disclaimer: Pokemon ain't mine.
dedication: xXsapphireheartXx, who created a work of art— this is my repayment.
a/n: I wrote this all in one sitting, but then I paused because I just couldn't find the perfect ending— until today.
song: Blow Away— A Fine Frenzy.

blow away
One of us is gonna be here, and one of us is gonna be running off alone into the great unknown.

She's the girl that has many names. She has so many names and identities that sometimes even cause her to forget who she is. Sometimes she's the girl with the Charmander, other times she's the girl with the Bulbasaur, but usually she's the girl with the Squirtle.

And even though she has many, many names— her real name is really Leaf because even if she falls, she is carried by the wind. (But even that can't be the reason why her name is Leaf, because there are many many reasons why her name is Leaf, and one of those reasons could be the truth. But she doesn't even know which one that is.)

There are times when she's simply not even there, when there is Red and Green, who travel and travel and win and win and defeat all evil. There are times when she sits at home just simply waiting for a call, their call. She doesn't want to hear Youngster Joey talk about his Rattata and boyishly try to conceal the fact that he likes her.

But then she hears from a boy, Gold, that Red's somewhere on top of Mt. Silver and Green owns the Viridian City Gym. She hates them both just for a moment, because they left her alone in Pallet Town just waiting for them to come home and they aren't even there.

She meets a boy named Silver a few months later.

She meets him as he trains and trains trying to escape his father's legacy. At first, she secretly watched him— admiring all he is and all he could be, because that boy had something very very special about him and she just knew it. But did he know his own strength, she wondered.

She battled him a few weeks later, and then there was a bond. And then her nights weren't so lonely anymore because now she had someone to lean on. She had a brother again, who went as quickly as he came— but the difference is he came back once in a while.

And that was enough.

She travelled around for a while, before she met Red and Green again. And she smiled and giggled because they were her boys, and being with them was like being home. She laughed when they spun her in the air; kissed both their cheeks before saying goodbye— because he was Red, and he was Green and this moment can only last so long before someone has to say goodbye.

And she didn't want to be left waiting anymore.

the end
(and no one really knows where the pretty girl named Leaf went, she blew away in the wind and floated across the river until she was caught by a pair of warm hands.)