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-Story Start-

The next few were rather normal for yggdrasil like all normal bays she was sleeping the most time. But then it came how i must came the messenger of the council arrived. No not the council of konoha rather the council which is controlling all dimension. The council itself consist of many yggdrasil like beings from different dimension,its job is essential beings like yggdrasil tents to get bored rather fast and could to thing which could destroy the balance of a entry dimension or in the worst case destroy the dimension, and if this would happen it will affect the other dimension ,and this motlikly in a bad way. Because of this they have created this council to control each over and if necessary to declare sanctions against the concerned being, and we cant just Ignore because we swore to follow those sanctions by our very being,and violation against those sanctions will end in our despair. So traveled direct to the council.

-Unknown Dimension Council Room-

The entry council was present i stand in the center of the large room to my right and left were the other beings and right before me was the seat of the current head of the council her name was Nyx.

"Yggdrasil-san i hope you know why you were summoned" she asked i simply nodded. "Good but to inaugurate the beings which doesn't know it, you haven't only over toke the body of a death child but you killed a human being which is a clear violation against law number 2, to you have to say something for your defense?" she asked i taught for a moment could say but every thing what i could have said would have worsen it "no honorable head" i said with my head dawn.

"Well,now i will declare your punishment.." she took a breath " hereby you are only allowed to you use 1% of you power until your human body hit puberty then you are allowed to use 15%. Your power of wish granting will sealed inside your fragment which you leafed in you domain in heaven,furthermore you aren't allowed to go heaven until you human body will die,do you have understand all of those things?" "Yes honorable head" is said "then you are allowed to leave"


the first thing i did was to write a letter in which i explained the most important things to Sarutobi and my new mom, i laid it next to the bet of mom and went back to my room and took i fragment of my being and created a second consciousness which will develop with the human body, i myself went to kyuubi and began to sleep too.