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A New Life


Standing on top of a building were two vulpine-like figures, but they were standing on two digitigrade legs, holding each other in their arms. Their tails were wrapped around each other's waist in a loving way. One had Red, black, and silver fur, the other had yellow/gold, snow white fur.

"Jyce?" asked an obviously female voice.

The red furred fox turned to her and asked, "yes Jade?" in a natural tenor voice without a hint of a rasp in his voice. Jade looked into his blue eyes and said, "I have to leave soon, he won't let me stay for much longer."

Jyce dropped his head and shoulders and said with tears in his eyes, "Why? Why can't you stay here with me? I love you and I can't let you go again."

She frowned and brought his head up and rubbed his muzzle with her clawed hand before saying, "I was lucky just to get this chance to tell you I love you before I go. I made a deal and I always honor my agreements, you know that."

Jyce looked into her beautiful green eyes that earned her the name Jade and smiled. "Before I go, you need to make two promises to me." She continued. Jyce nodded slowly, Jade said while starting to tear up, the sadness very apparent in her voice as she spoke, "first you need to tell rika I am sorry I failed her, and you need to be her protector in my place."

Jyce nodded now shedding his own tears. Jade continued, "Second… you need to promise that you…. Will love again, no matter what, I want you to be happy."

She grabbed his hands and held them tight to her chest over her heart. "See, my heart still belongs to you, but I cannot be with you anymore. I find joy in your happiness."

Jyce was now on the verge of having a breakdown. His head dropped once more he cried openly and pulled her close. He lifted his head and leaned forward. He turned his head and their lips met.

Slowly Jade started to dissipate and disappear. Ten seconds later her lower body had disappeared and now her chest was almost gone, the last to go was her face and lips. Jyce shed tears and sobbed openly, as he whispered to himself, "Jade, I'm sorry I let you die, why couldn't I take those bullets instead of you? Why?" He cried for what seemed like hours, and as night approached he decided to go keep his first promise and become Rika's partner.

*flashback end*

Jyce wiped a tear from his eye as Ziva and he stepped out of the elevator and turned into Abby's lab. "What do you got for us Abby?" Ziva asked. Abby turned around and smiled when she saw us. "Well I got our two John does identified. They are both ex-SAS British Special Forces, Michael Williams and Victor O'Conner. Neither married both dishonorably discharged and court-martialed for disobeying a direct order from a superior. They were reported missing two years ago and no one had seen them since. Basically they're nobodies." Abby stopped and took a drink of her Caff-Pow before continuing, "I also matched the red hairs to our new agent here." Jyce shrugged. Abby nodded and said, "And I'm still waiting on the reports on the device that was found on the girl." With that she held out the digivice that was strapped to Rika's belt. Jyce inhaled sharply and said, "That's my tamer's digivice. I guess it belongs to me now that she…. Passed." Abby nodded and handed the digivice to Jyce and reached out and hugged him. She stayed that way for a minute before she let go and said "well that's about all I got for you." Jyce nodded and said, "Thanks Abby." Ziva and Jyce turned to leave. Jyce stuck his paw up and said "talk to ya later." Abby smiled and waved before getting back to work.

Ziva and Jyce walked into the elevator and hit the button. As they started to move up Ziva turned off the elevator and turned to Jyce while leaning on the hand grip. She said, "I haven't known you for a while but I can tell that something is bugging you right now." Jyce sighed and said, "Fine. About two years ago I was in love, her name was jade, and she was Rika's partner. Unfortunately, because of my mistake, we walked out of a movie theater and into a group of anti-digimon protestors, and she took a few bullets when the protest turned violent and died in my arms."

Jyce took a breath barely holding back tears before he continued. "I was so angry that I killed the man that drew the gun, who happened to be an old childhood friend. Two days later Jade came back to me just to tell me she loved me and made me promise two things." Ziva asked "what do you mean she came back? And what did she make you promise?" Jyce nodded and said, "I knew you would ask, I mean that apparently she went to what human Christians call heaven and asked God to send her back for a short time to say good bye. He accepted and she came back, but only for a short time. Secondly, she made me promise that I would become Rika's partner, and protector, and that I would love again." Ziva nodded as Jyce slid down the wall barely holding back tears. Ziva kneeled down and pulled Jyce into a hug, she said "I'm sorry I brought this up. I didn't mean to cause you pain." Jyce started to quietly sob as he pulled his arms around Ziva. After a moment he said between sobs, "It wasn't your fault, I needed to deal with this. I just feel like I failed her in every aspect." Ziva closed her eyes, sat up, and replied in the most comforting voice possible, "everything happens for a reason, so did you protect Rika as best possible?" Jyce just nodded while gazing through his tear glazed eyes into her beautiful brown eyes. "Well, then you did what she asked you to the best of your ability and didn't fail her at all, because now they are together again." Jyce forced a smile and pulled her as close as he could without crushing her and whispered in her ear, "Thank you, but I don't know if I will ever love again."

