at one of Harry's best friends.

"If all of you would be so kind as to sit your asses down and shut up. Harry will explain what he can. He doesn't need extra stress so if you all don't calm down I will personally through you out," Hermione stated in her absolutely no nonsense tone.

Despite the serious situation, Harry shook his head in amusement. She never failed to surprise and support him. She and Ron both.

"Tim and I met over a year ago. Yesterday was actually our first anniversary. When we met, Tim had just closed a really bad case. I found him trying to get really drunk, we got to know each other and just sort of fell into a relationship," Harry paused.

"I… I didn't have a good childhood and Tim isn't close to his family. He said that you all know his father used to hit him and his mom left when he was nine. So for us everything was new. Neither of us have ever hadsomeone who has loved us completely and above everyone else. We decided to keep quiet, get to know each other first, savour our first real relationship. After a while it became easier to say nothing than to have to start a conversation saying we'd met someone because then all the questions of who, when, why didn't we say something earlier would have started."

Just then Ron walked back into the room with a young boy. He had black, messy hair like Harry but his eyes looked so similar to Speed's that the team was shocked.

"Daddy," he cried as he ran into the room and onto Harry's lap.

"Uncle Ron said Papa was hurt but the healers were making him all better," Teddy informed him.

Harry brushed the hair out of Teddy's hair and pulled him into a hug.

"Papa's ok, he's just very hurt. Ok?"

"Ok," Teddy replied before peering curiously at the other people in the room.

"Who are they?"

"They work with your papa. This is Horatio but papa calls him H," Harry informed his son pointing out the red head.

"That's Delko, Calleigh, Alexx and Yelina," he added pointing out each person.

"Hey, sugar. It's very nice to meet you," Alexx was the first to respond prompting the others to add their greetings.

Calleigh still looked confused, "Why does he call Speed Papa?"

"Coz he's Papa," Teddy replied, his tone making obvious he thought that that explained everything.

"About two months ago, Teddy turned five. For his birthday he said that he wanted Tim to be his Papa so Tim adopted him. Now Teddy has two parents," Harry elaborated.

Just then a nurse walked in.

"Mr. Potter? You can come through again," she told Harry kindly.

"Thanks. Umm… is our son allowed in as well?"

"We generally don't allow children under the age of twelve into the ICU."

Harry nodded thinking it was probably better that Teddy didn't see Tim in such a bad state. He passed his son off to Hermione before once again walking into the ICU.

After a while the team left the hospital. Hermione and Ron took turns sitting with Harry while he waited for his fifteen minute intervals to see Tim. Eventually Hermione took Teddy home with her.

"Harry, do you want me to tell the others?"

Exhausted, Harry could only look at her in gratitude.

"Please. I don't think I could face any more questions."

Hermione hugged him in understand, kissed her husband goodbye and left taking Teddy with her.

The next day passed much the same. Various members of Speed's team dropped by for updates. The men responsible for the shooting and all been arrested and the little kidnapped boy had been found and returned to his mother. They still weren't sure why Speed's gun had jammed but it looked like a manufacturing error. Harry was not impressed, and silently promised himself and Tim that he would charm the entire team's weapons to make sure that they would never malfunction again.

Harry got to see Tim for fifteen minutes every hour or two. Once the other Weasleys were told by Hermione what was going on they too descended upon Harry lending him their support and forcing him to eat. They hadn't been too surprised that the young man was seeing someone. He had been happier than they had ever seen him before so they'd suspected something.

Two days after the shooting, the doctor started weaning Speed off the ventilator and sedatives. The CSI was so far clear of any lung or wound infection. Harry was allowed to sit with him for longer as he slowly began to surface. By that evening, Tim had been moved onto a face-mask for oxygen and was still being monitored but he was finally awake. Harry had never been so grateful when he finally saw Tim's eyes open even if it had been brief.

The fluttering of his eyelashes had caught his attention.

"Tim? Love?"


Harry almost chocked on the emotion threatening to over-whelm him.

"You had me so worried."

" 'm ti'ed," his partner mumbled, eyes already falling closed.

"Shhh… sleep. It's ok love. I'll be right here when you wake up again."

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