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Joanne Jefferson fumbled blindly with her keys outside the apartment she and Maureen share. Her back was aching from sitting in an office chair all day and she just wanted to go inside and sleep. However the pitch black darkness didn't help.

It was dark because a certain drama queen forgot to leave the light on when Joanne had specifically instructed her to do so.

Finally the key hole was found and Joanne pushed the door open. She walked in and was surprised to find the entire flat dark and dead.

Frightening thoughts of Maureen going off with some other person flashed through her mind as she slipped off her shoes.

Soft thumps interrupted her thoughts as Maureen trotted down the hall and into the living room her dark curls bouncing wildly.

"Pookie! I missed you so much, I was practically watching the door all night waiting for you to come home and the one moment I leave to get a drink you come home! What a rip off! Oh so well I was waiting for you I-"the brunet burst out all at once before she was cut off.

"Maureen!" Joanne had to shout to be heard. "Why the hell, are all the lights off?" she shouted even though she didn't need to.

Maureen giggled and pulled her and Joanne together so their waists and noses were touching.

"I thought we could have a little fun tonight." She whispered pulling her girlfriend closer pressing her hand on Jo's back. Joanne groaned in pain.

"Honey bear please don't"

"Its fine Pookie relax," the performer mumbled into the mouth of her lover as she pulled tighter into a kiss. Joanne groaned again and pulled away. Maureen whimpered at the lack of contact and held her still.

"Honey please, my back." Joanne pulled away harder, but wasn't expecting Maureen to let go as quickly as she did. She spun out of control and landed on her back with a thud.

She cried out in pain and tiny tear droplets formed in her eyes.

"Oh Fuck!" Maureen ran to Joanne's side and helped her up. She pulled her towards the old reclining couch spewing out apologies as fast as she could.

Joanne sucked in a shaky breath and calmed herself until she was able to speak again.

"Maureen I'm fine. Please…just…help me to the bedroom…"she strained. Maureen nodded and the two laced arms as they made their way down the hall and to the bedroom occasionally tripping.

After they finally reached the bed and Joanne was settled in, Maureen went to the closet and chose a pair of sweat pants and a tank top for Joanne to wear. Then the brunette shrunk out of the room without another word.

Finally Joanne was alone at last. At least for a little while anyway. She looked to her side and noticed the clothes Maureen had left out for her. It would be a nice change to get out of her stiff work clothes.

She carefully slipped out of her skirt and panty hose discarding them on the floor beside her, and replaced them with the sweat pants. She tugged off her jacket and work shirt and let them join the other clothes.

Just then Maureen walked in holding a tray covered in food. When Maureen saw Joanne topless she gasped and shielded her eyes.

"Oh god, I-sorry I just-oh god sorry" Maureen stuttered before turning away.

"Wait!"Joanne called. "You act like you've never seen me shirtless before. If you want I can put one on if you like-"

"No! I mean, its fine I over reacted…forgive me?" Maureen gave her best pout, but Joanne just laughed.

"Yes Honey bear I forgive you."

"Good, I brought food." she said holding up the tray of salad, corn, and chicken.

"Yum," Joanne said as she spooned some corn into her mouth. Within a few minutes she had finished.

"Thank you honey, I really needed the boost." She said leaning to place the tray on the floor.

"No, let me." Maureen bent down and took the tray from Joanne placing it next to the door.

Maureen smiled as she walked back seating herself behind Joanne. They laid like that for awhile and soon she grew board. She tried hard to sit still, but her short attention span wouldn't allow such little movement.

She twiddled her fingers, she tugged at her hair, she tugged Joanne's hair, but nothing helped she was still as board as before. She wanted to have a little fun with Joanne but she knew the back issue wouldn't allow it. Or would it?

Joanne's bare back was inviting, and a little massage wouldn't hurt.

She traced never ending lines down her back and up again. While tracing one line she felt a shudder beneath her. So she went over it again and received the same response.

Soon she found every gimmick and trick and its consequence. Trace, shudder. Kiss, giggle. Rub, gasp. Knead, moan.

So she worked on massaging the back of her lover. Her hands would travel everywhere feeling and tickling each and every inch of skin on the mocha woman's back.

Every minute various moans and gasps arose from Joanne, and soon she had forgotten all about her previous pain. A new feeling had appeared in its place; a sort of mix of love, relaxation, and exhaustion.

A yawn crept out of her mouth and her eyelids grew heavy. All she wanted was sleep.

Maureen grabbed a quilt from the end of the bed and drew it over them. She reached over and flicked the lamp light off. Doing whatever she possibly could to supply comfort to her lover.

Drowsiness soon took over, and for the rest of the night the two lay in each other's arms.

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