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10 Years later

Naru was alone in the forest with a scroll she was learning a jutsu from it why she does it?

Well the failed the third time just because this bushin jutsu, her mother was on a mission so her sensei Mizuki took his chance and convinced her to steal the scroll, so here are we now.

She is learning the kage bunshin no jutsu as she is interrupted by a familiar voice "Naru, what are your thinking to steal the scroll of seals you could be marked as traitor for this" naru was confused "but iruka sensei, mizuki-sensei said that if I learn a jutsu from it I will become a genin" `Mizuki.. I should have known it´ he taught before he could say something large shuriken was flying towards him he pushed naru away before toke the damage unfortunately he pushed naru to strong so that she took damage on her head by hitting it on a nearby tree she was unconscious.


The first thinks I heard were the dripping of water I opened my eyes and saw a large cage with a tag of paper on the door which said seal inside the cage was laying a red haired woman with to bulges on her head, nearby the cage was a very big bed.

I walked towards the bed and saw a woman with long blond hair and a good figure `I have the feeling that I know her from somewhere….` the next thing I noticed was the treelike on her forehead out of curiosity I touched it just to pull my handy instantly back as I touched it a tingeing feeling took place in my body.

Her eyes began to stir a few moment later she opened her blue eyes stretched her body and yawned a few times until she noticed me.

I froze as she stared at me "oh you are here" she said before she stand up and walked in the cage "hey lucy your beauty sleep is over" as the red haired woman doesn't seemed to wake up she began to grin and flicked one of the bulge on her head ,her eyes opened instantly "Hey, why have you done that! You know how painful that is to me!" she cried "well you wouldn't wake up so I take drastic measures, but look where is here" the blond pointed towards me the red heads looked to me and grinned, before they could say anything I asked "Where I am and who are you" "we are inside your mindscape and I am lucy aka Kyuubi" my eyes widen but then I began to laugh "very funny kyuubi is dead the fourth killed it."

"No he couldn't kill her he sailed she inside of you" the blond said "so this mean he sealed she inside me are I right" they both nodded "then who are you?" I pointed at her "well I am Yggdrasil but further more I am you and you are I " she said "WHAT?" I asked "I am yggdrasil" I sweat dropped "not that" "oh I am you and you are me?" "yes that what are meaning with this I am naru and you are yggdrasil so how can I be you?" I asked "Well Naru-chan you are fragment of me which I created to control this body" she said as if it were the obviously fact in the world "This body isn't it my…eh our body?" I asked bewildered „Yes and no you must understand it was so…." she told me the story about the sealing and the days after it.

"So I created you, have you understand all things" I just nodded and did the only thing I could to, I fainted.

Lucy and Yggdrasil looked at each other "She took it better then we have thought" said lucy ,yggdrasil nodded before she stated "But I think I should to something about this mizuki" she said before she disappeared"


After Mizuki rendered iruka unconscious he began to walk towards the unconscious naru to kill her. Just as he wanted to stab her in the heart her eyes opened and he was pushed back by an unknown power.

Naru stand up a looked toward with mizuki "so you are the person which I trying to kill narus body?" "I don't know who you are but I know that I will kill you with this run toward her with intension to kill her she simply said "Bakudo Number 1: Sai" he froze midair and fall with face first towards earth "You bitch what have you done do me!" he cried during he dried to move, without much success. "this Is a s-e-c-r-e-t" she said "well I have one good and one bad message for you ,the good one I aren't allowed to kill you.. " he phwed "but now the bad one as I said I aren't allowed to kill you but I can beat you until you wish you would just die" she said with a grin which is promising very much pain, the beating began