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My Darkest Secret Is Out

Chloe pov

"wake up wake up wake up" I woke up to Tori screaming in my face. She

held a book in the hand that I noticed as my diary. " Tori w-w here

d-d-id you g-g-get that?" I asked worried she saw page 7. " That's not

the point the point is why you didn't tell that *Highers voice in a

bad intimidation of me* " Derek's beautiful green eyes shine like the

stars and I wish I could tell him how I feel ha ha ha." Yep she saw


" Okay now why wasn't I told this sooner?" " T-t-t-t-told w-w-w-what

s-s-s-sooner?" I asked knowing I was busted, Stupid Stutter. " That

your in llllooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeee with wolf boy." She said drawing

the word love out. " I am not in llllooooooovvvvvvveeeeeee with

Derek." " Then shall I read page 28?" she said with an evil grin." "

Okay, I like Derek I didn't tell you cause you'd be like this."

" Oooohhhh I gotta help you get him or my name isn't Tori." " No,

beside Derek doesn't like me that way." " Oh yeah well just have to see


PLAYING TRUTH OR DARE!" I feel as if this won't end well.

Derek's pov ( while Chloe is talking to Tori )

I woke up to Simon singing " Derek's got a mate, Derek's got a mate."

My cheeks blushed a dark red that would put Chloe to shame. '' No I

don't." Yes you do she's your mate what's not to love *my inner wolf

said while sending me images of nothing but her beautiful blue eyes*

Shut up I yelled to it.

*Simon was laughing like crazy. '' I thought you liked Chloe anyway.''

I said blushing more and more red. Simon laughed harder. " Obviously

not as much as you do. * lowers voice in face imitation of me* Oh

Chloe I have to tell you something I love you and your my mate.

hahahahahaha. Beside I used to like Chloe.''

" How did you hear that anyway." I said remembering that my

confession to Chloe was only a dream. " You talk in you sleep and you

move your lips like your making out with someone.'' I looked down

blushing harder as I remembered that part of the dream. " O my gosh

your sick Derek." He said in between laughs realizing why I looked

down. " Derek likes Chloe, Derek likes Chloe." " Shut up man." " So

when are ya gonna tell her she's your mate." " Never." "Not if I can

help it." As if on cue Tori yelled " SIMON, WOLFBOY GET UR BUTTS DOWN

HERE WERE PLAYING TRUTH OR DARE!" Simon ran downstairs " you'll

tell her sooner than you think." he said laughing. I had a bad feeling

about this.

Tori pov

We all came downstairs. I sat next to Simon and Chloe, with Derek to

her right. We all swore in and as a extra precaution I put a truth

spell on all of us. "Okay who wants to go first?" "I will" said Simon.

" Okay Chloe I dare you to sit on Derek's lap until I say so." They

both blushed, awwwww. " Derek pulled his hand protectively over her


Now it was my turn cause we were in a circle. " Okay I dare you to

wear my special outfit for the rest of the day and another thing that

I will tell you when you come back down." She paled because only she

knew my special outfit were black Hooter pants and a bra-like

baby-blue top.

When she came down Simon mouth was in an O shape and Derek was

drooling. " Great you've seen me in it and now I take it off." she

said. Wow she was mad. " Nope I said you wear that until I say so. And

for the second part of my dare you will go in that closet for seven

minutes with Derek." I said trying to hide my giggles. Chloe and Derek

paled. This is really fun.

Derek pov

Oh my gosh. Chloe can't wear that any longer I might stare or worse.

Beside I was already drooling at her really cute blush. Oh so you

think she's cute, doesn't sound to me like you don't like her. Shut up I

said to the wolf it was getting on my nerves now. " Great you've seen

me in it and now I take it off." she said. No, my brain shouted.

" Nope I said you wear that until I say so. And for the second part

of my dare you will go in that closet for seven minutes with Derek."

What? The teenage boy part of me said. Yes! the wolf said. I

reluctantly got up and went into the closet.

" You look really pretty." She punched my arm. Don't just stand there

stupid kiss her. Shut up. Before I could do anything we heard " Kids

come down to meet the new supernaturals." Chloe and I left the closet

seeing a disappointed Simon and Tori. We ran down to meet the new


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