Well, here I am again. I wanted to make a story that has not been done before, so I tried NCIS and digimon in the search engine, but nothing came up because it was down, so I have no idea if it has been done but here goes.

I own nothing but my character Jyce, and the storyline. But if I did wouldn't that be so kickass? This would be an episode! =D but alas, I don't. =(

Lost a tamer, Gained a friend

The elevator doors opened as a grey haired man with coffee in his hand stepped out. He walked to the right of the elevator before stopping at a sight of a man of about early 30s leaning back in his chair behind a desk listening to music from an iPod on his lap. The elderly man shook his head with a smirk on his face. He looked to the other side to find a young Israeli woman she had long slightly curly hair that dropped just past shoulder length. She looked up with a pair of brown eyes that held a past similar to his. She smiled at him before going back to the paperwork on her desk. He smiled himself before walking to his own desk on his left. He sat down in his chair, drank some more coffee and looked across the row to see a man in his mid 20s totally engrossed in his computer. "McGee." The now named Timothy McGee looks up from his computer and says "Yah boss?" the man replied "if you don't blink your eyes will stay that way." McGee smiled and nodded curtly. "Jethro" Said a clearly feminine voice. The grey haired man turned to see a woman in her 40s walking down the stairs. She had reddish hair and was skinny. "Director Shepherd." Jethro Gibbs replied " Jethro you need to know that since Kate's (I know her name was Caitlin but the stupid Microsoft word wouldn't let me say it with a C) death the board think that it would be in all our best interests if you had a fifth man on your team." Gibbs rolled his eyes and sighed. "I have some people that could fill the spot. But I will leave it up to you to decide." Gibbs nodded and turned back to his desk. The other two people who had been listening in decided to speak up. "Boss we aren't going to have another person are we?" asked the man. "Well tony the director says we need to." The woman took her queue now. "And since when did you ever listen to the director on this matter?" Gibbs just rolled his eyes and sighed again before replying "your right Ziva but this time she means it." Tony asked "how can you tell?" Gibbs smiled and said "trust me after serving with her on and off duty, you get to know her pretty well." Tony just laughed. At that instant the phone on Gibbs' desk rang. He picked it up and listened for a minute before putting the phone back down and standing while simultaneously opening a drawer and pulling his gun and gear out of it. He said "grab your gear, we got one." Everyone grabbed their gear before heading to the elevator.

"What do we have?" Ziva asked Gibbs. "One dead petty officer, one dead little girl, and two john does." Ziva gasped and said "a little girl? Mossad never killed children, at least not when I was there." Gibbs nodded absently. They got in their respective cars and drove to the scene. They pulled into a parking lot to a national park. The area was fenced in with cast iron rods, and a single cobblestone path and archway with a cast iron gate. They ducked under the tape and walked to where they saw the police officers. Tony and McGee gagged when they saw the petty officer's body (still in uniform) and the little girl with their hands bound and their throats cut. The two john does were lying on opposite sides of the bodies with sub machineguns lying near them. They each had massive bruising and multiple parallel cuts, 4 in a row. Gibbs tilted his head as he wondered how the killer got the parallel strikes so perfect. The team split up and looked for some clue as to what happened here. It was about fifteen minutes before they heard a cop yell "we got a live one here" the four ran to the source of the voice to see a man in a black hoodie, black and silver combat boots, red cargo pants and silver battling gloves with what looked like claws on each finger tip. He was breathing but had bullet holes all over his left torso and was bleeding profusely from each. Ziva was the first to react and ran to his side. She squatted down next to him on his right side and pulled his hood down to reveal an almost fox like face. He had red fur and a black W mark under each eye. He had silver ear tips and a mouthful of pointed teeth. His eyes opened slowly his irises were the brightest blue you would ever see and his eyes were black instead of white, and he had slited pupils. His eyes were open and he blinked twice before his eyes widened and he jumped up. He bore no snarl or act of aggression, but fear. Ziva said in the kindest way possible, "you're ok, we will not hurt you." His eyes darted between the four NCIS agents and the one cop who had a gun trained on him. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the cop. He bore his teeth and snarled at him. The cop readied his gun and tensed his finger to pull the trigger. Ziva stepped in front of the furred man and said "stop! Put the gun down. He was only protecting himself. You had your gun drawn before he got up." The cop nodded and holstered his gun. "Sorry, oh and sergeant Adam Wilson D.C. police" Ziva stepped out of the way completely ignoring the idiot cop. The cop turned and walked away with a huff. She turned to face the man who had now leaned himself up against a tree and had taken off his hoodie and shed his mangled t-shirt. She marveled at his muscular frame and build, as well as his fur. It was a deep red with accents of black and silver. He had a yin yang symbol on a band around his wrists. He was looking at the bullet holes in his torso. Ziva walked up to him and asked him while putting her hand on his shoulder, "are you alright?" he looked up into her eyes with eyes full of tears that told her all she needed to know. He replied, "No… I was too late to save my tamer and her father…" he cried silent tears as he continued "and now their dead, the only thing I could do was kill the men who attacked them. And now I don't just hurt on the outside…" Ziva just watched and listened. Gibbs interjected, "wait, you killed those men trying to protect those two?" he just nodded and sniffled. "How did you get those parallel strikes so perfect?" the furred man just took off his gloves and revealed his clawed hands." He flexed his hands to show how strong they were. "And just who were they" the man just looked up at Gibbs and said, "my tamer Rika Nonaka and her father Ryan Nonaka." Ziva glared at Gibbs with a look that said, "Stop talking and let me handle this". Gibbs nodded and turned to walk away, but stopped and said, "DiNozzo, McGee get back and finish processing those bodies." They both said, "Gotcha boss" they walked away with Gibbs leaving Ziva with the man. "Well, what's your name?" he hesitated before replying, "Jyce, my name is Jyce." She smiled and said, "My name is Ziva David. I work for NCIS as a special agent who investigates murders of United States Navy personnel." Jyce nodded and said, "I know who you are, I've seen you before at least. Like when you killed Ari." He looked up and over her shoulder. His eyes widened and he dove over her as a loud BANG was heard. She turned to see the Cop from before holding a smoking gun. She quickly upholstered her gun and fired three rounds into his chest, each one finding their mark. Jyce just stood there for a moment while Ziva holstered her gun and moved to his side. Slowly blood leaked out of a bullet hole in the center of his chest. He dropped to his knees and looked at her and smirked out of the corner of his mouth before he fell out of consciousness. Ziva called for Gibbs and Tony. They showed up and saw the cop and Jyce on the ground. Gibbs checked the cop for a pulse and tony went to help Ziva. She had already established that he had a pulse and was breathing but very weakly. They got an ambulance which took Jyce to the hospital. The four went back to the office and waited for new news.

Well there's the first chapter of Jyce's Story. The next one will be up shortly.