Ziva smirked, sat up and replied, "Well you just have to look, and I know what it feels like to lose a lover. My now deceased friend, Michael Rivkin was shot and killed in my apartment by none other than Tony DiNozzo. I thought I would never love again and I still may never love anyone like him, but I have a kindred spirit, who just came into my life in the form of a red furred fox." He smiled. His heart nearly jumped out of his chest and once again was thankful of his fur for hiding his flushed face. Ziva leaned down to his ear and said, "If you were human I might have just showed you how to love again." He froze, and just as suddenly as his heart jumped it sank further into his chest. He looked up and put on a false smile despite how bad her words had stung.

Ziva stood up and offered her hand to Jyce. He took her hand and stood up as well. Ziva flipped the elevator back on and continued up the elevator shaft. The doors opened and they stepped out. They walked right to the desks to find Tony and McGee sitting at theirs. Tony looked up and smiled when he saw Ziva but dropped it as his gaze rested on Jyce. "Still walking the dog Ziva?" Jyce glared his eyes at tony while Ziva quickly quipped back, "no your sitting right there." Jyce smirked completely forgetting his sullen attitude gained in the elevator. Tony just scowled as McGee's phone rang. He answered it and hung it up within 7 seconds. He turned to Jyce and said, "Jyce, your wanted downstairs in ducky's morgue." Jyce nodded quickly and turned to the elevator and walked away.

Jyce hit the button on to go down and walked through the doors. He turned and pressed the button for the morgue and waited. After a moment the doors opened and he walked out. He stopped at the morgue door and heard, "well Jethro, I have determined that the immediate cause of death was not the knife wound inflicted on both victims throats but asphyxia." Jyce was too intrigued and walked in. he saw a slightly elderly man with blonde-ish hair in full scrubs with rubber surgical gloves on. Gibbs turned and said, "We need to ask you something, did you know of any relation between the assailants and your deceased…family?" he struggled with the last word. Jyce sighed and replied, "No, I have no reason for them to kill my family. But I do know them, not personally, but I know that they were ex-British Special Forces and are wanted in many countries for murder in the first degree. I have no idea how they picked their targets though." Gibbs nodded and asked, "How did you find all that out?" Jyce just shrugged and said, "I'm just that good." Unfortunately Gibbs wasn't satisfied with that answer and was about to protest when ducky chimed in and said, "Well, can we get back to the bodies?" Gibbs nodded and turned to face the bodies. Jyce followed in suit, and gagged when he saw the open chest cavity of his tamer. Gibbs shook his head in disbelief, he thought "this guy feels so casual about killing someone and gutting them, but can't look at this one little girl in autopsy? I just can't figure him out."

"Well, I have deduced that both were not killed by the knife wound on their throat." Ducky said as he pointed out the slash on their throats, "but were killed by asphyxia, or suffocation. But there are no tell tale signs of strangulation or ligature marks." He paused as he rubbed his chin. Jyce rubbed his chin before coming to a startling realization, "wait, when they were found did the wounds bleed profusely? Because it looks like the jugular was cut." Gibbs shook his head, "no." he replied. "Well, I think that if that was true than something must have caused both the constriction of the blood vessels in the throat, and the asphyxiated death." Ducky said completing Jyce's thought. "There can be only one possible explanation, blood vessels are constricted by extreme cold, and asphyxia can be caused by fluid in the lungs, or a solid object obstructing the trachea. I can only come up with one possible explanation…. Ice." Ducky thought about it for a moment before nodding in agreement. "It does seem like the most logical answer." Gibbs sighed before nodding, he said, "good work ducky, you too Jyce." With that Gibbs walked out of the room and to the elevator. Jyce didn't know why but he beamed with pride at those words. It was quiet for a moment before ducky broke the silence and said, "I don't think we have been properly introduced." He stuck his hand out and said, "Donald Mallard, but everyone calls me Ducky. You can too I suppose." Jyce smiled, shook his hand, and said, "Jyce…. Jyce Nonaka" Ducky smiled and replied, "Well Jyce Nonaka, it has been a pleasure. I just wish it had been under better circumstances that you had come in contact with us." Jyce nodded as ducky continued, "well if you will excuse me I will be changing out of these scrubs." Jyce nodded and turned to leave. He walked through the door and to the elevator. He pressed the button and waited while thinking, 'well I'm going to have to find another way to deal with working with Ziva without the love interaction.' He frowned as he stepped through the door and into the elevator.

The elevator doors opened and out stepped Jyce. He walked over to where his temporary team was sitting at their desks. Tony bore his usual scowl upon seeing him, Gibbs lifted his head quickly saying 'hello' without saying anything, and McGee just cracked a smirk in the corner of his mouth. Lastly Ziva smiled from the side of her mouth with her hair just hanging over her shoulder. Jyce smiled back and looked around, there was something off. He looked closer to find that there were four people at desks but one extra at the opposite end of the row. He walked to the desk and sat down. He leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head. He smiled at the thought that for the first time in a long time, he had friends.

But his new found happiness would not last and that one man from his past would ruin it all.

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