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Afew minutes later the new old Hokage arrived at the scene and found a baby girl he was confused wasnt the child of minato and Kushina a boy?

But the he found a letter which Minato wrote before the shingami took his Soul in which he explained why his child was female now.

He took her to his Office lays her on the couch and he is fighting his biggest enemy, Papperwork.

A few minutes later a Anbu came in the office, "Sir, the report of Uzumaki-san death aren't true i have seen it with my own eyes she was kidnapped by unknown Anbus"

Sarutobi eyes widden "Take all the Anbus and find this Anbus" the anbu leaved the room.

Sarutobi looked at litle Naru sleeping and toke her to a extra room were she could sleep without trouble.

Which he doesnt know was that Naru was all thing but sleeping so a he leaved the room she glowed and took form of a 5 year old girl with long blond hair and big blue eyes "So my new mom seems to be living.." she concentrated herself on the soul of her mother"there she is but who are the two men which are with her,well only one way to found out" she said with a very big smile and just disappeared.

Root HQ -Danzō office-

You could see Kushina who layed unconscious on the couch and two men, Danzo and Madara Uchiha they talked about the success Minato was death,they had Kushina to breed her unique chakra and Konoha had a Jinchuuriki. They were interrupted by the giggling of a litle girl which suddenly just came to existence before there own widden eyes.

Madara doesnt waited long and toke out a Kunai at throwed it towards her heart.

But to there Horrors the kunai just flow tough her as if she weren't even there.

She giggled even more before she said in a far to sweet voice "You would kill a little innocent girl like me just because i came in the room?"

They were to shocked to even speak she waited a few minutes before she said "Well if this is so,then i will simply kill you"

Madara began to laugh like a Maniac "Even i you could harm me i cant die, i eated a fruit of yggdrasil and because of this i am immortal,so you can try it" he said even more laughing.

"Well this make it even more easier to me" she smiled and a tree like symbol began to glow on her forehead. She opened her eyes and starred Madara right in the eyes and said simply "Die!".

"To funny to you really think just bec...ahhhhhhhhhhhh" he screamed as he clutched his heart his breath became were heavy "what...(cough)... in the hell...(cough)...are you...(cough)"

"Well lets us just say i am you mistress and you are my new pet" she said in a mocking voice, his eyes widden before his eyes became white and his body felt death.

Danzo was far to schocked to realize that a kunai was flying right towards his head soon he to died.

Now they were only souls and waited that shinigami sama toke them to the afterlife it doesn't take long and he came.

As he would take both souls he was interrupted by the firm voice of this girl "Shinigami you can take Danzo but Madara is property."

He looked at his list and saw it,it was true behind Madara stand with big red color property of yggdrasil. He sighed he wanted this soul to badly but when he know one thing for sure then it is don't annoy´yggdrasil, so he just took danzo soul straight to hell.

Madaras eye widen "Since then are i your property?"

She smiled and said in a Innocent voice "Since the moment you eat one of MY fruits"

"them you are...oh shit...why oh kami what have i done to anger you..." he said nearly crying

"Kami cant help you" she said and materialized a sword and took his soul and sealed it inside the sword "So this should be my third Zanpakuto" she dematerialized the sword and toke Kushina to Konaha market district and marked a little explosion. As the anbus came she disappeared. She was in the room who she were brought by Sarutobi changed back in a baby girl and began to sleep a few minutes later Sarutobi came in the room and smiled as he saw the peaceful sleeping Naru