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Finn, Kurt, and Blaine couldn't believe that an entire year had passed.

After the trail, Blaine had continued living with Kurt and his family, at their insistence, and splitting his time between them and staying with Cooper at the place he was renting until the elder Anderson brother returned to school. Cooper had remained in Ohio for the remainder of that school year and into the start of this, taking a leave of absence from grad school and completing his final quarter this past winter, after Blaine had turned eighteen and was legally responsible for himself. Now he was back, with the adjustment of the fact that Cooper had brought his girlfriend back to Ohio with him.

"If she's willing to move to Ohio to be with you," Blaine had commented to his brother, "you'd better keep her!"

"I'm certainly planning on it," Cooper told him with a laugh.

Today was Kurt and Blaine's graduation from Dalton, Finn's McKinnley graduation having, luckily, been the day before. Burt, Carole, Finn, Wes and David (both home from college for the summer), and the majority of the New Directions were in attendance as Blaine and Kurt walked proudly across the field to receive their diplomas. While Finn would be attending college in the fall, pursuing a teaching degree at Ohio State, Kurt and Blaine would not. Blaine had decided to defer his admittance to Columbia to get his life together and hopefully find a way to pay his tuition, now that his parents would no longer be supporting him. This suited Kurt fine, who had his heart set on NYADA and, not having made the cut this year, was planning on auditioning again in the fall. Rachel, who had been accepted to NYADA (Kurt was only the teeniest bit out of his mind with jealousy) and who he had been dating Finn (again) for just under a year, was a little put out by the fact that he was not following her to New York. But Finn had promised that if they were still together when they graduated, he would move to the moon if that's where she wanted to live, and she had grudgingly agreed to the arrangement.

Pam and Linda were both still in touch, especially Linda, who had set Blaine up with a therapist last summer. She had also suggested that he become a mentor for younger victims of abuse and domestic violence, an idea he was seriously considering. Burt had offered both Kurt and Blaine a jobs in his garage, which they had accepted, and both Mr. Shuester and the Warblers had approached them about doing some assistant coaching and administrative works for the groups. If nothing else, Kurt and Blaine were in no danger of being bored during their year off from school.

The seemingly never-ending (even with a graduating class as small as Dalton's) repetition of Pomp and Circumstance finally came to an end, and the newly graduated seniors were released to join their families, friends, and admirers in the reception area. Blaine and Kurt allowed themselves to be waylaid for a group photo with the rest of the graduating Warblers before joining their families for even more pictures. A chapter of their lives had closed, and none of them were one hundred percent sure what lay ahead. But, looking at the group of family and friends who surrounded them, trying to take and bomb photos according to their natures, and some (aka Wes) attempting to do both at the same time, they were confident that it would be better than what they were leaving behind.


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