I said shortly and I meant shortly so here is the second chapter for Jyce's story


Ziva had been up all night and had come in to the office. She had gotten some Thai food on the way and was now sitting at her desk eating at 3:57 am. A shadow came up behind her cubicle and leaned in with fishnet gloves and grabbed Ziva's shoulders. Ziva jumped and almost dropped her food. "Abby, don't do that I am a little on edge." Abby smiled and walked in the light, she had long black hair in two long ponytails on either side of her upper head. She was wearing a spiked collar and black lipstick. She had a black tank top on with a black miniskirt under her open lab coat. Abby asked, "Is it because of that guy that took a bullet for you?" Ziva was surprised and asked, "How did you know about that?" she smiled and said, "gibbs told me when he brought some red hair down for analysis. Turns out, it has data construct and DNA! I don't know how but whatever the hair belonged to, it isn't human." Ziva was stunned and her face showed it. She whispered barely loud enough for herself to hear, "Jyce…." Just then the phone rang. She picked up and said, "Special Agent Ziva David, NCIS." She listened for a moment before saying, "ok I will be right down." She hung up the phone before standing up and grabbing her jacket and keys. She said to Abby, "sorry Jyce is out of surgery and I need to talk to him." Abby nodded and stood up and followed her to the elevator. Ziva asked as she held the door, "what are you doing this is a witness slash victim slash murderer." Abby shrugged and said "I need to thank him for saving you" Ziva smiled before she hit the Garage button. They got into Ziva's car and drove to the hospital Jyce was at. The way there they were listening to a mix of techno that was given to Ziva by Tony.

At the hospital Jyce woke up clothed in a hospital gown and in a bed. He sighed and said, "God damn, I may be glad that I took that bullet for her, but damn that hurts." He laid his head back down and closed his eyes, moments later the door opened. His eyes opened to see a doctor walk in and look startled. The doctor said, "We just shaved your chest to do surgery, looks like it already grew back. That is amazing. Now down to brass tacks, we have no insurance information, no name, no contact information, and no id. So answer those questions for me and I will leave. Jyce rolled his eyes, and was about to speak as he someone spoke for him. "His name is Jyce, he is not a citizen as far as I know and he is being paid for by NCIS" Said a female voice from the door, Jyce looked at the source of the voice and smiled when he saw Ziva in the door. "Ziva!" he said with unmasked excitement in his voice. Ziva smiled at the fact he was so happy to see her. Jyce quickly reined in his excitement and corrected himself back to his newfound stoic attitude. The doctor stood and said, "Well that covers all my questions I take my leave." The doctor left the room and Ziva walked in and sat on his bed. She turned her head to Jyce and said, "You know I never did get to thank you for taking that bullet for me." Jyce just smiled and said, "Well you were the first one to be nice to me, and I barely know you but I like you." Ziva felt touched, "I like you too and think that you are one very brave soul, Thank you" and with those last two words she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. Jyce was fairly thankful for his fur because he was now blushing slightly. She looked him in the eyes and just stared at him. Abby cleared her throat, Ziva looked over at the door to find Abby standing there looking a little sheepish. "Oh right, Jyce this is our team's Forensic Scientist, Abby" Ziva said, Abby walked into the room and walked to the other side of Jyce's bed, sat down and leaned in and kissed him on the other cheek. Jyce looked befuddled. Ziva laughed, Abby said, "Thank you for saving my friend's life Jyce was it?" Jyce said sheepishly, "yeah, No problem."


**NCIS office 9:28 are**

Ziva, Abby, and Jyce walked out of the elevator and walked toward the team's desks. Gibbs looked up to see a 6'5 red furred fox man walk to a chair and sat down. He looked at Ziva and asked "what's he doing here?" Ziva looked back and said, "Well I was going to wait but, since you asked I would like to recommend him for a short term 'internship' I guess would work, he has been able to survive multiple attacks on his life and could prove to be a valuable asset on this case." Gibbs looked befuddled and said, "Agent David, you trust this… man?" Ziva nodded and said, "I have full confidence in him" Gibbs nodded and turned to Jyce who was now looking at him with an intense stare. "Your name is Jyce right?" he asked as he stood and walked to Jyce. Jyce nodded and stood to look him in the eye. Gibbs nodded and stuck his hand out for a hand shake and said, "Welcome aboard." Jyce stuck his hand out and shook Gibbs hand. "I'm honored… Sir" Gibbs smiled and concluded the handshake. He turned to his team and said, "Well, let's get to work. McGee, Tony, I want to know about any traces that were found in the wounds on the petty officer and the girl." Jyce growled and said, "That's Rika and Ryan, they were my family and I would like them to be called such." Gibbs replied, "Ok, in the wounds on Rika and Ryan." Jyce nodded. Gibbs said, "Jyce, Ziva, I want you to go talk to Abby and see what she's got for me. I'm going to go talk to ducky." Jyce turned to Ziva with a smile on his face and said, "Après avoir" (After you, for all those who are not as French inclined as me) "Je vous remercie" Ziva replied (thank you in French) Jyce smiled as they walked to the elevator. Jyce walked through the door and thought….'what is this feeling, I felt this close to only one person. but not a human… I can never let her know, if she knew than maybe she would resent me.

Well there you go, it's just about as long as the first one, but more awesome because the plot is unfolding but has only shown 2% of the base plot so far. So enjoy! And please tell me what you think, if people like this than I will keep writing it.