Fic title: Stay With Me 4/4
Author name: The Black Rose (theblackrose16 – livejournal)
Beta: elsa_kallan
Genre: Slash | Semi-AU
Pairing: Harry/Speed, Ron/Hermione
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1, 400
Summary: When Speed was shot, could anything have made a difference? What if he had had someone to live for? More focused on Harry and Speed than on the ones responsible for his shooting.

Warnings: slash and spoiler up to 03x01 for CSI Miami

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Note: I love Speed and hated that he was killed so I came up with this. I personally much prefer this ending. In this story, magical beings are able to form a bond/psychic connection with people if they want usually a spouse.

Chapter 4

The next time that Speed awoke, Harry was sitting at his bedside, holding onto his left hand and speaking softly to him even though Harry thought he was asleep. It seemed to comfort him somewhat.

"…and then we're going away for a while. I was thinking someplace far away and remote. We never did have a honeymoon, now's the time."

"Where you wanna go?" Speed asked quietly, not wanting to startle his lover.

"Fiji, Hawaii maybe. I think Teddy would really enjoy it," Harry answered immediately, not yet registering that Tim was conscious, "I know we live by a tropical be…"

The younger man's head wiped around so fast, Speed was almost sure he got whiplash. Wide green eyes stared at him, surprised as Harry registered that the CSI was awake. A moment later, he was up and out of his seat and sitting on Speed's bed, clutching his lover's left hand in his right while he used his left hand to stroke Tim's cheek.

"You scared me. You're not allowed to scare me like that ever again, Tim," Harry told him, ending on the beginnings of a sob.

Tim rubbed his thumb over knuckles, trying to convey some comfort to his partner. Tears began to run down Harry's face, unnoticed by the green eyed man. Speed, however, did notice.

"Hey, I'm gonna be okay. I'm right here and I'm gonna be fine," Speed crooned, tugging Harry's head onto his shoulder, the one opposite to his injury.

Harry's body shook with the force of his sobs as he finally gave in to all the stress and worry from the last couple of days. Tim continued to croon in an effort to comfort him, running his fingers through Harry's black hair and across his shoulders.

When Tim was moved out of the ICU, he was transferred to the fourth floor. Harry finally started breathing easier as it appeared that his partner was well on the road to recovery. He started going home for a while to catch some sleep and a shower. Teddy was staying with Hermione and Ron for the time being, while Speed wasin hospital.

Various members of Speed's team and people from the lab dropped by to visit him almost daily. Usually Harry ducked out while they were visiting to go and see Teddy. He'd bring his son back with him once everyone had left so that he could see his Papa.

Hermione and Ron were able to keep the Weasleys, and more importantly Molly, at bay until the injured CSI was moved out of the ICU, but once he was moved all bets were off.

Molly was constantly there for Harry. Making sure that he took care of himself and that he was eating regularly. Besides Molly, there was always at least one other Weasley visiting everyday when it was possible.

After a couple of days when Horatio was at the hospital, Speed brought up his inability to be at work for a while and leaving the lab short staffed.

"Hey, H?" Speed spoke from his hospital bed where he was somewhat sitting up.

Horatio was sitting in one of the two seats provided by the hospital. Harry was slouching in the other. He'd cast a cushioning charm on the chairs as well as Tim's bed, not that anyone besides his lover and other magical people would ever know.

"Yeah, Speed?" the red haired lieutenant queried.

"Who are you getting to cover my shifts while I'm out?"

Harry perked up at the turn of the conversation. He and Tim had already discussed what would happen over the next couple of weeks, and had thought of a suggestion to put to Horatio.

Horatio frowned in confusion, "I haven't really looked for someone. You're coming back once you're recovered so everyone else has just been covering for you. You're coming back, right?" he thought to ask.

The younger CSI had to smile at his boss's barely concealed worry that he might not be returning.

"Don't worry, H. I'm coming back but I'm gonna but out for a while. If you don't mind, I wanna recommend someone. Harry and I have a friend, Ryan Wolfe. He's a patrol cop at the moment but would really like the opportunity to become a CSI. I was thinking that if he works out, he might be a permanent addition to the team," Speed spoke, sounding confident about Ryan's abilities.

Horatio nodded and promised to look Ryan up and see that he got a chance.

After what seemed like forever, Speed was finally allowed to go home. He'd still have to do his physio everyday. The doctor had spoken to the both of them on the conditions for the CSI's discharge and Harry had a list of don'ts for him.

Harry was slowly helping Tim put on a sweater as he was reciting the list that the doctor had given them.

"You're not allowed to lift anything heavier than a coffee mug so you're gonna have to call me or Teddy. No climbing stairs without someone to help, especially for balance. Well, the vacation home doesn't have any stairs so, no worries there. You can't stand up from sitting or lying on your own. You'll end up putting pressure on your chest and cause damage. Absolutely no exercise of any kind except for your physio and what they tell you you're allowed. No alcohol, spicy foods or non-prescribed medication."

Harry sighed and moved to crouch in front of his lover, resting his hands on Tim's thighs. He knew his partner well and the other man was not happy at all and was getting ready to balk at all the restrictions.

"Tim, please," Harry begged quietly, "You had heart surgery. Your sternum is being held together by 4 thin pieces of wire while it heals. Every breath you take and every time you move, you're disturbing it slightly. I can't do this again. I need you to let me help you heal. I know that it's frustrating for you but Teddy and I can't lose you. You mean the world to us, so let us help you. Please."

By now, Harry was blinking back tears. His emotions were still too close to the surface with all the stress and worry that he had had while Tim was in hospital.

Speed stared down at his partner and placed his hands over Harry's in comfort.

"I'm sorry. I just… I don't like not having control."

"I know that, babe. It's not permanent. At the very most, you have to be careful for the next six months. If you do everything right, then even shorter," Harry tried to console him.

"You're not always going to be able to get your way, you know that?" Tim couldn't resist teasing his lover, showing his capitulation.

Harry grinned in response, "I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I actually look forward to the day, love."

"C'mere," the CSI held out his arms for his lover.

Harry gently laid his head on Tim's shoulder as they lightly wrapped their arms around each other. Harry was very careful to only touch him slightly but the contact was better than he could imagine. He'd come so close to loosing the love of his life so any contact was better than nothing.

Speed put up with the mandatory wheelchair ride out the hospital more to appease his still worried lover than for any other reason. Well, there was also the fact that he really wanted out but if anyone asked, he did it to make Harry happy.

When he finally got outside, he couldn't resist closing his eyes for a moment to appreciate the feeling of the sun on his skin and took a deep breath. Suddenly, Harry was in front of him, grinning like a loon.

"Let's get out of here, yeah?" he asked breathlessly.

Tim's smile brightened further, "Yeah. Let's and then we're going on vacation. Just you, me, Teddy and the beach."

The End

AN: I might be persuaded to write a sequel for this at some point if you guys really wanted me to. Thank you to all those who reviewed, you've been wonderful. Thank you to my beta elsa_kallen. You are a jewel. I had fun writing this and now it's back to my other incomplete stories. There is a poll for the sequel on my profile