(A/N)- So this is my first fan fiction that I've written for Supernatural, and also the first fan fiction story I've written in almost 4 months. I wrote for other fandoms, but I recently got into Supernatural and am now in love with the character Castiel. I tried looking for some good Castiel/OC romances, but I've found only two or three that I thought were decently written. So I decided that the best way to solve this problem is to write my own Castiel romance. This is a totally different genre than I'm used to doing, I'm way out of my comfort zone, but yeah, here goes nothing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of the characters in it. Kripke and the CW network do.

Lydia Carmichael went into Walgreen's for hair dye and a box of condoms. She was going to be late for her job at the diner up the road, and she needed to get in and out quickly.

Okay, hair dye, hair dye…Crap, they've rearranged the store! Lydia thought, panicked. I can pick this stuff up later…No, I won't have time then, either…Here, that color will work…Now where's the condoms? Dammit, they really need to stop moving things around in this place…

Within two minutes, Lydia was in line with her items in her hands, anxiously glancing up at the clock above her. Ten minutes, that's all the time she had. If the line goes quickly, she could just make it…

Of course, that's the funny thing about life, isn't it? The one time you need the line to go quickly, the cashier is as slow as can be and the lady in front of you is counting pennies from her change purse. Lydia was ready to scream after the first thirty seconds, but after nearly three minutes of waiting, she was this close to put down her things and walk out of the store…

And then she saw him. He was walking into the store with another man, a taller man. Not the man she had seen him with all those years before, though. But he hadn't changed a bit. A bit older than when she had last seen him-it was almost eight years-but he still looked exactly the same. Screw being late to work. Timidly, she walked up to the two men who had their back turned to her and tapped the shorter one on the shoulder.

And what if you have the wrong guy, huh smartass? Lydia thought to herself. She was about to change her mind and run away in fear that she did have the wrong person when the man turned around.

"Uh…can I help you?" he said as his eyes scanned her figure. He obviously didn't remember her. Lydia didn't blame him. But the second she saw his face, she felt intense relief, her suspicions confirmed. She knew she had the right man.

"Dean Winchester, right?"

Both Dean and the other man both looked alarmed. They both looked at each in silent communication, then Dean looked back at the girl in front of him. "Well…yeah…"

The small smile she was wearing when she tapped him on the shoulder faded a little. "You don't remember me, do you?"

"Am I supposed to?" It wasn't a sarcastic remark-it was an honest question. Lydia sighed-she didn't want to be the one to bring up the whole ordeal to remind him, she had hoped that he would remember all on his own. Then again, what was she expecting? She looked a lot different than she had at fifteen. "Port Washington, 2001? It was November. You and your father rescued me from the Boobooshaw after it killed my mother…"

"The what?" The other man looked confused. Dean, however, had a look of realization cross his face and smiled at her.

"Yeah, I remember you now! In the forest? You guys were camping?" She nodded. "Yeah, I definitely remember you. Lindsay, right?"

"Lydia." she corrected.

"Lydia, that was it!" Still smiling, Dean looked the girl up and down. "How ya been?"

Lydia shrugged. "Same old same old, y'know?"

"You look a lot different than you did back then." Dean commented.

"You don't." she grinned back. "So how's your dad?"

Both Dean and the man next to him frowned. "He died 'bout three years ago."

"I'm sorry." Lydia said as sympathetically as she could.

"Yeah, me too," Dean looked at the man next to him. "This is my brother Sam. Sam, this is Lydia. Dad and I met her on a hunt when you were at school."

"Nice to meet you." Sam stuck out his hand and shook Lydia's.

"Yeah, you too."

Sam looked back at his brother. "So, she knows about what we hunt?"

"Yup. She and her mom were camping when a Boobooshaw attacked them."

