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Chapter 19: First Class Boarding

I felt a smile stretch over my face; I could get my Ally-cat back! Quickly gesturing to Emmett and Rosalie who came to stand by me, I clutched the cell tighter.

"Where is she?"

"Actually, she's still in Paris. I believe she may even be staying at the hotel offered to her beforehand."

I bounced on my toes. "Oh, I could kiss you!" I started mumbling, "But obviously I won't – not that you aren't lovely and all, but you're married – and plus, we're talking on the phone so you aren't here and that –"

"Miss Swan?" The smile was clear in his voice.

I shut up immediately. "Yes?"

"Would you like me to book a flight to France? She may, after all, choose to leave at any moment."

I nodded, though he couldn't see. Em and Rosie just watched with hopeful expressions. "Yes please. And thanks. Really, I mean it. Bye!" It might have been a bit rude to just hang up, but I couldn't help it. We'd found Alice!

"Well?" Rosalie nearly squealed.

I grinned hugely. "I'm going to Paris!" She actually did squeal now, and we grabbed each other in a hug, jumping up and down. Emmett joined in, flapping his arms around like a girl. Sad thing is, I don't think he's mocking us. I think he's just generally that happy. Well, who can blame him?

"Oh my gosh," I leapt back from them and dashed around my room, packing a bag. "I need to call Jasper and tell him!"

"Call Jasper and tell him what?"

We all looked up at Jazz as he leaned against my doorframe. He was still dressed in his work clothes, having just come through the door. Sneaky bastard, I didn't even notice.

I bit my lip, smiling. "We found her, Jay. We found our Ally."

He seemed to be frozen. Oh, God, I broke him! No, wait! He's opening his mouth! And closing itand opening it! And closing it

"Just say something," Rose snapped, though her smile ruined the effect.

"Where is she?" he asked once he got a hold of himself.

"Paris still," I told him. "I'm gonna fly over there now before she leaves."

He was quick to reply. "I'm coming with you." He was gone before I could speak. I should have seen that coming really – why wouldn't he want to join me? Silly Swan!

I flipped open my cell and dialled Jenks' number. "It's Bella – I need an extra ticket for that flight. Jasper's accompanying me."

"Very well, Miss Swan. All taken care of. Good luck."

Once he'd hung up I looked at Rose. "What do I do about Tanya's birthday?"

"Tell them the truth," she said, a bit confused.

Oh crap, guess I'm gonna have to tell them nowHere goes"Um, I haven't told anyone about our relationship."

I couldn't stand to see their faces; I kept my gaze on the ground, waiting anxiously.

It was Emmett who spoke first. "Your family has no clue about us?" I shook my head silently.

"Do they even know you're bi-sexual?" Rose snapped at me. I flinched, eyes still down, and shook my head again. I heard her let out a frustrated huff. "Nice to know you're proud enough to tell the family!" I glanced up at her and saw the tears in her eyes.

I reached for her instantly. "Babe, I'm sorry –"

"Don't!" She backed away from me into Em. She was so… broken-hearted. My heart pounded like a drum in my ear. I think I just wrecked our whole relationship. Fuck!

"What's wrong?" Jasper appeared at the door, bag in hand.

I gazed at him in silence then looked back at Rosalie. She stared at me, upset, but only shook her head.

"Nothing," I told him finally, lying my ass off. "Let's go."

I spared one more glance at Rose and Emmett before fleeing out the apartment. Hopefully I won't make a mess of the relationship I'm leaving to retrieve.

The flight took seven hours and thankfully Jenks had booked us into First Class. Jasper was restless beside me, always getting up every ten minutes to pace the aisles before the airhostess would politely ask him to sit back down. I noticed how her smile got more strained every time; obviously his repetition was starting to wear on her too. I had been trying to read a magazine for the three hours we'd been flying but the words were beginning to blur together.

I blinked tiredly and set it down on the empty seat next to me, finally letting sleep conquer me.

You know how you always start in the middle of a dream? Well, that's what was happening now.

I was lying on a hotel bed, the sky outside dark and mystic, completely naked. My hands were cuffed to the posts and my legs were spread on the silky sheets. Can't say I'm not liking the sound of this dream.

The door suddenly opened and Alice, my beautiful Ally, stepped through in her fuck me high heels. Her tiny body was covered in scraps of clothing we called lingerie. My mouth watered at the sight. But what was going on?

You don't question a dream, dumbass! Shut up!

Right. Sorry, I forgot.

Alice slowly sauntered over to me. Her eyes burned into mine with such lust it made me breathless. She kneeled on the bed between my thighs, and reached over to pick something up out of an ice bucket. Holy shit! She had an ice dildo!

With a devilish grin she stroked one finger up my slit, making me moan. I was wet since she entered the room, God damn it, and my pussy wanted some attention!

She held the dildo in her hand delicately before letting the tip brush against my clit. Instantly I bucked my hips off the bed. Fuck, that was cold! Duh, Swan, it's ice.

"Want more?" she purred. I licked my lips and nodded. She smirked and put her tongue to the dildo, tasting the little of my juices stuck there. Her eyes closed as she hummed in satisfaction. I squirmed on the bed.

She crawled over to straddle me, letting me see that her lingerie was very naughty indeed. The panties were crotchless; she took advantage of the hole in the fabric by pressing the ice dildo to her nether lips. She gasped in delight and moaned, her eyes still locked on mine seductively. I bit my lip as I watched her soak the dildo in her flowing liquids. She brought it teasingly above my mouth. I tried to lean up and lick it but couldn't quite reach.

After some cruel struggling, she lowered it a little so I could wrap my lips around the wet dildo. My tongue swirled around it, trying to take in as much of her fluids as I could. I groaned at the taste of her.

"Bad Bella," she scolded, taking the dildo away from me. I wanted to whine, but held it in as she started to strip. The see-through bra was unclipped and flung away, the crotchless thong pinged into the corner, and the killer heels thrown to the floor with a bang.

She gripped both my ankles and pulled them up into the air as she situated herself between my legs, her face inches from my pussy.

She grinned at me and let my legs curl around her shoulders. Her tongue massaged my clit before trailing down to my entrance. She used her nose to stimulate my nub, lapping at my juices eagerly. I wanted to clutch her black, spiky locks but the cuffs prevented me from doing so. I could only moan and scream out as she drove me closer to ecstasy.

Just when I thought she would push me over that edge, she sat up, my legs falling to lay either side of her hips on the bed. I protested but was ignored. She loomed over me, breasts dangling to caress mine, and then licked circles around the little buds. I arched my back up to get more of the feeling.

She reached for the ice dildo again and touched it to my nipples. I hadn't seen it coming.

"Fuck!" I moaned, loving the sharp contrast of her hot mouth and the freezing toy.

Alice smirked and gave me a quick kiss. I wrapped my legs around her hips, pulling her closer to me. She lay flat on my skin, rubbing our nipples together.

"Tell me what you want," she whispered wantonly.

I groaned, thrusting against her. "I want –"

"Come on, Bells, wake up," she murmured abruptly. I blinked.


"Time to get off now. Come on," she carried on. Her voice slowly turned more masculine with a Southern twang…

I awoke suddenly, nearly butting heads with Jasper as he leaned over me. He looked concerned.

"You okay, Bella?" he worried. "You look a little flushed."

I squeezed my thighs together secretly. Yep, I was fucking wet.

I didn't really want to tell him I was having a sex dream about Ally. So instead I nodded with a fake smile. "Yep, I'm great."