AN: This whole story is in Bella's POV, just to let ya know. The pairing names aren't that important but they're hard to remember (I made them up mostly) so I'll list them in every chappy for you.

My 'beta', you could say, for this story is the lovely fanpire.x who will basically help me with the plotline and create the banner and outfits on her Polyvore account. (A link is my profile for the Ms. Dally website – nearly all mentions of clothes will have be made into a set for you to see, listed on there.)

By the way, this prologue was revamped because I hated the one before it. Enjoy! :D

Pairing Names: Bellice (B/A), Bellett (B/Em), Jaspella (J/B), Rosella (R/B), Alsper (A/J), Emmalie (Em/R), Roslicella (R/A/B) , Balsper (B/A/J), Bemmalie (B/Em/R), Bemsper (B/Em/J)

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, any company brands I mention, any songs or singers I mention, or anything else that may sound familiar in this fanfic.

Prologue: Our One Rule

I'll get you all up to speed and then you can help me. So here is my situation:

I am bi-sexual.

I like polygamous relationships.

I flirt with everybody around me.

I sleep with my friends/roommates.

I need sexual variety to live.

I keep a lot of secrets.

Sound complicated? Well, my "partners" are called Emmett McCarty, Rosalie Hale, Jasper Whitlock (cousin to Rose) and Alice Brandon ("sibling" to Em).

And we have one rule between us:

Don't have sex with anyone outside of the group.

I can easily handle that; I have all the variety I need between the four of them, and it's not like flirting counts as cheating. So, yeah, I can totally handle that…

… Right?

I sense disaster; how about you?