Lydia grimaced at the memory. "Yeah, I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Dean and your father." Then, seeing Sam's sobered face, she cracked a small grin. "Imagine that, huh? Having to explain that your mother was killed by something called a Boobooshaw." She was trying to joke about it, but on the inside, just the mere memory of her mother was painful for Lydia to bear.

But Dean wasn't paying attention. Looking at the items in her hand, he smirked. "Whoa there, hot stuff. Got a hot date tonight?"

Lydia looked down at the condoms and nearly dropped them in embarrassment. She had completely forgotten where she was-and obviously, what she was buying. Feeling her face turn red, she stammered, "I-I'm b-b-buying them for a cousin-friend, I mean friend…"

"Sure ya are!" Dean clapped her on the shoulder, clearly enjoying watching her squirm. "My little Lydia! Who woulda thought?"

"Shuddup." Lydia shrugged his hand off her shoulder. "I met you one night right years ago. I'm not your little anything."

"Hey, I saved you once. You're officially mine forever." He meant it. In Dean's mind, the people-especially the kids-that he saved were "his" to look out for.

Lydia looked at the two Winchesters, then back at the clock, eyes widening. "Oh my God, I'm late! Dammit!" She looked around the store wildly, hyperventilating. "I really need to go…"

"Where ya headed?" Sam asked her.

"Work!" Taking a deep breath, Lydia continued, "I work at the diner up the street. My shift starts in five minutes and it's at least a ten minute walk..."

"Then you," Dean pointed at her. "Are coming with us."

"But…no, you don't have to give me a ride!" Lydia said, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, still rushing to get all the words out. "I have to buy this stuff right now, anyway. I won't have time to later."

Dean raised an eyebrow. "What's so important about condoms and hair dye?"

"I'll explain later," Lydia was calming down considerably. Finally resigning herself to the idea of the boys giving her a ride to work, she added, "But I need to check out first…"

"And that's when we come in handy." Dean said simply. Before Lydia had time to react, Dean grabbed the items out of her hands and raced out of the store. "Last one to the car's a rotten Sam!"

"C'mon!" Sam grabbed Lydia's wrist and pulled her out of the store as the security alarm went off.

Did I just steal something from a store! Lydia's mind raced as she and Sam ran to the car. She climbed in the backseat, and in the blink of the eye, they were racing down the road way too fast than Lydia was used to.

"Live a little, Lyd!" Dean hollered from the front seat. He blasted some music from and started jamming along with it. He eventually encouraged Sam to join in. Sam looked at Lydia and shrugged with that "just go with it" face.

"You guys are crazy!" she shouted. "You just stole from a Walgreen's and you're just going to jam along to AC/DC doing fifty on a thirty?" They paid no attention to her, Dean still rocking out and Sam looking at his brother like he couldn't believe they were related. But Lydia was laughing too. This was the most fun she'd had in a while.

And just like that, it was over. Dean had gotten her to work in under a minute. Shaking her head, Lydia grabbed her purse and stuffed the two boxes from Walgreen's in it. "Are you two going in to grab a bite to eat?"

Dean looked excited at the idea of food. "I don't see why not. I haven't eaten since…"

"Since seven this morning." Sam looked at him cryptically.

"Yeah, but it's almost ten now!" Dean protested. "I'm hungry again!"

Lydia shut the car door and talked to Dean and Sam through the window Dean had rolled down. "We have the world's best pancakes, y'know. Or so they say."

"That's it. I'm coming in." Dean was halfway out the car door before Sam pulled him back in.

"Wait, shouldn't we go get Cas?"

"Who's Cas?" Lydia. "Dean's girlfriend?"

"Dean's boyfriend, actually." Sam winked at her.

"You're a freaking comedian, Sammy," Dean glared at his brother, then looked back at Lydia. "He's a friend of ours. I dunno if he'd be hungry, but we'll go ask him just in case."

"Awesome." Lydia smiled and started walking into the diner. "See you guys later then. I'll save some pancakes for you."

She was almost inside the diner when she heard Dean call after her. "And some pie!"