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Jason Pov

I can't believe Eva said that. I don't do special things for her. I do

nice thing. I'm romantic. Last week I took her to McDonalds, and we

got a happy meal and everything. Flowers... Girls like flowers don't

they? I sprinkled roses leading Eva to my super romantic poem. Then

they lead to my room where I will be hiding, and hopefully given a

proper thank you... If you know what I mean.

Eva Pov

We had a pillow fight when we knew the boys left. I went immediately to

sleep. So obviously I was the first up. I woke up with roses all over

my body leading me to the kitchen. There I found a note. "Roses are

red, violets are blue, there's nothing I can do to deserve someone as

perfect as you." That was soo sweet, but Jason should give up poetry

FOREVER. The roses lead to Jason's room. As I walked in Jason grabbed

me from behind. (In my defense I didn't know it was him until he was on

the floor.) I Too bad I was taught by my dad never let a boy grab you.

I zipped around, and kneed him where it counts. "Oooooowwwww." I heard

Jason moan. "Ohmygosh, omygosh, omygosh. Jason I'm sorry." I yelled.

My words rushed out so fast it sounded like one word. "I think there

is only one way I can be healed." he said wriggling his eyebrow.

"Jason I'll do anything I am just soo...mnf." I was cut short by him

getting up and pushing me against the wall. I'll spare anymore

details. But that sleepover is the best thing I ever did.

Dylan Pov

"I too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts." I

listened to Tori sing from her room. "Well I can't be sure until I see

you without one." i said. I would love to say she found my mix of look

and charm totally awesome like every other girl I've met, but the truth

is I got the slap of my life. I think I messed this up. Imp not going to

lose her. She was about to storm out when I opened the door for her.

She smiled at me. I got this "win me over" thing down.

Tori Pov

By time I woke up Eva was already out of the room. But later that day

Eva would not stop giggling, and Jason had red bruises EVERYWHERE

visible. I heard "too sexy" come on the radio. I started singing "I

too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts."

apparently Dylan was listening because he said "Well I can't be sure

until I see you without one." I slapped his face. I have pride, pride

that won't be given up to a cute yet totally obnoxious boy. Before I

could storm out he opened the door for me. I guess he wasn't that bad.

This is a great start. I gave him a smile. But he can, and will have

to do better than that.

Kasey/Carmen Pov

Alright so we walk outside for some fresh air, and we see this awesome

dirt bike already outside. "Hello Ladies." Simon was dressed in

leather, and he deepened his voice to sound manly. That was an epic

fail. He sounded more like the jolly green giant. We had to suppress

our giggles because he sounded really funny. "Hi Si." we said in

unison. "I was just about to take a manly rise on my manly bike this

fine manly day. Would you like to come." Alright now he sounded really

funny. But we think it's sweet. We both got on. "Alright but we gotta

be home by time glee...I mean football comes on." he said. At least

he was trying.

Simon Pov

I'm manly. I about as manly as you can get. "I'm manly right?" I asked

Jason. "Simon you know were buds right? But you act like a girl dude."

he said. Well that hurt. "I am manly, beside at least I'm not

whipped." I retorted. "Psh...ha...huh I am not whipped." he couldn't

look me in the eye. "Jason get your butt up here now, we need to go

pad shopping." Eva yelled from upstairs. I laughed. So. Whipped. "No

woman." ow... He shouldn't have done that. "What did you say?" she said

with an angry edge in her voice. "I said bye Simon I'm too young to

die coming honey." he said rushing out of the room. I repeat. So.

Whipped. I just got an idea. Nothing is more manly than bikers. Yeah.

Derek Pov

I know I'm anti-social but some people you have to stay away from to

keep from killing. I mean be nice to Tori. That's like giving her a

knife an saying "Please kill me slowly." I walked downstairs. Speak of

the devil. "Sup dog breath." she said smiling. "Sup Bi..eautiful

friend Tori whom I am glad to share my space with." I said as Chloe

walked into the room. Tori laughed mocking my pain. Alright Chloe also

said I need to let her know I like her. How do I do that. I picked

Chloe up bridal style, and pressed my lips to hers her. The last thing

I thought was please don't slap me.

Chloe Pov

I went downstairs for breakfast and... Wait did Derek just call Tori

a beautiful friend. I was gonna go take Derek's temperature when I was

picked up and kissed. Mmmn he tasted like cinnamon. At first I was

shocked until my brain registered what just happened. Unfortunately

even supernaturals need air. We broke apart panting. Derek cringes

like I was gonna slap him. "Chloe I'm really sorry I mean I..." he

was cut of by my lips this time. "Shut Up Derek." I said. "So does

this mean I have a girlfriend." He said stupidly. For a smart guy he

was really dumb. "No Dip." I said "and if you spy on me again I'll

send zombies after you." I said. Derek's face flushed of all color.

"That's right busted. But don't tell the other guys okay why spoil the

others girls fun." I said. "Okay he said bit believing what just


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